Featuring You Spa & Salon

Featuring You Spa & Salon

Featuring You is where you can enjoy customized Facials, Makeovers & Makeup Lessons, Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures & Body Treatments. We carry Skincare, Color Cosmetics, Nail Care, Foot Care & Body Care Products and Accessories.


Operating as usual


HAPPY Easter, HAPPY Passover, HAPPY Spring!!!

HAPPY Easter, HAPPY Passover, HAPPY Spring!!!


To all who Celebrate . . .


*OPEN * Friday March 19th for Consultations & Curbside Pickup


Keeping our daily routines intact help us feel some sort of normalcy while being trapped at home. If makeup was part of your day to day pre-quarantine, then *new* HYDRA Finish Tinted Moisturizer with SPF* may encourage you to incorporate it back into your life. It's a great base for your makeup plus, it provides long-lasting hydration, protects skin from UV rays, enhances and evens out every skin tone.

HYDRA Finish contains mallow extract which has exceptional hydrating and emollient properties. It's encapsulated pigments blend with the cream during application, providing skin with a customized, healthy glow and even skin tone ($77.99)
Creating a structured routine is key to staying sane during this pandemic. Yes, makeup is an effort – but you will notice the difference in how you feel instantly. A little effort in the morning goes a long way for the rest of your day. . .


We miss you! We wish we could say we are now booking appointments but, as Toronto moves from Shutdown Zone to Grey Zone on March 8th, we are still restricted from performing Spa services. . .

In-person shopping for all retail will be permitted at 25% capacity. For us, this means that you can come inside the Spa to pick up your orders, make purchases and/or consult with us.

Thank You for your support. You have been patient, understanding and thoughtful during this whole process. Thank You for your loyalty and for choosing to shop with us . We will continue to introduce you to new products that we've tested so that you can create your own at-home spa services during lockdown. We hope you continue to shop with us . . .

These products will help you create the ultimate in-home Spa experience: DIY Gold Facial Kit, DIY Wax Kit, DIY Glycolic Facial Kit, DIY Mani Kit, DIY Pedi Kit, BIRTHDAY Cake Body Scrub & Body Butter, MaskerAide SHEET Masks, SUGAR KISS Weightless Hand Cream & Shower Oil/Bubble Bath . . .

OPEN for Consultations, and order pickup Friday March 12th To place an order or book a consultation, call 416.783.7793 or [email protected] We look forward to seeing you !


*OPEN* Friday March 5th for curbside pickup. . .


Pre-coronavirus happy cries were reserved for surprises, special events and scoring amazing promos but now, the simplest things make us happy. BIRTHDAY Cake can elevate your simple shower routine into a feel-good pamper session that will make you very happy.

BITHDAY Cake Shimmery Sugar Body Scrub gently sloughs away skin-dulling dead cells leaving skin silky-smooth and deliciously soft.

BIRTHDAY Cake pink whipped Butter leaves your body super-hydrated and shimmering all day

Although BIRTHDAY Cake may make you happy-cry, it is a cause for daily celebration even when it doesn’t seem like there’s much to celebrate.


*OPEN* Friday *March 5th* for curbside pickup. Looking forward to seeing you!


At this point in quarantine, the only time many of us wear makeup and style our hair is for a Zoom call so we want the process of mastering a camera-ready, perfect-looking complexion to be quick and easy.
Introducing . . . .new* SPF20 Fluid Matte Foundation - Foundation, Moisturizer and SPF all 3-in-1 product made from certified organic and naturally derived ingredients
Available in Light, Golden or Bronze, multi-tasking Fluid Matte Foundation SPF20 is a quick and easy + safe way to add a subtle glow ($39.99).
To order yours, call or send us an email [email protected]


