Hair 2 Desire Salon

Hair 2 Desire Salon


Absolutely love hair2Desire! Won't go anywhere else to get my hair cut/styled. So glad to hear your back on the regular Jenny Lorena Romero-Rosa!! Looking forward to my new cut next month so excited!!!

Be your own kind of BEAUTIFUL

Welcome to Hair 2 Desire Salon We are proud to welcome you to Hair 2 Desire Salon & Esthetics. We have been established since 2002. We offer classic to modern cuts, styles for men, women and children including infants.

We also have many other beauty services such as facials, body waxing, colour, perms, keratin treatments, up-dos and make-up for special occasions. At Hair 2 Desire we provide quality products and services; we have selected the top brands for you to enjoy. Let us help create the beauty in you!!! Make your appointment today!! Check out our website for more details. Book your appointment today! [email protected] or 416 783-3558

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We’re back!!! Make your appointment today!! #softlayers #womenshaircuts # blonde hair

[03/27/21]   🙏🏽So happy to announce we’re open for business April 12! Book your appointment today

Can you spare a minute to help Jenny Romero? 11/13/2020

Can you spare a minute to help Jenny Romero?

Please sign this important petition for my community needs! Thanks with much love 💕

Can you spare a minute to help Jenny Romero? Eglinton West NOW


Fresh haircut anyone? #womanhaircut #hairwaves #layeredhaircut

Fresh haircut anyone? #womanhaircut #hairwaves #layeredhaircut


She bobbin’ it!! 😆 #bobhaircut

She bobbin’ it!! 😆 #bobhaircut


One of Today’s happy clients 🥰😍🤩

One of Today’s happy clients 🥰😍🤩


👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽HAPPY CLIENT! Thanks Andrea for your compliments! 🥰😘 glad you love it! #colour #highlights #haircut #style #hairwaves #layers


Wondering what to buy for your mom, daughter, sister, family or friend. Why not pamper them as they deserve! We sell products at outside of the salon. Please call today 4169989699. Hurry Get your gift for Mother’s Day! And Please support your local business. @yorkeglintonbia @hair2desiresalon #eglintonwest #shopeglintonwest

[03/29/20]   Sadly we are closed due to the Covid 19. We will be keeping you up to date when we're allowed to re-open our salon. We are truly sorry for this unprecedented circumstance. We'll hopefully see you soon! Be safe and healthy. With love, Betty and Jenny!


Boasting a full selection of facial services that include exfoliation and deep cleansing, Hair 2 Desire Salon is your local answer for impressive results at competitive prices. With us, your face will be clean, hydrated, and ready to meet whatever life throws your way.

We're experts in facials and have a wide variety of advanced techniques and high-quality products at our disposal. Whether you suffer from congested pores, premature aging lines, or are just looking to keep up your youthful appearance, our facials are the perfect solution. At Hair 2 Desire you'll discover a calming oasis designed to renew and refresh.

Hair 2 Desire Salon services in Toronto are affordable and easy to schedule. Call us at 416-783-3558 to set an appointment

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😍🙌🏾 #haircut
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Men’s hair cut $25


We have a new special for seniors! Come in for a wash, cut & style for only $15! Tuesdays and Wednesdays all day.
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Your hair goes through a ton of wear and tear - that's why professional treatment is the best way to keep it looking great, no matter the difficult circumstances you may put it through.

We know that not knowing about the right products can be a difficult problem to solve. However, our products have been carefully selected for everyday hair issues and more difficult conditions. We'll not only help you select the right products, but we'll also show you exactly how they should be used.

Oily, dry, or damaged hair can be stressful, to say the least. Let Hair 2 Desire be your relief. Call us today at 416-783-3558.

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Check out one of our best selling products, the Moroccanoil line. It includes hair treatments from deep conditioning to shampoo, conditioner, styling cream, hairspray, dry shampoo and much more. Get them for a great price here in the salon!

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Nothing says stylish like a fresh haircut. Founded on impressive technical skills but with an ability to innovate, we're your top choice when it comes to local hair care. Cutting, styling, and coloring are only a few of our abilities and we're capable of much more!
Step up to a hair salon that's a cut above the competition. Schedule your next visit with Hair 2 Desire by calling 416-783-3558.

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This Workout Reverses Signs of Aging, According to Science

---WORKOUT THAT RESERVES THE SIGNS OF AGING ACCORDING TO SCIENCE!!! --- Mayo Clinic researchers say interval training may have anti-aging benefits at the cellular level. 01/16/2020

Hair 2 Desire Salon

Great news.. we've updated our website with services, rates and beautiful pictures of our work!

Buenas noticas..hemos actualizado nuestra página web con servicios, precios y fotos de nuestro trabajo!

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[12/07/19]   How To Grow Out Your Hair Tips

-Know what normal hair growth is.
Hair grows at an average rate of about half an inch a month. “Some people have hair that grows faster than average and some slower,” explains Dr. Dominic Burg, Chief Scientist, évolis Professional. “Hair growth is complex, with a range of factors that influence the rate, including hormones, stress, genetics and aging. This means your hair grows at different rates at different times in your life.” For example, during pregnancy your hair growth accelerates, thanks to a surge of estrogen and progesterone, especially after the first trimester. But after you give birth, the hormone levels crash, often leading to postpartum hair loss.

-Prevent damage and breakage.
“Damage should be avoided if you are trying to grow out your hair,” says Lars Skjoth, Founder & Head Scientist of Harklinikken. “Damaged hair will not grow as long because it will typically break off before it even has the chance to grow to your desired length." Lay off the hot tools as much as possible and keep your hair well-hydrated with masks and conditioning treatments. You'll also want to skip tight ponytails and buns that can pull hair out around your hairline over time.

