LK - Independent Jamberry Consultant

LK  - Independent Jamberry Consultant

Jamberry nail wraps are easy to apply and last up to 2 weeks. With over 300 designs you can create a unique look to express your personal style.

Jamberry Nails are vinyl nail wraps that come in hundreds of styles. They are heat and pressure activated, so you can put them on yourself at home with a hair dryer or Jamberry Heater. They are nontoxic, non-chipping, non-fading, and much more affordable than salon manicures. Check out Jamberry and join the Nail Revolution! Contact me to find out more. I can send you a free sample so you can see just how amazing these nail wraps are!! If you like what you see we can setup a party for you and your friends, where you will get host rewards. We can do this through facebook if a party at your house isn't your thing. If you really love Jamberry as much as I do then you can join me as a consultant.

Mission: Sharing a pretty FAB product that totally makes you FEEL GOOD and SMILE when you look at your fingers.


Chrome wraps are my favourite!!

Did you see Jamberry on the Today Show?! They called us the "unicorn product" when it comes to achieving the chrome look. Although the application and application instructions are not perfect, this is some great exposure for Jamberry.

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