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John Lester Hair Design Ltd


Remember to try and support a local business if your can from buying food, gift voucher or asking if they need assistance with deliveries to the people who are in isolation.

One way to support your local hairdressers is by purchasing any of your hair products you normally buy at the supermarket from your stylist. In fact, this will be better for your hair so win win 😉

We're also encouraging anyone who postpones their hair or beauty appointment at ANY salon to grab a voucher for their next visit.
Once we're all calmed down and back to normal, it's one less thing for you to worry about on your next appointment and it helps keep your local salons afloat during these crazy times and keeps cash flow consistent.

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Experience innovative cutting, artistic colouring & creative hair styling in our unique Victorian salon, using exclusive Aveda and INSIGHT products.

Operating as usual


John Lester Hair Design LTD
Apprentices Needed!
Part time training at Cambridge Regional College for one day per week.
Please call us on 01366 382575 to arrange an interview


Hi everyone ,
We are requiring models for a Tuesday morning, 9-12 for various services, for our amazing Apprentices, Nick, Leah and Erin. All are at different levels, we need models for restyles, if you fancy a different look? Blow dries, cuts and colours. Please ring the salon to talk to our apprentices to arrange your appointment.
Thankyou so much


Dear clients,

Thank you all for baring with us whilst we organised some finer details for our reopening on Saturday 4th July.
We are each working our way through contacting our clients and getting you all booked in as soon as we possibly can.

With our team and clients safety at the forefront of our thoughts these are our new temporary guidelines:

The salon door will be locked, please ring the brass bell upon arrival and your stylist will open the door to greet you. Please arrive unaccompanied, (unless this is for a child’s cut, in which case only one adult will be allowed into the salon with one child at a time). Please bring with you as little belongings as possible and please arrive on time.
You will enter the salon via the front door and leave via the back door and exit on to cannon square.

Appointments are to be booked in advance of visiting the salon, no walk-ins will be accepted at this time.

To allow for accurate social distancing we shall only be allowing one client per stylist in to the salon at a time. It is so important that you arrive on time as appointments are limited and our staff are working in shift patterns.

Before we start your appointment we will take your temperature, if it is over 37.8c we will not be able to allow you to enter the salon and we will ask you to reschedule your appointment via telephone.

You must use hand sanitiser as soon as you enter the salon and will be asked to wear a disposable gown and disposable towel.
Face masks must be worn - Please bring your own, we will have only a limited amount of masks available for purchase in the event anyone doesn’t have one.

We will ask you to sign a disclaimer and answer a few short questions before we begin your service.

Please do not visit us if you or anyone you live with is unwell or self isolating\shielding.

In the interests of health and hygiene, we will not be offering beverages of any kind and will not be providing magazines. You are welcome to bring your own drinks and magazines, but these must be taken away with you when you leave.

Staff will be wearing face masks, face shields, aprons and gloves where appropriate. Face shields will be disinfected and all other Personal Protective Equiptment (PPE) changed between each client.

Complete colour changes will not be undertaken at this time as we are limited to the appointment times and are conscious of getting all clients booked in as soon as possible. This also minimises the amount of time each client spends in the salon thus further reducing any risk.

After each client the styling station will be thoroughly sanitised ready for the next guest.

It is very important that we have your contact details, please check with your stylist that all details are correct.

We will only be accepting card payments. There will be a slight price increase in services and all clients are subject to a £5 PPE surcharge.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, we’re looking forward to seeing you all again very soon!

The John Lester Hair Design Team x

Photos from John Lester Hair Design Ltd's post 31/03/2020

Hey to all of our lovely clients and followers, we hope you’re all keeping safe and well. We thought we’d share some info and tips with you to help you all with your hair woes whilst you can’t get in to us at the salon!

So we’ll start off with the guys - We’re assuming here that the majority of you will have some form of hair/beard trimmer or shaver (if you don’t, they can be found in most larger supermarkets or here’s a great set you can order online:
If you tend not to have your hair clippered in the salon, it would be fairly easy for you (or if you live with someone) to carefully trim around your ears and tidy the back of your neck - this will make you look and feel much tidier!
For those of you with clippers and someone at home willing to trim your hair, watch this video that explains how to do this. (We recommend watching the video a few times first to get to grips with things before starting).

Ladies with fringes, we recommend tying or clipping back the rest of your hair and only taking your fringe from half an inch back from your hairline. Make sure no hair from the temples is brought forwards.
Bring all of the fringe into the middle of your nose, not combing or pulling it down too tightly to ensure it doesn’t spring up too short once it’s cut! Do the whole fringe in one cut and if you want to soften the line a little, point your scissors in to the fringe vertically and very lightly cut into the edge.
Suitable home hair dressing scissors can be found online such as this pair from Boots.

If you’re not confident in cutting your own fringe, try drying your hair with a side parting and styling your fringe to one side.

Ladies with hair on or below shoulders and wanting to trim split ends - part your dry hair down the middle at the back and comb forward in front of your shoulders. Hold the hair between your first and second fingers about an inch from the ends and cut across very lightly. For thicker hair do this in sections. Repeat on the other side. This will just keep a few of the split ends at bay until you can visit the salon again.

