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Hello, we make gym equipment, take a look: :)
Thanks Nial Al-Madani for fab massage! Be back soon!
Feeling human again!!!! For all my friends driving too much... you need to go here... straightened out and feeling flexible lol ### 😍😍😍

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Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialising in getting you back to full health and fitness. Personal training to promote and maintain your own health requirements.

MSK NHS Ayrshire & Arran

There are many reasons for knee pain...why not check out our website for some useful advice & exercises #msk #kneepain

Andy and his son Declan had a wonderful experience last night at the Tom Hunter foundation dinner in Edinburgh last night with special guest speaker David Attenborough! 😱

It was inspiring to be present as David himself delivered a talk on climate change!

Definitely one to tick off the bucket list ✅

It was a great experience bumping into just some of the athletes we help keep on doing their sport yesterday!

Remember your physios job is NOT telling you what you shouldn’t do! We are here to help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind!!

#physio #strength #rehab #goals

The curious case of Davie Watt.

We found a pic of Dave from about 8 years ago and it safe to say the years have been kind 🤣 #likeafinewine

Congratulations to Cani-fit owner and Callachan’s client Lindsay who was the first person across the finish line today with her dog Bolt!

Lindsay sees Nial regularly for sports massage and has been a fantastic referral source for new clients since she began working with us!

Andy and Nial are down in Dalmellington today helping out the runners taking part in the Hillbilly 10K... come along and see us if you’re taking part! 🏃🏽‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

MSK NHS Ayrshire & Arran

What do the nerves of the body look like? 👇

Nerves are specialised cells - they carry messages from one part of the body to another, as tiny electrical signals. These messages are also known as nerve impulses.

Sports specific rehab drills.

Grip strength is one of the fundamental necessities of Brazilian jiu jitsu! Without it you won’t last long.

Here we have Damien who is recovering from a traumatic shoulder injury and today he mentioned he was worried about losing his grip strength.

A few minutes later we rigged up our vertical row with a spare Gi we had and allowed him to strengthen his grip and shoulder at the same time!

A must read for anyone with tendon pain!!!

Link to article:

Strength training is vital in avoiding injuries and staying independent as you age

Great to see more posts like this in the media!

The benefits of strength training simply cannot be stressed enough! Weight-bearing and resistance-training exercises help maintain and even develop muscle mass, which can otherwise deteriorate.

We now know that it is essential for young athletes to participate in multiple sports at once as this will help their overall athletic development and reduce injury risk!

Now though... multiple sports does not mean EVERY sport 🤣🤣. (This is something we see often)

Give the kids a couple of days off a week to ensure they can recover well and to prevent boredom!

Here are some guidelines for parents of young athletes.

Image Credit: Benoy Matthew

The road to recovery often has many bumps along the way.

We are here to help keep you on it!

Get in touch to let us get you back to your best.

Happy birthday to the boss today!

There is a commonly held belief that running is “bad” for your knees.... this simply isn’t the case.

Recreational runners (most people) have a significantly reduced chance of getting knee arthritis and this is largely as a side effect of running.

The single largest risk factor for knee arthritis is still being sedentary and overweight.

If you would like to know more about knee pain then more get in touch today!

Let’s keep this one simple!

The earlier you come to physio... the earlier you get back to normal activity!

If you have recently had an injury don’t “wait and see”... book in to see us now!

Call 01292 289374, PM us or book online today. ☺️

There’s more to physiotherapy than massage and rehabilitation exercises!

Often we are the first point of contact with the medical system and play a huge role in diagnosis of injuries!

What injury do you think this patient came to us with this week?

Answer below!

MSK NHS Ayrshire & Arran

𝐊𝐧𝐞𝐞 𝐂𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐭𝐮𝐬
🎯A great illustration from @honest_physio that helps address a very common clinical misconception about the relationship between knee joint noise (crepitus) and the development of pathology.

🤕Almost every day in the clinic, I meet someone who is concerned about a noise that their body is making. The knee is one of the most common areas of concern as the joint behind our kneecap (patellofemoral joint) commonly makes popping and clicking noises.

🧠It is extremely important that people understand that noises from the knee are usually not associated with pathology and may actually be a sign of a healthy, well-lubricated joint. let’s be careful not to make people feel bad about their knee noise as it can negatively influence how they view their body!

✅So, if your knees are noisy and you don’t have pain, don’t worry about them. The noise is most likely due to the movement of fluid behind the kneecap and is not an indicator of a developing joint problem.

📚Reference: Robertson CJ, et al. People’s beliefs about the meaning of crepitus in patellofemoral pain and the impact of these beliefs on their behaviour: A qualitative study. Musculoskelet Sci Pract. 2017.

Accidents are very common on the Ski slopes... luckily for this gentleman he had a guardian angel in the French Alps in the form of our very own Andy Callachan (referred to as “Eddie” in the story)

We wish Dave a speedy recovery and thank you for the lovely review.


Think of your home exercises like brushing your teeth!

If you stop brushing your teeth... they’ll eventually fall out.

Always do your body-repair motions at home!

Out with the old... in with the new!

Our office has had an upgrade this week! #FengShui

Our Saturday clinic with Nial starts back for 2020 this weekend... get in touch to book in as this fills up fast!

