Happy Zaks Scrotum Bliss

Happy Zaks Scrotum Bliss

Happy Zak's Sc***um Bliss is a super soothing organic lotion specially blended to moisturize the sc***um. It soothes and stimulates simultaneously.

Photos from Happy Zaks Sc***um Bliss's post 25/11/2019

We are ready for the Christmas season with a fresh batch of Happy Zak's lotion just waiting to spread the bliss.Just $40.00 plus postage for an original sjgned & numbered ceramic bottle (as seen on the dragon's den) $20.00 plus postage for a plastic refill bottle. Contact me at [email protected] with your order and shipping address and we will get right on it....!!!

Happy Zak trailer and Pitch on Dragon's Den 06/09/2015

https://vimeo.com/102785027 Take a look at this video, then go to www.happyzaks.com go to our on line store, and put in your order today..!

Happy Zak trailer and Pitch on Dragon's Den Happy Zak's Sc***um Bliss was conceived by Alexa Grier and Chip Nary one lovely Florida evening. Chip was dealing with an itchy rash in his ge***al area after…