Women Infections and Solution.

Women Infections and Solution.

All female infections.

Va**nal, yeast, thrush, UTI, and any other infections can be solved properly., Just send click a message button on the page, and let us know your problem!!


Morning guys here i am.. People around Capetown on the 25th of March we are offering a free full body scan. Contact us


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Did you know that Pain During S*x is a symptom of PID

Pelvic Inflametory Desease....?

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As we eat these fast foods let us not forget to detoxfy our bodies.
We care we share.

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Did you know?

Contraceptives can later on cause fibroids, infections and later on infertility. For how long have you been taking them, and are you still having some plans of conceiving ...if you don't want problems later or if you are having a problem . ...ask us How we can help



●Intense burning, especially when you urinate or during s*x
●Swelling and redness around your v***a
●Pain and soreness in your va**na
●Va**nal discharge that could be:
>Watery or thick, white, and odorless, resembling cottage cheese

You may be experiencing Yeast infection

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If you want to have a Healthy Va**na....Stop using Soap to wash it....use Clean water.....

Soap has full of chemicals that can cause some infections....when you start feeling
Seeing discharge

This may be one of the causes

Our Uterus cleansing pill can make you clean yourself remove all chemicals and you will feel excited among other ladies not worrying about smelling and using pads every time

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Fibroids are abnormal growths that develop in or on a woman's uterus. Sometimes these tumors become quite large and cause severe abdominal pain and heavy periods. In other cases, they cause no signs or symptoms at all. The growths are typically benign, or noncancerous.

In most cases, they cause INFERTILITYY

Let us help you prevent this prpblelm so that you can be a smilling mother!!

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Well we have our organic products that do nutritional therapy dealing with the following problems

Male infertility
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Women infertility
Blocked fallopian tubes
Hormonal imbalance


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Infections have contributed to many Problems like Infections or even Cancers, its a duty of a woman, to take care of her health....


For those who have dropped Messages or comments and we didn't respond, be notified that, we are currently takomb6 massages in Whatsapp...... And because of this Pandemic, we are currently delivering with Aramex


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Hey Cervical disoders....discharges.....mscariages.....painful s*xaul intercouse....
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What are some tips for Va**na care?

Use warm water to wash the va**na...
The va**na cleanses itself naturally in the form of normal, va**nal discharge. ...
Wear only white, 100 percent cotton underwear. ...
Avoid wearing thongs.
Rinse underclothes carefully after washing or double-rinse. ...
Wash new underclothes before wearing.



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It is so embarrassing to have smelly discharge among other women...the happiness will be gone and you won't be comfortable even to your husband

True or False?

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Having urine with:-

Burning sensetions
Blood drops
Abdominal Pains

It's a symptom of UTI (Urinary Tract Infections )
Have you gone to Hospital and get Anti Biotics and still the problem persisting? YES!! You are dealing with symptoms let us help you killing the bacteria and you will feel excited among other women not worrying about how you smell

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We appreciate those who are sharing you are helping a lot of people....

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Did you know that Pain During S*x is a symptom of PID

Pelvic Inflametory Desease....?

Are you feeling the same?
We can provide our Product to help you
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Have you ever known that you can prevent Pre-Mestrual Syndrome but jus taking a single product

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It has been reported that in 2020 the rate of infections in Women has increased twice than 2019. So we are going an encouragement that in case you will feel the following symptoms, better you come to our institution which is closer to you in your respective places...

Here re the symptoms
>Smelly Discharge
>Painful S*xual in*******se
>Va**nal sores
>Va**nal dryness

We can provide solution to all types of infections, but you need to do is to come to us then we will do body analysis first then after that we will be able to help you using the report


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Merry Christmas....Enjoy yourself....When giving s*xual presents remember to protect to prevent yourself from Infection....Share to your beloved ones



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Good morning.....We Enjoy helping you guys....Continue coming to our inbox we can serve you nice

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Yes FULL BODY ANALYSIS is still taking place in Different Parts of Southern Africa...

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Get your self analysed and kmow what is causing your Health Problems


Good Mornin....Be Adviced that....When Bathing do not allow Soap to get into your va**na...or put your fingers inside.....it can cause some infections because you will be allowing bacterias in and soap was made using some Chemicals.... if you now have already itching problems get in touch fast

Spread the msgs.... Better use Clean water to wash


We are really sure that people are getting help from us...for those who are getting help also advise you leave feedback on recommendations so that people can really see how helpful we are....

We are still receiving messages from people who need help....Please don't just come to just ask we are willing to help people who are seriously in need of help...

So let's get started...send us a message

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