When it comes to skincare there's a lot of talk about which products you should be using, the right order to use them and even how many steps in a skincare routine will give you glowing healthy skin. But what’s just as important as *what you use, is *how much you use. Using too much could lead to a host of problems like breakouts, irritation, inflammation and clogged pores. Use too little and your skin won't reap the benefits of the active ingredients. Here’s how you can make sure you’re maximizing your products—and not wasting them or compromising your skin in the process.
MOISTURIZER Professional grade moisturizers (like Guinot) are very concentrated and are designed to deliver results through very small amounts. A dime-size amount is all you need. A 50ml Moisturizer used twice daily (am & pm) will last 6-8 weeks - 2 x as long if you use a separate day and night cream.
SERUM One pump or, a pea-sized amount of serum gives skin a concentrated boost of active ingredients that help with fine lines, firming, hydration, sensitivity, acne, or dull skin. Most serums come in 30ml pump bottles that are designed to last approximately 8-12 weeks
EYE CREAM One pump or a pea-sized amount of eye cream gives your delicate eye area the required care it needs to guard against signs of fatigue, stress and aging. Used twice daily, a 15ml Eye Cream will last 8-12 weeks.
CLEANSER Whether you use a gel or cream cleanser, a nickel-sized amount is all you need. For foaming cleanser, one pump should get the job done. Most cleansers come in 150-200 ml tubes/bottles and when used properly last approximately 12 weeks
Maximize your products-get better results from your Skincare by using the right amount in the right order the right way. . .


FYI- Exfoliation* dead skin cells are removed from skin's outer layer to make room for newer, fresher cells. Exfoliation is a natural process, but as we age cell turnover slows down leaving a build-up of dead skin cells on your face & body. Regular Exfoliation (2-3/ wk) helps keep skin smoother, firmer, brighter, and more radiant. It also improves circulation and makes it easier for skin to absorb moisturizer and other treatment products. . .


OPEN for Curbside Pickup on Saturday February 27th
We are prepared to take care of you even while social distancing
Please reach out via email [email protected] , or leave us a voicemail on 416.783.7793. We will check email and voicemail regularly and be in for curbside pickup . . .

We are in lock down but, just because we are social distancing, you don't have to distance yourself from your beauty goals. . .


Now is the time to get your hand washing game on point. All the extra hand washing and using alcohol-based sanitizer may have you dealing with dry, itchy, cracked hands so you should be prepared to up your hand moisturizing game. Introducing . . . *SUGAR KISS Weightless Hand Cream, a refreshing sweet blend of citrus, rose and vanilla. Mango Butter deeply moisturizes to nourish and heal dry skin. Milk Thistle seals in moisture with a protective barrier, leaving skin deliciously soft and smooth ($31.99)
To place your order for curbside pickup, call 416.783.7793 or [email protected]


Now, more than ever practicing self-care is essential. The stress-relieving powers of a nice soak isn't just helpful for your mental health, it does your whole body good. Baths, are about calming your mind and soothing your aches and pains both physical and mental. *Here's how you can enjoy some time for yourself and say Bye Bye to stress . . .
SUGAR KISS Shower Oil and Bubble Bath begins as an oil and transforms into a moisturizing lather. Perfect for hydrating, cleansing, and even shaving. This unique sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free formula is rich in Grapeseed Oil and nourishing lipids for silky smooth skin. Specialized Sugar Molecules and Topical Probiotics provide balanced cleansing with anti-inflammatory benefits for the healthiest, most hydrated skin possible.
Enjoy some time for yourself with this decadent shower oil and luxurious bubble bath. Then, heat a towel in the microwave and wrap it around your neck, then take a deep breath and a well-deserved nap. . . Emerge renewed!
Get your SUGAR KISS and indulge in your own spa-quality treatment ($44.99)
To place your order for curbside pickup, call or [email protected]


SHEET Masking is the ultimate lockdown activity you should be indulging in. Here’s how you can bring on the fun and add a little bit of fabulous into your skincare routine. These Sheet masks are innovative and playful, yet super serious and results-oriented.
***3 for $20***DetoxDiva (exfoliating/detoxifying) *BeautyRest'ore (nourishing/hydrating) *Pre PartyPrep (brightening/energizing) *I Don't Wanna Grow Up (firming/lifting)
Designed in Canada and made in Korea, these k-beauty Sheet Masks are made from Tencel, a biodegradable natural cellulose found in wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms. They are Free of Parabens, Harsh dyes, Pigment, Mineral Oil, Artificial Fragrance, Benzophenone and not tested on animals.
The benefits of daily masking are endless-from clarifying to hydrating, nourishing, brightening and more. . .
To place your order for curbside pickup, call, [email protected]


