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Crystal Casey is a Blonde Specialist & fashion color master. She can take on any color correction or color transformation. Want a huge hair color make over?

No Problem. Need a fancy updo for a wedding? Crystals got you covered. Want to go from blah to blonde? Don't worry Crystal is a Blonde Specialist Need a stylist skilled in wedding hair perfection? Don't sweat, Crystal is a wedding hair artist. Want to transform from the norm to a fancy rainbow hair? YASSSSS Crystal is definitely your girl. 10 years of experience & continuing education you can't go wrong with Crystal Casey working her magic on your hair. Follow her on Instagram to keep up with her daily magic! @CryistalChaos

Operating as usual

⚡️BERRY⚡️ I’ve been working on a video for this girls transformation from dark to light for months now. This is the third round of this color we’ve done on her using @matrix #lightmaster for her retouch & Socolor cult for the rest. Every formulas includes @brazilianbondbuilder ❤️

#thebtcteam #matrixlightmaster #behindthechair

⚡️UMMM⚡️ what’s this? A time when you could be around other people without social distancing & mask?! When was that? Seems like yearssssee ago...

⚡️ICY⚡️ this is one of my favorite winter colors that surprisingly only involved a bleach retouch. We used @matrix #lightmaster first then applied @matrix color sync in midnight blue to the roots only....when we washed it out....this is what we were left with.

⚡️2020⚡️this is one of 4 trips I took in 2020. In 2019 I traveled to 3 countries & 10 different states. What a huge change this year has been for me, but traveling less hasn’t been so bad.

⚡️CARNIVAL⚡️ take me back to the @kenraprofessional carnival where I made new friends but had so much fun with my old friends! 😭😭😭 @makeupbyfrances

⚡️PASTEL ORRRR⚡️ traditional? I have all pastels & golds in my home for Christmas decor but my BF says it doesn’t look like Christmas bc it’s not his version of it. Thoughts?

Color is all @joicointensity

⚡️2020⚡️ oh look it’s each one of my 2020 resolutions floating further & further away.

⚡️FLAMINGLE⚡️Im standing like a flamingo & I really miss mingling at hair events. 🤷🏻‍♀️ the girl on the shirt is actually me right now.

⚡️FLAMINGLE⚡️Im standing like a flamingo & I really miss mingling at hair events. 🤷🏻‍♀️ the girl on the shirt is actually me right now.

⚡️REFLECT⚡️ my hair is so neon in the shade it looks fake in this photo. Can you see @noradababneh in my glasses reflection being the BEST friend ❤️

⚡️HAVE YOU EVER⚡️ mixed the @moroccanoil colored conditioning mask with @brazilianbondbuilder? If not you should it’s amazing.

⚡️THROWBACK⚡️ to before quarantine when I was skinner & had more energy to put on a fake tan. Also anyone else who uses a camera to take photos do you hate having a mask & a camera in your face as much as I do? Haha 😆

Inspo comes from the one and only @paigearminta ❤️

⚡️TRAVEL STYLE⚡️ if you know me you know I like to travel. Someone said recently that I always demand to travel first class & demand my own hotel room. Ummmmm.........I’ve flown first class once & that was a gift. If I can get my own hotel room, I will & I’ll gladly pay for it. Who wouldn’t? The point is, not everything you read on the internet is true. Not everything someone says is gospel 🤷🏻‍♀️

complete color transformation using @matrix #lightmaster & @matrix ColorSync/SoColor cult....we wanted a nice Smokey color so we pretoned with the power cool line! Also used color sync for her root color bc it contains no ammonia it works well for melting with semi colors! All formulas include @brazilianbondbuilder as always 🥰

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⚡️FALL FLIP⚡️when I say I taught my boyfriend well DAMN do I mean it! I don’t even know if I could’ve captured this! I’ve had this skirt for over 3 years just waiting for the right time to wear it. When we found this side road in New Hampshire I knew it was the right time! @ White Mountains New Hampshire

⚡️VIBRANCE⚡️ this is one of those colors that people see online & think they can put it over their black or brown hair & get this. That is definitely not the case. This was bleach washed with @matrix #lightmaster & 25vol for 10 mins just to bump that natural color a bit so we can get some vibrancy! We then put @matrix 5VR with 5vol over it & WA-LA! I put @brazilianbondbuilder in the color & look at that shine!

⚡️SOCIALS VS RELATIONSHIPS⚡️ what’s your take on posting your relationship online? Not every single moment of it, or arguments, just in general posting a picture of you & your person? Posting your first thanksgiving meal you prepared together or a trip you took or a selfie you took when being silly.

