Pure Romance By Sara Gildersleeve

Pure Romance By Sara Gildersleeve

In-home parties for women 18+! Not your typical ladies night! Shop with me at www.pureromance.com/SaraGildersleeve
Empower, Educate, Entertain!


Happy First Day of Fall! πŸ‚πŸ


Going live tonight in my VIP to launch the newest products!


Stop asking yourself "what if it doesn't work?" And ask yourself "what if it does?" ❀

When you're ready, I'm here for you. πŸ’–


In honor of Love Month, I am sharing the love by giving double hostess credits all month long! 😍

Don't have the time right now? Refer a friend and receive a free gift from me on the night of their party! ❀️


Who is ready to take control of their financial situation?


In honor of Small Business Saturday, shop from the comfort of your own home!

Save on your stocking stuffers for everyone in the family using the code below when you shop my website: pureromance.com/saragildersleeve


So excited for my Pink Friday sale to clear out the shelves and say THANK YOU to all of my amazing clients! Need an add in my VIP? Let me know!


Pink Friday is November 30th! You do NOT want to miss this sale! Doorbusters, games, BOGO deals, and even items up to 70% off! Register today!



Forget Black Friday, HELLO Pink Friday! Whether you are looking for wild or mild, I have something for all of your gift-giving needs (including yourself!)

Sale begins November 30th and 10am!

Up to 70% off, BOGO and door buster deals!


Starting enrollment today! This is completely free!!!


Check out our new product launch!


Check out our new essential oils line! Open Sesame is a life-saver!!


Summer is here! Keep yourself looking your best!

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Pure Romance is celebrating its 25th birthday with a new product launch! Essential oils, a new scent, and more! 😍


Spring is upon us.... hopefully! I don't know about you, but that means it's time to get myself ready for summer!

Offering the
Summer Beach Body Bundle:

Body Boost -- tightening and firming skin
Coochy -- for soft legs without ingrown hairs and razor burn! Also, for keeping my hair silky, soft, and shiny!
Skin Therapy -- so I don't have to shave so often!
CocoGlow -- so I can look like I've been laying out in the sun to get that gorgeous tan! Bright side? No harsh rays or chemicals that smell on my skin, and I'm not orange!

Sunburn Saver:

Save My Skin - to help heal sunburns
Miracle Oil -- for sunburns and sun damage to skin!


Relax....and have a happy Thursday!



A new product launch means I need more product testers! πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

Ask me about how to get an exclusive "Product Tester Discount!" 😎


New Product launch in my VIP page! Currently freaking!! 😍😍😍


I'm thinking a product demo is in order for my VIP group. Not a part of it yet? You're missing out on demos, deals, and laughs!


If you are or know someone who is a new or expecting mom, this is for you! Baby showers and Mother's Day are coming up! 🀰Surprise them something they will LOVE for themselves and their babies! ❀️
$88 value plus tax and a flat, small shipping rate!
Original retail value is $110!! Don't miss out on this incredible deal! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ
All items can be sold individually as well!

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Final results of putting Coco Glow Light to Medium on once a day for a week! You can definitely see the amazing results!

My skin is soft, smells great, and I've developed a great looking tan spot with no streaks! Bonus: it's not orange looking!

It's been fun testing this new product for all of you, and because I had so much fun, I am giving you all a deal on Coco Glow! 😱 Curious on what it is? Throw me a private message! πŸ€—

Here are pictures of REAL results!


What would you do with an extra couple hundred each month?
$159 plus tax.... Why have you not already invested in your future?πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘


Who doesn't love free stuff!? I'm offering a prize to a mystery person! Help me reach 50 likes and 20 followers on my public page! The prize will be a full size item from my inventory! SPREAD THE WORD!


Partying tonight! That means today is pay day! Love being paid to party!


Currently FREAKING! Coco Glow (Light to medium) is now in stock? Do you like the results you are seeing from my product test? Get them for yourself now! Ask me how to get it for free!!!
Medium to dark is coming soon!

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Update on my CocoGlow product test! Tan is starting to show! Skin feels incredibly soft, and there are no streaks. Reapplying right now and will be showing you more pics again later today! Stay tuned!


Beginning the Coco Glow product test! Stick with me to find out just how my pasty to tan journey goes!

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I'm dreaming about summer! Warm days, sunsets at 9 pm, tanned skin... Oh Wait! I only burn!

Summer is just around the corner, and we can't be caught without our golden tans, right?! Tanning beds are harmful for our skin and spray tans and tanning lotions leave us orange, smelly, and streaky! So how are we going to get that perfect tan in time for summer!?

Let Pure Romance help you out! Coco Glow is our amazing new tanning lotion! It smells GREAT, leaves you feeling soft and silky, and does NOT streak or leave you orange! Not only will I be posting REAL pictures from people who tried it, but I will be testing it out myself! I will be going LIVE to talk to you about it and show you how great this really is!

Tune in tomorrow night at 10 pm!

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Summer is here! Keep yourself looking your best!
Beginning the Coco Glow product test! Stick with me to find out just how my pasty to tan journey goes!