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Loving the new hair thank you Naomi @ Bella Bea Hair Studio
Huge thanks to Gemma for making me feel human again, and banishing 3 months of grey 😫 LOVE my hair, you are a ⭐
Love visiting Naomi Coates at Bella Bea's - my hair always look amazing
A very happy Christmas and a healthy new year see you in the new year from Sarah Jane Ringwood
Hi, is there any chance one of you lovely ladies could do a wet trim tomorrow at all (no blow dry necessary)?
Very friendly girls, always an excellent result, fab location, free parking.
Hi, I am really struggling when trying to book online. Nothing comes up. I have tried on both my IPad & laptop. Is there a problem with this?
Very happy daughter, ombré pink for school holidays. Thank you 😊
Did you see my new text Gemma? x
Hi Gemma, can you fit me in at all Mon 23rd or Tues 24th with you or your colleague please?? xx
Hi Gemma, can I please come in for a trim on either Mon 23rd or Tues 24 July? 10am-12 midday? Please 😊xx
Mabel’s first ever haircut 💖 Thank you for making it such a positive experience for her x

Our mission is to be committed to excellence in the art of hairdressing and offer a unique and genui

Operating as usual


New dawn on the horizon… As of Thursday 27th Jan, face masks will no longer be required to wear for either stylists or guests. If however you would prefer to wear one or prefer us to wear one we would be more than happy to do this for you so feel free to request it.
We are so looking forward to seeing your smiles and beautiful faces again!
Here’s to a Happy 2022 🙌🏻


We know it’s a bit scary letting someone loose on your hair for the first time! which is why Adam is offering a complimentary haircut for men on their first visit. So why not give it a go?
Send us a message and we’ll work with you to arrange your complimentary cut ✂️


With lots of conversations having taken place this past week or so and lots of people asking whether we will be making any changes to the way we operate since returning to the salon we have come to the conclusion that the majority of guests would still feel better if we continued to wear our masks from tomorrow onwards so whilst we completely respect what our guests choose to do and what they are comfortable with we wanted to reassure those who would prefer for us to remain wearing them that we will continue to do so.
If you have any questions, concerns or hesitation about visiting please feel free to get in touch.
[email protected]


Hello everyone ❤️
I’ve had a colour cancellation on Saturday (5th) at 9am if anyone would like to snap it up!

Naomi xox


Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter weekend!
Hopefully after tonight’s announcement we will be able to contact everyone tomorrow onwards to reschedule your appointments. Please don’t worry if you don’t hear from us tomorrow, it took us many hours to contact everyone before so may take us more than a day. We are rescheduling in the order in which appointments were missed to make it as fair as possible. If you didn’t have an existing appointment and would like one, please feel free to email me [email protected] and I will get you added to the list with either myself, Naomi or Claire.
We have been advised that having had Covid or the vaccine can make you more sensitive to allergies in relation to hair colour. Because of this and the amount of time that has passed since your last visit, we are having to ask you to have an allergy test prior to your colour appointment. Even if you believe you have not been in contact, for insurance purposes this still needs to be carried out and more importantly to keep you safe. ❤️
Have a lovely bank holiday everyone! Not long till we see you all again!

Photos from Bella Bea Hair Studio's post 23/02/2021

When your Work Wife sends you the nicest surprise in the post you just know she’s The One ❤️
Naomi I could not and would not want to do this without you. Feel very lucky to work with you. XX


🤞🏻Aiming for April 🤞🏻


I know many people are anxious about getting their next appointments booked, please be assured that we will be scheduling everyone in the week prior to a confirmed return date. Although target dates have been discussed we are waiting until it is 100% confirmed to avoid any disappointment.
Just as before we will firstly reschedule missed appointments from January onwards and continue to book from there.
Again, just as before, I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and bearing with us whilst we undertake this mammoth task. It took two of us three days straight to rebook everyone previously hence why we only want to be doing it once 😂🙈
We will be working extra hard with extended hours to accommodate everyone as quickly as possible so please don’t worry 🙏🏻 We will get there ❤️✂️❤️


Whilst we remain closed we are fighting every day to make sure we are able to open our door again to you in the future. I wanted to thank everyone for being so amazingly supportive, understanding minimal price increases for some services last year, being patient trying to obtain appointments, the amazing support particularly through December, purchasing your home haircare and Christmas gifts with us. These things make a HUGE difference to us and we appreciate it so much. Without you I think it’s fair to say we would lose this fight. We cannot wait to welcome you back again. ❤️


Hello, I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas!🎄

As we all know we’re in tier 4, meaning the salon can no longer stay open until further notice. Again!😫

At the moment we don’t have a date as to when we can reopen, but I will keep you updated as soon as we’re given more information.
If you had an appointment booked in the new year you will be first on the list to rearrange. Then anyone else wanting an appointment, please do contact me or phone the salon and we will do our best to get you booked in🖤

Take care, and looking forward to welcoming you back soon!

