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More client testimonials :) The 10-day Transformation works and I'm living proof. Every 4-6 months I like to give my digestive system a break and fill it with super foods like organic greens, cleansing herbs and cherry extract (for the best sleep ever!).


Ready to Spring Clean your body? Join me my and fellow-nutritionist Kate Kucera for a healthy, all-organic, starvation-free 10-day Body Transformation! The metamorphosis begins on Sunday, April 24th. The last day to sign-up is April 15th.


Are you ready for a spring cleaning?

Spring, a season of renewal and transformation. A great time to release and recharge!

We are so excited to once again offer the 10 Day Body Transformation starting on April 24th. 10 Days of consuming nutrient dense, mineral rich, pre-digested, organic, non-gmo vegetable juice, all while eating 3 mini meals a day.

*Boost your metabolism and energy levels*
*Shed that extra weight*
*Reduce inflammation*
*Break food addictions*
*Harmonize your hormones*
*Control allergy symptoms*

Let's get powered up on liquid sunshine this spring!


Feeling bad about your body can actually be more unhealthy than being...

New research shows that feeling bad about your body could be worse for your health that actually being overweight. Body image issues are common and rampant. They need to be addressed just as importantly as nutrition and fitness habits. http://ow.ly/WTuzL

sciencealert.com There's a growing body of evidence that the way you feel about your body can have a more substantial impact on your health than your actual weight....


Superfood Homemade Granola

Love granola? Me too! Why not make your own at home? It's easy peasy & the end result is a granola that's WAY healthier than store-bought brands.Check out my superfood granola recipe. You can add/remove ingredients based on your own liking. http://ow.ly/WTsj5

anona.ca I call this recipe the "Supergood Superfood Homemade Granola" because it packs in a lot of nutrient-dense superfoods and it tastes super yummy. It...


That Vitamin Movie

This is one of the better health documentaries I've seen in a long time! If you want to understand the importance of taking supplements for yourself and your family, I encourage you to watch this! I'm positive many of your questions will be answered. It's free to watch or a few more days.


thatvitaminmovie.com It has been known for 60 years that there are certain vitamins and supplements which can radically improve your health. Why is this not common knowledge? Why is the evidence suppressed and ignored?


Watch Full Episodes Online of In Defense of Food on PBS | Full Episode

Watch "In Defence of Food" for free. It's one of the best food documentaries out there featuring Michael Pollan. http://ow.ly/WTpW7

pbs.org "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." With that seven-word maxim, US-based journalist Michael Pollan distills a career’s worth of reporting into...


I Tried The Latest Cleanse Everyone Is Talking About

The Purium cleanse is reviewed by Harper's Bazaar. See how one of their writers felt about doing the cleanse http://ow.ly/WTpHd

harpersbazaar.com Here's how it went...


If you are still on the fence about the 10-day transformation, then check out some of the features & benefits of this amazing cleanse.
> 100% organic shakes & supplements imported from California
> Option of eating "flex" foods such as salads, stir fries & fruits
> The organic supplements include a gentle colon cleansing herbal formula which rids your body of parasites, fungi etc.
> The patented Master Amino Protein gives your body all the essential amino acids (protein) it requires -> So you only lose fat, not muscle! Woot!
> The Apothecherry extract is fabulous for anti-aging and giving you the best sleep of your life

The 10-day transformation is a great way to not only rid yourself of unwanted weight but also your bad food cravings. That's the biggest win of them all when your habits and preferences change for the better!

We only have limited spaces and today is the last day to get on the waitlist. DO IT :) http://ow.ly/WkLXN


Does the 10-Day Transformation work? Check out our past results. Nothing but net ;) Two more days to sign-up!


3 days left to sign-up for the 10-day transformation. If getting healthy in 2016 is one of your resolutions, then this might be the program for you. Using a combination of certified organic shakes, supplements and whole-foods, we can hit the "reset" button on your current diet. Check out what some of our former "transformers" have said. Space is limited, so get on the waitlist before it's too late :)


Zucchini Noodles ("zoodles") with Avocado Pesto Sauce

Carb overload over the holidays? Try these delicious "zoodles" for a healthy pasta alternative. http://ow.ly/WkKYw

anona.ca For those days when you crave a big bowl of linguini, try this seriously addictive version: Zucchini Noodles ("zoodles") with Avocado Pesto Sauce....


