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More fantastic finalists, today we’re announcing the Make-up Artists, Mobile Therapists, Nail Technicians and Waxing Therapists that have made it through to the final stage of the BABTAC Awards. Congratulations to everyone who has demonstrated outstanding beauty skills, we’re looking forward to finding out the winners on the 8th May. Thank you to sponsors Skin Group International, Offiicial Navy Professional, Ruuby, Wa # # . Elaine Marie Make-up, Tricia D'Costa Luxury Hair and Makeup Designer, Sita Gill, Makeup Artist UK, Beau-Skin London Skin clinic & BeauBronz, Beauty at Yours, Home Sanctuary, Nails by Mets, BeautyByLola, The Nail Studio, Orchids Retreat, Perfect Waxing, Karolina’s Treatment Room
More outstanding beauty professionals with today’s set of semi-finalists – Make-Up Artist, Mobile Therapist, Nail Technician and Waxing Therapist. Congratulations all on reaching this stage and thanks to , and for their support. Sita Gill, Tricia D'Costa Luxury Hair and Makeup Designer, Makeup Artist UK, Hayley Snishko, Beauty at Yours, Beau-Skin London Skin clinic & BeauBronz, Toni Honey Nails & Beauty, Lucy Sharman, Nails by Mets, BeautyByLola, The Nail Studio, Karolina’s Treatment Room, Braziliant Waxing Ltd, Perfect Waxing, Orchids Retreat
🤩 WHEN YOU ACHIEVE WE ACHIEVE 🤩 at HD Nail Academy we pride ourselves on offering industry leading, quality that provides you with the & you need to make your nail career successful 💅🏼

Action shot from Hazel Dixon from Stiletto & Russian Almond Shapes Class 👌🏼 pictured The Vamp Collective

Karen Newman Nails & Training Academy HD Nail Academy & Akzentz Manchester Educator HD Nail Artist Academy Northampton HD Nail Artist Academy - Doncaster NailyKayley- HD Nail Academy/Akzentz education Essex HD Nail Academy & Akzentz Wales Educator HD Nail Academy and Akzéntz Education Cambridgeshire The Nail Studio Kym Moody
Loving my new nails Cat. They glow in my hot tub 😜
Got my virtual nail training booked with Catriona Nails Leith from The Nail Studio and Hazel Dixon Hazel Dixon Nail Artist & Academy. It is going to be exciting doing the classes.

Also doing the Chrome Design Masterclass!

Always trying to improve and keep my nail skills & knowledge up to never stop learning 💅🏼

Finally done my nails. Thank you so much. I love them. Can’t wait to see you to sort them out properly as I’ve reverted back to no nails underneath these 😩 You are amazing # # #
What have been your favourite design strutting out of your door this year 🥰

Nail Artist: The Nail Studio

If January were a nail, we feel that they would be 💅🏼

Nail Artist: The Nail Studio

I absolutely LOVE this picture, we aren’t all in it & I’m sure there are some tear stained faces BUT the HD team had just WON Nail Team of the Year 2018 🎉 can we make it a third 🤩

Scratch Magazine Fereida Lydiate Karen Newman Tips N Flicks Nails NailyKayley - The Nail Boutique Billericay Kym Moody The Nail Studio Nailology by Wendy Brinkworth Gemma Clark Nails - HD Academy Southwest HD Nail Artist Academy Belfast - Denise Strand HD Nail Artist Academy Hertfordshire Corey Jade Stockwell HD Nail Academy and Akzéntz Education Cambridgeshire HD Nail Artist Academy Northampton HD Nail Academy & Akzentz Manchester Educator NailyKayley- HD Nail Academy/Akzentz education Essex HD Nail Artist Academy - East Yorkshire
quality ▫️accredited▫️award winning

View HD Academy National Courses on the website now 💅🏼

Fereida Lydiate Tips N Flicks Nails Karen Newman NailyKayley - The Nail Boutique Billericay NailyKayley- HD Nail Academy/Akzentz education Essex Kym Moody The Nail Studio Nailology by Wendy Brinkworth HD Nail Artist Academy Northampton Gemma Clark Nails - HD Academy Southwest Jennie Nippard Denise Kerr HD Nail Academy and Akzéntz Education Cambridgeshire Angela Metcalfe
🌟 Stars in their own right 🌟 one of the things that I am so proud about when it comes to the HD Education team is that we all bring something different to the table! 💁🏼‍♀️