Go on, enjoy another piece of Birthday Cake. Experience some BIRTHDAY CAKE Body Butter after your Body Scrub - BIRTHDAY CAKE *Body *Butter*, a pink whipped cream, leaves your skin silky-smooth and shimmering all day.
Shea Butter and Safflower Oil provide intense hydration to seal in moisture leaving your skin super-hydrated and silky smooth. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E nourish and protect to keep your skin looking radiant from head to toe. Drench your body in this sweet, shimmery pink whipped cream for deliciously soft skin.
BIRTHDAY CAKE is a cause for celebration, even when it doesn't seem like there's much to celebrate. . . .
Celebrate!!! call 416.783.7793 or email [email protected] to place your order for curbside pickup Saturday February 27th.
(2oz scrub/butter duo $36.99, 8oz body butter $51.99, 16oz.body scrub $51.99)

*Guinot *LaSpa *home delivery *available


Social distancing doesn't mean you can't indulge in some Birthday Cake. . .
Introducing . . . special edition shimmery *BIRTHDAY CAKE* Body*Scrub***
Pure Sugar Cane Crystals gently slough away dry, skin-dulling dead cells to reveal fresh, smooth skin. Cold-pressed Coconut and Sweet Almond Oils nourish and deeply moisturize, leaving skin super-hydrated and deliciously soft. Discover luminous skin from head to toe with this shimmery pink celebration!
BIRTHDAY CAKE Scrub is a cause for celebration, even when it doesn't seem like there's much to celebrate. . . .
To place your order for curbside pickup on Saturday February 27th, call or email [email protected] Celebrate & Get Glowing!
(16oz.scrub $51.99)

*Guinot *LaSpa *home delivery *available

[02/20/21]   Lockdown has been a perfect time for us to try out new* products. Through the years of testing tools, creams and everything in between, we’ve learned that for a product to cut through the clutter and make its way to our shelves, it must do 2 things: deliver on its claims and require little to no-fuss work. COMING Soon. . .Look out for the really cool NEW*products that check both boxes. We’re SO excited for you to try them!


Featuring. . . you , it's not just our name, it's our philosophy


DAY Creams PROTECT, NIGHT Creams REPAIR*** Skin care isn't just about daily protection, Night Repair plays a major factor in maintaining healthy, youthful, glowing skin. Using a night cream helps build your skin's lipid barrier and seal in moisture.

Although we can't control external factors that affect our skin (that's up to Mother Nature), we don't necessarily have to let nature take its course. Your body finally gets a break from fatigue, stress, pollution and sun exposure at night By using a good night cream, you counteract the stresses put on your skin during your daily routine. The key is finding the right cream that addresses your specific needs, and that's where we come in - call 416.783.7793 or email us at [email protected] to arrange your personalized skincare consultation.

Remember, Skin Care isn't just about Daily Protection . . . .
Wake Up and reap the benefits of using one of our fabulous night creams!


SLEEP on your BACK*** We're not going to remind you to get 8 hours of sleep (which is probably the oldest free skincare tip); we figure you already know. But as important as how much sleep you're getting is the position in which you sleep. It really does matter. After UV exposure, the second most common cause of wrinkles is squishing your face into a pillow at night. It's like ironing wrinkles into your skin. Sleeping on your back is ideal, since even pressing your cheek into a pillow can cause lines. . .


