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Lip fillers 👄 now £90 per ml saving £30

Skin booster 💉 now £100 saving £50

Fat dissolving large areas £100 saving £80

* All next week *

Limited spaces

Licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England - Department of Health and Social Care 09/10/2023

To all my loyal Clients,

Aesthetics legislation is coming and I need your Help.

I’m writing with urgency to ask that you Please ensure that you fill out the public consultation to save our business by October 28th latest!

The proposal for aesthetics regulations, has been largely influenced by the JCCP, who are particularly biased against non medics performing aesthetics. The new proposal is discriminating against us as non medics and if the JCCP have their way we may well lose our businesses we have worked so hard to build so as they can monopolise the industry.

As professional practitioners, We welcome licensing and we welcome standard qualifications across the board, what we do not welcome is clinical oversight for non-medics that have been practicing within the industry for years and are perfectly capable of doing their job.

Many of us more experienced non medic practitioners have trained many Medics and passed down our skills and knowledge, these Medics will be able to continue with the certification our companies provided them after showing they are capable, whereas we may not, how is this fair? These very same Medics could be overseeing us, how does this make sense? Sadly should this be implemented, with this will come the rising costs of all of your treatments.

We welcome prescribers and doing things the correct way when it comes to drugs and products, we already work with a prescriber and reputable pharmacies but we say No to the traffic light system which stops us performing certain treatments, this regulation has to be based around individual merit and competence of the practitioner not status.

This change largely focuses on client/patient Safety, which we welcome and know can be achieved with licensing and a standard aesthetics qualification across the board, however it is also largely based around power, money and greed. The JCCP are stakeholders and have had a large input into what goes into the proposal of what is set to come, they have been sponsored by varying large medical companies, placing them in an unfair position to influence the outcome.

As non medics we are already seeing people like myself and others looking to enrol on a "nursing degree" which makes no sense! Nursing and administering Aesthetics treatments are too very different careers, Nursing is the profession or practice of providing care for the sick, An Aesthetics practitioner Focuses on skin and skin health and treatments which enhance somebody's appearance. More in line with the beauty industry.

Clinical oversight will put strain on an already extremely pressured NHS and we will also see an influx of students into the already strained NHS under the proviso that they are going to become Nurses, when in actual fact they will just be using it as a route to get into aesthetics! ACT NOW! PLEASE FILL OUT THE BELOW SURVEY!


Licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England - Department of Health and Social Care The government brought forward an amendment to the Health and Care Act 2022 which gives the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care the power to bring into force a licensing scheme in England for non-surgical cosmetic procedures. The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that consumers who choose...


The new product everyone is talking about !!

LUNA is a PN skin booster which is used to treat under and around the eye area for dark circles.

LUNA is a product which hyaluronic acid is added to PN Increasing cell permeability.

LUNA has a double boosting effect of regeneration and whitening.

ILLUMA LUNA has 5 times more than any other skin booster product its in category on the market, it also consists of 5mg of Hyaluronic acid.

LUNA also consists of pharmaceutical-grade raw materials, it works more safely on the sensitive skin around the eyes.

EFFECTS – Improving wrinkles under the eyes

Brightening effect by improving dark circles around the eyes.

Improving skin moisture and pignmentation

INSTITUTION – 3-4 times per 4 week intervals

Non-cross linked HA—-5mg





All of this in one product 😍


1 tear trough space using Redensity 2 the only insuranble filler for eyes . Normally £320 now £250


*Discounts on all fibroblast treatments*

What is Fibroblasting?
Fibroblasting is a revolutionary new skin tightening procedure that can create similar effects as surgical options without ever having to go under the knife.
So, what does Fibroblast do? How long does it take? Will it hurt?
We know you have a lot of questions. The good news is that we have the answers you need. Read on to see what Fibroblast is all about and see if it’s something that’ll work for you.

Does It Hurt?
No. Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical solution for skin tightening. There is no pain associated with this procedure, though some patients may feel a minimal amount of discomfort.
A topical numbing cream is applied to the treatment area before the procedure.

Are There Side Effects?
Immediately after the Fibroblast procedure, you may notice that your skin is red and slightly swollen. This is normal and should subside in around three days. Though you may see a slight redness lingering for up to 14 days.
While the procedure is underway, carbon crusts form on the skin. You should avoid the urge to touch these crusts post-procedure. You can expect them to last around a week. They’ll naturally lift off as new skin appears underneath the treated area.
When you consider that you’re getting a skin tightening solution without the need for dangerous surgery, these side effects are much easier to swallow.

What is Fibroblast?
Fibroblast skin tightening is a revolutionary new procedure. It provides an alternative to skin tightening without necessitating dangerous surgical procedures. You won’t need to go under the knife or miss weeks of work post-procedure with Fibroblast, but should still expect to see similar results as if you had.
We use an electric handheld device called a plasma Fibroblast pen for the procedure. This pen uses a metal probe to ionize atmospheric gas between its tip and the gasses that the skin naturally emits. This forms a plasma charge.
An electrical arc is then created, shrinking the targeted skin. Your tissues will retract and tighten, providing you with a more youthful-looking appearance. Skin elasticity and tightening will continue to improve as time goes on post-treatment, and your skin continues to heal and repair.

