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❄️We are proudly announcing our new addition to the Seven Miracle Face Oil collection:

It’s no secret that during the cold winter days, our skin needs extra care and protection.

For this reason, we have created this elixir that will be your best ally for a soft, nourished, happy skin.

The star in this miraculous blend is Sesame Oil, also called the queen of oils.
Swipe to find out more.

Now also available as holiday gift for a loved one or for yourself.

You can order through direct messaging or through our Etsy shop (link in bio).

Wishing you a bright day!

With Love,

Ilinca, Shari & Jissy


Embracing the first sun...
Little glow on my face because of the Miracle face oil.

I took this moment for me. Allowed my thoughts to come and go... flowed with sound of the ocean. Opened my heart for gratitude, compassion, freedom of thoughts and acceptance.

Still a whole road to go, yet so close to myself...Falling in love.. Celebrating life, abundance and the fact we can do this together makes my heart pop!

We are so looking forward to celebrate life with all of you!
Our program is filled with activities to reconnect with joy, love , with yourself and eachother!

Let's celebrate together!
See you on Sunday.. 💞

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Did you also try:
- deleting your social media from your phone
- installing time limit
- turning off your notifications
- smthg else??
… but nothing seems to work long term to keep you away from your phone and especially social media?

We hear you!
And we know exactly how it feels.
The addiction is real, but instead of feeling bad about it, we could at least make the best out of it.
Everything we see and/or hear over and over again, it DOES change us.

So why not choosing wisely what accounts we fallow, and which ones to unfollow?

What positive changes do you want to see in your life?
And which accounts inspire and motivate you to make those changes?

Unfollow everyone and everything that doesn’t add value in your life, or worse, it makes you feel bad, and add what inspire and motivates you.

What are your favourite accounts and/or hashtags?

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At Some we believe that beauty is a pure expression about what lies within.
It holds the power to bring out what’s best inside and let it shine.
We encourage you to take a moment (or more) to learn about yourself and what works for YOUR body and mind.
Dare to explore, dare to express, dare to share what’s truly you.



As a beauty and soul company, we are passionate about going beyond the surface.

When it comes to skin care, the condition of your skin is determined by how you treat it, day in day out, over the span of months and years.

One of the most important steps in skin care is cleansing.

As we mentioned in previous posts, the skin is the largest organ and its primary function is to act as a barrier between the inside of your body and the rest of the world: it keeps the water in and all the impurities (such as allergens, microbes and pollutants) out.

Going to bed without washing your face can lead to congested pores, acne breakouts, can make cause blackheads and make your pores appear bigger. But also, going to bed without washing your face can accelerate aging.

The grime that collects on the skin throughout the day contains free radicals which disrupt and kill skin cells, which in turn cause the breakdown of natural elastine and collagen and creates wrinkles.

To reduce free radical damage, you can apply antioxidants topically or consume them.

Some of the popular ones are green tea and vitamins A, C and E.

To clean your face we recommend oil, for both in the morning and evening.
Our favourite is jojoba oil.
Contrary to you might believe, oils are a good cleanser for oily, sensitive and acne prone skin.

You rinse it of with warm water and a drop of face wash.

Then your face is ready for a toner, to lock the moisture in and after you can apply your natural skin cream or oil like one of our Seven Miracle Face oils ;).
Link in bio for more info or to order them.

How do you clean your skin?

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🌙By shifting our focus from “I need to fix this” to “what is my skin trying to tell me?”, can bring lasting benefits not only for the skin but for the overall well being.

💫Skin disorders are a symptom of a deeper imbalance. Before treating a skin disorder topically, we should look at the root cause.

💫Topical treatments are just an additional support.
They often reduce the symptoms of a skin condition initially and can be quite effective. But unless the cause is removed, the disorder is likely to return at one point or another.

💫In the slides, we share the main reasons for skin imbalances, that when addressed a deep transformation and healing is possible.

✨Is there any cause you would like to add?

If your looking for safe, efective, 100% natural and vegan skin care products, check out our Etsy webshop (link in bio).

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We love to share our top 3 practices that take only 5 minutes, can be done everywhere, at any time and have a huge impact on the overall well being.

Do you give yourself at least 5 minutes a day?
And what are the practices that work for you?

Sending love,

Ilinca, Shari & Jissy

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🎊 ONE Year Celebration GIVE AWAY🎊

SOME celebration time. 🎉😍🎉😍🎉😍🎉

It’s been ONE year since the birth of SOME, a brand that represents our soul, lifestyle, passion and love for life.
And just like us, is ever evolving, changing, growing…
What a heart opening, soul nourishing experience it’s been so far!

We want to thank all of you, who have been by our side, online or offline, giving us so much love, support, encouragement….

