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Photos from one_man_waxer's post 12/10/2023

Men’s haircut & styling lesson, not all guys have curly hair naturally but to get the desired look, educating your clients takes no time!


Back waxing is still the most popular waxing service. This regular client now has less hair regrowth than a year ago. Book yours online today!

Photos from one_man_waxer's post 12/10/2023

Bring on your colour style.
After having long hair for a while, this client wanted a suttle blonde baby lights and a little shorter! Looks so natural!

Photos from one_man_waxer's post 30/09/2023

Don’t shave your ears 👂 guys, they’re back in a week if you do! Swap to waxing for longer lasting hair free ears! Before, during & After pics! Quick easy and simple waxing! Book your today online! #

Photos from one_man_waxer's post 30/09/2023

Full torso Wax for this regular client yesterday, his hair is really starting to thin out now in between appointments!
It’s been a busy few months for myself, and the next couple are looking busy already, so book ahead to make sure your in! Waxing is not just a summer thing guys! # #


Thanks to David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, manscaping is part of a footballer's grooming routine.
Why you ask? For the look 👀, not just that…
Football players are often known for waxing their legs. There’s a reason that players wax their legs to enhance their performance.

Football players wax their legs because of how frequently they get their ankles taped. Taping the ankle directly on the skin provides better support and stability. However, taping directly to the skin often painfully rips leg hair, so players wax the legs and other areas such as intimate and chest so not deal with the issue.


Yes this is from a nose 👃 waxing, No more painful plucking nostril hairs out desperately at the last minute. Nostril waxing only removes the outer hairs from the nose, not the important finer hairs from inside the nose. The aim of nostril waxing is to remove simply those ugly thick nostril hairs that look horrible. WAXING GIVES YOU LONG LASTING RESULTS BECAUSE THE HAIR IS REMOVED IN ITS ENTIRETY FROM THE ROOTS.

This means a new hair must grow in its place which takes weeks. Your skin will be left with new, soft hair as opposed to the hard stubble you get with tweezing, shaving and trimming.


Cyclists - step away from the razor!
Ever wondered why cyclists wax? Here are a few reasons…... t's race season, you've got a winters worth of leg hair and a series of races coming up. Do you shave, repeatedly? Or do you take the plunge the try a leg & Manzilian wax? There are many reasons male cyclists de-fuzz themselves.
Not just through the race season but all year too.
The dreaded Road Rash
Road rash is a graze times 10. The skin is literally burned off by the friction of you skidding along the ground. Ouch! If you happen to take a tumbie, tie wound can be more easily cleaned and cleared of grit if hair free. You'll find that dressing your wound is easier. And of course removing any dressing if your legs are smooth too!
Post-Race a good hard rub down to soothe your aching muscles will be far more pleasant and effective if the masseuse has nice smooth legs to work on.
Waxing makes you go
Honestly, we're not even making it up! A major bike manufacturer has done wind tunnel testing and has found there is an aerodynamic benefit to having smooth legs. The hairier you are, the more difference a wax will make.


Intimate waxing is a pretty standard grooming habit for thousands of men who routinely book a session every month or so without batting an eyelid. For some of you who haven’t tried it yet… you may be thinking ouch 🤕 but it’s actually more like ooooh 😁

Yes men wax, and a lot too. A huge percentage of men have now jumped on the waxing trend over the past couple of years. Male intimate waxing is not new and definitely not unusual. Why wouldn't men want to look and feel smooth down there? Like their female counterparts, more and more men are looking for a more effective way to stay fuzz-free for longer. The bravest guys go for male intimate waxing and stick to it because they think any discomfort is worth the amazing results they get. Don’t knock something until you have tried it! Book yours online today, go on be brave boy! #


Want your appointment for free?
Every one likes 👍🏻 money 💵 off, right? Then get some for yourself! It’s easier than you think!
Just tell your mates about how they can get 10% off Waxing, facials, spray tans & Callus Peel foot treatments, just by mentioning your name and refer a friend in the notes section when booking in online and boom 💥 you get 10% off your next visit too!

Here’s the best bit though….. If you refer 2 people then you’ll get 20% off, 3 people then 30% off, 4 people then 40% off…. You get the gist! Get to 10 people before your next appointment and yours is 100% off!
What an amazingly simple & awesome way to get discounts for yourself!