Naomi xx


Hello! Can’t wait to get back in the salon!

I’ve had a cancellation on Friday 4th December at 12pm for Cut and blow dry, if anyone would like to snap it up!

Naomi 🖤x


So sorry, there are so many of you that I have not had the chance to speak to yet or return calls or messages. Please please please do not think I have forgotten about you. I desperately wish I could fit more of you in before Thursday, I’m going to miss seeing you! I’m making calls where I can and will hopefully have spoken to everyone on Thursday with a new plan of action. I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see more of you. Stay safe everyone. And remember, don’t feel alone. Our physical meeting won’t be able to take place through November but if you’d still like to chat, I’ll be on the other end of the phone.
Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea. XX


Hi everyone!

I’ve got two appointments left tomorrow at 3:30 and 6:30 for a cut and blow dry only. If you already had an existing appointment during November, or within the next few days please get in touch to bring your appointment forward.

I will be in touch with everyone within the next few days to rebook hopefully in December when we’re back.

Keep safe
Naomi ❤️x


We have lots of hair goodies in the salon which would make lovely Christmas gifts, like the Biolage gift sets, £34, which can be delivered. I will elaborate on what we have to offer very soon!


Bella Bea will be closing its doors once again under instruction on the evening of Wednesday 3rd November and aim to reopen Wednesday 2nd December.
As before, online bookings are temporarily unavailable to allow us to reschedule those who had already booked through November.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are already fully booked for us so please be patient whilst we work our way through the many phone calls we will be making. We will be in touch with everyone who has already booked and will keep everyone updated on here as to when we can accept new bookings and reopen the online system.
Once again, thank you so much for your continued support and patience through what has been a difficult year.
For now, stay safe, stay home and stay positive. XX


Are you contemplating a new hairstyle and not sure what to ask for?
Claire has appointments available this Thursday 13th where she can discuss with you and design the right haircut for you.
Simply click the BOOK NOW button to see her availability and reserve your time with Claire.


Hello everyone!
I’m loving being back at the salon, seeing all you lovely lot ❤️

I’ve had a colour cancellation on Friday 24th at 11:30 if anyone would like to snap it up 💇🏼‍♀️

Contact me on 07775779380
Naomi xx


What a week this has been. First full week back and I have certainly felt the love and appreciation. Thank you to everyone who has graced me with their presence this week and allowed me to transform them. I am STILL working my way through all of you lovely people, getting you scheduled in as soon as possible. We have worked really long hours this week in full PPE so it’s been a little harder to get those calls in but I’m getting there and if you’re not sure if you’re on my list or would like to be added to it, feel free to drop me a text 07794 679084.
Looking forward to seeing more of you this week!

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X


Just so you know.....

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X


What a week! I’m still not through with all of my calls so please don’t worry if you’ve not heard from me yet. I had seriously underestimated how long this would take! Thanks for your patience!

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X


Anyone who hasn’t heard from me yet will definitely be receiving a call from me tomorrow. Having to pause from making any more calls today for reasons I will explain. Thank you for being so patient! ❤️

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X

Timeline photos 27/06/2020

Consider Attachments...
More hairdryer talk! I know I’m going on a bit but I honestly can’t stress how much of an important factor the hairdryer and attachments are in creating great hair.
There are really only two attachments you could possibly need. Most hairdryers come with a nozzle and I’m surprised and often baffled as to why so many of my clients leave them in the box 😂😘 The nozzle allows you to concentrate the air flow in one place and will create a smoother finish. If you like to wear your hair curly you will really benefit from using a diffuser which will hold your hair in place and circulate air around the curls. Most dryers used to come with a diffuser and now most of them don’t although many manufacturers do sell them separately. You can also get fabric ones that attach to any hairdryer.
Hope this helps.