Featuring You Spa & Salon


Featuring You Spa & Salon


Our DIY Wax Kit is in stock. Here's everything you need to know to master your own waxing . . .
What you’ll need* Sugar Wax, cotton strips, spatulas, baby powder, azulene oil
Prep the skin for waxing* Exfoliating prior to waxing removes dead cells that block the hair follicle (and can cause ingrowns).It's important skin is clean and free of oils. Apply baby powder –it absorbs moisture helps the wax stick.
Make sure the hair is the Right Length* Hair should be between ¼ and ¾ of an inch long. If it is shorter than that, waxing will be unnecessarily painful. If you have hair longer than that, waxing is going to be a long and messy process.
Check the Temperature and Consistency of the wax* Heat wax for 1 minute. in microwave. The wax should be warmed to your body temperature and have the consistency of honey. It should not be hot or liquid.
Use proper waxing technique* Waxing isn’t as simple as putting the strip on the patch of skin to be waxed and ripping the hairs out. In order to wax effectively, keep the skin taught and using a spatula, apply a thin layer of wax in the same direction the hair is growing. Apply cotton strip over the wax and press. Pull the strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. The trick* is to keep the wax strip as close to your skin as possible as you’re pulling it off (not up and out). Plus, unlike the wax we use in our Spa, Sugar Wax is water soluble so it’s easy to clean up or remove (if you mess up)
Apply azulene oil after waxing* Azulene oil is soothing (extract from chamomile) and moisturizing plus, it gets rid of any traces of wax
You can master the techniques you need to achieve silky-smooth skin with our *DIY Wax Kit ($35.99) Order your DIY Sugar Wax Kit today!


Sleep is restorative. If your skin doesn’t have a chance to do its regular maintenance and repair overnight, it shows. Here are 3 ways to fake the bright-eyed radiant effects of a full 8 hours. . . .

CHILL OUT and De-PUFF- *A cold shower and a face plunge in ice water will not only make you feel more awake, it has a toning effect. The cold also stimulates circulation, shrinks capillaries and activates lymphatic drainage (drains toxins & de-puffs).
EXFOLIATE- *The repair work that happens at night includes whisking away dead skin cells that leave your skin looking dull and tired. A good exfoliation in the a.m. can do the same thing-quickly. Try: Biological Peel (with Fruit Acids that exfoliate & activate cellular regeneration & Green Tea that stimulates, moisturizes and regenerates) or Exfoliating Parfait Scrub (exfoliating micro-particles refine skin texture, shea micro-particles smooth and soften, sweet almond oil nourishes and replenishes skin’s lipids)
MOISTURIZE-* Lack of sleep can compromise your skin’s lipid barrier and make it tough for it to retain water. The dehydration then accentuates fine lines which makes you look even more tired. Use a good moisturizer to restore your skin’s balance. We can help you select the right moisturizer for your skin-call 416.783.7793 or email [email protected] to arrange your personalized skin consultation
Whatever the cause, a sleepless night leaves your skin just as groggy as your mind but you can fake it until you wake it!
*Guinot *LaSpa home delivery available*


In times like these, when uncertainty is the norm, sleepless nights are routine and stress levels are high, your skin is likely feeling the effects of current circumstances……..

Lack of Sleep*Your body sees lack of sleep as a state of emergency which causes it to produce stress hormones. Stress hormones speed up the aging process. They signal the body to divert oxygen and nutrients away from skin to major internal organs. When your skin doesn't get that optimum fuel, it can cause break outs and become dull, cause under-eye circles, fine lines and/or puffiness.

Get a Good Night's Sleep* Your body finally gets a break from fatigue, stress, pollution and sun exposure at night. Your skin is busy repairing and rebuilding itself while you snooze. All that work consumes 40% of your skin's moisture, making using a moisturizer @ night an absolute necessity. You can actually maximize the beauty benefits of sleep by using the right night cream-we have some selection tips. To arrange your personal skincare consultation call 416.783.7793 or email us [email protected]
*Guinot *LaSpa home delivery available*



Skincare, Bodycare, Footcare, Nailcare Products including: GUINOT, LaSpa, Cosmecology, Australian Tea Tree, Aiklene, Ecrinal, Tinta