🗞 Check out Scratch Magazine for tips from the team & coverage of the Nail Safari Education Group 2019 💅🏼💁🏼‍♀️

Passionate, dedicated, award winners in our own right & together means that our delegates get access to years worth of exceptional nail knowledge from each & every course that we run throughout the UK 💅🏼

As a team we want to make EDUCATION FOR EVERYONE;

▫️no matter your level there is a course for you
▫️perfect art, design, technique or start from the absolute beginning with our range of training opportunities
▫️HD courses allow you to use your choice of product
▫️Akzentz Gels UK make available the perfect match product sets for the course you are attending
▫️we have 13 Educators with multiple locations across the UK & Ireland

Get in touch if you have any questions 📲

Fereida Lydiate NailyKayley - The Nail Boutique BillericayNailology by Wendy Brinkworth Kym Moody Jennie Nippard Karen Newman Nails & Training Academy Denise Strand Nail Artist The Nail Studio HD Nail Academy and Akzéntz Education Cambridgeshire Corey Jade Stockwell Gemma Clark Nails - HD Academy Southwest Tips N Flicks Nails metcalfe

Award-winning boutique home studio. Offering all aspects of gel nail care and treatments using premi

Catriona Leith has over 13 years experience within the nail industry and feels
as passionate about providing the most beautiful nails with high quality products
and expertise. Catriona is trained in all aspects in nail care ranging from Uv gel
enhancements, to simple manicures and pedicures. In 2018 Catriona proudly joined the HD Nail Artist Academy as their Cambridgeshire educator, teaching all


My lovely mums lovely nails!!! She had her nails done 4 weeks ago today (basic gel polish no builder) for my sisters wedding and look!! Not a chip in sight thanks to the AMAZING !!! She very rarely has her nails done as she’s so busy AND you can see she’s a busy teacher- always using the keyboard or out in the garden!! Good products aren’t hard to come by and neither is good education!! Trust in your brand, know your brand and be educated in your brand!!


Quick Autumn One Stoke Design!! Using everything of course!! Interested learning the tips and tricks for One Stroke??? DM me for more info on One Stroke Courses with me!!!!

❣️PLUMBERRY Colour It!
❣️ROSE PEACH Candy Aurora Flakes
❣️Various HD Art Gels
❣️HD Matt It!
❣️HD Shine It!


friend and fellow Hazel Dixon Nail Artist & Academy educator Corey Jade Stockwell came to see me today for her bespoke holiday nails!! Full set of Hard Gel Extensions with Chameleon Flake, Pigments and Hand Painting- 3 hours total!! Hope you have a wonderful time on safari!! 🐘🐆🐅🦓🦛🦏🐊🦁🐯

Products Used: HD Professional Nail Systems
HD BUILD IT! Pro Shape It Soft Biscuit
HD Chameleon Flakes (various)
HD Colour It! Dandelion
HD Neon Pigments (various)
HD Art Gel Jet
HD Shine It!


Gel Skill Building!!! This class is designed for existing nail technicians who wish to work on specific areas in which you feel you need more help. On these days we can cover things like:

C curves, Perfecting smile lines, Deep Smile lines, Product application, Lifting problems, anything you feel you need extra help with. Please note that we are a independent academy so you can bring any brand of professional products you wish.


This class is for new nail artists who want to learn how to create fine & precise nail art using acrylic paints. Ideal for anyone new to nail art and a great starting block for all other art courses!! Limited spaces, small classroom environment, in depth learning with award winning Nail Team!!


Are you looking to add Efile to your salon? Are you looking to speed up your service time and reduce strain on your hands/wrists? This new E-mani class is designed with the "natural nail" tech in mind. It's great for those techs who offer soak off builder gels and gel polish. In this class we concentrate on natural nail prep, cuticle removal, skin exfoliation & polishing along with many other time saving techniques!! For more info click the link in my bio!!


