Fake love

Fake love

About fake love


Spending Time With Someone You Really Love♥️ Can Definitely Change Your Mood🤗 Seeing Him/Her Excited Can Excite You Too 😝 Actually The Mood of The One You Love💖 Can Put You In A Situation Where You'll Realize That It's A Metter Of Must To Feel The Way She Feels If it's A 'she'💗 You'll Realize That Connected Souls Are Always Feeling The same💞

Do You Really Love 💕 Your Partner? Then You Can Even Sense Her Mood 🤗 Straight From Your Heart ❤️, It is At This point where You'll Be Able To Catch Him or Her Pretending 🤦

So Don't Give Fake Love To The Person Who's Serious About You Because You'll Aways Hurt💔The Poor Guy, You'll Aways Be Bad And it Ain't Right 😭🙏

Connected Souls Don't Secretly Cheat Because He/She Who's Cheating At That Moment Will Get Caught, It Ain't Healthy For A Relationship itself ❤️💕


One Day I'll Die😭& I'll Die alone🤔My loved ones will cry😭 for a while then move on 💔😭. friends will post My pictures written Touching messages 😒& move on too😭. Some will be pretending Telling Y'all how they Really loved me🥺💔, My partner will cry😭 when our Memories come up & Move on Too😒My Ex will be Regretting 💔😭 Facebook friends will Miss Me🥺&My facebook will be dry😭, My inbox will be full of unread Messages 💔& in a short time everyone will move on😭 The world will keep spinning without Me Because my Life Chapter will be closed,closed💔😭 forever 💔😭

Tomorrow is not Promised 🥺


I Don't keep words that were said to me Because they mean nothing, the promises that were made to me Because they can be broken 💔 I don't seriously take Actions as proves of love nowdays ✋Vividly A serious person will truly love you for who you are and that's A time where jealousy will appear, frustrations and distractions Because bad things happen to good people, that's true.💔Fake people Get Disappointed and Embarrassed in the end because they mix love with Benefits.