Princess beauties

Younique makeup presenter. love the makeup so decided to spread the love!


Wow guys we are over 600 likes! That is insane! I have a spooky look in the works for you all its just trying to find the time to do it 🤦🏼‍♀️ keep watching this space it will be with you soon!


Tried to make myself a punkin! What do you think? I could have sat there hours changing bits and adding bits!


Who knew college would be so stressful?! I have literally went to bed at 8pm every night so far 🤦🏼‍♀️

But its fantastic! I will be doing more content once I get into a routine!


Now I have to wear a mask pretty much the whole day im actually in college I can give a review how our makeup holds out!

On Wednesday I will take photos of my mask to show you all but so far minimal transfer to the mask! Which is obviously fantastic! This photo was taken after wearing the makeup around 7 hours, taking masks on and off! Jumper on and off! Having dinner, etc. Its still brilliant! No touch ups!

Hopefully Saturday night guys I will do my first Halloween inspired makeup/facepaint! Fingers crossed the kids actually go to bed on time! 🤞 might make a tiktok of it rather than go live for my first one xx

Photos from Princess beauties's post 07/09/2020

Stress skin!! Who else breaks out when they are stressed?

Worrying about starting college Wednesday to do my nursing course and its really playing havoc with my skin!

But no fear! My mattifying primer, kabuki brush and liquid foundation has covered it a treat!! Not forgetting amazing cleansing routine morning and night to makes sure all the makeup is out my pores so more of a breakout doesn't happen!

This month these 2 products and tool are on offer upto an amazing 26% off!! Who doesn't love a bargain?

If you would like a complimentary colour match let me know by dropping down below!

Also here is a link to a list of all the products I used this morning if you would like to go have a look! If you would like to buy anything just simply remove the products you do not wish to buy and checkout!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 04/09/2020

Well guys sorry for being gone for soooooo long! But I am back!

Also if your interested in what products I used to create this look I have created a list for you all on this link 🥰

Photos from Princess beauties's post 28/08/2020

Had the amazing opportunity of Cameron Quinn CRQ MUA doing my makeup 😍

Definitely different to what I am use to but I love it! Learnt a few tricks too! Certainly a lovely young man! And very very talented!!

Yes a few selfies but I couldn't do the makeup justice! Thank you soo much Cameron!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 27/08/2020


These are my summer and winter shade! As you can see with lace I was way too tanned to be wearing it but it was salvageable with some bronzer to darken it up a bit

Eyelet is still a yellow undertone foundation (olive skin) but slightly darker and as you can tell blended with my natural skin colour brilliantly!

If you would like a free colour match let me know! We still have some shades of spray foundation in stock! Including eyelet!


Delivery day!

Who else wish they grabbed themselves this amazing spray foundation?

Photos from Princess beauties's post 24/08/2020

So I had this arrive today!!! I was too excited to try it so I didn't put makeup on 🤦🏼‍♀️

What do you guys think? Do you think it made my lips look plumper? Its a very quirky experience! It tingles but just like if you ate a peppermint if that makes sense? My lips feel huge 🤣 im very impressed!

If you would like to be on my pre-order list for next time it restocks, comment plump down below! It sold out in 20 minutes this restock and I managed to still grab myself one💃🏼

Photos from Princess beauties's post 21/08/2020

Omg my beauties!!

Twisted mascara is freaking amazing!! Hands down my favourite mascara younique has 100%

The wands are amazing at separating the lashes and making them look fuller! I can't wait to LVL my lashes again as I think they are going to look amazing with this mascara!!

Also if your interested in what products I used to create this look I have created a list for you all on this link 🥰


Are you sitting down?! It’s about to get TWISTED!!!!!

EPIC TWISTED that is!!!

Formulated with ✨keratin ✨biotin ✨Argan oil ✨ a blend of waxes combined with flexible polymers to build volume without the use of fibers.

Doesn’t this mascara look amazing!!!
Drop below to grab yours⬇️


Ok guys! Not only do we have a brand new twisted mascara coming out on the 18th of August!!

This amazing most talked about foundation is restocking again!!

Who is excited as me this month? New goodies is exciting!

Drop down below if you would like a complimentary colour match!

Also drop down below if you want to try the new mascara before its launch date!!


🎉OH MY GOD!!!!🎉
New mascara launch to presenters ONLY for now!

This doesn't go live to you guys until the 18th August BUT I can order 4 Now 🙌🏼🙌🏼 It's amazing!!! drop an emoji to be 1 of the lucky 4!! I'm buzzing!!!

It’s called twisted mascara, comes with a small wand and big wand for all you ladies so you can choose which ever wand you wanna use! 🥳

Also made with ingredients that are in the lash serum like biotin, keratin and Argon oil❗️All amazing ingredients to help grow and strengthen lashes and now it’s in this mascara❗️WOW👏🏼🥳

I will hopefully be getting mine in the next couple of days to show you lovely ladies and give my review but I already know its gling to be amazing!!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 08/08/2020

Sorry i have been quiet this week my beauties! I have had a week off wit my family and what a week it has been!

I finally got engaged after 8 and a half years!!! So been a very full on week!

But I thought i would let you all know i have an exciting new product that will hopefully be with me very soon i can show you all ready for its launch! 😲🥳

Photos from Princess beauties's post 02/08/2020


Its a day late and already so much is running out of stock its that amazing of an announcement!

This is the monthly kudos (deal)
•Pressed eyeshadow pallet for 4 shades of your choice
•free collectable makeup bag! (Its adorable!!)

I have put a collage of the shades we have currently available of the pressed eyeshadows! (8:30pm 2nd of August)
Some really beautiful shades left to grab!!