Ready to shed the extra weight in 2016? Join our 10-day transformation & redefine your relationship with food! http://ow.ly/WkJiV


Watch: Man Gives Up Added Sugar & Alcohol For A Month

Young German man gives up sugar, alcohol for a month. The results are amazing! # detox http://ow.ly/WkIF1

collective-evolution.com Sacha Harland embarked upon a challenge he knew would be tough, but what he didn't anticipate is how much mental fortitude it would require.


3 Rules for Healthy Holiday Eating - Anona Nutrition

Avoid the dreaded BBB (Bloated Bulging Belly) this Christmas by following these 3 Simple Rules for Holiday Eating! http://ow.ly/WjDT3

anona.ca Want to avoid the dreaded BBB (Bulging, Bloated Belly) this holiday season? We all have a tendency to overindulge when delicious holiday favorites...


Merry Christmas everyone! Wishing you a lovely & memorable holiday season. Love & peace to all 💚❤️💚❤️💚


After the 10-days of Christmas, you might need 10-days of Greens :) Join our January transformation to reshape your body and redefine your relationship with food! We have limited spots, so sign up before it's too late! http://ow.ly/Wbhbj


We like nothing better than happy customers! Check out what some of them had to say.


Does the 10-day Transformation work? See the results of our past transformations & decide for yourself. Join us on Jan 24th to re-shape your body and redefine your relationship with food!


The Great Egg Debate: Are Eggs Good or Bad for Health? - Kimi Sokhi...

To eat or not to eat. That is the question. My take on the Great Egg Debate! http://ow.ly/VGoev

anona.ca Eggs are one of my favorite foods in the world. I could have eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eggs Florentine is in my top 5 favorite meals....


This is one diet worth sticking to!

An Emotional Elimination Diet is always necessary for whole body health.


Are you going to take that step for your health?
Today is the last day to join our November 15 group for the 10-day Body Transformation. Fellow nutritionist Kate Kucera and I have had tons of folks go through the program and completely TRANSFORM their bodies and more importantly their eating habits! Ping me for more details and we’ll get you signed up!


One day left to sign up! If you’ve wanted to get into shape & hit the “reset” button on your health for a while, I’d love for you to join our November 15 group of 10-day Body Transformers. Ping me for more details!


Check out the results of our last 10-day Body Transformation! 100% of the participants slimmed down significantly & lost an avg of 6.5”! Message me for more details. Last day to sign up is October 31 :)


Want to reshape your body? Have more energy than you’ve had in years? Kick those cravings? Then join our November group for the 10-day Body Transformation. Last day to sign up is October 31! So send me a message if you’re interested!


Are you concerned that the The 10 Day Body Transformation cleanse with leave you feeling hungry?! Don't be! You'll be fully satiated and satisfied.

Here are some of the many "flex food" combinations you can whip up and enjoy during your 10 days. No deprivation here!
What you will feel is a wealth of amazing energy, restful sleep, decrease in your aches/pains and of course, body fat and inch loss.

Send us a message to join the next Body Transformation cleanse starting on NOVEMBER 15th! You'll have access to our wonderful private community of past and present "Transformers."

Cheers to your health!
Kate & Kimi


We are very excited to announce that we will be leading another 10-day body transformation cleanse starting on November 15th!! Our community is growing and the "tranformers" are loving the program, their amazing results and on-line support. Join us in nourishing your body from head to toe by consuming non-gmo, organic, nutrient-dense green power shakes, fruits and vegetables. You will increase your energy, improve sleep, eliminate cravings, reduce pain and shed body fat in 10-days and beyond. Get in touch for more info!


The 10-Day Transformation is starting in 5 days! I'm so excited to give my system a proper reboot. Who else is looking forward to kickstarting their body back to health?! If you can't join the group on the 10th but are interested in doing this cleanse, please personal message myself or Kimi and we will get you started on a day that works best for you!


LAST DAY to sign-up! Join me and fellow nutritionist Kate Kucera on a 10-day journey to re-shape your body & reset your metabolism! We only have a few spots left, so PM me if you are interested in joining our group on September 10th.


Only 3 spots left now! If you are wondering if the 10-day Body Transformation is right for you, send me a PM and let's chat if you are a good candidate for it. Join me and Kate for this awesome health "reset", starting on September 10th!