Positively Hair with Freedom wigs

Positively Hair with Freedom wigs

Positively Hair is an independent agent for freedom hair that helps you with choosing the correct vacuum-fit hair prosthesis (wig), primarily for people with alopecia.

These are custom-made for each individual using unprocessed human hair. My name is Nicola Bratton and my business is called Creative Impressions with Freedom Wigs I am an independent agent for Freedom wigs in the United Kingdom. I have been a beauty therapist, make-up artist and hairdresser for at least 18 years and absolutely love this profession with helping people relax and feel good about them

Operating as usual

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 18/04/2022

Happy Easter everyone 🐣🥰💐 hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 14/04/2022

London is one of my favourite place to visit clients. Even more lovely as Russ was on holiday so had some company for the journey. Back in London on the 4th and 5th May if you would like to see me for a consultation.

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 12/04/2022

Pre styling. Wow weee 🤩 look at this amazing warm red tones. Absolutely stunning 😍 it’s so fantastic what FreedomHair can get us with natural human hair.


On the road again for April, May and June
Happy to come and see you in your location let me know where you like me to visit.
Contact me for more details

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 07/04/2022

It’s one of my favourite parts of the job when clients send you pictures. Doesn’t Jess look absolutely stunning at her friends party. Thank you for sharing 😍. Please contact me if you like to see me regarding Freedom hair I am back on the road travelling to see you for a consultation.


Absolutely love it when I get tagged in post saying they love their hair. Makes my day. 🥰🥰

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 17/03/2022

My client has beautiful natural beauty ❤️ the curl and cut on this style is very elegant. @positivelyhair_freedomwigs


Haven’t my clients got the best smiles 🥰


🥰 So natural. If you would like more details please contact me @positivelyhair_freedomwigs

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 08/03/2022

Love the spring morning feeling when travelling. Glasses on ready for the road trips. Covered many miles in the last few weeks. Where to next ?

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 01/03/2022

Friday was an absolutely amazing day seeing wonderful clients. Which is always the best days. But finished on an amazing high, walking along Hasting beach front with the sun on my face. Loving the vitamin D 🌞

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 17/02/2022

A very wet and windy trip but very enjoyable to Bristol, Plymouth, Taunton, Devon and Exeter catching up with clients. However got a glimpse of a little sun and a rainbow. Time for home today ready for next weeks travels.


Lush 14 inch FreedomHair.
Don’t they both look absolutely stunning.
I love the smiles I get when a client gets new hair.


Yesterday trip seeing clients for Freeodm Wigs was Nottingham and Sheffield.
Please contact me if you like an appointment to discuss FreedomHair with Positively hair.


South Yorkshire lovely pretty drive and a lot more hills than Norfolk.
Next week I am seeing clients in Nottingham, Sheffield, and Newcastle.
Contact me if you like to see me regarding FreedomHair.

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 01/02/2022

🤣 I can not grow my head or body hair but I can grow a good moustache. 🥸🤪


Love it when I get selfies off clients in their FreedomHair. Another phenomenal no fringe look.
Contact me if you would like an appointment about FreedomHair Wigs.


On the road again. Sheffield last week, Oxford today.
The next few weeks is South Yorkshire, Lancashire, Sheffield, and Newcastle.
I am at Plymouth, Bristol and Devon the week of the 14th February. Contact me for more details for an appointment.


Doesn’t my client look absolutely beautiful 🤩 the hairdresser has done an amazing job. @positivelyhair_freedomwigs

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 20/01/2022

You ever have a photo you look back at and remind yourself to reset and renew. Set yourself positive intentions doesn’t matter big or small. This is one of mine.
I believe health mindset will manifest our dreams 😊🥰🤩Since having alopecia and losing my hair, I like to concentrate on my mindset, eating healthy but eating delicious foods that are health, I enjoy moving my body carrying out different workouts. I have discovered that mindset is important. Reset and renew. 🤩 I definitely have FreedomHair that has helped me with this journey.


Doesn’t my client look absolutely amazing with the selfie she took in her new Freedom Hair. After being styled by Julie ❤️


New Year 2022 🤩and I am back doing what I love.
Yesterday I traveled to Wakefield to see a client. Great start to the year carrying out consultations and head scans again for measuring for Freedom Wigs. I have started to book dates in the dairy for appointment we have Plymouth booked in for February so will also visit Devon and Bristol while I am there. Where do you want me to travel to to see you?
If you would like me to do a video chat to give you information or travel to see you please contact me for your appointment.

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 14/12/2021

The lovely new FreedomHair wearer. Doesn’t she look absolutely stunning.
Good luck in your new adventure. @positivelyhair_freedomwigs

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 25/11/2021

Saw this and loved this.
I really do believe that this is what I really try and input into my clients. It is about helping each other and being respectful. I try hard to also do courses to learn about wellness as well.
Next weeks I am on the road for a few days. Please contact me if you would like information on FreedomHair or need a scan if you like would to see me before the Christmas or want to make an appointment after.

Photos from Freedom Wigs Australia's post 22/10/2021

Amazing 🥰 so natural

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 05/10/2021

My beautiful clients has sent me a couple of her wedding day pictures. With the world 🌎 being so crazy my client had to make lot of changes to her wedding. However she had an amazing and a beautiful day. She sent these saying “The final one is after being in an open top sports cra, wind, and general mucking about. amazing what FreedomWigs can with stand” You have no clue what they hair still looks the same. 🥰🥰🥰🥰 contact me if you like more information and an free consultation


Love it when you get sent photos and lovely message from clients saying they love their new hair and style.
Kate looks amazing in her new Bob length FreedomHair . @positivelyhair_freedomwigs


Alopecia awareness month.

Alopecia awareness month.💙💙
I was 26 year old and pregnant when I started to lose my hair. We all have different journeys in life and hair loss wouldn’t of been something I would of chosen. At the time I was scared and upset but my family was a massive support and I have been forever grateful that they never treated me any different. And I completely love them for this😍
However as much as they showed me support what I am so blessed to have in my life is a different family and friends. Some I see lots and some I have never meet but feel inspired by their amazing journey in life and lovely support we give each other.
I also wish I could share all my pictures of friends and clients but again we all choose to live different paths with our hair loss. There is no right or wrong way. But the right way is the love and support we give each other.


Request no.4 Can you swim in your Freedom wig.
Answer Yes🤩 the video isn’t great. My son tried to get a video. But still shows that you can go in water and no issues.
Contact me for more details

Photos from Positively Hair with Freedom wigs's post 07/09/2021

Absolutely love it when clients tag me in posts. Doesn’t she look amazing 🤩 let me know if you would like an appointment in your area.


Request no. 3 FreedomHair hair with water.
Please don’t laugh like my children. 😂 water slides and water no problem these slides at the water park are fairly big and scary 😂😂 no worries about my hair coming off in the water they are comfy and secure.


2nd request HAIRLINE and sunrise 🌅 watch till the end to get a good view. 🌞☀️with any wig you are going to have a hairline. With FreedomHair they implant under hairs for us. This allows us at the salon to cut baby hairs along the hair line to create softness. Very clever 🥰 contact me for information.
@positivelyhair_freedomwigs @freedom_hair_scotland


First request from a client. Wind and exercise in my FreedomHair.
I like to try and set my mind correctly by using exercise and mediation. Not for everyone but works for me.
I quickly recorded a minute video of some of my workout from this morning. I use my workout to set intention for the day and this background definitely helped. As you can see no worries for FreedomHair @positivelyhair_freedomwigs

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Alopecia awareness month.
Looking forward to seeing you all again




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