How Long is the Fibroblast Treatment?
Fibroblast treatment length will depend upon the size of the area that’s being treated. You can expect the procedure to take anywhere between half an hour and two hours.
A topical numbing cream will be applied before your treatment and given thirty minutes to take full effect. You’ll also be given a cream after your procedure to help in the healing process.

How Long Will the Results Take to Show Up?
You should notice results immediately after your appointment. As cell turnover occurs and the production of collagen increases, you’ll notice further changes to your skin. You should expect to see the full results of your treatment after around three months.
Fibroblast procedure results typically last for three years.

Plasma tightens skin and dramatically reduces wrinkles in areas such as:

Hooded eyes/ eyebags/ eyelid correction
Crow’s feet
Frown lines (lines between eyebrows)
Nasolabial Folds (Nose to Mouth Lines)
Smokers Lines (Vertical Lip Lines)
Marionette Lines
Mouth Corners
Chin Lines
Neck Lines/ Full Neck Lift
Mole/skin tag removal

Plasma treatment is effective also for:

Overall Facial Resurfacing and Rejuvenation
Jawline Tightening
Loose Arm Skin/ Elbow
Stomachs/ stretch marks
Legs and Knees
Wrinkled Hands


Russian lips £90 2 spaces available 💋


1 tear trough space available next week this is a model price, using Redensity 2 the only insuranble filler for eyes . Normally £320 now £250

Tear trough is the groove that sits in between the lower eye lid and the cheek. This hollowness starts to form when there is a loss of volume in this area which is usually as a result of weight loss or with age.

Dermal filler, created specifically for the under eye area, will fill in the hollowness and soften the appearance of the tear trough, creating a brighter more youthful look.

The results are instant. From our experience results tend to last 12 – 18 months, however it varies from person to person as it comes down to metabolism.


Russian or classic lips 👄 2 spaces tomorrow £95 per ml


2 cancellations for filler this week £90 per ml


Fat dissolving offer - stomach area now £100 saving £80 😍 offer ends 4th Aug


3 ml of skin booster & 1ml of lip filler £250
Saving £50

What is a Skin Booster?

They are an injectable skin treatment that is formulated to aid in the hydration and rejuvenation of the skin which helps with fine lines and wrinkles and freshening and plumping the skin .Developed with beneficial, moisture-surging properties – skin booster treatments have been designed to deliver saturating hydration to the deeper dermis.

They help to improve skin quality as they promote a rejuvenated, healthy glow from the inside out. Formulated with hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the body, skin boosters’ main aims are to revitalise the skin to improve texture and appearance. Although they will be developed with different ingredients, it’s more than likely that hyaluronic acid will be the primary substance.

Photos from Glamour & Glow Aesthetics's post 10/07/2023

Lips 👄


Love It when I get amazing feed back !


Small seas for fat dissolving £50 saving £30
Larger areas £100 saving £20


Get amazing lips for the summer £100 classic
£120 Russian 👄 💋


Sorry I have been so quiet on my page, my father sadly passed away unexpectedly 4 weeks ago . I am back to some kind of normal. ❤️


Little pamper session for my Nan whilst In Dublin


Anti wrinkle one appointment today now £100


One anti wrinkle appointment tomorrow evening due to cancellation 😊 2 areas £150.
3 areas £180


Jalupro is a unique, fast-acting skin booster that contains enriching ingredients that support the radiant rejuvenation of the skin. The injectable skincare solution has the powerful ability to plump and hydrate the skin, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The benefits include:
Restores radiance and firmness of dull skin.
Prevents and reduces sagging skin (face and body).
Reduces fine lines and signs of expression.
Prevents elastosis.
Improves the appearance of scars, including acne, keloid and red stretch marks.

Let’s see what this can do for the eye wrinkles 😊

2 to 3 treatments requires 10 - 14 days apart
1 session £180
2 sessions £350
3 sessions £500


3 areas of anti wrinkle £150 model price all next week. Limited spaces


Micro needling with a high hyalronic acid skin booster mixed with vitamins and amino acids.


This is what half a ml can do 🥰

Ozempic® (semaglutide) Injection 0.5 mg or 1 mg for Type 2 Diabetes 21/03/2023

So let’s talk weigh loss injections mainly being ozempic and saxenda . The side effects and serious illnesses that these can cause . Thyroid cancer being one of them . Please alway do your research before any treatments or buying these products . I will not sell these to my clients .
I will just leave this here for anyone interested 😊

Ozempic® (semaglutide) Injection 0.5 mg or 1 mg for Type 2 Diabetes Ozempic® (semaglutide) injection is a once-weekly noninsulin medicine that, along with diet and exercise, may help improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. Read Important Safety Information, including boxed warning.


Glycolic acid peel today for my lovely Demi 😊

Glycolic peels break through the dead skin on a cellular level. They help remove dead skin and dirt from the skin's surface, revealing newer and brighter-looking skin. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of the acid help rejuvenate the skin.
cleansing, acid peel, hyaluronic acid mask,aloe Vera and a moisturiser with spf used for the treatment




Love the feed back from clients 😘

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Glycolic acid peel today for my lovely Demi 😊Glycolic peels break through the dead skin on a cellular level. They help r...
Fresh from micro needling, please excuse the rough look 😊 £80 saving £30 high quality products used . What Is Microneedl...
Natural lip enhancement 💕





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