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Exclusive Makeup, Beauty & Blowdry Bar based in Edinburgh. MAKEUP- LASHES & BROWS- SPRAY TANS- NAILS - MENS & KIDS PACKAGES- WEDDING BEAUTY SERVICES

We are a exclusive beauty and blow dry bar offering many services in our brand new Leith branch of treatments such as: Makeup, Nails, Waxing, Massage, Facials, Eyebrow & Lash Treatments, Kid's treatments, Spray Tans, Gents Treatments and so much more! Most of our treatments are held in store but we also do freelance makeup and nail packages for brides and various occasions in Edinburgh. Makeup & Beauty Bar was launched with so much passion and love for the Beauty industry primarily focusing on inner and outer beauty treatments. If you were to ask which one of our treatments is our favourite, we would answer all! as we have various staff specialising in our own field. Our therapists are all qualified and not only that we have a high standard of client care! We promise to leave you happy and we have a 24/7 around the clock system for our clients so you can book whatever time for any of our treatments. We could go on forever about our values, passions and what we do but just come in for yourself to see what we are talking about! With love, Makeup & Beauty Bar x

Apologies I’ve been awol again on social media. It’s because SO much has been going on.
First things first is the salons undergoing some renovations. I must warn you the salon is a bit of a tip just now due to projects being custom made and slowly but by bit (hopefully aimed to be finished by January 2020) so if you see wood, ladders and random tools lying in corners that’s why. I promise ya’ll that you’ll love it!
Secondly, I’ve been mega busy with all my hols, being back to reality from my hols and of course work in general. I’ve been also taking a break from social media from time to time to help cope with my mental health.
Oh! And I have my exciting yearly training which I’m super psyched about!
See ya’ll later 👋 @ Makeup & Beauty Bar

Honestly these pics never do my lashes justice but I was OBSESSED with this set. Classic lashes ✨ @ Makeup & Beauty Bar

Another set of lash extensions but completely different as we bespoke every set for every client! We take into consideration what your natural lashes can handle (hence what influences what lengths and diameters I use).

It’s been a hectic month or so and I’ve fallen off the social media bandwagon. My phone is FULL of client faces!
Anyways the next three posts are SEMI PERMANENT EYELASH EXTENSIONS baby. It’s been lash lift crazy but I do love semi perms too!
This gorg beauty has had a lot of lashes from diff techs and said, ‘these are y far the best I’ve ever had’. ☺️ happy clients=happy me.

How gorgeous are @charlotteogilvie eyes?! Mattes are my all time favs 💨 @ Makeup & Beauty Bar

I’m actually obsessed with this face ✨ smokey smokey 💨💨 @ Makeup & Beauty Bar

You guys voted to see 𝑚𝑎𝑘𝑒𝑢𝑝 appointments next so here it is. A few brown smokey eye party makeups created in the salon ✨

Makeup & Beauty Bar

Throwback Thursday
You can achieve natural nails like these! These are a real client of mines. Need a bit of help along the way? We have it all. Allow hard gel and @famous_names IBX strengthen help. Plus we will give you tips to help along the way.

So in amongst all the crazy ness I totally forgot that it was this day three years ago I got the keys to the salon! It was a hard month in which I faced many challenges getting the salon up to par before opening. The salon didn’t officially open and take clients until September.
I had a painful ankle surgery prior and when I got the keys I was painting the shop on a ladder on crutches! (I don’t recommend doing this, as this was against doctors instructions) but I was determined. I’ve been told that i couldn’t do it/ would fail, that I was too young blah blah blah but I didn’t listen as this has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember. When I was young I always wanted to be a business owner whatever field I’d be in. Someone suffering mental health problems, depression and illnesses I just want to say you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
Long story short, It has not been an easy ride but I want to thank every client who has been a part of this journey 💖

Who says bright colours can’t go on short nails?! Holiday ready ☀️ read our next post for something personal 💅

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On the 21st of July 2019 (the now) fiancée took me up north and proposed in the most amazing way ever. It’s now all wedding planning talk in the salon (usually I always hear about others weddings) but now it’s my turn! I’m so psyched about marrying my soul mate.
Now as the proposal was totally unexpected my nails were looking a bit rough (two week old gel) but thanks to using hard gel you cannot tell my nails felt old and if anything people have thought I had got them done 😉 the hard gel allows my nails to lash 3 weeks plus (which without I struggle even two weeks due to the nature of my job) it also keeps my nails strong to prevent snapping whilst I have the @famous_names IBX treatment done to strengthen my nails from within.
FYI please excuse the pinky (this is real life natural nail problems) of course it had to be a broken nail for when I had to have a mandatory engagement nailfie. Anyhow, I can’t complain, regardless I’m super happy!
My nails are always done in the salon where you can get this exact colour for your next manicure and hard gel is available too!
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Gorgeous mermaid nails 🧜‍♀️
Did the same set on another client but with longer nails and a different shape. Just goes to show you how different the same design can look on different nails.
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HAPPY INTERNATIONAL CATS DAY! (For me kitty day) meet my two kids Aspen and Missy. They’re familiar with some of our clients and love playing!
Last pic is my first child Tyson, who passed away in March 💔
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Our number 1 most popular treatment in demand

