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Our stylists at Revive will give you the hair that works for your life style. We take pride in customer service and making our clients look and feel great

Nicole Fusco and Mark Fusco are siblings but also call each other business partners. They always believed that if the opportunity ever arose to start a business, they would combine their skills to enter business as a joint effort. Revive Hair Loft is building a culture where hairstylists are given the opportunity to enjoy a career as opposed to a job. Our vision is to create a culture that recogni

Operating as usual



Revive Hair Loft is looking for an individual to join our team as our front-end receptionist! We’re looking for someone who possesses multitasking skills, a love for people, a knack for organization, and is a strong communicator.

Please email your resume to:
[email protected]

Do you know someone who has a passion for the beauty or service industry? Share this post or tag them below!

We are so excited to meet some new faces!
Come and join our family! ✨


Revive Hair Loft is looking for an individual to join our team as our front-end receptionist! We’re looking for someone who possesses multitasking skills, a love for people, a knack for organization, and is a strong communicator.

Please email your resume to:
[email protected]

Do you know someone who has a passion for the beauty or service industry? Share this post or tag them below!

We are so excited to meet some new faces!
Come and join our family! ✨


Is it true... Do blondes really have more fun?! 🤷‍♀️😁

Time for a change or Enhance the blonde you have? 🤍🤍🤍


Sandy Blonde on a Saturday🏝

Saturday’s just don’t feel the same. 🤷‍♀️ We miss the weekends feeling like the weekends. Every day just blends in lately.

We’re imagining the vibe in the salon when everyones getting made over and feeling themselves. The buzz is filling the air. We’re singing together lol. Clients even get in on it sometimes. ☺️ Yes we do like to sing to old school 90s! 🎶 We miss laughing together & making people feel beautiful, and this is our job! 🥳🙏🏻 Our career is definitely a special one. Counting down till we can all be together again and do what we love.

Do what you love & you’ll never work a day in your life 💕

How will you spend your Saturday?


Hold tight 🙏🏻

Stay Positive

We’re closed for at least another 2 weeks. New date is Jan 21st. (Not a re opening date, just a new date for government to reevaluate) We understand hospitals are over flowing. Let’s do our part. 💕

We new going into the new year this wasn’t just going to go away. We will get through this.

We can’t wait to see you, all of our stylist’s are eagerly waiting to get back in the salon to do what they love.

We will be contacting people in the order you were booked. 💕

Again, lots of ways to reach us. Instagram, Facebook or call our salon number. If you call give us a day or so to call you back. Thank you for you patience.

See you soon


When we reflect on 2020 one word comes to mind “Appreciation”

We want to thank all our amazing clients for all your incredible support over this past year.

We will take this time now to look ahead on setting new goals for 2021

Cheers to a new year 🥂

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

-Abraham Lincoln


Cherish beautiful moments 💕

For a fun short cut try an a symmetrical (one side shorter than they other) If your not daring, tuck one side back. It will create the illusion.

For the style take a small curling iron spray each section with Anti gravity spray or Hair resort spray (hold arm length away, wait till hair has absorbed moisture) and wrap. Tap on the hair to see if it’s hot to touch. If not hold a little longer. Have fun with different textures. Use Bedroom hair break up the curl & add softness then Session spray to lock it in and lastly Shimmer shine to give reflect to her color.


Long sexy sleeves & a rich vibrant bouquet. This vibe has fall/winter wedding written all over it. 🍁🍂

What do you think about this look?


Braids + Buns for a relaxed yet sexy up do

No matter how big or small will be their to make your day the very best 🤍🤍🤍


Merry Christmas to everyone! We were so busy cooking away in our homes & creating new traditions from afar we couldn’t get on here yesterday. Who would of ever thought you’d being sitting at your table with a lap top in-front of you having dinner virtually with your families?!

This Christmas was a lot different for many of us. But what didn’t change was all the love if not even more this year. Phone calls, FaceTiming & Zoom gatherings.

How many people were dropping little packages and receiving things at their door from family & friends. Its incredible how many people made a point of supporting local. Sadly we have had very close family and friends who have lost their loved ones due to covid. We want to be compassionate to those people. We feel very lucky to have our parents, Lets all do our part to keep people safe 🙏🏻

We wish everyone a happy & healthy holiday season 💖

Hair by


Pink just makes us happy!