THE wedding nails 💅🏼 and ring 💍 🤩

Products used… all
Gold Flake
Flex It! Clear
Shine It!

Photos from The Nail Studio's post 30/08/2023

Well it’s a while since I’ve posted 🙈 summer hols have been particularly tricky juggling it all!! However I had the pleasure of creating these for my lovely client Sarah today for her upcoming holiday in Portugal!! Have an wonderful time!!
Products used:
HD Colour It! Balearic
HD Chameleon Flakes in Teal
HD Art Gel Bubblegum


Put a fork in me I am done!! I am now off for a week of family time!! All messages, emails and carrier pigeons will be replied to from Monday 7th August!! Peace out! ✌🏻

Photos from The Nail Studio's post 26/07/2023

In all my excitement I completely forgot to post here!!! 🫣

I am so proud to say that I won BOTH my catagories for Scratch Magazines Scratch Star awards!

Gel Tech of the Year 2023 🏆
One Stroke Artist of the Year 2023 🏆

Chuffed is an understatement!! I’m still on cloud nine 🥰

It was an incredible night and met so many industry professionals and nail friends!!


CLASSIC OMBRÈ 👌🏼 I am a fan of a classic & these will never go out of style!


Just checked and this applies for clients on Wednesday too- they should be removed by Thursday… 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼


Anyone coming from St Ives please be aware that there is traffic lights on Harrison Way Bridge so please leave in plenty of time as traffic is a nightmare!!!


MONOCHROME SWIRLING 🖤🤍 ready for every outfit 💋


GORGEOUS IN GREEN 💚 how fresh & summery is this set! I adore green hues 😍


SEASIDE VIBES 🌊 I love this marble texture mixed with tips 👌🏼


GOLD FLAKES 🤩 subtle & beautiful….in love!


NAIL DESIGN one of my absolute favourite things in life is getting to create beautiful accessories for your hands 🫶🏼 thank-you for letting me do so # # #


ROSE GOLD GLAM 💁‍♀️ this is just divine & such a dream to use!


FREEHAND MANDELA 😍 I absolutely adored creating this beautiful set 🫶🏼


ALL IN ONE 😍 just the most summery set…chrome, sparkles, flakes & ombré COULD THEY BE MORE GORGEOUS!!!!!


SWIRLING LEMON CHROME 🍋 let me know your thoughts on the subtle colour, which shade would you go for?

Photos from The Nail Studio's post 28/06/2023

Andddd it’s done! In the hands of the Gods!! HUGE well done to ALL the other competitors… the work I’ve seen today has been outstanding!!! Can’t wait to party with you all soon!!!

Thanks to & for sponsoring my catagories too!!


CHROMING 🤩 creating the ultimate high shine with such GORGEOUS shades 🥰


THE ALL NEW FLAMINGO 🦩 PUNCH! Is this not the absolute colour for summer ☀️

In the studio NOW 🤩


ALL THE GLAZE NONE OF THE 🍩 absolutely in love with this technique 🫶🏼


LINE DESIGN 😍 super sharp & no room for error 👌🏼

Photos from The Nail Studio's post 13/06/2023


This gorgeous NEW colour from is a firm favourite with my lovely ladies 😏

There’s another 15 new colours to choose from!!!


Is their anything more classic than a nice crisp French finish?
All products from
Flex It! Cameo for strength 💪🏼
Colour It! Chou Chou
Casper Art Gel
Shine it! Top coat


Seems I’m not the only one who’s feeling the neon vibes today!!

Everything from
Shape It! soft Biscuit
Colour It! Chou Chou, Funky Fushia, Flaming Flamingo, Lava Lamp, Firefly, Lazer Lime
Jet Art Gel
Shine It! Topcoat


Go bold or go home ☀️🐆🌈

Everything from
Shape It! soft Biscuit
Colour It! Chou Chou, Funky Fushia, Flaming Flamingo, Lava Lamp, Firefly, Lazer Lime
Jet Art Gel
Shine It! Topcoat


MARBLE SHIMMER 🫶🏼 simplistic beauty…I am in love with these colours!