1106 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, ON
M6C 2E2

General information

FACIAL CARE Our Facial Treatments are fully customized. First decide if your goal is to repair a skin issue (acne, dark spots etc.) prevent one (fine lines, dullness etc.) or, simply maintain a healthy glow. Then, simply choose the Treatment Level or amount of time you’d like to invest in your skin & we’ll take care of the rest. For a list of some of our Facial Treatments/previews/extras click. . . . list of treatments Level 1 - 30-45mins/$90+ Previews 15-30mins/$35+ Level 2 - 50-75mins/$95-$150 Extras/upgrades -$10+ Level 3 - 75-90mins/$160+ Repair Prevent or Maintenance Facial Treatments 24K GOLD FACIAL $210 Great for all skins. The precious metal is used as a conductor. It neutralizes free radicals, improves circulation and provides new energy levels which speed up cellular processes & activate regeneration resulting in a firmer, brighter, more radiant skin. CRYSTAL PEEL $160 We recommend these Facials for skin with sun damage, blackheads, enlarged pores, minor acne and surgical scars, fine lines and wrinkles (i.e. everyone!). We use a Microdermabrasion Machine that delivers immediate results. Skin is instantly FIRMER (boosts collagen production) SMOOTHER (promotes regeneration and growth of new skin cells) more RADIANT (improves circulation and the skins' ability to absorb topical moisturizers) CRYSTAL-PLUS $85 Microdermabrasion can be added to any of our facials. HYDRADERMIE LIFT FACIAL TREATMENT This treatment incorporates all the benefits of the Hydra Plus Facial plus it reaches below the surface of your skin to stimulate muscle tissue resulting in a more tightened, toned and radiant complexion. HYDRA-PLUS $150 The mighty moisture surge for skin dehydrated by the elements. Using a Hydradermie machine to give specialized gels a push, we drench skin with much needed moisture and oxygenation. A hydrating relaxation massage and skin-type- specific masque is the topper to this extremely soothing and nourishing facial. RADIANCE-BOOSTING $140 Our Liftosome Energy Facial contains high doses of Vitamin C, which is a known scavenger of those pesky free radicals that can cause premature aging. Orange extract stimulates the production of collagen. (which prevents sagging), oxygenates and boosts cellular activity. An intense thermal mask after a refreshing citrus massage leaves your skin tightened, toned, and glowi MORGAN CHEMICAL FACIAL PEEL $150 This peel provides a chemical exfoliation by breaking down the bond that holds the dead skin cells together and speeding up the natural exfoliation process. Our Morgan Peel is especially effective for treating acne and pigmentation. ACE FACIAL $140 A double exfoliation and soothing cold stone massage combined with Acerola, the super fruit that is high in Vitamin C, make this a really cool Facial Treatment. It’s great for all skin types. VIBRANT-C FACIAL TREATMENT $135 Vitamin C is great for all skins. It increases collagen production and decreases fine lines, dissolves dead skin and blackheads, limits melanin production, lightens pigmentation/sun damage and regenerates elastin fibres resulting in a more luminous, vibrant-C complexion. ACNE ATTACK $125 A no-nonsense oil-control and pore purification treatment. We carefully cleanse clogged pores, then calm and balance your skin to help prevent inflamed breakouts. This treatment can be designed to complement a dermatologist's prescription. TEEN VITA-CLEAN FACIAL $110 A powerful Vitamin + Antioxidant Treatment that blasts through dull complexions and blemishes to reveal healthy, happy skin. STEAM N' CLEAN $110 Our all round complexion reviver includes: a skin analysis, complete cleansing, exfoliation, a facial sauna, extractions (manual pore cleansing), a skin-type- specific mask, moisturizing and lots of massage and pampering. Great for any skin type. MR STEAM N' CLEAN $110 For the guys. All the goods of the Steam 'n' Clean plus extra nourishment and TLC for skin ravaged by the everyday rigors of shaving and exposure to the elements. BACK BUFF $110 Our entire steam 'n' clean procedure with attention focused on the problem areas of the back. Best booked 48 hours prior to tanning and 1 