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“Youth Engagement for Global Action” is this year’s theme, seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions in processes, as well as the lessons on how the representation and engagement informal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

New Month, New Start, New Focus, New Results. Welcome July !!

To all our Queens in May.

We’re available at 728-5111 and 245-6868 for all your inquiries. We look forward to celebrating May with you 🌺

We heard it’s your birthday this month!

Call us to schedule a pamper session.

Mother’s Day is around the corner.

Celebrate it with us.

For more information, call us at 728-5111 or 245-6868.

Introducing PIBU-PIBU Shampoo - a Korean bath and beauty brand that allows customers to mix and match two ampoules from a selection of natural ingredients to create a customised shampoo or body wash. From the request for an eco-friendly packaging solution, a fully recyclable paper packaging was made. PIBU products are also 100% pure with all natural products, paraben free and has sustainable packaging which won the Top Awards Asia. You can find these gems at S.H.E. Beauty, the only authorised reseller in Brunei.

Introducing PIBU-PIBU Shampoo - a Korean bath and beauty brand that allows customers to mix and match two ampoules from a selection of natural ingredients to create a customised shampoo or body wash. From the request for an eco-friendly packaging solution, a fully recyclable paper packaging was made. PIBU products are also 100% pure with all natural products, paraben free and has sustainable packaging which won the Top Awards Asia. You can find these gems at S.H.E. Beauty, the only authorised reseller in Brunei.

Some days can be more exhausting than others, and that is okay. Some days, we just want to not do anything but relax ourselves - that is okay too.

Whether you prefer a stress-relief, muscles and tendons relaxation massage or one that is stronger and more intensive, S.H.E.'s got your back.

Call us at 728-5111 or 245-6868 to find out more on our body treatments.

If you'd like to be part of S.H.E.'s team, simply drop us a message or WhatsApp us at 728-5111.

We can think of many ways how one can celebrate their birthday. But we say, come and pamper yourself to a luxurious facial session.

We have got a surprise for you. Drop us a DM, text us on 728-5111 or call us at 245-6868 to find out more.

S.H.E. wishes you a blessed fasting month. May this Ramadan be filled with joy, health and wealth.

S.H.E. Beauty - Radio Frequency Treatment

What is radio frequency treatment? It is a technique that uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production in order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin.

What are the benefits?

• Removes waste and wrinkles through lymphatic and cell sap circulation.
• Resolves fine lines and wrinkles. Relaxes swollen eyes.
• Improves blood circulation and rejuvenate skin cells for collagen production
• Helps relax scar and strengthen elasticity of neck and chin.

Interested or curious? Book an appointment now.

If you are having a bad day or Monday is just not for you, dance your way out of it. Today is International Dance Day, so shake your worries and stress away! Plus, dancing can help boost your confidence! #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

Serums contain small molecules and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. They target skin concerns like wrinkles, leaving the signs of aging at bay. S.H.E.'s very own Rice Water Serum has 3 functions - hydrating, anti-aging and brightening. Call us to find out more! #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Reconnect with mother nature and it will bring you peace. So switch off your phone for awhile, empty your mind and meditate or do anything that you like doing that brings you peace, like a relaxing facial at S.H.E. 🤗 #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Here in S.H.E. Beauty, May is all about Mom and also known as M.O.M (Month of Mom). Whether you are a mother yourself or want to treat yours to a pamper session, you know who to call.

No, we are not talking about our birth mother but our Mother Earth! Today marks the International Mother Earth Day, and earth is our one and only home, so let us cherish it! 💜 #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

Skip the warm water and wash your face with cold water in the morning! Cold water can de-puff swollen eyes and face. Your cells regenerate during sleep, causing pores to expand result in the puffiness. Cold water will instantly tighten your pores and you will feel instantly awake too! #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Everybody loves snooze time! A 15 to 20 minutes power nap is actually good for you, as it can make you feel more refreshed, alert and energetic. It's also good for your skin, as it helps improve the rate of recovery from environmental stressors and from UV radiation exposure. So yes to power naps! S.H.E.'s facials are so relaxing that you may have some of it 😘 #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

It is okay to make mistakes and to be less than perfect. You will learn as you grow and move forward. #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

Your body also needs the TLC treatment like your face does. We lose 50 million skin cells a day and when we don't exfoliate, our skin may appear looking dull and sullen. Exfoliating automatically signals the body to produce more collagen and this helps your products to penetrate your skin properly. #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Being healthy comes in different ways and so does exercise. Exercise does not always mean sports - you could park your car far away from your destination or climbing on stairs instead of using an elevator. So long as you are active and your body is moving throughout the day, it will benefit you. And your skin too! #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Yesterday was World Health Day! Living the healthy lifestyle is always good for our mental and physical health. So eat healthy and stay fit! Your skin will thank you for it (wink emoji) #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

Select your skincare products based on your skin needs and goals, not because of trends or fancy packaging. But, facial will always be a must for everyone who wants that healthy and beautiful glow! So call us to get that glow on. #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Salam Israk Mikraj 🌙 #SHEbeautysalon #isramiraj

You can always admire someone else's beauty but never compare yourself with others. #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

Today we have Earth Hour, so let's give our mother earth an hour of relaxation. Meanwhile, take time to recharge and rejuvenate at a relaxing, pampering facial session at S.H.E. #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

🌲 Love, protect and reconnect with our earth. A healthy earth equals to a healthy life. Our skin would definitely love and appreciate that clean healthy air! #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Earth Hour is this Saturday, and turning off artificial 'glow' such as lights is a good reason to give our beautiful earth a little rest it deserves. But hey, you can still Glow On with our brightening treatments ;) #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

There are a lot of ways to soothe parched complexions; abstain from using foaming cleansers as that could strip away the skin. To combat dry skin from within, make sure to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich with antioxidants properties and use moisturizer daily! #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

Yesterday the world celebrated International Day of Happiness. But it is not too late for you to celebrate yours so come on over at S.H.E. for a little dose of happiness! 🙂 #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

S.H.E Beauty - Rubber Masking Treatment

Rubber masks are a step-up from your regular sheet masks. It allows mineral-rich to be absorbed without the risk of evaporation. What can rubber masks do for you?

• Absorption of active ingredients into the skin.
• Keeping skin hydrated and moisturised without stripping off skin's natural oil.
• Different types of rubber mask can target different skin concerns: aging, dry, sensitive and etc.
• Soft and supple skin after peeling off rubber mask.

What's better? Rubber masks are included in all our treatments! So give us a call to secure your slot.

We will be celebrating the International Day of Happiness this Wednesday. What makes you happy? Being happy keeps the wrinkles away, and so does S.H.E.'s pampering sessions. Let us put that smile on your beautiful faces. #SHEquotes #yourbeautydestination #skincare

It is necessary to throw away your expired beauty products especially your skin care products. Yes, it is wasteful but expired skin care products could irritate your skin or even cause breakouts! For safety reasons, skin care products often contains antioxidants or skin replenishing ingredients that will eventually deteriorate, and that would not make your skin happy. #SHEgivesbeautytips #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

While we are still on the subject of women, it is also important to highlight the importance of happiness. As a woman, we often find ourselves juggling a lot of things in life at one time. So remember to take some time off to do something that makes you happy! 💜 #SHEbeautysalon #yourbeautydestination #pampering #beauty #skincare

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