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The Beauty Barn


Thank you Kirsten Grace Bradbury for doing mine and Katie’s hair today. It looks and feels fantastic # #
🌼We have teamed up with The Beauty Barn to bring you Brailsford’s first Spring Market!🌸Bringing the community together and showcasing amazing local small businesses.
We’re looking for stall holders to join us on Sunday 5th April at Saracens Head Yard, to display wonderful small businesses in and around the area. If you are interested in becoming a stall holder please email:
Chloe - [email protected]
Nicki - [email protected]

Please give details of your small business.
Places will be on a first come first serve basis.

Many Thanks and we can’t wait to see this all come together! 🐣🌷
Love love love my new nails! Perfect for over the Christmas period ❤❤ thank you Nikki you star 😘😘😘
Thank you Nikki Walker for pampering me this morning, feel very relaxed 😎 . Have a lovely weekend xx
Thank you nikki for making me wedding pretty!
Thank you so much 😍😘

Newly refurbished salon providing high quality hair and beauty treatments.


🍂 Autumn essentials 🍂

Full of coconut oil to hydrate nails,
avocado oil loaded with fatty acid to contrition nails and vitamin E to promote healthy cell growth!

Apply throughout the day for strong hydrated nails - your manicures will last so much longer ✨


Candles ✔️
Heated Blanket ✔️
Total relaxation ✔️

Vicky is at the salon on October 12th to provide the most gorgeous reflexology treatment for you all! Pick from feet, hands or facial reflexology all with the aim to relieve stress, help aid sleep and to ease any tension.

Get comfy, get cosy and will massage different pressure points to provide the ultimate healing treatment. For any queries, questions or to book either send Vicky a message or give us a bell on 01335 360489 📞


Go check out for more information on all the treatments our lovely Ainsley offers 🫶🏻




Hair Goals 🫶🏻

Hair appointments available Wednesdays to Saturdays - give us a bell on 01335 360489 for all bookings 📞


It’s pumpkin spice season 🧡

• Colour • Cut • Curl •

Give us a bell for all appointments 🫶🏻


Am I suitable for LIP BLUSH❓️

Hey beauties! 💋 Are you tired of dealing with smudged lipstick/lipliner and constant touch-ups throughout the day? Then, I've got the perfect solution for you: Lip Blush Tattooing! 💄✨

But wait, what exactly is Lip Blush Tattooing, you might wonder? Well, it's a semi-permanent makeup technique that involves enhancing the natural shape and colour of your lips. 😍 This procedure creates a soft, tinted effect, giving you a flawless and effortless pout that lasts for months! 💯

Now, you might be wondering, "Is Lip Blush Tattooing suitable for me?" 🤔 Well, here's the scoop:

1️⃣ If you're a busy bee who prefers to save time on daily makeup routines, Lip Blush Tattooing is perfect for you! Imagine waking up with beautifully pigmented lips every day, without the hassle of lipstick application or reapplication.

2️⃣ Do you have naturally pale or unevenly pigmented lips? Lip Blush Tattooing can help enhance your natural lip colour, filling them with a subtle tint that enhances your overall facial aesthetics.

3️⃣ Are you someone who loves an active lifestyle? Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a swim, or enjoying outdoor activities, Lip Blush Tattooing is a game-changer! No more worrying about smudged lipstick during your workouts or touch-ups after a dip in the pool.

4️⃣ Ladies who have experienced lip colour fading due to aging, Lip Blush Tattooing can bring back that youthful flush and restore your confidence. Embrace your natural beauty with a subtle yet perfectly tinted pout!

5️⃣ And finally, if you're a makeup enthusiast looking for that flawless, well-defined lip shape, Lip Blush Tattooing can help you achieve just that. Say goodbye to feathering or bleeding lipstick and hello to a defined and polished look!

So, whether you're a busy mum, a fitness enthusiast, a makeup lover, or simply seeking a boost in your lip colour, Lip Blush Tattooing is suitable for you! 💕

Fell free to DM us for more information or to schedule your session.



🍂 Dulce De Leche and Wild Wonder 🍂


🌟 Flaunt flawless eyes with Eyeliner Tattoo! 🌟

Hey beauties! ✨ If you've been dreaming of waking up with perfectly defined eyes every morning, then look no further! 💁‍♀️ Introducing the amazing benefits of Eyeliner Tattoo, a game-changer in the world of beauty! 🙌 Let me tell you why you absolutely need this fantastic procedure in your life:

1️⃣ Time-saving: Say goodbye to the daily struggle of applying eyeliner! ⏰ With Eyeliner Tattoo, your liner is always on point, saving you precious minutes in your beauty routine. Just imagine all the extra time you'll have for that morning coffee or extra beauty sleep! 😴 ☕️

2️⃣ Smudge-proof and waterproof: No more worries about your eyeliner smudging throughout the day or in unpredictable weather conditions! 🌧️💦 Eyeliner Tattoo is designed to withstand any situation, whether it's a teary-eyed movie 🎥 or a vigorous workout 💪. Your liner will stay intact, ensuring you look flawless all day long!