It would not have been the same without you!! 🙏🙏🙏

For this giveaway, we are gifting away 3 x our best selling product: Seven Miracle Face Oil. The winners will have the option to choose between The Original, Summer, Sensitive or Plus.

To play:

🧚Share in comments a love letter to yourself 😍

🧚Tag someone who might enjoy our products or benefit from what we share or the work we do! 🙏

🧚Bonus entry if you share this give away to your story with your love letter to yourself. Let’s inspire each other to bring more self love into our lives 🦋.

That’s it! Looking forward to read all your self love messages! 🥰

The Giveaway closes Sunday 19th of September and the winners will be announced Monday 20th of September!

With Love,
Ilinca, Shari & Jissy


Discover our Seven Miracle Face Oil collection, for every skin and every season (link in bio to our Etsy shop to find our products and more info).

Each product is made by us, with so much care and love.
After years of research and testing (not on animals though!!), we are delighted to have found this perfect formula that combines all we need for a happy looking skin.

We combine ingredients that detoxify, kill bacteria, nourish, hydrate and heal!

Did you know that we are so confident about all our products that we give 100% money back guarantee?

One Love ❤️


Discover our Seven Miracle Face Oil collection, for every skin and every season (link in bio to our Etsy shop to find our products and more info).

Each product is made by us, with so much care and love.
After years of research and testing (not on animals though!!), we are delighted to have found this perfect formula that combines all we need for a happy looking skin.

We combine ingredients that detoxify, kill bacteria, nourish, hydrate and heal!

Did you know that we are so confident about all our products that we give 100% money back guarantee?

One Love ❤️


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When you flirt with mother nature and create love in a jar.

Creamy, dreamy and sensual

She is calling us but some of us are still sleeping.
She tries to connect with us , but some of us are still dreaming.

But we woke up, since a while
We woke up and we listen.
Trying to translate for those who are still sleeping...

Mother nature is calling us...
Did you wake up ?

Here we have 4 of our 7 chakra body&hair butters .
Created for body hair&soul.
Shop them at our etsy account (link in bio) or DM us.



straight out of nature🌿

The gift for your hair
Order yours now...



We can’t believe it, but it’s been almost one year since we have first brought to you our SEVEN Miracle face oil!

We have been overwhelmed in the most positive way by your feedback and the amazing results.
And we have also listened to your suggestions and needs!
So today, besides the Original SEVEN Miracle Face Oil, we have added 3 more variations: Plus, Sensitive and Summer.
With Summer being and absolute favourite (ours and yours!).

If you want more details or want to order one, check out our Etsy shop (link in bio), dm us, find us in one if the selling points or visit us on the Sunday market.

Only love ❤️

Some Team


📸 &


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“Swords can not pierce it, fire can not burn it, water can not wet it and wind can not dry it. “

Let’s remember who we really are so that we can experience the best of this life!
Every single moment!

Drop a ❤️ if you enjoyed this post or if it helped you in any way.

Have a magical day!

All the love 💜
@ Brugge, Belgium

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Yoga headstand or Shirshasana

Some Benefits...
~Relieves Stress. ...
~Increases Focus. ...
~Improves Blood Flow To The Eyes. ...
~Increases Blood Flow To The Head And Scalp. ...
~Strengthens Shoulders And Arms. ...
~Improves Digestion. ...
~Helps To Flush Out The Adrenal Glands. ...
~Decreases Fluid Build-Up In The Legs, Ankles, And Feet.

Sooo no reason not to try this magical possition..

Namasté 🙏

Timeline photos 08/03/2021

She is a mixture of fire and ice,
and everything in between.
Her honesty will make you think twice,
but there is so much more to be seen.

In her heart, she can feel so deeply,
so it can easily cause pain.
For her walls are built so steeply,
because there’s much for them to contain.

She has such beauty inside and out,
for you must open your eyes to see.
But she has her flaws, without a doubt,
for no one can be seen perfectly.

She is also filled with light and grace,
and helps others compassionately.
She often times feels she’s out of place,
but still lives her life passionately.

She does have her own hopes and dreams,
and she will make sure they all come true.
Even if things are hopeless it seems,
her faith will always come shining through.

You may wonder who this woman is,
for she may seem too good to be true.
You are correct, and the secret ’tis
this amazing woman can be…YOU!

writen by Laura Hughes
📷 :

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The past years, more and more people started looking into understanding who they are, what’s their purpose, why their relationships don’t work, why they act in certains ways, why there is this underlying sense of sadness, or anger, or shame or why some diseases manifest in their life right now, why do they feel blocked or lack perseverence, etc. It’s the healing journey. And this path of healing often guides us back to our childhood.


For many people, when they look into inner child work, everything starts to make sense.


About 90% of what we do, how we speak, how we act, what we think, our fears and longings, come from our subconscious mind. And that mind was formed mainly in the first 7 years of our life, and later experiences kept shaping it.

