The Dread Doctor

An Edinburgh based Loctician service with 19 years experience in creating natural dreadlocks, and permanent and temporary synthetic extensions.

A UK based business specialising in dreadlocks and hair extensions with over 10 years experience. Whether you're looking for real dreads, synthetic dread extensions, falls or extensions to give you hair more length and fullness I have something for you. All synthetic dreads are custom made and shipped worldwide. Optional install available in the Edinburgh area. Consultations are free.

Here's some recent work ❀ This is the longest time I have ever spent doing dreads in the entire time I have done this job. I think Wendy needs an award for putting up with my chat for 26 hours over 3 days, and for the amount of pulling on her scalp πŸ™

[11/26/19]   We are closed for Christmas from the 24th to the 26th. Then New Year on the 1st and 2nd. There are reduced hours in the building on 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st with doors closed at 1700. I can only take bookings for synthetic dread installs and maintenance due to limitations on time for these days. Spaces get taken on these dates very quickly so if you have partys to go to and need to look you best for family gatherings book soon to avoid disappointment

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Hi everyone. I am breaking my rule about not posting anything to do with politics on my page. This is just a link to register if you haven't already. Deadline is by 11.59pm tonight! They are relying on young people not voting. Young people can change what happens in this country πŸ™ Get on the electoral register so you can vote in elections and referendums.

I am off for a few days to relax and do birthday things. I shall answer any messages on Friday ❀
In the meantime here is some of my recent work. Alex is ecstatic with his new dreads. His hair is fine in texture but there is a lot of it. It is naturally straight, and permed to give it some texture. I don't do perms just to clarify. This would have been done at the barbers. He is back on Saturday for some extensions.

Love the effect of darker dreads underneath highlighted hair.

Photos from The Dread Doctor's post

These dreads were started off as naturals and then extended with synthetic hair.

I haven't uploaded any pics for a while. These are some amazing Viking dreads which were made for David about a year ago. This pic was taken after a tidy up.

[09/10/19]   I'm on holiday until the 14th. I shall answer any messaged when I return πŸ™‚

[09/06/19]   It has been very quiet on my page. I am still very much in business though :) I shall post some long awaited photos soon before I go on a short holiday next week. xx

Hi All :) Just thought I would let anyone waiting for an answer to messages know that I am up to my eyeballs in books. I'm studying at the moment and will not be able to tend to my page as regularly as I usually do. Being a one person show already comes with its challenges but throwing assignments and exams on top makes things even more so. I apologise for anyone waiting. I will answer you as soon as I can ❀

I have to be careful that I don't trip up when working on Aaron's dreads :)

Some more good news. We won't be sent packing any time soon. The building will see us through 2020 ❀

Some rather good news for this gloomy Wednesday, we hope it brightens your day!

It was great creating these extensions for Gill who has very fine hair which never quite recovered after illness years ago.
When considering dreads for fine hair, or for any history of hair loss, it's important to have a proper consultation to discuss what is possible. We did a practise row at the neck line about a year ago to see how they would turn out. These took 9 hours. It can take double that time for thick hair.
Gill is really happy with these and I have to say so am I ❀

A tidy up for Claire. The ends are always very neat and tidy so only root work is needed.

These are extensions on very thick straight hair which took 8 hours to complete. Kirill has an undershave so when he ties it up he can create a 'pineapple' style. Thick straight hair may need a little more attention when it comes to tidying up the roots and keeping the extensions from moving. Especially in the early days when they haven't had time to mature.

A tidy up for Kris. We focused on root work which took just over 3 hours. Root work consists mainly of separating any dreads which have become too friendly, and pulling in any loose hair which have gone astray.

Photos from The Dread Doctor's post

A custom order with some very unfamiliar shades for me. This took some time to create what Joaquin was looking for. We got there in the end! πŸ’œ

A set of thin pink, red and dark brown dreads. Sharon has very thick hair so she can manage to fit a set of 40 with an undershave.

[01/26/19]   Hi All, I trust everyone has well recovered from the festive season and back to normality :) With the daylight increasing slowly and hints of life showing through the ground I'm sure everyone is feeling the anticipation of Springtime.
Thanks to everyone for your patience as I get through my enquiries. If I haven't spoken to you yet, I definitely will. Much love

[12/20/18]   πŸŽ„β˜ƒ Hi all πŸ™‚ Just to let you know that I close on the 22nd of December and open again on the 3rd. I won't be able to respond to any messages during that time. Hope you all have a lovely festive season β˜ƒπŸŽ„

A partial tidy up for Allan.

Some long blonde extensions for Lauren.