3️⃣ Enhance your natural beauty: Eyeliner Tattoo enhances the shape and definition of your eyes, bringing out your natural beauty effortlessly. 👁️💖 Whether you prefer a subtle and soft look or a bold and dramatic statement, our talented tattoo artists can customize your eyeliner to suit your personal style. Be ready to receive compliments wherever you go! 🌟💫

4️⃣ Long-lasting results: Unlike traditional eyeliner applications that fade over time, Eyeliner Tattoo provides long-lasting results. 😍 The pigments used in this procedure are specially formulated to maintain their vibrancy for years to come. No more worrying about reapplying your eyeliner throughout the day!

5️⃣ Confidence booster: Imagine stepping out of the house with confidence, knowing your eyes are perfectly defined and beautiful every single day! 😊💃 Eyeliner Tattoo allows you to effortlessly achieve that stunning look, giving you the self-assurance to conquer anything that comes your way. Embrace your inner beauty and radiate confidence like never before!

Ready to say goodbye to daily eyeliner struggles and hello to flawless eyes? 💁‍♀️
💕 Contact us now to schedule your FREE Eyeliner Tattoo consultation.


Party Time.

Pamper parties at the salon are the cutest way to spend a birthday!
Choose from the following treatments :
- mini manicure
- mini pedicure
- facials
- hair braids and curls
- makeup
- glitter bar

Cupcakes and mock tails are also provided along with party decorations at the salon! Afternoon tea is also available, let us know at the time of booking 🍰

For any more information contact us on 01335 360489 📞 💕


We love a hybrid set of lashes 🤍

Sarah can customise your lashes to however you’d like - pick from length, width and curl to get the perfect set!

Appointments with available Thursdays 🫶🏻


Give us a bell for any bookings, queries or questions - 01335 360489 📞


Highlights on the prettiest copper hair 🧡

Hair appointments available Wednesday to Saturday, salon number 01335 360489 for appointments 🫶🏻


There’s a few appointments left with this Thursday!

The ultimate relaxation, de-stress and mood boosting treatment. Hand, face and foot reflexology available!

Send Vicky a message to book in 📞🤍


So excited for this one, you all love reflexology so we’re bringing it back! Give Vicky a bell for all bookings 🫶🏻💚

Photos from The Beauty Barn's post 09/08/2023

💜 Appointments available tomorrow with Sarah (Thursday 10th) 💜

There’s space for lashes, dermaplaning and teeth whitening!

Pick from natural, hybrids and russian lashes - below are hybrids, perfect for holidays, weddings and special occasions 🫶🏻

The dermaplaning facial is one of our favourites, it’ll leave your skin smoother, firmer and reduce the appeal of wrinkles!

Give Sarah a message or call on 07793441364 for all bookings or for more information 📞


🌻 August 🌻

Nikki is back from maternity leave from Wednesday 9th of August on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and alternate Saturdays. All treatments will be available - give us a bell if you need anything booking in!

Amanda’s last day for reflexology is August 18th due to a house move, there’s a few appointments available before we say goodbye! For all of you who love reflexology it’ll still be available, we’ll let you know days and times as soon as we have everything confirmed!

We’re introducing a new hair product range into the salon, we’re finishing trialling it and we love it! Keep an eye out for our favourite products and recommendations 🫶🏻

Sarah is in Thursdays for lashes, teeth whitening, brow lamination and dermaplaning. For all questions, queries and bookings give her a bell on - 07793441364!

Zoe is in on Saturdays for all things aesthetics, Botox and filler. She has some new treatments coming soon too - we cannot wait!

Ainsley has some clinic days available for semi permanent makeup, check out her Instagram - rescue tattoo!

Our salon number is 01335 360489 if you need to speak to one of us 🤍


Thursdays at the salon 💎🤍


Brown Lamination.