Availability with Nial tomorrow morning:


Book online or send us a message 💥

Availability with DAVIE tomorrow 💥


Sports massage 💆‍♀️
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Injury Rehab

Rehabbing Achilles Tendinopathy Welcome back to Squat University. Last month I started a blog series on the topic of Achilles tendinopathy. The first blog introduced a simple model to better understand why the injury process begi…

Rotator cuff training is an essential component of any fitness regime.

Failure to train this group of muscles will most likely result in a visit to our clinic at some point!

If you are suffering from shoulder pain... get in touch!

RIP shoulder 💀


Message us and we will get you booked in. Happy training 🙌🏼

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We’ve identified the thief who has been eating all the clinic Christmas chocolates😂


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#R epost @physionetwork with @get_repost

Great post from @dr.jacob.harden 👏🏻 As we step into a new year, it is likely that many of us have set goals that we want to achieve.⁣

So I felt that this was a timely and important message.⁣

A lot of people want to know how to prevent injuries or, better put, reduce the risk of injury (since we never 100% "prevent").⁣

And the truth is, there isn't a magical exercise, routine, or stretch that is going to reduce risk of injuries. Risk comes from exposure and how prepared you are to handle that exposure.⁣

Your current level of preparation is the product of genetics and what you have exposed your body to prior, which will influence your current levels of fitness and fatigue.⁣

You may hear this referred to as your Acute and Chronic Workloads, which I'll dive deeper into in another post.⁣

And while preparation certainly can be complex, and social media loves to make it look complicated, for 99% of us, it really doesn't have to be.⁣

Choose a goal, start slow, push adequately, rest periodically, and show up consistently.⁣

We all have goals and those goals are important.⁣

But it's going to be a lot easier to reach those goals if you stay consistent. And it's going to be much easier to stay consistent if you stay healthy.⁣

So whatever goal you are chasing, ease into the process.⁣

You'll gain momentum. Not only in terms of motivation and success but also physically. Your body will adapt and become better prepared.⁣

You don't need to run your body into the dirt to achieve success. Believe me, things can always be made more difficult. But let yourself grow into it.⁣

You don't need speed. You need momentum.⁣

I hope everyone is having a very happy new year and I look forward to seeing you achieve everything you're after.⁣

Tag a friend starting a new fitness journey and share the wealth!⁣


Hamish The Physio

Myth busting with @dr.surdykapt - PLANTAR FASCIITIS (3 Myths)

When it comes to medical conditions, misinformation that is spread knowingly, or unknowingly, often comes at the expense of the individual experiencing symptoms.

Why do these myths matter?

Well, they can lead to unnecessary costs, care, and beliefs that actually negatively impact long-term outcomes.

Let’s use the first two myths as an example: inflammation and heel spurs. If you’re told that the reason for your plantar heel pain is either inflammation or an abnormal bony change, what choice do you have for recovery other than rest, medication, and/or surgery?

Thankfully, inflammation is NOT the primary driving factor and heel spurs don’t affect prognosis, so we can utilize active strategies to improve function.

How about scar tissue?

If your belief is that you have heel pain because of scar tissue or adhesions, then the only way to get better is to break them down. However, it’s not possible to manually deform the plantar fascia, nor is it needed.

Once again, it becomes an issue because time is often wasted on trying to perform an intervention that is physiologically impossible rather than trying to alter important modifiable factors that actually contribute to symptoms. And, people often spend a lot of money visiting clinicians who swear that they are breaking up their tissue.

If you want to hear more about the topic and the studies referenced, check out the link in my bio to watch a 3 minute YouTube video about it.

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It’s business as usual for us now that the festive season is over!

Good luck to everyone embarking on a fitness journey in January.

Just remember that one of the biggest causes of injury is doing too much, too fast, too soon!

So take your time and set out some great long term goals!

If you would like some help then get in touch-
Our physio’s and coaches are here for you!

Massage and manipulation get all the glory... but they can be the easy route to take in physiotherapy.

Often the hardest part is just keeping someone motivated! Being in their corner... not letting them throw the towel in!

This person had life ruining jaw pain for 3 years and had not been able to find any relief.

Fast forward a few months and the pain is now very much under control and almost gone!

That for us is the reason why we do this job! Making an impact on the lives of people who need it most! Empowering them to take control of their lives #physiotherapy

Our top 9 pictures of 2019!

We’ve had an absolute blast this year and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

Merry Christmas from all the team at Callachans!

May your day be filled with pigs in blankets 😍

Sports Podiatry Info Ltd

Merry Christmas y’all.

Our sponsored athlete Jack wins gold at the BJJ British championship

Jack brown wins gold at open weight at BJJ British championship, another great performance :)

Beth has been trying her best to give us all a fright when we least expect it... sadly though she bit off more than she could chew in the form of our Davie!

Look at what happened when Davie decided to get his own back. 😂😂😂 👻

Struggling for a gift idea? - choose a Callachans gift voucher.

We offer vouchers for all of the services that we provide.

Call 01292 289374 or get in touch online... be quick though as it’s only 8 sleeps to go!

Happy birthday to our Physio Nial who turns 30 today! 🥳🥳🥳🥳

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Sports specific rehab drills.



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