What is a lash lift?
A lash lift treatment lifts your natural lashes at the base in turn making them longer paired with a tint it gives a defined effect (like mascara) it lasts 6-8 weeks with zero maintenance and is a relaxing treatment!

Lash lift. Tint would add so much drama. We recommend it with lashes that are this colour and lighter @beautifulbrows

Literally obsessing over these lashes for our babe Loraine 💖.
Real results every time, we never pass of work that’s not our own
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Lash lift and tint using the best @beautifulbrows lash bomb.
Sorry insta it’s been a while, it’s been crazy busy at the salon and I’ve been hectic in daily life too. I’m backkkk and lots of pics to show 📷
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Prom makeup, makeup recreated with slight differences from a picture @asenavuna wanted for her prom. Pictures are great visuals as a start for us to see how similar you like makeup however one thing to note is that it will always vary how it looks on you and how t looks on a picture.
-#edinburghsalon #makeupartist #wakeupandmakeup #makeuplife #makeupartistsworldwide #maccosmetics #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #beautysalon #makeupaddict

T&CS apply, please check for details also did you know 99% of enquiries you can find on our website? This is ideal for times when you can’t get in touch with us.

Gorgeous #lashlift on our babe @nikidavaki Totally in love 😍.
There’s nothing but total eye envy over these dreamy eyes and lashes.
Using lash bomb for our bomb lifts!
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𝐿𝑎𝑠ℎ 𝑇𝑎𝑙𝑘
So I know most of my posts have been about lash extensions but it’s because it’s such a mindfield and so much there is to know when choosing an artist! Lash extensions are not a, ‘easy’ or, ‘fast’ treatment and nor should ever be. If a tech can do a set in say 45mins or they’re cheap then girl (or boy) RUN! 👟
There is so many things I could say about why but today’s post is a little education on some of the basic knowledge your lash tech should know when applying false lashes, and also some valuable knowledge you, as the client should know when getting lashes. There are 3 things chosen when placing lashes onto the lash line thickness (the weight in which your natural lash can hold), the curl (if selected properly then can alter your eye shape along with mapping and give more ‘drama’) and lengths. All should be explained and chosen correctly by the lash tech. Here are Makeup & Beauty we believe in ‘lashing safely’ to create flawless lashes with zero damage. The image illustrated is a visual to give an idea of what I mean about thickness, curls and lengths. The top line is the lengths, they tend to be in mm. Lashes can go even longer than 17mm! But we generally never go above 13mm as it can start to give a, ‘spidery’ effect and/or start to be damaging. The middle row are two graphics on how Curls can look from the top and side angle and finally the bottom row is the thickness.
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Mermaid Lash Wands 🧜‍♀️
Now available for purchase, lovingly handmade for our lash baes. £3 each
-With a handle to allow ease when brushing lashes
-Hygenic due to the case, prevents bacteria getting into the wand. Simply put the wand back in the case when done.
- super pretty!

Let’s talk about hair growth on our body with waxing vs other methods. This simple diagram shows why waxing is above all other forms of hair removal techniques.
As you can see other methods shown leave the follicle in the root, but as waxing pulls out the hair from the follicle that is what the secret is for the long lasting results. This in turn not only makes the hair grow back slower but in time, with regular waxing the hairs will appear less visible and get thinner. This also has the added benefit of waxing becoming less and less painful for those who have a low pain threshold. We 💖 waxing and I must say our fav and most popular to do is intimate waxing.
#waxing #edinburghsalon #edinburgh #beauty
#waxing #edinburghsalon #edinburgh #beautysalon #bodywaxing #waxingspecialist

we are proudly using Lash bomb for our lash lifts. Ever since using this brand we’ve seriously fallen in love with the results that have been produced.
#lashlift #lashes #lashing #lashartist #lashboss #edinburghsalon #edinburgh @beautifulbrows

𝐋𝐚𝐬𝐡 𝐓𝐢𝐩:
A little reminder for our semi permanent lash queens. When to brush our lashes. You should do it everyday with your lash foam cleanser to keep lashes clean, tidy and safe. If you look after your lashes, your lashes will look after you and your retention will be 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫! 𝐓𝐫𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐞.