We can’t believe it’s Dec 22 already. Only a few days left to take advantage of our Christmas sale. 20%off all our hair & beauty products. Here’s just a few brands

Go to @revivehairloft.beautyshop

Use code “Christmas20” free shipping $50 & over


If your brunette & want to go light but not too light this is perfect for you. It’s right in the middle of brown & blonde. BRONDE

Something else to remember when wanting to go light is treatments. We have to keep our hair healthy & strong 💪
@olaplex has changed the hair industry 🧬🧪

OLAPLEX is a patented single ingredient chemistry that links broken disulfide bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them more durable than they were before.

With OLAPLEX, the chemistry works on a molecular level to mitigate the damage the chemicals are doing to the hair.

Do you use @olaplex ?


Flash back to weddings every Saturday.

This touch of greenery was added from her parents backyard. 👌🏼



Life is so precious, tell the people you love how much they mean to you. 💕


Pumpkin Spice 🍁☕️

This weather is making us want to cozy up by a fire place and watch all the cheesy Christmas movies

What’s your go to Christmas Movies?


Making people feel beautiful one head of hair at a time.

I’m calling this Bronde 👌🏼

•What to ask for Foils & More foils with a Smudge root & always @olaplex + a cut to keep it fresh

Hair by @allisha.grace


We’re here for you.

We’ve continued to keep busy while still keeping people safe, relaxed and HAPPY. 🤗

We love being HAIR for you & SO Much More. 💕

Any hair questions,
My scalp is itchy. What to use?
Would this color suit me?
Make me look younger!
Should I do a fringe?
What’s the best Shampoo for my hair type?
What Treatments are best for me?
How often should I wash my hair?


It’s the weekend! Who doesn’t love poppin’ bottles 🥂

Weddings bring so much joy. We are so happy that so many wedding we’re able to still happen over the summer.

Though times are far from normal we can still do little things to keep our spirits up while being cautious. We have to still look forward. Instead of planning hot holidays maybe plan to learn something new? Learning to play an instrument, skiing, skating, baking, a new language? It’s time to get creative.
When the time comes and life goes back to normal will be better for it. 💪 We have to believe that. Let’s refocus, stay positive. We’re in this together. 💜 Sending out love & positivity. 🙏🏻🥰


Hair transformation. Sorry no before pic. But this was her third appointment removing RED! Great job Bella. Each time her appointments consisted of loads of foils, toning and lot of @olaplex
She’s finally got to her goal! 🎉

Gorgeous dimensional blonde

Have you gone from red to blonde?
Would you do it?


We love braids! They can change a look in many ways. Dutch is definitely a favorite.

A great way to add texture to your braid or just your hair to plump is using a mini crimper. I mean MINI. You can see in the photo it was used. You can do this in your roots and leave a veil of you regular texture on top so know one knows. Or you can crimp and have it exposed. It’s a very diverse tool. It gives life to soft fine hair.

If your interested DM us

What braids do you like?


Bride & her Squad

Hair - @allisha.grace & @tia_raee
Mua for Bride - @_theglamourlife
Mua for Bridesmaids - @ruthbancroft
Photo - @tracy.tru & @carissamariephotography_


“Im walking on sunshine, Oohhhhh, I’m walking on sunshine ohhhhhhhh I’m walking on sunshine AND don’t it FEEL GOOD!

How lucky are we, it’s the first week of November in Edmonton & it’s beautiful!!! 🙏🏻

Looking at this beautiful color I’m feeling Summer Vibes 🌞
I don’t want to think how many months away that actually is. 😬
In the meantime at least we can control our hair, so if your feeling blah especially when the weather takes a turn 🥶 Know that we’re hear to brighten your day & your hair 🥰

What color are you thinking of going in the winter??


Good hair is definitely worth obsessing over!!

Keep up with your maintenance appointments so your always looking fresh.
This could be: Partial foils , Smudging a root to give more longevity out of a balayage, gloss your ends to either change up the tone, darken the tone or simply cancel out unwanted tones that are being exposed with time.

