Coleen Pearce Massage Therapy

I’m a registered nurse, qualified massage therapist, registered with MMA. I specialise in remedial massage, trigger point, hot stones and cupping.

I also hold a Certificate for Pregnancy Massage.

Operating as usual


Active trigger points in the masseter can cause ear, tooth, and jaw pain.

Cupping 30/07/2021


Interesting read

Cupping With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in full swing, many viewers are asking ‘what are those strange circles on Athletes bodies?’. Cupping is an ancient method used to treat a multitude of conditions and involves the use of warm glass cups or vacuum cups held by suction caused when warmed air in the cup ...


I have mentioned the salt room to many of my clients. Here is the page. Really does help with those respiratory problems

Just keeping the bugs away, ensuring our airways are clear in the salt room 🫁


PNF Stretching for Hip Impingement


Trigger points in the wrist extensor muscles are incredibly common and are often related to repetitive strain injuries, primarily associated with gripping.


Pain in the Deltoids is most often mistaken for bursitis or a rotator cuff injury.


Glute Workout: 6 Great Moves to a Better Butt!


Whilst trigger points in the Gluteus Maximus will often refer pain locally to the buttocks and hips, they are more commonly associated with lower back pain where they likely form part of the wider holding pattern.

[06/27/21]   Please wear your mask 😷 to your next appointment


Trigger points in the Fibularis/Peroneus muscles of the lower leg are a common, but often over-looked, source of ankle pain and weakness.


Strengthen your hip adductors

[06/20/21]   Well after a very intensive weekend I’m now fully qualified to do dry needling!


Tension headaches are remarkably common - but do you really need to turn to drugs for pain relief?


Nerve entrapments may be less common but are well worth exploring as trigger point therapy has been demonstrated to relieve symptoms.


The intercostal muscles provide about 25% of the total force of breathing, and may help stabilize the chest wall.


External oblique myofascial trigger points can refer pain anywhere locally throughout the abdominal region.


Tennis elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis), is the most common elbow overuse injury in the adult population.


Almost all neck pain will have myofascial trigger point contributions, and the levator scapulae is commonly involved.

Photos from SHARE Yoga's post 26/05/2021

Photos from SHARE Yoga's post


Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is sometimes known as “funny bone” syndrome, but there is nothing funny about a traumatised Ulnar nerve.


The teres minor decelerates internal rotation of the shoulder joint.

Photos from Pure P.T Fitness Studio's post 18/05/2021

Photos from Pure P.T Fitness Studio's post


Hamstring trigger points are often mistaken for sciatic pain...


Many people hold emotional tension in the upper trapezius.


What causes plantar fasciitis and how can it be treated? Find out more;



Come check us out!


Damage to the supraspinatus often leads to shoulder bursitis. Find out more here;


Tightness in the coracobrachialis muscle? See how it can be treated here;


Around 25% of adults will suffer from TMJ Disorder during their life. To find out more read our blog;


Cervical and Thoracic Spondylosis - What are they and how can they be treated? See our blog;

Photos from The Soma & The Psyche : Counselling & Massage Albury Wodonga's post 25/04/2021

This maybe what some need right now. The last year or so hasn’t been kind. So if you need help maybe this is for you.


How to Burpee | Watch all active muscles

Now I really do not like this exercise but many of you do this, so............


This hip flexor can become overworked and tight, leading to lower back, hip, knee and ankle pain not to mention IT Band issues.

Learn more and try this quick MOBILITY SERIES in the article below:



30 minutes to 1 hour a day, movement or physical activity, it’s not much and makes a hell of a difference to anyone’s mental and physical health.
1 week free trials available with us, follow this link to begin your wellness journey 🙏🏼




30 minute massage $65

60 minute massage $85

90 minute massage $135

90 minute Hot Stone massage $135

Pregnancy massage:
* first visit 90 minutes $135 (primary consultation)
* thereafter 70 minutes $95

Massaging with dry needling will be discussed at time of appointment but you can book:

60minute massage with needling $90

Gift vouchers available on request

Pensioners and school aged children $55



50 Overdale Drive Bourkelands
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 2:30pm
Wednesday 9am - 5:30pm
Thursday 9am - 5:30pm
Friday 9am - 3:30pm
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