I’ve not been very consistent with my posting as I swear it feels like a second job! Anyways gorgeous navy’s for this gorgeous girlies grad ball @venustushonest
@ Makeup & Beauty Bar

Some of the mapping we do for lash extensions in a visual for you guys. I do more but it all depends on your face, eye shape and facial features. This makes an impact on your lashes making them even more beautiful. It’s the small things that count 💖
#lashextensions #lashes #lashmapping #lashtips #lashartist #edinburgh #beautysalon

Lash lift results baby ✨
@beautifulbrows lash bomb 💖
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𝑳𝒂𝒔𝒉𝒆𝒔 ✨
I try my best to educate my clients on lashes and why it’s important to understand our lashes. Today’s topic is lash growth. The reason it’s good to know the basics is so you understand why our false ones falls out as they fall out with our natural lashes. Anagen (also known as our baby lashes) are the new ones that grow in and are small (they cannot support the weight of big, long false lashes) and so if incorrectly chosen lengths are applied then this is when they will either fall out prematurely and/or cause damage to the natural lashes. It’s our Telogen (adult lashes) that can take the longest lengths that you’ll see on the lashes I do. It’s important to note, that during spring our lashes go through a spring shed, which means they will shed quicker. So it is recommended to schedule your infills a bit sooner than the usual 2-3 weeks.

Party Glam Makeup ✨
@anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow and contour kit
@maccosmeticsuk foundation & concealer
@bperfectcosmetics Stacy Marie carnival palette for eyes and highlight
@olivia_belle_beauty royal shadow
@peachesmakeup pigment gatsby

Happy Sunday folks!
I personally love my Sunday (and Mondays)! What’s everyone up to? I’m doing a little shift at the salon. Remember Sunday’s are upon request!
Simmy x
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Before and after of a gorgeous set of classic lashes done achieved with lots of patience, care, attention and passion.
With all my sets I take so much care to achieve the most gorgeous lashes I can (hence why my timing is 3 hours for a full set) also giving you the best retention. Did you know that good application from your lash tech also helps to have better retention? Would you prefer paying less for a quicker treatment that isn’t bespoke, applied with so much care etc that last the distance and looks beautiful? or a quicker service which will fall out quicker and isn’t as complimentary as it could be to you and your features. My prices will go up soon but you can still take advantage of the low cost. I am always investing in training with lashes, and even though it costs me hundreds I never raise my prices up because of it as knowledge is power 💪 and I want the best for my clients.
#lashextensions #lashes #classiclashes #beforeandafter #edinburghsalon #lashing #lashstudio #lashbeauty #lashdolls #lash411 #discoveredinburgh #lashboxla #lashbase #beautysalon @ Makeup & Beauty Bar

Want to wake up with beautiful eyelashes? Save time on your makeup routine? Do you want to avoid the clumpy mascara look and have beautiful lashes that are water resistant and last the distance?
Then this service is for you! Perfect for all makeup & non-makeup wearers, for special occasions and women on the go! There's plenty of reasons why Semi permanent eyelash extensions are so popular.
* Semi permanent lashes aren't just amazing because of all the reasons listed above but this treatment also accentuates the beauty of your eyes and facial features as we create a bespoke set for every single one of our clients to suit you.
* You will feel more confident as this helps with your beauty routine!
* Maintenance is super easy not to mention the treatment is super relaxing giving you the perfect 'me' time you deserve.
* Each set lasts 2-3 weeks with the choice of infills all year round (we cause zero damage to your natural lashes).

We could simply go on forever, but we really recommend trying it first hand to let it speak for itself on how simply amazing this treatment really is.
Please feel free to contact us to have a chat about lashes or even the alternatives we offer and a member of the team will be happy to help you!
For a limited time only we are offering every new client that books in with us a free collagen lip mask upgrade during your lash treatment worth £10!

Makeup Bridal Beauty Waxing Spray Tans Facials Blowdrys Eyelashes Nails

Good Evening!
I don't normally post statuses but thought I'd post a few key points as a friendly reminder:
- The salon is currently run by myself meaning there can be a delay in responses. I always aim to respond within 48 working hours but if you are concerned after that time frame please feel free to contact me again. The best method is via email.
- For instant booking why not book online yourself at this allows you to do it at your own convenience, in regards to any bookings requiring a non refundable booking fee I'll send you it following your booking within the next few days via email.
- Please note that most bookings require a 50% non refundable booking fee. You can find out more about this on my FAQS webpage on my website.
- Please, please make use of my website! It's fab for so many reasons! I have made sure it's easy to use, you can book 24/7, lot's of info about treatments, frequently asked questions and so much more! This helps me as I can be so busy that I can't always get back to clients on time.

I look forward to welcoming you into the salon and wish everyone a great following week.
Simmy x

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