So there is absolutely a lot of value in doing this work.
Healing the wounded inner child, giving him/her the love and saftey it always longed for, brings amazing transformations into the present life, where we can experience life with wonder, curiosity and trust.


Yet, what I have also noticed, is that many people can get stuck into this healing process.
It’s easy to get stuck into the victim mode and keep digging for wounds and wrong doings. In a way, it’s a comfort zone.

But if we want to make the best out of this life, enjoy it to the fullest and share our gifts with the world, we need to understand that everything that is happening, is happening for us and not to us.


One of the laws of the Universe is that there can not be white without black. Good without bad. Light without darkness. Trauma without a gift.


So while you are healing, don’t forget to that there is always a gift that came with the pain.


Swipe left to explore the main wounds and their gifts.

Take some time after you have read them to see if you can relate to any of them (sometimes there is 1 main wound and sometimes there can even be all of them).

Let us know in comments which one are you.

With Love,


Timeline photos 26/02/2021

You ever just stop and stare?
Just putting on hold what you are doing and reflect?
Reflecting on your emotions and feelings. I am who i am! But am I?

How do I stand in life this moment?
I am happy with my current situation?
Would I be friends with myself?
What kind of advice should i give myself, as me in 3th person?

I breath in , breath out. Letting my mind go & flow... Processing all the questions I am asking myself.

It feels good to check up on myself how i am really going...
It helps to release thougts and triggers in my head that i don't need anymore.

To answer the question if I would be friends with myself?
I'm f*cking AMAZING. ...She is my best friend, temple, my home!
So just take the time to really get to Know you, yourself , feel the love..
And enjoyyyy❤️

Timeline photos 19/02/2021

Have you met these beauties already?

SOME cacao blend.
The mood and immunebooster in the Morning! We also use these blends for our cacao-ceremonies.

Genie in a jar.
Boddy butter rich and sensual as it can be! Also perfect for face and hair. My skin is so gratefull whenever she gets in toch with our genie in a jar.

Powerfull scalp & hairtreatment.
Gives the hair everything it needs to grow and stay healthy. You can use as overnight Mask or daily on the tops of the hair.

SEVEN miracle face oil
With it's amazing ingrediënts I feel Lucky with SEVEN in my life. My face feels so soft, nourished and a glow that doesnt fade away. Helps with acné, wrinkles and dry skin.

Straight out of nature, ready to love you ❤️

Timeline photos 15/02/2021

3 souls wandering in this world.
3souls with a passion for art.

The art of our breath flowing trough our body, giving our cells all the oxygen they need.

The art of feeling with the nature, energy flows everywhere. We all create...

The art of selflove. Acceptance, compassion.
I feel you...

To share our toughts, knowledge we picked up on the way.
Also the desire to recieve, to learn , to listen, because we are still going our path, still on our way.

Sharing the gifts of nature, waking up our senses, listening to our bodies. Understanding what it is asking for.

It is an adventure to unruflle the beautiful secrets of mother nature, Pacha mama.

But we are on the way...

Timeline photos 09/02/2021


Come on a walk with us and discover the beautiful gifts of nature & how they influence our body and soul!
Our guest speaker, Philippe Gerard, is quite an alternative pharmacist. His free and full-enjoyment lifestyle is a result of being one with nature on numerous hiking expeditions.

His approach to Nature is a concept of "body & mind".
In this circle he is going to take us on a voyage through the seven levels of man & plant where every aspect of body, as well as of mind are met.

Find out which plants can we easily find in free nature, how to use them and how are they helping us.
Plants that ground us, that help us have a clear mind, that sooth us or energise us, plants that give us vitality, help us concentrate, self trust, connect us to our intuition, help us adapt in new circumstances...all to be found in nature, near us.

In the second part of the circle we gonna work with connected breathing , sharing rounds ...
Just being us.. to connect even more!

We have few spots available!
When? 11/02/2020
Time? Start 20h +-2h
Price? €25
Where? Online, zoom

If you would like to join please send in dm us your email adress..

Lots of love

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~Genie in a bottle~

The herbal smell of patchouli gives me the feeling of freedom, power.. I can be however i want to be! I feel strong..watch me coming..

Frangipani makes me feel beautiful.. the smell is so soft, sensual , authentic .. So heartwarming, I feel like a godess ..

Ylang ylang makes me feel sexy, I want to dance, seduce , to kiss.
It is even energising. I feel loved, loved by myself!

The combination is rare, but OH so powerful! My Senses are awake! I feel good! I am in my power!

How do you feel when you are wearing the genie in a bottle?


Timeline photos 06/02/2021

Genie in a jar!
A body butter as pure it can!
Your skin is full of luck if she can only sense the trace of richness on your skin!

The smell is mystical & authentic..the feeling dreamy & creamy...

Come & get here now...