Keep up with treatments, Olaplex in and outside of the salon is essential for hair health. As well as our Kevin Murphy treatments. We have take home moisture treatments and in salon Strength & Hydration treatments. So relaxing 💆💆‍♀️

Don’t forget hair cuts whether it’s half an inch or 6 inches it’s important. Pixie length 4 to 6 weeks, mid length hair 6 to 8 and long past shoulders every 8 to 10 unless it’s comprised then 7 to 8.

Just because we are limited to what we can do and who we can see doesn’t mean we let ourselves go, it’s more then ever the time to continue with your self care. To boost your self up and just feel good. 🥰

I just got a color l, soon a cut and I’m planning this weekend a bath, hair mask & face mask.

What do you do for self care?


All about those warm tones for fall 🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁 🍂🍁🍂🍁🍂🍁

Are you into coppers & warm browns???


Grey blending, if you want lower maintenance but still want to look fresh and youthful. Babylights are just the thing to do. No harsh lines here ☺️


Happy Halloween 🎃

Green hair!!! Who knew?? Many people thought in the polls purple but now that you see it how stunning is this color????

We had some good laughs taking these photos. I love your smile 😘Did you know Tia and I (Nicole) have been friends since high school!!! 😮 I don’t want to even count how many years that’s been 😬💕

This was a collab with myself & @corie_yeghair So much fun. @tia_raee you rock this color. Oh and everything’s better with extensions right?! 😉 She sewed the machine weft hair herself to give her length & body

Would you every being daring to do green???


Going back to her roots with Dimension 😉

What goes into this?
Hi lighting
Low lighting

I think you get the point 😄@olaplex is so essential 🙌🏻

Going from platinum to a Dimension brunette can be done in one shot but there are important steps 👌🏼

Ready for a change???


Work it! We love making you look and feel your best.

It’s amazing what a fresh color & cut will do. Loving the dimension in the color Jaclyn did. That blonde is poppin’ 👌🏼 AND the cut! So sassy.

Where do you go when your all glammed up?? Are you still going out or ordering dinner & drinks in??


Revive Hair Loft is looking for an individual to join our team! This position is fill our front end reception. We’re looking for someone who possesses multitasking skills, a love for people, a strong communicator, and a nack for organization. If you know someone who has a passion for the beauty industry, share this post, we’d love to meet them ❤️
We are so excited find someone to join our family
Please email your resume to [email protected]


If you want a good pick me up, book in for a @kevin.murphy

Inspired by the latest skincare ingredients, the TREAT.ME range is a collection of ‘made to order’ in-salon treatments that deliver deep conditioning, shine and long-lasting nourishment.

Plant derived ‘Super Proteins’ help to strengthen and repair everyday damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments.

Select from a range of treatments that include Moisture, Strength, Thickening and Anti-Ageing – it’s like treating the hair to a high-tech facial.


•Antioxidant rich formulations with essential amino acids and AHAs
•Customizable treatments for damaged hair
•Helps reduce breakage and increases elasticity
•Helps strengthen the hair
•Sulphate, paraben and cruelty-free


In love with fall weddings 🍂🍁

This wedding was very special to us. Mark has been friends with the groom (Jared) for over 10 years and I’ve have known Jared since jr.
Fast forward to 18 I started doing his hair! We have done ever hair style imaginable. From shaved to long and everything in between. I knew for his wedding we were going to change up the cut and style it specific to his wedding day. We went Classic with a twist.

Let’s move onto the stunning bride Jess 🌹From the first time we met you we knew you were special. We are so happy the two of you found each other.

For Jess’s hair I brightened her blonde, with a ton of foils & tipped out her ends (lightened her ends) shadowed her root and add 18inch blonde @babe_hair
Babe hair is one of the highest quality 100% human hair , Remi & ethically sourced. It comes in clips, wefts, and soo much more. We went with one of the lightest colors and glossed it to match with her exciting blonde.

We went classic as well with her hair, giving her a relaxed but modern finger wave style. All we can say is timeless 👌🏼💕

What’s your style of wedding & what season do you most like for a wedding?


It’s all about the blend. Yes it might be a large service at first but.... you can go longer between appointments.

