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Nails and Wellness of a Goddess

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Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 31/08/2020

New family mantra and tons of food, fun, excitement and talent at The Girard Talent Show yesterday!! I absolutely love family get togethers!!
❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Timeline photos 20/08/2020

Hunters Safety Course has been hard to squeeze in with our busy houseful doing sports all the time well today Wyatt started his course online. He’s so excited! Maybe this will help him ease back into study mode for school?

Timeline photos 18/08/2020

Homemade Orange Chicken! Yum!!!
❤️ ❤️

Timeline photos 17/08/2020

Birthday LEGO set complete. The 2 youngest actually played nice for the entire day today! Tell me do you enjoy building LEGO sets or get annoyed building LEGO sets?
❤️ ❤️

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 16/08/2020

Cast on Monday and finished today. Wahoo!! First successful Sock Week for me.

Timeline photos 14/08/2020

Just a sampling of some garden yummies! We love growing our own food but this year was different than any of the past 4 years, mostly things not growing well but unexpected things that always gave us trouble grew well like our watermelon.

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 14/08/2020

Happy World Lizard Day from our SunRae, Draco, and Princess Leia.

Timeline photos 13/08/2020

Happy birthday to this handsome empathic and highly intelligent young man. Today Weston the Dragon Master turned 7!
🎉 😭

Timeline photos 12/08/2020

Our family is huge on family togetherness and family traditions. A few years ago my mom began weekly fires that evolved to crafting by the fire, singing, guitar playing, s’mores and hide and seek in the dark. This year we’ve been putting money in a jar and we’re having a talent show at the end of August. Winner gets the jar. Here’s Weston practicing Gr***de by Bruno Mars.

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

Mondays call for Heels! Knitting afterthought heels on my Summer Movie Bingo socks in the Desert Vista Dyeworks knitalong.

Timeline photos 10/08/2020

Just a lady with her soul mate cat. This is Shadow she knows me better than anyone. This was taken after a long week when I couldn’t settle down and didn’t want to sleep angry. So we lay side by side and she settled me enough to be able to sleep. I think God sent her my way when we heard of a woman trying to rehome 2 cats several years ago.

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 09/08/2020

I just found out some stores are no longer carrying greeting cards due to many people touching them. I’m so thankful I bought a kit fur creative card making not too long ago through a company called Stampin Up by !

Timeline photos 09/08/2020

Caption this photo!!

Timeline photos 08/08/2020

Bath time!! Both Draco and SunRae love their baths. Weston, My youngest and Draco’s keeper loves anything to do with helping the beardies get what they need. I could be absent a few days and the beardies will have everything they need!

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 04/08/2020

Yum! Yum! Yum! Comfort food at its finest brought to the table my two youngest chefs, Wyatt and Weston. I’d say we’re going to have trouble pooping but insert the Buffalo sauce to balance the cheese 🤣!!
🍴 ❤️

Timeline photos 04/08/2020

My best friend Shadow always knows when I need a little extra loving. Today I was just tired from my son’s surgery yesterday s d the long night of trying to help him@get comfortable. He’s doing much better today and my best friend cuddled me into a great nap! I can always count on my cat!

Timeline photos 03/08/2020

New cast on!!! What could it be? HINT: it’s pastel colors, long in width and on circular needles but knit flat.

Timeline photos 02/08/2020

Someone had a long day while mom was at the lake. I just love how exhausted and oddly comfortable she looks. 😆

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 31/07/2020

Mike has to get COVID testing prior to his surgery and the setup reminded me of the movie E.T. Just trying to make light of our current weird world.
@ West Berlin, Vermont

Timeline photos 30/07/2020

Has anyone tried this with their kids? Does it work? Did they like it? My 7 year old the main idea of knitting knit stitches but had a hard time maneuvering the needles and gets frustrated. Looking to see if this might be an alternative?

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 29/07/2020

Finished Hedwig from the Harry Potter Knitting Magic book! It’s an early present for Weston. I used yarn that was too thick but other than hand pain it worked. It did, however, make the head shaping challenging and the head is “unique”. Weston loves it though!

Timeline photos 28/07/2020

A pre-stuffed owl with half its wings. Beginning of last week it was just a body with leg holes and tail feathers! It’s a quick knit when I make time for it. I can’t wait to see it all finished!!

Timeline photos 25/07/2020

Episode 4 is up on YouTube now! Go check it out to see what I’m crafting along with yarns and patterns I’m drooling over!


Filling my cup with a little bit of bearded dragon love from SunRae and my littlest Weston. What are you doing to fill your cup today?

Timeline photos 22/07/2020

What’s your favorite way to bond with your children one on one? (Especially teens as they are the hardest to encourage to@dorms time 1:1 with their parents 🙃). Last night my oldest and I stayed up way past my bedtime to play Phase 10. So many laughs and memories.

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 22/07/2020

My little explorer and animal lover found an injured butterfly and wa red to help it. He knew he shouldn’t touch the wings do he waited for the butterfly to go into his hand. We’ve temporarily set it up with some homemade nectar while we wait for our local nature reserve center to call us back. I’m such a proud momma. Plus monarchs are my favorites!!

Timeline photos 21/07/2020

Knitting at the lake this weekend was a great way to recover from a long swim. My distances are getting greater and my muscles are loving it. Currently working on The Dotted Ray shawl by . Bright colored yarn, easy pattern with fun twists creating a wonderfully imagined work of art. I cannot wait till it’s finished.

Timeline photos 21/07/2020

I’ve always loved a good fire. Tell me what does a campfire mean to you?To me a fire means family, friends, laughter, s’mores and various versions of hide n the seek in the dark.
🔥 🔥 ❤️

Photos from Nails and Wellness of a Goddess's post 20/07/2020

I thought all hope was lost for my watermelon and cucumbers but turns out it needed a mix of intense rains and intense heat! So excited! We love cucumbers and we’ve never grown watermelons before. Tell me what are you growing and what is your favorite food from the garden?
❤️ 🍉

Timeline photos 18/07/2020

Surprise! Went to my sisters for what I thought was a surprise birthday dinner for my mom, turns out it was a surprise graduation/congrats party for my RN! I have the best family hands down!
🎉 🎉 ❤️ ❤️❤️

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Filling my cup with a little bit of bearded dragon love from SunRae and my littlest Weston. What are you doing to fill y...
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