[12/11/18]   Some changes are being made to group settings. If you would like to continue seeing my posts and photos please go into your group settings and make sure you switch to see all posts :) Thank you ❀️

You've all been wondering when our change of location will happen. It looks like we're comfortable for 2019 at least :)

Here’s to 2019 (and the rest) in St Margaret’s HouseπŸ₯‚

[11/26/18]   Hi everyone. Just popping on with some dread advise. I get asked a lot when you should have your first maintenance session. It's very individual and depends on your hair type and how well you look after them. I usually say after 3 months. Some prefer to come in after a month just for a quick check in, especially if you have crocheted extensions. Extensions are strong but they aren't bullet proof and can slip in the early stages if they aren't looked after. So do palm roll :) and get a tiny crochet hook size 0.60 so you can take care of where the hair crosses the extensions. Thicker dreads lock up faster than thin ones so keep this in mind. Thin ones will need a bit more attention to get them started. Hope this is useful :)

[11/19/18]   Hi πŸ™‚ Just to let everyone know I'm taking a few days off for much needed rest and a wee day out. I shall answer any messages as soon as I can. Xx

[10/31/18]   These are very well maintained already so it was just a very basic tidy up of the roots. Jo makes her own fantastic spray for her scalp using ingredients that I highly recommend such as aloe vera.

Photos from The Dread Doctor's post

Photos from The Dread Doctor's post

[09/12/18]   Hello :) I will be answering all enquiries as soon as I can so if anyone is waiting I will get to you as soon as possible. I have just had a lovely holiday on the Isle of Skye and had to shut off for a while. I usually try to keep up with messages while away but it seldom goes to plan as signal in remote areas tends to be sketchy. It is also nice to just focus on relaxing sometimes. So thank you for your patience and I shall respond soon

New dreads for Roshan who happens to be a barber. The fading in the undershave is his handy work, not mine. Lots of thin dreads in very thick, shiny healthy hair. Looking forward to seeing how these mature.

Photos from The Dread Doctor's post

A tidy up for Kirsty today. We added some pink, purple and blue.

Brenda has fine straight hair. These dreads are around a year old and knotting up very well.

[08/11/18]   Just a quick update on how things went with the new location. We were successful! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆWe found out on the 12th but I didn't want to step on any toes by announcing it before the team at Edinburgh Palette. It's all on the website now. We're in St Mags until further notice.
There have been great chats in the studio about the progress which seems to be received pretty well by everyone so far. Exciting times.
I'm going to ask permission before posting any pics. Shall hopefully share some sneak previews soon πŸ™‚

Anyone who has had extensions done will know how long it can take. Sometimes it can take just one day but often it takes 2 sessions. So we finished the first session and when I got home that evening I cut my hand on a broken glass in the sink 😱 So we had to wait a few days to finish. Thank you Dan for being so understanding. It is quite a transformation.

Daisy already did a great job on these hair extensions so I just had to secure the connecting points and tidy up some loose hair. What beautiful colours.

New dreads for Anton. This perhaps helps to show how much length can be lost when you start new dreads. For some this may cause panic. However be rest assured that it will grow before you know it. With some dread methods you continue to lose length while they mature. This doesn't happen with my method because the hair is backcombed to the full extent that it needs to go.

I have no idea if I am repeating posts since it has been so long since I posted any hair photos. Bear with me and I will get up to date.
These dreads are actually from a mutual friend. Naomi kindly gifted some to Linda and the shade matches perfectly.

[08/11/18]   Finally made soap this week! ...and breath πŸ˜„ It shall be ready is a couple of weeks so I shall keep you posted. I also plan on making tea tree and lemongrass.

[07/10/18]   My page may have been quiet, but rest assured that life has not πŸ™‚ As some of you know, St Margarets House has been sold which means finding a new location. I have been helping out with one potential place. There is a small woodland area just outside of the boundary which I have been working very hard on these past few months to improve the area. We find out if we have the lease on the 12th. Wish us luck! Aswell as this I have been working on my campervan and my very thirsty allotment in this heatwave. I do have some hair photos to post when I can. Watch this space 🌞

A tidy up for Gavin. His dreads are kept in extremely good condition. So much so that it's only ever root work that is required.
Good advice for healthy dreads - chemical free, SLS free, non residue shampoo. No wax.
Using the wrong shampoo can make the dreading process so much harder than it needs to be. It might seem harmless to use a high street shampoo. However it can undo all that progress.
Using wax actually prevents the hair from dreading. It attracts dirt and is very hard to wash out.
Sorry for using you as an example Gavin. A very good example though :) You do take very good care of your dreads!

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