-Get the real deal on supplements.
While there seems to be a supplement for everything, when it comes to boosting hair growth, they may not be the miracle pill they claim to be, Skjoth cautions. “Supplements and vitamins can only help you with your hair growth if you are actually deficient of those nutrients,” he says. “Your body can only take in so many nutrients and once those needs are met, anything extra simply becomes waste. Therefore, if you are already healthy and consume nutrient dense food daily, you will not see much benefit from extra vitamins and supplements." Moral of the story: If you feel like you might be deficient or have been slacking on the well-balanced diet, it doesn't hurt to take a vitamin. "The most important vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair are B vitamins, specifically biotin, as well as zinc and iron," says Dr. Burg.

-Chow down on foods that boost hair health.
In the case of your hair, the saying is true: You are what you eat. In other words, a healthy diet equals healthy hair. “If your diet is imbalanced and there are deficiencies, then hair growth can suffer,” Dr. Burg says. “It’s best to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of leafy greens, varied vegetables, whole grains, nuts and lean meats. Meat and shellfish are a great source of zinc, and biotin can be found in eggs, meats, nuts, avocado, sweet potato and dairy. As with supplements, these won’t make your hair grow faster than normal, but rather help restore it if its growth is subpar due to dietary imbalance, stress or illness.”

-Suds up the right way.
How—and when—you wash your hair makes a major difference. “Your scalp houses your hair follicles, the tiny organs that grow your hair,” Dr. Burg explains. “An inflamed, irritated, or damaged scalp can disrupt the signaling in the follicles, and in turn changing the health of the hair cycle and potentially leading to reduced growth and/or hair cycle dysfunction.” So what brings on inflammation? We hate to break it to you, but dry shampoo is a major culprit, along with other styling products. If you regularly use dry shampoo as a substitute for a real wash, you’ll get buildup of silicones from conditioners, hairsprays and styling products. “It’s important to regularly cleanse with gentle, sulfate-free cleansers to keep the scalp in good health,” Dr. Burg says. “Added anti-inflammatory ingredients such as rosemary oil and salicylic acid from willow can dampen down inflammatory processes. As a rule, you should cleanse a couple of times a week or more depending on your hair and scalp type.”

-Deep condition on the regular.
Deep conditioning is key to preventing breakage and split ends, so aim to do so once a week. Dr. Burg suggests looking for hair building and repairing ingredients, such as hydrolyzed keratin and wheat protein, as well as naturally hydrating oils like baobab and flaxseed. Be sure to avoid silicones (look for dimethicone on the label), because while they might make your hair look shiny, they actually coat it, leading to build up over time that can prevent moisture pe*******on, making hair more brittle and prone to breakage. To maximize the perks, use a deep conditioner that can be left in overnight. If you color, chemically treat, regularly heat style your hair, or get a lot of sun, your hair fibers are weaker, so it’ll need some extra TLC. “Hair that is hydrated is more elastic and therefore more protected and less prone to breakage,” Skjoth says. “Infusing your hair with plenty of moisture will help keep it long and strong.

-Go for a trim.
We’re going to bust this myth right now—getting a haircut won’t actually make your hair grow faster, “but regular trims do help maintain growth,” Skjoth says. “Dead ends make the hair appear shorter so for anyone who wants their hair to be longer, regular trims are always a good idea.”

-Brush wisely.
Wet hair is the most vulnerable hair, so be careful how you handle it. “To avoid breakage, try not to brush your hair when it is wet,” Dr. Burg says. “Instead, detangle your hair before you shower with a wide tooth comb, and then brush it again once it's at least partially dried.” The right tools can help too. For starters, invest in a good detangling brush with cushioned bristles made with natural ingredients such as wood and boar bristles that are gentler on your strands.

-Think silk.
You’ll feel like a princess—and have the hair of one—when you sleep on a silk pillowcase. “Silk doesn't catch and pull on your hair plus it won't draw out moisture like cotton would,” Dr. Burg says. Similarly, poor quality hair ties can also damage hair. Look for spiral plastic ties, ones without seams, and avoid metal clasps that can catch and break hair—another reason to hop on the scrunchie trend. 12/07/2019

How to Get Wider Hips: 12 Exercises

Hips don't lie..Watch videos of exercises get wider hips for the summer. You may not have been born with a Beyoncé b***y, but that doesn't mean you can't achieve a rounder, firmer look. Here's how to get wider hips.


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The best service: affordable, beautiful and friendly! Book your appointment today in time for the holidays!
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💋🔥❤️ 03/11/2019

This is what Eglinton Avenue could look like in 10 years

Amazing! 🙏🏽 The City of Toronto is honing its vision for Eglinton Avenue in the age of the LRT. When the $4 billion Eglinton-Crosstown opens in 2020, the city ...


My work 03/20/2018

10 Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags - Facty Health

Want to remove skin tags?!! Skin tags, are also known as fibroepithelial polyps or acrochordon, are small dark brown or flesh colored outgrowths of the skin. Usually, skin tags are present on the neck, underarms, around the eyelids, on the middle of the body, and under the breasts. In other words, these skin tags are more like...


Salon chair for rent | Health & Beauty | City of Toronto | Kijiji

Chair for rent $400 PM if you're interested. thx:) hair 2 desire salon is looking to rent a chair $400 all included(telephone, internet, hydro, water) except for materials needed..please call jenny 4168979113

[01/19/18]   The salon is closed however if you need any services. I’m taking appointments until feb 23rd. Thank you for your patience!!


Lookin’ Good pretty lady!! I’m glad you love it!! 😆😘👍🏽


Hair 2 Desire Salon's cover photo


My natural balayage client is happy 😃 #balayage #naturallook #hair2desire #salon #haircut #blowdry #womanhaircolour #waves #layers #moraccanoil @hair2desire


Back to school hair cuts now on special $16





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