We have pallet 4 still stocked! Shown below and the beloved pressed shadow pallete is restocked but selling out fast!!

The beauty box is the same as last month! 17 full size products for a massive 80% off as a bundle discount! It sadly doesn't come with Y-Cash (credit) this month! I did warn you that it was only a limited deal! 🤦🏼‍♀️ but they have included a half qualified rewards link! Which is amazing!! 🥳

If you would like some more info please comment (ME) down below!



New month means new exciting deals and products and incentives!

I am at work for 9 hours today so going to miss the announcement of the new exciting things but I till update you all when I can!!


Wow! How hard!! I got a bit nervous doing this facepaint on a live and im glas I didnt do it on a live!

Jesus it was hard! Definitely the hardest i have tried to attempt!

I will be going live another night, but will go for the second favourite you guys chose!


Guess what?!!

Saturday is the 1st of August and guess what is restocking?! Only the spray foundation!!

I can get my summer shade too! This one Is slightly the wrong shade!

But! This is just how easy it is to cover any imperfections! And colour correct any blemishes!

I'm in love with this foundation! Its so easy to apply and a little goes a very long way! Not only that but it also has a matte finish!! Perfect!


So im feeling a facepaint live maybe tomorrow? I have two days off work and I am feeling creative!

I'm thinking maleficent (bottom right)

What do you guys think? What would you like to see ne recreate?


Got a new brush set this week will be doing a review on them tomorrow!

Who else is obsessed with brushes?

I need someone to teach me what they are all for!! im slowly being converted to loving brushes!


It done what it was meant to!! What do you guys think? Xx


Wanted a really subtle lilac colour make sure you check back tomorrow to see which colour it turned out!!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 21/07/2020

Omg so excited when this was delivered just before I popped out today!

A inventive prize from our amazing company!! YES! This bag was free!!

Its such great quality and I'm in love!!



To enter end of julys giveaway simply:
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Starting to get quite the collection 😍


I have 1 brand spanking new epic mascaras in black, at a VIP discount, who wants to be the first two lucky ladies to grab have epic lashes!

These are my real results!

Drop in the comments if you want this amazing deal!


I feel like I need a post to apologise to you all my beauties!

I am so sorry I haven't been consistent!
As you all know as I'm completely 100% open with you guys i suffer with anxiety. I have good days and bad days. I got to a point where I was having constant good days and felt 100% great all the time!....

Well I dont know what has happened, I cannot even pinpoint the day it happened... i have really been struggling the last few weeks, having mild anxiety attacks for no reason, mood swings and feeling so crap about my body and myself!

I know I need to start with my self development again and solely concentrate on that for a few days to get back in the right frame of mind but its like a constant battle with my brain to get myself to a good enough frame of mind to even do the self development!

You are your own worse enemy! I am the only person stopping myself from feeling free of my mind again and I'm not getting on with it! Mental illness sucks! But having great support really helps hence why I am sharing this with you guys as I know you lot are amazing and supportive!

I promise I will come back strong in the next week, with more facepaint lives and makeup tutorials as they really help me ground myself and get me out my comfort zone and feel like I complish something! Dodging my lives really hasn't been helping my mindset!

Please feel free to drop some ideas below of makeup or face-paint ideas you guys think i should try! (Then I know you have read until the end 😜) thank you again for all of you that are still around liking and commenting 💜


Not bad for a first attempt!

Definitely going to try again when I have fake blood and fake skin stuff so make it really look like my skin is being pulled back!


Pennywise makeup!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 14/07/2020

Look at how amazing the 4D mascara looks with the eyelash primer!! It makes it look soo fluffy! I am officially amazed with my first use with it who else is blown away by these results?!


So I have decided with your help to go for this look but going to be doing it tomorrow now as hoping for a better night with the baby so I'm all refreshed tomorrow and cam give this ago with my own take!!


So let me break it done for you....
💚July BeautyBox you get 16 full-size skincare and cosmetics delivered straight to you door...
💚£40 products credit on your BeautyBox account to spend on whatever you desire from your website....
💚Voucher for this high demand beauty oil for when it's back in stock....that alone and a mascara is the price of the Beautybox 🤯
Yes you buy 2️⃣ get 1️⃣5️⃣ free £40 credit 🤯

Like Christmas and your birthday all come early....actually ideal birthday gift or treat for a loved one and yourself too!!!
Who wants the current product list drop below

Photos from Princess beauties's post 12/07/2020

Ok so I want to get back into my facepainting!

What would you guys like to see? I was thinking out of these, comment on the one you like!

Also would you rather I go live and did it so you guys can watch? (Remember I go quite when I concentrate! I don't know if you guys are cool with that?)

Hoping to do tomorrow dinner time ish! (Hopefully won't have to go on the school run with it on haha)


Pink make up look and a chit chat!



bit short notice but fingers crossed if fredster is napping around then I will be going live to put my makeup on! Come have a chin wag! Xx


Who would like to earn themselves a pair of these blue light filter glasses?!

I have a very easy way for you guys to get yourselves a pair! If you hold a virtual party with me and get your friends and family to grab a mascara and meet a goal in sales these are yours!!

Photos from Princess beauties's post 07/07/2020

Whoooo this beauty has only gone and taken full advantage of the free training which she got through buying the beauty box! She has completed her lash training!

Well done hunni! So proud of you! Next step youology training! 🥳


Wakeup to makeup! Morning chinwag!


Be going live tomorrow morning at 9:30am! My first live in a while for makeup! I'm a tad nervous! I dont have a clue why!

Be doing a wakeup to makeup! So grab a brew and come have a chat! Kick these nerves to the curb!


Bit of tiktok fun today to try get back into the swing of things and get my confidence back up!

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