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X

Timeline photos 26/06/2020

In my opinion, Victoria Beckham always gets a relaxed hair up right.
For this sort of look you need;
heat protection and a medium sized curling tong if you need to add texture, mixed-bristle brush, hair elastic, hair grips and hairspray.

Step 1: This hair up is all about texture - there must be plenty of movement in your hair so if there isn’t much in there, get in there with your heat protection and curling tong and just curl and bend randomly and then shake it all out using your hands.

Step 2: Create some height around your crown using a mixed-bristle brush to back brush a few sections of hair. All you need to do is put the brush against the underneath of your hair, a few centimetres away from your roots and push the hair back on itself. This is not a frantic back and forth motion, you do after all, want to remove it easily at the end of the day! you just want to bunch the hair back on itself a bit.

Step 3: Use your hands to pull your hair into a ponytail that’s above the occipital bone (the bone at the back of your head, just above the top of your neck) and tie it with your elastic.

Step 4: Take your ponytail and fold it in a loop around your fingers. Flatten it against your head, over the base of your ponytail to create a sort of flattened bun, and pin it with your hair grips. Anywhere you find yourself holding with your hand, needs a grip.

Step 5: Once it’s pinned in place you can start pulling bits out and roughing it up a bit using a blast of hairspray as you go. I think the more worn this hair looks, the better. Don’t be afraid to pull it about, you can always pin bits back in. Remember to loosen some bits around the hairline too.

This is a great quick fix for those last minute Zoom calls! Hope this helps.

Gemma Marie @ Bella Bea X


As you will hopefully already have experienced, we take pride in the cleaning and sterilisation of our salon and equipment and this has always been important to us.
The additional measures which have been put in place are as follows;

- We ask kindly that you arrive promptly for your appointment and if you arrive early by car, that you remain there until your appointed time. This is just to try to reduce the number of people in the salon at one time and eliminate people sat waiting. For the same reason we also ask that you arrive alone or in the case of a child’s haircut that they are accompanied by one adult. We totally understand that sometimes things happen out of our control and lateness can’t be avoided. Unfortunately if this does happen we will have to reschedule so as your appointment doesn’t overrun and overlap another.
- It would really help us if outer clothing or anything that you will have to remove for your appointment could be left in cars where possible.
- There is antibacterial gel for you to use upon entering.
- On arrival we will check your temperature. If the reading is high we will reschedule your appointment as close as possible 14 days from then. We will also be checking our own temperatures each morning.
- We have been advised to keep talking to a minimum and this will be done via the mirror. We hope you will enjoy these peaceful haircuts!
- As well as our usual PPE we will be wearing masks, visors and aprons and for any guests that don’t have their own masks, we will have some disposable ones available for 50p.
- As you know, we already use disposable towels and we wanted to reassure you that you each receive your own freshly laundered gown.
- We welcome you to bring your own refreshments. For longer appointments we will still be offering our usual teas and coffees in eco-friendly disposable cups which we kindly ask you to dispose of in the designated bin as you leave.
- We also welcome you to bring your own reading material as we have temporarily removed magazines from the salon.
- We will ask you to remain seated at the end of your service where we will bring the card machine to you along with any additional products you wish to take home. This also enables you to use ApplePay. We will also schedule your next appointment whilst you remain seated. You may still use cash if you’d prefer. We will use hand sanitiser after handling any money and the card machine will also be disinfected every time someone has to input their PIN.

If there’s anything you think we could improve on or you think we have overlooked then please feel free to email me; [email protected] or if you have any questions at all regarding the above.
You will be hearing from us regarding appointments. As soon as we have honoured all of the existing appointments that were already scheduled by scheduling them first, we can then start making bookings for anyone that didn’t have one.
You will not be forgotten, we promise! ❤️✂️
Regrettably, price increases were almost inevitable in order to enable us to survive and recover from this. These have been kept to a minimum and carefully calculated based on how we will now have to operate for the foreseeable. We hope everyone understands. We love our salon and desperately don’t want to have to close the doors! All prices are now detailed on our website
You have all been absolutely amazing. Without your words of kindness and no doubt your continued support when we reopen, this really wouldn’t be possible. You mean the world to us. ❤️

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