ONE-STROKE 🌺 my ultimate! I cannot wait for this year 🤩


SMOKEY MARBLE 🔥 this has been a popular request in the studio lately…which colour choice is on your list?


STRIPES 🤩 which colour combos would you have on this stripy tip set?

Photos from The Nail Studio's post 15/05/2023

Look at that face of pure joy!!! She did it!!!! HUGE congratulations to my wonderful student Mel who has today completed her Hard Gel Beginners course and Gel Polish Beginners course!!! This lady has worked tirelessly alongside her full time job and she’s smashed it!!! Welcome to the world of Nails Mel!!! X # #


BLUE SKIES 🫶🏼 your perfect weather right on your nails, with a touch of sparkle!

I adore this sky blue shade by HD Professional 😍



FRENCH TIPS WITH A TWIST 🤩 I am a fan of a variation & this colour pop is adorable 🫶🏼


ALL THE SWIRLS 💫 gorgeous nails no matter the length!

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Our Story

The Nail Studio is owned and run by Catriona Leith. Catriona has over 10 years experience within the nail industry and is passionate about providing the most beautiful nails with high quality safe products and expertise. Catriona is trained in all aspects in nail care ranging from UV gel enhancements, to simple manicures and pedicures.

In 2016 Catriona won the prestigious industry award 'The Great Scratch Shoot Out' competition. This follows her earlier successes placing second in the professional Beauty International Salon Nails and Beauty UK Top Tech Photographic Nail Art
competition. Her competing career began in March 2009 where Catriona
won her first national nail competition at Professional Beauty in addition to placing as a finalist for the Professional Beauty 2009 rising star of the year.
She continues her enthusiasm in and out of the salon by competing all year round and continually has her work published in industry magazines.

In 2019 Catriona stepped up her ‘nail game’ even further by joining the prestigious Hazel Dixon Nail Academy Education Team as a HD Professional & Akzentz Nail Educator for the Cambridgeshire region. Being a part of this award winning team of like-minded Nail Educators means that Catriona can bring accredited courses to the nail industry and help to raise the standards across this industry.


A coat of UV gel is used to extend and enhance the natural nail, creating stronger
long lasting enhancements tailored to meet your individual taste.

Full Set of Gel Enhancements...................................................................................from £48.00
Full Set of Gel Overlays.............................................................................................from £42.00
2 Week Infills............................................................................................................from £27.00
3 Week Infills.............................................................................................................from £32.00
4 Week Infills.............................................................................................................from £37.00

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A day in the life at The Nail Studio!! Great day love all my clients so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
🍁 AUTUMNAL FEELS 🧡 I do love these warmer hues, with added sparkle from the HD Pro metallic art gels 🤩Are you embracing ...
WHO’S NAILS NEED A BREAK AFTER SUMMER?? 🤔 maybe you’d like to ‘air them out’ 💅🏼Ladies please be assured nails do not nee...
My ONE STROKE entry for the #scratchstars competition!!We had one hour to create a one stroke design over three extreme ...
Hi Everyone!! So apologies I’ve been a bit quiet on my socials! Life has got extremely busy with family, work, teaching,...
✨ ALL THAT GLITTERS ✨Absolutely in love with this colour pop with glitter design 🤩Using all HD Professional Nail Systems...
SUMMER IN A SET 🕶 these pastels have got me feeling summery ☀️How is your French holding up? Check out my online worksho...
GOLD LINES 👌🏼 so many of my ladies are opting for more simple designs 💅🏼 I am such a fan….how about you? Using HD Profes...
IT’S FRIDAYYYY 💕 what better way to celebrate than with perfect pink nails 😝Using Akzentz Gels UK for build & HD Profess...
ALL THAT GLITTERS, SWIRLS 😍Simple, swirly on trend nails….I am here for you 💅🏼☀️🌼 sunshine & spring vibes I am also here...
NAIL TRANSFORMATION 💁🏼‍♀️ this lovely lady came to me with a set applied by another technician. We worked on shape, form...
ALL OF THE ONE STROKE 😍 a technique I will never tire of…stunning, effective & my favourite! Using everything HD Profess...




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Tuesday 9am - 9pm
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