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✨ Hair Botox ✨

Taking bookings for Jan 2024 now!

Some exciting deals for Black Friday. 🤎


Good afternoon my lovelies,

This is reminder to all my lovely regular clients, I’m super busy come December (my busiest year by far) I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you, my main concern is I know lots of my regular clients are yet to book and I have really limited availability. Please dm me asap to book in if your yet to do so. I am opening up couple of Sundays due to being poorly recently and playing catch up.

Love always Sheri x


Personal highlight of my job ✨ reconnecting. So so so lovely to see the beautiful


Good morning lovelies,

So sorry for the lack of communication recently we’ve all been so poorly recently, trying to catch up on everything is now going to be the tricky part. So sorry for everyone I’ve let down recently. I’ll be now opening up some Sundays to catch up throughout November and December.

This is my busiest year to date and now with this set back I’m hoping to make sure I can get you all in. Please dm me all end of year appointments and I only have couple spaces left, which is incredibly so grateful to each and everyone of you.

January, February and march diary is now opening and already have appointments been made so please always book in advance to get the dates you want.

Love always Sheri ❤️


Good morning lovelies 🤎

Unfortunately I can’t take on any more new clients from now. All existing new appointments wont be affected. Just I’m struggling to fit all my regular clients and they have to take priority, jan 2024 I will be taking on new clients. Thankyou for all the new clients I have recently had and all my regular clients. I’m so grateful for you all.

Also December is getting super booked up so any particular dates you need or want. I’m recommending booking asap.

Love always Sheri 🍂🫶🏽


The lovely only had her colour done but wanted a subtle colour change. Which I can confirm looked beautiful on her.


Good morning lovelies,

This weekend I will be closing my November diary, December is filling fast. I will be opening jan and febs diary next week.

Please message asap for appointments. I have some holiday days booked in next couple of months which has made everything that but more limited.

Love always Sheri x


One of my beautiful best friends!

Annie used to be really blonde, but going for more of a lower maintenance blonde these days.


My lovely girl, having a colour top up


Good afternoon lovelies,

I have time off in November and December. Please make sure all Christmas appointments are booked in advance. I’ve struggled recently to get people in the times they want. I will be opening the occasional Sunday, these appointments will only be as and when tho and will be posted on my story.

I do have a cancellation list for October so if anyone needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, I know not always possible, but I appreciate as much notice as possible.

Enjoy this glorious weather. See you all soon.

Sheri x


This beautiful queen looking absolutely stunning. So grateful for each and everyone of you.


Beautifully blonde ❄️


Good afternoon lovelies,

November only has a couple appointments remaining, December is getting extremely limited. Please make sure your booking all your end of year appointments asap. Thankyou for your ongoing support. Love always Sheri x


This lovely lady looking absolutely beautiful as always.


First time doing this lovely ladies hair giving a more subtle tone.


Good morning lovelies,

Last day of September. October is pretty much fully booked. I might try and open last min appointments, so please keep an eye out on my stories.

November and December are filling fast. Once December is fully booked, I won’t be opening extra dates unfortunately. So please book asap.

I will open jan/feb diary in November. ♥️

Love always Sheri ✨


Such a beautiful person inside and out. my lovely client.


Who says you need to go darker for the winter. ❤️‍🔥


Good morning lovelies,


November and December still have availability but are filling fast so I’m recommending booking asap, if there’s specific dates you have in mind. Please dm, and over today and tomorrow I am doing my diary. ✨

Love always Sheri. ❤️


The beautiful with a little colour touch up.

Always such a giggle with you in the chair. 🤣♥️


Getting that clean blonde back. ✨


Good morning lovelies,

Please book all future appointments with as much notice as you can.

November and December are open, and filling fast. October has few appointments remaining. I do have a cancellation list so please dm me to be added.

My working hours have altered slightly. I am opening Some Sundays because of this. This is just at random tho, so keep an eye out for stories.

Love always Sheri x


The gorgeous , looking amazing with a little colour and cut freshen up. ❤️‍🔥

Sidenote: sorry social media posts have taken a back seat, I’m very grateful for everybody keeping me busy. Just unfortunately social media posts are the bottom of my lists to do I’m either on it, or not at all 🤣 all messages are responded too, but please always allow couple days.

Photos from SG Hair Design's post 10/09/2023

Went for an all over blonde, decided wasn’t as low maintenance and as long lasting as the baby lights. So going back to a more subtle blonde.


✨ Please Read ✨

November & December diary is officially open. Please book all your appointments asap. As I do have some time off, so don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Cancellation list- please dm me to be added and always keep an eye out on your messages.

Working hours- in the next few weeks there will be a slight change to my working hours. No appointments already booked will be affected but I’m soon to be dropping a Wednesday. In some circumstances I will make exceptions, but I will require plenty of notice.

Thankyou for always keeping me super busy and always supporting me.

Love always Sheri x


Freshen up for the beautiful

Please please please if anyone has any appointments needing to book, book in asap. I’ve recently had to turn some people away. Which is never ideal.


Morning lovelies

Thankyou for all keeping me super busy over the last few weeks, I’m super grateful to each and every one of you! I currently have a cancellation list for anyone who wishes to be added. September is super busy. I am off for a week so that has obviously made things very tight on appointments. Please dm me asap to book in, October is open also and I’m looking to open November and December this week.

Love always Sheri x


Fresh set of babylights and a new little fringe for this beauty.


That summer hair feeling.


Good morning lovelies,

I have a few days off in August and a week off in September. I do have some other holiday days I need to take this year. Please try and book all appointments in advance as space at the moment seems super limited. I also have a cancellation list for August. I’m trying to see if I can add some extra dates at the moment but people on the list will get priority.

Love always Sheri x


My beautiful with her summer hair.


Just a little enhancement always best. ✨


Morning lovelies,

I’ve finally messaged people back, soo sorry had such a busy time recently. Thankyou for keeping me so busy.
Tomorrow I’ve set aside some time to do admin. So all responses will be replied to tomorrow.

Love always Sheri x


Look at this beautiful little angel . She wanted to donate her hair once again, to the Princess Trust. She’s so thoughtful and kind hearted. So lovely to watch her grow into this wonderful little girl ❤️


Getting those lighter tones put back in. ❤️‍🔥


🔆Please read 🔆

Summer appointments are super limited. Please dm me for any upcoming appointments, I am taking some holiday over next few months few days here and there which does limit spaces.

Love always Sheri x


Such a beauty! For all your aesthetics needs make sure you follow


Little touch up for the beautiful .


Morning lovelies,

In September I have some time booked out, so please make sure you book in advance. Other dates are extremely busy at the moment. If you have certain dates your needing an appointment by, I’m really recommending early booking.

Love always Sheri x

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✨ Hair Botox ✨  Taking bookings for Jan 2024 now!   Some exciting deals for Black Friday. 🤎
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Bubble trouble.🤍5 minutes of pure anxiety 🤣💫


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