Christy Austin’s Maskcara Beauty Vibes

Christy Austin’s Maskcara Beauty Vibes

I love Seint beauty products! It has made such a difference with the melasma on my face. If you are

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3 months with this dreamy little baby boy.

We sure love him 💙💙

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First day of school !!
3rd for my boy and he’s excited for a boy teacher!
1st for my girl who gets the same 1st grade teacher as Cade!

Cade was excited to wear his new shoes … and Makell was excited for her 1st grade shirt..her only clothing request!

Now 2 at school full time and 2 at home full time.

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“If I know what love is, it’s because of you.”
-Hermann Hess

9 years today… best 9 years ever!

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What happens when the crew hears him wake up… they all come running. He never has to cry long;)
Lots of love for this little boy 💙

💙 ❤️


They all woke up still excited to hold baby Kai. 💙
The newness of a sweet baby hasnt worn off and I hope it never does.
This trio adores baby brother and it’s amazing the peace and love a baby brings into the home.


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Just over here in baby bliss with our little Kai.
Kai Joseph Bradley Austin ❤️


36 weeks! Feeling it too! But after having 2 kids early I’m grateful for everyday they can grow and be strong❤️
Prepping the room so you see many boxes in the room … still lots to do to prep for baby. 🤰🏻
And yes there’s a “6” on our ceiling now because the kids cut the string off 🤦🏻‍♀️🤪😳
This baby is not coming to a calm house … it’s a bit chaotic —but everyone is excited to meet this cute little guy soon :)



The kids wanted to go for a bike/wiggle car ride with me walking slowly behind them.
After one toddler refusing to wear a helmet and the kids not watching when they cross the street with a car coming 🤦🏻‍♀️😬… this mom decided my pregnancy hormones aren’t good with outdoor recreation so we came in for legos.
Legos for the win!

Something we can all agree on:)

Dad has been designated to the fun and fast outdoor activities ;)

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Baseball season has begun ⚾️

These girls are troopers … and big brother played great!
It’s so nice to get some good weather again too ❤️
And dad is an awesome coach, and we may be a little bit bias :)



That one time where she cried for her fall pictures and smiled bright for spring pictures ❤️

We had a little pep talk before pictures and she did great.

She doesn’t cry everyday when she leaves me..she’s growing big and we are so proud of her ❤️


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Photo shoot! ✨

She put all her makeup on right before kindergarten and I told her I wasn’t sure how much makeup was allowed in kindergarten 🤪 we lightened it up;)

My little girly girl ❤️


28 weeks, gained 22 lbs so far and feeling it 🤪

It’s weird -but the extra weight always makes my feet hurt … but it’s all worth it of course.❤️

Baby boy is moving a lot, especially at night.

Currently he is breech .. so we will see if that changes. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Still not settled on a name, hopefully seeing his little face will help us decide.
11 more weeks👍

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26 weeks !

Growing and growing … the sweaters used to hide it more but not this one so much :)

Feeling him kick more has been fun…it’s such a crazy feeling to feel life inside your body. ❤️

We start the 3rd trimester this week!

I have a lot of black “stretchy pants” that I love for comfort. 🙌🏼

Tired but feeling good:)👍

Can’t believe we are 2.5 months away!✨✨

What are your favorite boy names? We could use some help :)❤️


19 weeks and a few …
Baby boy coming June 5.💙

I posted these so well with my first but time has gotten away from me so I felt like I better have a few of these to remember.❤️
My kids remind me I’m getting bigger everyday ha!



My favorite picture of this trio.
3 kids under 4yrs old was tough… but it was so very tender too! Goodness they grow fast!❤️

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Our Makell, AKA Kel, Kelly-bell, Or sissy… she got the principal pride award today and we are so happy she’s loving her class and enjoying kindergarten :)❤️


Found this pix and had to post. Brad with his first baby girl Makell.. so sweet and cute, goodness she’s grown up !🥹🥹


Truth ❤️🤪



If we could always remember this, we would find more peace in this life.
Happy Sunday ❤️

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We made pencil cookies in honor of back to school time. 🍎

They didn’t quite look like the Pinterest picture but we had fun .. and they loved that it involved frosting … sugar high.


Love this!

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The many poses of Taya! ❤️

Two year olds are the best :)

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Happy birthday to our Cade!
He has from so much in 7 years!

Tonight he told me “mom, it’s weird because I still kind of feel like a six year old… does that happen to you?!”

Some fun things about Cade:
He is active and full of energy.
He enjoys sports, being outdoors, watching movies, and playing with legos and of course loves hanging out with friends.
His favorite colors: blue, brown
His favorite food: steak and pizza and hamburgers
His favorite snack: popcorn
He has lost 3 .. almost 4 teeth.

In school he loves PE and recess best but he also enjoy art and coloring and is quite the little artist.
He has a very tender side to him, he will cry quickly from his feelings being hurt more than if he’s actually physically hurt.
He likes to be funny and make us laugh.
He is kind and compassionate.

Cade is a sweet and fun loving boy and we sure love him. Happy birthday !

💙 😎


“Mom I’m married !”
She loves to dress up like this … and I know I can’t blink before she cries right up:)


Had a little date with these cuties yesterday❤️
Always fun and I came home quite tired ;)


5 years ago! My baby Kell. Still a sweetie, and her smile brightens up the room ❤️

Maskcara Beauty Vibes

My Maskcara journey started because of a skin condition. This skin condition is called melasma and it’s quite common for women to deal with this discoloration condition on the face. Melasma creeps up often times when you are pregnant and will stick around afterwards. My melasma made me feel ugly and depressed. I was incredibly self-conscious, and tried so many makeup cover ups but nothing worked. I finally reached out to a friend whom I had remembered posted about a “wonderful makeup line” that she had used and loved. So I thought “why not?” What I didn't realize then, is that not only would I love Maskcara Beauty products, but even more so...I wanted to share the product with others. Maskcara beauty covers up my melasma and redness so well, I will never go back to normal foundation again. I have two small children so I love that this makeup is quick and easy to use. I also think for how long the makeup last, it’s a great price. I have learned to love the highlight and contour system of Maskcara and I truly think it emphasizes all the rights parts of the face. I also love that the founder--Cara Brooks Killpack, realizes that it’s not all about beauty. Cara is very down to earth and knows that to be beautiful, it’s from the inside out. At the end of the day, Maskcara makeup is not only a wonderful product, but it’s a tribe and a sisterhood that I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of.

Please message me with questions. I would love to help color match you and help you find your true beauty within:)

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I love the sinplicity if one pallette with Seint makeuo!
Lovespell lip and cheek color —Seint
Ruby Lip & Cheek from Seint Beauty