* here’s the small print… boo boringly. This only applies if you’re friends are new clients & not existing ones, they need to put Refer a friend and your full name in the notes section when booking online! 10% off only for each new friend! For every one person you refer you’ll get 10% each time. To receive your 100% free Appointment it has to be what you usually have done ✅ not more services! And that’s it simplifies!


Mens leg waxing is most popular among cyclists, swimmers and runners. This is not just for improved performance but also allows for easy sports massage to repair or prevent injury, as body hair can make this uncomfortable. Male leg waxing is also becoming popular due to the fact that many men preferring the feel of hairless skin. We always include speedo line, feet and toes in our male leg waxing as we feel most men would feel these area’s are needed.
So get your legs smoother than hers! Book online or message for an appointment! #


If you have ever considered getting a chest wax then just look at this guy! Waxing gives you smooth skin and enhances your muscles! Does chest Waxing hurt? It’s slightly uncomfortable yes as it’s probably the worst place to get waxed! Yes even more than your intimate areas! But definitely not the 40year old virgin scenario! Not everyone has a hairy chest, but the main reason people get it waxed is actually due to the thickness of the hair. Waxing regularly helps the hair grow back thinner and slower. So, while you may be thinking is it worth the pain just remember how little you'll have to wax in the long run.
So in short definitely worth it like my client here! He’s always so pleased when his chest is freshly waxed and smooth! #


Feel Clean, Confident with a Butt Wax
A men's butt wax service is great for men that just want to feel cleaner or for those that are active in the gym, cycling or in other hobbies. This hair removal service includes the cheeks and the butt crack. Our premium wax gives you a more comfortable experience leaving you with a smooth and hairless behind for up to six weeks and thinner hair regrowth. Butt hair is not a widely discussed matter, but everyone knows that it happens and wants to find a way to make it go away for several reasons, from hygiene to appearance or sexuality. No hair in the rear means a much cleaner and attractive behind since clothes will fit better, you will feel fresher and sexier. Although some people still have reservations about butt hair removal, it goes without saying that at this day and age it's extremely common to find people getting their bottom hair waxed, your mates are probably already getting it done ✅
And there is no reason for embarrassment, so do not refrain from it because of outdated ideas! I do at least 10+ a week! #


Many men have hairy backs. Many don't. It really is pot luck – and down to genetics – as to which side you fall on. For those stuck with the former, having a hairy back is by no means a cause for concern. While some will take great pride in their hirsute aesthetic, we understand that for others it may be a cause of discomfort and perhaps even affect their confidence and self-esteem. In truth, the only thing that really matters is how you feel about your hairy back. If you love it, then wear it loud and proud. If you want to get rid of it, then you've come to the right place. By far the easiest solution is to have a professional back wax, especially if you also have the top of your arms and shoulders done at the same time. Hair will grow back less with this and over time comes back finer & softer! #


Breathe more easily with Nose waxing! Book yours online today! #


Say No to bushy brows! Nothing looks sharper than an eyebrow wax! So get yours booked in today! # #


Don’t sweat the small stuff! Underarm waxing for men is quick & easy, when you sweat this gets trapped in your hair causing bacteria to grow and then causes odours. Waxing gets it smoother than anything else, & no itchy regrowth! Book yours today online # #


Mens Underarm waxing, feel fresher in the gym! Book online-


Men’s eyebrow waxing, the only thing you can get in shape without exercising
🐌 be gone!


Appointments available next week for all men’s grooming 👍
Waxing, tans, facials, ear Candling, feet treatments or just a trim!

Photos from one_man_waxer's post 28/07/2023

Recent Google reviews from clients! Check out more reviews on our booking site!

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Grass has grown down below? Time to book that wax Appointment Available this Saturday (due to a rescheduled appointment) book online be quick before it goes!


Still a few appointments left before August! Book online now!


The good olde famous Back, sack n crack! Save £10 when you combine your treatments! Book online now!


There’s a Manzilian reasons to wax these days! Check out my older posts for examples, all you got to do is be brave and book one! Once you have one you’ll never go back!


Pull off that woolly fur sweater and get a super Summer saving of £10 when you have a full torso wax, this includes Chest, Abs (or belly) like me! Full back & shoulders! Can not beat more £ in your pockets when combining your treatments! Book yours today online.

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