week after waxing or 1 week prior to the donning of a revealing low-back number. PREVIEWS $35+ - Crystal Clearing- micro & mask - Peeling Groovy- exfoliation & mask - Mask-erade skin-specific treatment mask & moisturizing - On the Bright Side- exfoliation & acerola - Pore-fection- exfoliation, hot towel wrap, black head removal & soothing massage - Eye-revive - Cold stone massage & cool, claming eye mask - Neck-tone – exfoliation, intense moisture, soothing massage & neck –toning mask - Power-pout – exfoliation, longue vie moisture & liptox EXTRAS $10+ - 24K Plated, C+boost, Crystal Plus, CaviarRich.etc. . . . BODY CARE TOTAL BODY BLISS $195 This head-to-toe treat includes a full body exfoliation, softening paraffin hand and foot treatment, hydrating facial treatment; a neck mask and a mind melting demi massage AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE $125 Relax your body and mind with this luxurious massage. Aromatic oils are used to release tension, re-energize your equilibrium, and impart a sense of well being and serenity. BODY BUFF $110 We buff, scrub and rub your skin. A blend of dead sea salts and essential oils are used to exfoliate your entire body, leaving skin silky smooth and refined. Next, a rub down using a luxurious moisturizer reveals a satiny glow. TROPIC TANNING TREATMENT This custom airbrush application goes on perfect everytime creating a beautiful bronzed glow safe from the damaging effects of the sun. full body $95 / face and decollete $60 SUNLESS TANNING TREATMENT $110 Our don't do it yourself tan. This treatment gives you a sunkissed complexion without subjecting your skin to harmful UV rays. After a full body buffing, a layer of self-tanning lotion is applied to give your skin a beautiful, sun-kissed glow reminiscent of a Honolulu holiday. HAND CARE FEATURING...YOU MANICURE $26 Buff, smooth and groom your way to well kept youthful hands with our signature manicure. With or without polish, this manicure is a sure fire way to whiter, brighter, healthier nails and smoother skin. HOT MITT HAND TREATMENT $34 An intensive manicure to drench dry parched skin. We massage a rich hand cream from fingers to elbows, then place your hands in warm mitts to improve circulation, moisturize and give you that warm relaxing feeling all over. TANGY HANDS $40 The refreshing citrus extracts used in this hand treatment exfoliates, softens your skin, brightens your nails and tickles your nose. PARAFFIN TREATMENT $20 To follow a manicure/pedicure or on its own, paraffin softens, moisturizes, improves circulation and restores balance. It's great for arthritis. FRENCH MANICURE $30 A clean crisp classic look for everyday, not just special occasions. NAIL ENHANCEMENTS Nail Extensions including Manicure $85 Maintenance Manicure $35 Nail Fill $45 Wraps/Gel Overlays $60 Repairs/Patch $6 Tips $7.5 FOOT CARE FEATURING...YOU PEDICURE $50 Pure pleasure for your feet. Each month we feature a new pedicure treatment to surprise and pamper your soles. Lemon Meringue, Cinnamon-Sweet, Meditteraneo, Peppermint Twist, Cucumber Crush are just a few. TANGY TOES $65 This invigorating pedicure uses orange, lemon and lime to instantly refresh tired feet. It naturally soothes and energizes your mind. SOLE TO SOUL FOOT THERAPY $65 This pedicure heals the soles, tantalizes the senses and tingles the toes with the euphoric scents of tea tree, peppermint and lavender. A sea salt exfoliation rubs away dryness and a massage with herbal healing balms restore feet to well being. WARM MILK AND MUD PEDICURE $110 Lactic acid found in milk serves as a natural exfoliate and hydrator, leaving feet feeling silky smooth. A Moor Mud mask helps with water retention, circulation and detoxification, sports injuries, and pain from rheumatism and arthritis. This exclusive pedicure is both therapeutic and totally luxurious. FOOT TREAT $40 Between regular pedicures treat your feet to a warm relaxing foot soak, polish change and file. ***manicures & pedicures can be performed simultaneously.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 19:00
Thursday 10:00 - 19:00
Friday 10:00 - 18:00
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
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