SEVEN miracle face oil...

with its ingredients as..
Tea tree
Coconut oil
Vitamine E

It is a source straight out of nature!
We have in stock, order yours now..


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“The very center of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place on earth.” Rumi

Join our next Open Heart circle with Philippe Gerard.
Learn the secrets of our forests, meditate, breath, share, connect from the heart.
11/02 at 8pm.
For more info click the link in our bio.

📸 🙏

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🎊It’s time to get excited! 🎊

🥰 Help us spread the love, and make chance to win a 2 days Open Heart Retreat for 2 persons, for a total value of 400 euro!!! 🔥

Here is what you and the person joining you will get:
🧚‍♀️ custom healing circle with us
🧚‍♀️ one night sleep in the beautiful in the center of Brugge
🧚‍♀️custom morning yoga with Ilinca
🧚‍♀️healthy brunch
🧚‍♀️use of the SOME products

Here is how to enter:
💗like our page if you haven’t already.
💗tag 5 friends
💗share this post in your story

We will announce the winner on the 14th of February!

When you win, you will have 12 months time to book your retreat with us.

🧚‍♀️Good luck!

SOME team
@ Brugge, Belgium

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Did you hear the term “spiritual bypassing”?

It’s used to describe a tendency to use spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing unresolved emotional issues, psychological wounds and unfinished developmental tasks.

Used temporarily as a way to cope with acute stress or an intense spiritual emergency, it can have benefits and can be seen as a stage in spiritual development.
On the other hand, when used as long term strategy for ignoring or suppressing unaddressed mental health issues, undesired consequences can include: the need to excessively control others and oneself, shame, anxiety, dichotomous thinking, emotional confusion, exaggerated tolerance of inappropriate behaviour, codependency, compulsive kindness, obsession or addiction, spiritual narcissism, blind allegiance to charismatic teachers and disregard for personal responsibility.

True liberation, freedom, happiness and peace requires a willingness to to see, to wake up.

To see things, circumstances, people and the whole world as it really is and not through the veil of our limited, incomplete or wrong perception.

The process of awakening is waking up out of the belief that your thoughts and your emotions describe who you are.

By clinging to what we know and believe, we are kept captive by the movement of our conditioned thinking and imagination, while we believe that we are perfectly rational and sane.
Therefor, we continue to justify the reality of what causes us, as well as others, unmeasurable amount of pain and suffering.

“If you are willing to be uncomfortable enough to fully see yourself and others, you are well on the way to authenticity and wholeness.” Anatomy of Loneliness.



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Andere Gezondheid/Schoonheid in Brugge (alles zien)
Schoonheidsinstituut Deva Luna Schoonheidsinstituut Deva Luna
Brugge, 8000

Schoonheidsinstituut Deva Luna kan je vinden bij hotel Academie****te Brugge. Ik werkt op de authent

Only You - For natural beauty Only You - For natural beauty
KoRoute Zilverstraat 8
Brugge, 8000


Huid - Huidaandoeningen - Huidproblemen Huid - Huidaandoeningen - Huidproblemen
Molenstraat 154
Brugge, 8310

Als onderzoeker en geïnteresseerde in gezondheid (en dat gaat ruim) ben ik een gans programma aan

Fizzing B's Fizzing B's
Hubrecht De Croockstraat 38
Brugge, 8200

Handgemaakte en duurzame verzorgingsproducten en geur in huis, ook op maat gemaakt

Eau'Lynn Eau'Lynn
Reudengoedstraat 11
Brugge, 8000

Huidvriendelijke, handgemaakte zeep die de huid op een milde wijze reinigt.

FM distributeur Wim Vanoutryve FM distributeur Wim Vanoutryve
Boudewijn Ravestraat 17
Brugge, 8000

distributeur van cosmetica en schoonheidsproducten.

dafina.schoonheidssalon dafina.schoonheidssalon
Biezenstraat 13
Brugge, 8000

Hifu.clinic Hifu.clinic
Sint-claradreef 77
Brugge, 8000

Non chirurgisch liften gelaat en hals, alsook wenkbrauwlift. Lipo - hifu: specifiek voor verbranden

Kimvdb Fit and Welness Coach Kimvdb Fit and Welness Coach
Walplein 11
Brugge, 8000

Fit, Health, Beauty and Welness

Nice by Anja Nice by Anja
Maurits Van Coppenollestraat 10
Brugge, 8200

Welkom bij Nice by Anja! Ik help u graag met: * Een basismanicure met of zonder nagellak * Soak-Off (Gelish) - ook op de tenen ° Gelnagels Omdat je handen belangrijk zijn! Groe...

Sabine Nails and beauty Sabine Nails and beauty
Riethuisstraat 24
Brugge, 8200

Bij mij kan je terecht voor gelnagels, gelish,waxen en wimpers one by one .Nu ook llx lash lifting .