In an age where everyone keeps up with each other through socials (especially those who live in a different state than friends & family) I would think it’s only normal to use an image as a profile picture every now & then or make a cute/sentimental post. Is anyone else on this train of thought with me?

This is a picture of me & B from our fall trip!

⚡️CHASIN FALLS⚡️ this is my super senior portrait 😂😂 still livin in fall even though dec is like....tomorrow.

⚡️PASTEL⚡️this fun pastel was a result of covering faded vivids with new ones and this was the result. 😍

☠️OUJI☠️ I like my @blackcraftcult pants & I don’t care if you don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ shoes from @shopakira

⚡️SWEETHEART⚡️fun little wall in Nashville ❤️

⚡️PASTEL DREAM⚡️pastels are a perfect pair with @matrix #powercools 😊 I always include @brazilianbondbuilder in all my formulas

The brand new @paulmitchellpro is now available! Check our my stories for the link. Here’s a quick tutorial with my experience on it! Get ready to bring in more $$ this holiday season! #hairai
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⚡️AUTUMN LIGHTS⚡️ new fall hair color for this gal using @matrix #lightmaster & toned with 10N & 9CG toner will always include @brazilianbondbuilder 🥰

⚡️HIGH CONTRAST⚡️I have the hardest time capturing naturals the way they look in real life but video never fails me.

Used the new @matrix #lightmaster to create this high contrast look along with @matrix SoColor in 4N & 8NA. We finished her off with a @leafandflowerhair leafandflowerhair treatment ❤️

⚡️PURPLE⚡️ it’s a purple bob. Literally no cool back story it’s just a purple bob haha not like many people read captions these days anyways! 🤣

⚡️PORTRAIT⚡️ I just took my extensions out & I already miss my black tips. 😭 also I have to say that this is the longest any weft extensions have lasted me. I’ll honestly never use anything except @bellamihairpro for my extensions again. Also people ask a lot, my color is @pravana neon yellow!

⚡️F**K⚡️ I will always love this shirt & this hair color. And can we PLEASE give a special round of applause to the shine that @brazilianbondbuilder gives 😍

Before you come for me or tell me how Brad Mondo says to do bleach outs please read this all the way through.

1- there is no ONE SINGLE way to bleach out hair. There’s the way they teach you in school, then there’s all kinds of little tips & tricks that are not shown in 1-2 min videos on the internet.
2-yes we bleached out her hair to make her roots BLACK. Why? Because the black we used is a DEMI PERMANENT hair color that will fade out on its own, especially over bleached hair. If you’d like me to make a video breaking down the differences of semi,Demi & permanent drop a comment!
3-I used @matrix #lightmaster to lighten with @matrix color sync 1A for the roots & Socolor cult for the rest. The oil additive for light master is a scalp saver!! #matrixlightmaster

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⚡️SELFIE⚡️ I was having a good makeup day on this day, hair not so much. Today I’m having a sleep all day depression kinda day so I’m posting something to remind me what a bad bitch I am and tomorrow is a new day. @ Virginia Beach, Virginia

⚡️WITCHY⚡️ did a shoot with some cool ladies & @pickmeposies the weekend before Halloween. Set styled by @disheveled_decor_llc ,literally how amazing is this skeleton horse?!
She also does Christmas sets & I cant wait to go shoot there for holidayzzzzz! @ Virginia Beach, Virginia

🍂FALL VIBES🍂 it’s just now beginning to feel like fall here in VA, so bring on the fall hair! •

This copper balayage is brought to you by trilliontones & @brazilianbondbuilder •

1️⃣ prelighten to a level 7 I wanted those orange undertones & there’s no need to over lift for warm colors. You can actually achieve more vibrancy this way.
2️⃣trilliontones formula is white + intense yellow + pastel brown (no need to add red I’m taking into account our orange undertones & the warmth of the pastel brown)the yellow will add vibrancy & the white will dilute it further creating the level we want. Hope that all made sense! •

Styled with the new @kenraprofessional heat silkening crime & voluminous touch hair spray.

⚡️PUMPEEKINS⚡️ I already miss pumpkin patches & spooky times. Also, why do I always pick out these preppy outfits for fall? Haha whole outfit is from @target @ Moulton Farm


This is your chance to get your hair done at an EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED RATE!
Please send a current hair selfie via DM
NO box or dark hair color
Must be 18 & older & ok with being photographed, filmed and wearing a mask.
This is for natural hair color too!!

⚡️SCARECROW⚡️didn’t get to post this before Halloween but, today is Election Day & that’s pretty much the same as spooky season right? @ Virginia Beach, Virginia

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