Available Thursdays with Sarah - drop us a message to book in 📞


✨ Thursday is lash day at The Beauty Barn ✨

We love these 🤍

For questions or bookings give us a bell or drop Sarah a message 🤍


Obsessed 🫶🏻

is with us on Saturdays, drop either Zoe or the salon a message for any more information or for a free consultation 🤍


In love 🫶🏻

Thursdays are lash days at the salon - dermaplaning, brow lamination and teeth whitening all available with 🤍


Appointments for this week …

Hair -
Thursday 6th - 10am, 11am
Friday 7th - 12o’clock

Lashes -
Thursday 6th - 10.30am, 2o’clock

For all appointments call the salon on 01335 360489 📞

Photos from The Beauty Barn's post 22/06/2023

Summer balayage ☀️

Swipe for the before 🫶🏻


Cannot wait for Sarah to be with us every Thursday 🤍

Photos from The Beauty Barn's post 20/06/2023

Love these 🫶🏻

First time filler for the most perfect natural lips!

Let us know if you would like anymore information 🤍


21st - 24th June.

Available appointments -

Hair -
Wednesday 21st June - 10.45am, 11.30am
Thursday 22nd June - 10.30am
Friday 23rd June - 10am, 10.45am
Saturday 24th June - fully booked

Reflexology -
Friday 23rd June - 2.30pm

For appointments call the salon on 01335 360489 🤍


Lash Extensions available from the 6th of July 🫶🏻

How pretty are these classic lashes!

Prices -
Classic lashes -£40
Infills (2-3 weeks) - £25

Hybrid Lashes - £45
Infills (2-3 weeks) - £25

Russian Lashes - £55
Infills (2-3 weeks) - £30

Bookings can be taken via the salon on 01335 360489 or through Sarah at Sarah Ellen Beauty social media page 🤍


The prettiest blonde ☀️💛


🫶🏻 🤍 🌸




Appointments … ☀️

Hair -
Friday 26th - 10am, 1pm, 2pm
Saturday 27th - 12.30pm

Thursday 1st - 1.15pm, 5pm
Friday 2nd - 1.30pm, 4pm
Saturday 3rd - 10.30am, 12o’clock

Beauty -
Friday 26th - 3pm
Saturday 27th - fully booked

Tuesday 30th - 2pm
Wednesday 31st - 1pm
Thursday 1st - fully booked
Friday 2nd - fully booked
Saturday 3rd - 10.30am

Reflexology -
Friday 26th - 2pm

If you can’t see a day or time you need give us a bell and we’ll try our best to get you in - salon number is 01335 360489 📞


Year 6.

We’ve had new treatment rooms, new treatments and new therapists at the beauty barn this year!
Thank you for all your support throughout the years, thank you for all your support - we appreciate every single one of you 🤍


✨ Friday 15th April ✨

Reflexology Appointment - a couple of spaces have become available due to rescheduling!

2pm is available, it’s an hour treatment full of essential oils and the most relaxing holistic treatment which aids stress reduction, helps with pain in the muscles and can ease tension and headaches 🫶🏻

We love this treatment 🤍


This week …

Reflexology Appointments -
Friday 15th April - 12o’clock, 1pm, 4.30pm

Beauty Appointments -
Thursday 13th April - 1.45pm
Friday 14th April - 2.30pm
Saturday 15th April - 11am

Hair Appointments -
Thursday 13th April - 10.30am, 1.30pm, 2.30pm
Friday 14th April - 11am, 12.30pm

Reiki Appointments -
Friday 15th April - 10am, 11.30am, 1pm

If you can’t see a day or time you need give us a bell and we’ll try our best to get you in - salon number 01335 360489 📞🤍


⭐️ Last Minute Cancellation Hair Appointments ⭐️

Thursday 6th Of April - 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am, 1.45pm

Saturday 8th of April - 10.30am, 11.15am

Give us a bell or send us a message for any appointments - salon number 01335 360489 📞


🌸 Easter Blowdrys 🌸

We have the lovely Grace with us all week for work experience!

This Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday all blowdrys booked in with Grace are £10, add on an Olaplex treatment for £20 (normally £25).

Olaplex rebuilds the bonds in your hair caused by damage from colour, bleach and styling tools. Bonds are repaired, moisture is added, your hair is left stronger, healthier and shinier ✨

Send us a message or give us a bell to book in - 01335 360489 📞 🤍


This week …

Hair appointments -
Wednesday 5th April - 12.45pm
Thursday 6th April - fully booked
Saturday 8th April - 12.50pm (dry cut, gents cut or kids cut)

Beauty Appointments -
Wednesday 5th April - 12 o’clock
Thursday 6th April - 2.30pm, 6pm

If you can’t see a time that you need give us a bell and we’ll try our best to get you in 🤞🏽

Salon number - 01335 360489 📞 🤍


Cuticle oil pens are £8 and available to pick up at your next appointment - your mani will last so much longer if you use these, promise 🫶🏻 🤍

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Glowstick 🌴
Birthday nails! ‘Are we there yet? (Pastel)’ with iridescent glitter 🧜🏽‍♀️





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