This is a mix of foiling, open air lightening on her ends, root smudge to diffuse (this give the more natural grow out) and a gloss all over.

Keeping the front bright really makes all the difference. (Money piece) Brightness around the face & depth towards the crown keeps this color looking fresh for months.

What do I ask for if I’ve been doing foils and I’m blonde but I want my ends lighter and more of a diffused root.
Book for: Foils, partial balayage, root smudge & @olaplex

What do I ask for if I have dark hair and want this look?
Book for : Color correction
This would been a transformation color so we would book under color correction. We’d book 5 to 6 hours for the first session. The amount of foils, product used and attention that goes into a job like that take a lot of time and skill.

We’re excited to see you for you next appointment.


Violet Rose

To all the blondes out there! Ready to really change it up?? It can last you anywhere from 5 to 20 washes depending on length of time on the hair and the health of your hair. When it washes out your left with a gorgeous pearl blonde

Rose all day 🍷

Hair by @llstylist Lucy


Today was the annual @inclusion_ab breakfast (virtual this year), this organization helps facilitate inclusion in both the school system and job market for those with developmental disabilities. The handsome guy on the right of this photo is my cousin @ryanmacintyre23 who has a developmental disability and growing up I honestly had no idea that families struggled so much with Inclusion for their children in the school system, job market, and society. Ryan is my cousin just like any other cousin and it was always bizarre to me that excluding Ryan or other children from our communities was a thing but the older I get, I see how naive my young thoughts were; I was so unaware of the struggles he faced by simply wanting to do the same things we all did growing up. Ryan has accomplished lots of amazing things like graduating from MacEwan University, obtaining a full time position at Sagiper, and enjoying the company of his longtime girlfriend Sarah. That sounds like a “normal” life but what you don’t see is the long journey, one which was fought tooth and nail by my aunt, uncle, Ryan’s brother and Inclusion Alberta to ensure that Ryan could achieve all the “normal” things we strive for.
The breakfast is alway a great reminder that without the ongoing support of an amazing organization like Inclusion Alberta, many families wouldn’t have the support the desperately search for. Our system was NOT designed inclusive and segregation for some reason is the lazy, unethical, and ignorant first choice which results in a reinforced stigma that people with developmental disabilities aren’t worth the effort and have no value to a community.
The stories this morning were both heart breaking and also awe-inspiring. Anyone who has been touched by Inclusion Alberta knows first hand how integral they are to advocate for those who have voices that aren’t heard. I know many of us have been effected financially by COVID but if you can give and are looking to change someone’s life with a donation, then click the link below. Let those in our communities know that your not ok with them being hidden away.
For everything music and sports follow @ryanmacintyre23 Great content

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Pretty in Pink ...Hair by @tia_raee #prettyinpink #shadeseq #pastelpinkhair #redken #olaplextreatment #madeinyeg #kevinm...
New year, new brides to be!  Congratulations to all of those who are soon to tie the knot in 2019 ❤️ we have limited spo...
This was an amazing experience over the weekend🔥🔥 it feeds my soul. 🙏 @talisetales killed it, along with @_theglamourlif...
Gorgeous balayage, I could watch this slow mo all day 🙌🏼 it’s like a blonde waterfall 😍 used olaplex to keep her hair fe...
We would like to say a BIG thank you to all of our clients that came to our 6 year anniversary sale yesterday!! It truly...
Hi-lights + @olaplex = 😍 beautiful hair for our client @musclemommas Hair by @nicolefusco.yeghair ...#redkencolor #redke...
That blend 😍 Hair by @nicolefusco.yeghair ...#revivehairloft #redken #redkencolor #redkencanada #olaplex #shadeseq #shad...
This is @tia_raee adding foils to create platinum blonde with precise control 🙌🏼
🎶 I got that sunshine in my pocket. So ready for summer ☀️ this snow isn’t stopping us from colour light and bright.  Fu...
Lian Peterson you won our grand prize valued at $1,000 🎉🍾 congratulations 😁 #revivehairloft #yegsalon
What an amazing turn out on Sunday, thank you to everyone for the support.  Here are the winners for our draws.  Laura B...
Summer vibes of balayage by @tia_raee #revivehairloft #yegsalon



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