Ladies with short hair, it will be unlikely that you will be able to trim your own hair. However, if your hair is cut around the ears, trimming along this line with clippers will definitely neaten your style. If you have a partner willing to do this for you, great! (See link for clippers in men’s advice above).
If you’re not happy doing this, we would suggest combing your sides back when drying your hair so that it encourages the hair to sit behind your ears, making it look smoother and tidier.

For those of you who are wanting to grow your hair, now is a perfect time to just relax off of any heated styling tools, give it a little TLC in the form of hair masks that can be easily found in supermarkets. If your hair is long enough to tie up, do this to curb any styling temptation but we suggest not using bands with metal joints. Scrunchies are kind on the hair and have made a big comeback. You can find loads of lovely ones online. Alternatively just a pack of soft bobbles from the supermarket will be fine.

If you are self isolating and are happy to wash your hair less, we recommend using dry shampoo at night and not brushing it out until morning - it will soak up any excess oils whilst you sleep and have your hair feeling fresher in between washes. We love Batiste Dry Shampoo which can be found in most supermarkets.

For the ladies who usually come in to us for your weekly blow drys, we have found some of the tools we use, that you can order online (if you don’t already have them) so that you can recreate your salon blow dry.
Wash your hair and apply a mousse for volume and a heat defence product. These can be found in most supermarkets and online.

We recommend this hot brush for short hair:

We recommend this hot brush for long hair:

Wash, apply products and always completely dry your hair before using any heated styling tools.

Ladies who have their hair set - we recommend washing and drying your hair before using Velcro rollers. Use a tail comb to section your hair off - you want a section not quite as wide and no thicker than the roller you’re using. Use the tail of the comb to tuck the ends of your hair around the roller and then wind it down towards your scalp.
When all the rollers are in leave them for 30 minutes before taking them out and running a wide toothed comb or your fingers through the sections to break them up. Using a very small amount of oil or serum will help add texture and soften the look.
Here is a great set of rollers with the securing clips included:

Those of you with curly hair and still straightening, please ensure you’re using heat defence products now more than ever as you’re much less likely to be having all of your split ends trimmed even with our above cutting advice.

For covering white hair, we recommend a root touch up spray. This is a ‘wash in/wash out’ product that is applied to the roots after washing. They can be found in most supermarkets and online.
We recommend L’Oreal Paris Magic retouch or Soyoss Root Retoucher.

We only recommend colouring your hair at home when you feel you absolutely cannot go any longer using these sprays.
We would never usually recommend using home colouring kits as there are an array of problems that can occur from them. However, we are all in very unusual circumstances and we feel we need to help our clients to make the best of a bad situation. So here is some information to help you chose and apply the right colour for you.

When choosing a home colouring kit always be aware that the FIRST number is how light or dark the colour will be - e.g. Blonde to brunette.
We recommend using the first chart to determine which number will best match your hair. Although bare in mind MANY home colouring kits go around 2 shades darker than you would expect. So for example, if you’re aiming for a 6 choose an 8! Yes, really!

The second (and sometimes third) number represents the tones, e.g. warm/ash/natural. The second chart shows which numbers mean which tones, although these vary between brands as you can see from the chart, so also take note of what the colour is called. E.g. 6.31 would be a ‘Dark Golden Ash Blonde’ which is actually a dark natural brown (remember you’re picking 2 shades lighter than you want!)

Always do a patch test prior to hair colouring by applying some colourant cream (not the developer) to your skin at least 48 hours before you use your hair dye of choice. Look out for any reaction around the area the colour was applied and do not go ahead with the colour of any redness or irritation has occurred.
When mixing and applying the colour ALWAYS follow the manufacturers instructions.
Only apply the colour to your regrowth and try not to over lap on to the previous colour. Never leave a colour on for longer than the manufacturers instructions state. If you are a brunette and feel you need to refresh your existing colour after your root application, we recommend diluting the mixture with 10-20ml of tepid water and leaving it on NO LONGER than 5 minutes. For blondes, we highly recommend you DO NOT apply the colour on to the ends as this could cause damage to your hair. To brighten and refresh blonde hair, instead use a silver or blue shampoo and leave on for 5-10 minutes. A good salon substitute that can be found in most supermarkets is PRO:VOKE Touch Of Silver Twice Weekly Brightening Shampoo.

We as a salon feel that we need to give this advice to our clients to help them through this difficult time. It is purely advice and our personal recommendations.
Great care must be taken when using any hair tools and products at home and please know that it is absolutely vital that you follow manufacturers instructions AT ALL TIMES with all tools and products.
Please like and share so we can help as many people as possible.
We’re more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have about doing your hair or someone else’s at home and very much look forward to seeing you all back in the salon soon!

Stay safe and well,
The John Lester Hair Design Team x

Timeline photos 23/03/2020

From today Monday 23rd March we have to temporarily close our business due to the Covid-19 crisis.
All appointments that have been made will be contacted personally by your stylists.
It’s with sadness that we have come to this decision and thank all of our clients for their loyalty and support.
When government recommendations deem our trade safe to resume we will be in contact with those of you who have been affected by our closure.
To all, stay safe and well.
The John Lester Hair Design Team ❤️

Timeline photos 27/04/2018

Happy Friday to all our lovely clients ✨
We have limited appointments available for tomorrow! Call us to make yours now ☎️ 01366382575 ✨




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