Ina Clarke

Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist and. Quantum touch and flower essence practitioner and Reflexology educator ​My name is Ina Clarke and I am a certified Therapeutic Reflexologist.

Reflexology is an ancient art and science that is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears and body, by stimulating these reflexes that corresponds with all body systems, we create homeostasis or balance in the body. Training in South Africa at the School of Effective Reflexology Methods. After completing a 2300hr diploma course,

I have practiced Reflexology since 2003 when I graduated from training in South Africa at the School of Effective Reflexology Methods, completing a 2300hr diploma. Since then I have had numerous positive outcomes with various mind/body/spirit issues. I can assist with pain, digestive issues, fertility, emotional blocks, pre-and post-surgery care. Reflexology is considered preventative medicine which support the effects and improvement of medical issues. I offer advanced intuitive treatments that include assessment, nutritional counselling, diagnostics, energy medicine, biomechanics and lifestyle advice.

Operating as usual


Stay grounded me beauties


Ina Clarke


Happy Feet Dance

It’s official, I’m re opening on Monday 💓

Mumbles dances to Stevie Wonder's I Wish


Feeling a little sad not seeing my fertility clients and expectant mothers.
Prayers to you all, keep the faith and hope alive, just look at that little foot ❤️


A little while longer hopefully, we are still restricted to work,which I completely disagree with, till the 22nd now, as soon as I get the go ahead I will contact my clients. Still here for any help whatsoever xx


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to being in service again
At least Santa gets Reflexology


Ina Clarke

Invest in your Sole
Will be temporarily closed 😔
I am still available to my clients for any support
I can provide


Ina Clarke

Invest in your Sole
Will be temporarily closed 😔
I am still available to my clients for any support
I can provide

[12/17/20]   Invest in your Sole
Will be temporarily closed 😔
I am still available to my clients for any support
I can provide


Goodfellas Ink 1 & 2

Congrats to Gloria Nadeau for winning Day 2!
Day 3 will be posted shortly!

[11/25/20]   I can continue being in service


Natural Cures and Health Awareness 11/21/2020

Here's How Bees and Butterflies See Flowers. No Wonder They Love Them!

Deepens my gratitude & delight for flower essences Humans are blind to ultraviolet light, but bugs can see it, and boy are they lucky! Ultraviolet florescence photography gives us a hint of how flowers look to pollinators. Insects see the world very differently from how humans see it. They can’t see red light like we do, but can […] 11/16/2020

STUDY: Daycares in Finland Built "Forest Floors" and Changed Kids' Immune Systems Within 30 days of playing in the forest soil and leaf litter, Finnish preschoolers had increased T-cell counts and far more diverse gut bacteria In a fascinating experiment, Finnish researchers recreated the environment of a forest floor on the playgrounds of four urban daycare centers. They covered...

11/07/2020 11/06/2020

Researchers find method to regrow cartilage in the joints In laboratory studies, Stanford School of Medicine researchers have found a way to regenerate the cartilage that eases movement between bones. 10/06/2020

STUDY: Honeybee Venom Kills the Most Aggressive Breast Cancer Cells in 60 Seconds New research could take the sting out of bee stings, which apparently contain an “extremely potent” cancer-fighting substance Scientists are discovering honeybee stings aren’t all bad. The venom they release into our bodies is toxic to a wide range of tumors — including melanoma, lung, ovari...

10/05/2020 10/05/2020

Image: Happyfeet Penguin GIF - Happyfeet Penguin Happydance - Discover ...

A GREATFUL HEART 💛 Found on Google from 08/23/2020

Your ‘Surge Capacity’ Is Depleted — It’s Why You Feel Awful Here’s how to pull yourself out of despair and live your life


Ready to bloom! officially opening on the
15th of JUNE 2020
The calendar is open for BOOKINGS and there is a book NOW button On this page.
Need assistance, please contact me directly.



3 mm deep and we all look the same.

Social programming for millennia has trained our eyes to see our differences rather than the beauty. We hear the emotions of words without seeing the peace or loneliness between those words. We smell exhaust more often than we smell flowers. We taste sugar more often than clean water. We feel pain more often than we are touched by love. We are chilled by air conditioners more than we are warmed by sunrises.

We will hate less, hurt less, and fear less when we see the beauty, hear the silence, smell nature, touch with love, and warm in the sun.

#georgefloyd #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorge


Good morning all. I am busy getting a newsletter out soon. The proposed date
by Alberta for phase 2 (TBC), that I am in is the 19th OF JUNE . Please do not hesitate to start booking or call me for any assistance.
Sitting in my clinic today feeling so ready to support my clients again. My space might be empty however my plants are optimistic
And reminding me of the flowering to come
Hang in there and if there is anything I can support you with do not hesitate to PM me 05/08/2020

Earth's Lungs Amazon Forests Saved: Indigenous Group Wins Case Over Illegal Tree Logging

Thanks for sharing beautiful news Sara 💜 The case had been going on for over two decades. 04/30/2020

Light therapy causes sharp drop in hospital infections | CBC News A project using light therapy to kill harmful bacteria reduced post-surgical infections by almost 40 per cent at Vancouver General Hospital, medical authorities say.


Edmonton Homeopathy

The rationale behind lockdown is that the medical systems around the globe are not adequately prepared to handle the cases that would burgeon if the virus was allowed to run its course. The virus, allowed to move through humanity, would extend immunity where possible, and, according to some research, aid in evolution of the human physical forms. Within the range of a medical industrial complex unprepared for a pandemic, one aspect of the lockdown is incomprehensible to the logical mind: alternative health care options have been forcibly shut down. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, and all manner of body workers, counsellors, and alternative health care providers with abilities, knowledge, and centuries, if not millennia, of empirical successes in the treatment of epidemics and disease, are not allowed to give care and sustenance in this profound time of need.


Fresh Routes

If you or someone you know needs access to food, we offer a COVID-19 Emergency Delivery Program that brings boxes of food to those in emergency situations around Calgary and Edmonton. The box includes bread, eggs, and fruits and veggies 🍞🍎 Please fill out the request form 👉 04/13/2020

Time To Bring Homeopathy In The Fight Against Coronavirus, Say Experts

Our own Jessica Jackson great homeopath and Ravi Lakkad💜 The homeopathy practitioners say they should also be given a chance to find therapeutic treatment of novel Coronavirus and should be taken on the same page for finding its drug. 04/02/2020

Dandelions: One of the Healthiest Foods on the Planet In the U.S. dandelions are one of the most hated flowers. But they are also one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Read on to find out more about this misunderstood flower.

[03/30/20]   To all my dear clients. Reflexology is mandated to shut down, we will re schedule
When we can 💛 in the mean time enjoy
And take care of those around you
I’m here for any questions or concerns
(African saying for: “I am, because we are”)



Advanced reflexology, anatomy & physiology, pathology, nutritional counseling, ICU protocols, Aspects of Chinese medicine, homeopathy and phyto-medicine, bio mechanics, Bach flower remedies for emotional imbalances and the basics of pharmacology. Quantum Touch and quantum healing practices.



Edmonton, AB
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