Famous Pout Prestwick

Famous Pout Prestwick


Great service all the girls are so friendly and do great nails.
Leave it to the pros gals 🤣🤣
Can everyone please like our new team members page!! So excited for Brittany to start! She has so much passion already and is so excited to join us! Little business woman in the making 💅✨
click link below for bookings. Donna will be in our salon every Wednesday from 5th September
Thank you so much famous pout for your kind voucher for our cash for kids day !!! We had a blast and raised a great amount ...final amount will be announced tomorrow ### big hugs 😍

Famous Pout is a beauty salon based in Prestwick. We offer a large variety of treatments at an affordable price whilst keeping a high standard.

Famous Pout is a glamorous salon in Prestwick offering all sorts of beauty treatments for an affordable price. All our staff are fully trained and insured giving you professional and high standard treatments. Pop in and see us for leaflets, to book an appointment or to even just enquire.

Happy VE Day 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Raise a glass and clap for veterans is 3pm 👏🏻🥃🍾

Good morning my lovelies,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I’ve just popped on to say once I can reopen (I still don’t know when that will be) if you would like me to get in touch with you to book you in, could you simply write your name underneath in the comments section and what treatment you’d like.
I feel this would be easier for me to get through as I’ve had so many messages come through 💓

I’d also be interested in a little feedback. Such as:
✨Would a Monday appointment suit you?
✨What days/times in general would suit you best for appointments?
✨What is your favourite shade of gel polish?

I’m just curious because I’m thinking when I go back to work I’ll be working days and times to suit rather than having set opening times. So for example if I worked a Monday I’ll maybe take a Tuesday off if quiet and so on... The reason for this, is because when we return staggering start and finish times has been suggested as a way of avoiding the traditional rush hours on public transport. On a positive note, many of my clients may also have to change their working hours which might mean that appointment slots which used to be quiet are suddenly more in demand. As a business owner, i need to be available when my clients need me which may mean that i have to be more flexible with my working hours.

Lots of love, Kristina xx


Kristina Macintyre

How much do you usually spend on your hair a month or your nails? Why not still support local and treat yourself to some self care with our gorgeous Tropic Skincare range? 🥰

A carbon neutral company which creates beautifully, natural products that are vegan friendly and cruelty free 🐰

The products are beautifully wrapped and you can even send them straight to a friends door for a little pick me up 🥰

All products are made fresh for you using absolutely no nasty chemicals meaning these products are fabulous for sensitive skin 💆‍♀️💆

Unwind, pamper and start your skincare journey today....

Here is my website link to click on for a browse! You’ll also see all our wonderful reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


(Feel free to share this post & get in touch for any information)

tropicskincare.com Discover natural, vegan and cruelty-free, multi award-winning skincare and makeup products, freshly made in our Surrey Beauty Kitchen using sustainably sourced, premium, natural ingredients.

Famous Pout Prestwick

Thank you all for supporting my business during this time ✨

I am running another bonus ball! £10 a number! Pick a number 1-50 for your chance to win:

1 treatment per month for 12 months. You can mix and match or have the same once a month out of the following list:
✨Gel Polish
✨Acrylic nails
✨Acrylic Infills
✨Acrylic Soak off
✨Brow Wax & Tint (or one or other)
✨Lash Tint

I will make a list of numbers + names underneath in comments section... To pay for a number you can simply pay pal or bank transfer ❤️🤞

Oh & good luck 🤞🍀

Tropic Skincare is a skincare brand made of only the purest, natural, tropical ingredients. Vegan friendly, cruelty free. Pure & honest skincare that actually works so much so we even offer a 30 day return guarantee if the product doesnt work

How much do you usually spend monthly on gel polish or acrylics? £30? £50? Whilst in lockdown and deprived of getting your little nails tlc at the salon, why not give your nails some tlc at home for just £13? 💅 whilst your nails are having a break from acrylics or gel, use this time to give your nails plates deep hydration and nourishment with these 2 Tropic products...

Start of with your nail block at only £5!! File, shape, smooth and buff to perfection with this 4-sided nail care must-have. Lightweight and super effective, it’s an on-the-go saviour for super shiny, beautiful nails.

Then apply our gorgeous Nail Nectar at £8 to your cuticles to help repair and strengthen nails & cuticles. Scented with gorgeous grapefruit oil for a hint of zest with every use. Starflower and vitamin E-rich almond oil help to nourish and strengthen nails. What is even more pretty about this oil is that it has a real flower in it to show you how pure Tropic products are that it keeps the flower alive

So in total that is just £13 and I reckon these products will last you a good 3 months! If your lucky to get back to your nail technician before then, these products are still fabulous to use. Our nail nectar oil is great to use over acrylic nails & gel polish to keep nails hydrated and our nail block is fab to keep in your handbag incase you have a little chip of breakage to smooth off the edges.

To shop click my link: https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre

Thank you all for supporting my business during this time ✨

I am running another bonus ball! £10 a number! Pick a number 1-50 for your chance to win:

1 treatment per month for 12 months. You can mix and match or have the same once a month out of the following list:
✨Gel Polish
✨Acrylic nails
✨Acrylic Infills
✨Acrylic Soak off
✨Brow Wax & Tint (or one or other)
✨Lash Tint

I will make a list of numbers + names underneath in comments section... To pay for a number you can simply pay pal or bank transfer ❤️🤞

Oh & good luck 🤞🍀

So this evening I completed yet another course 💓
I’ve been using lockdown to think of ways to constantly improve my business and health & safety of my clients.

I completed 5 modules in COVID-19 infection & control. Making sure when I'm allowed to reopen I'm following all guidelines to ensure your health and safety and my own.

I got taught all this information during my HND beauty therapy but it was good to refresh my brain. I went through all sorts from proper sterilisation, disinfecting, how to wash hands correctly, PPE (personal protective equipment act 2002), handling waste hazardous & general, how to prevent cross contamination & more

Kristina ###


Good afternoon my lovely clients,
I thought I’d pop another wee update up. As I said yesterday I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve my business during lockdown. I want to thank all of you whom have sent me messages about things I can buy such as table shields ect. I’ve looked into the table shields but unsure at the moment as on the nail tech pages there is a lot of mixed reviews saying the hole is too large and if people were to cough or sneeze the particles in the air will easily transfer over. I have however ordered a face visor which is showing up more protection than the table shields, disposable masks to hand to my clients + latex gloves.
In all honestly I’ll just need to wait and see the government guidelines and go by them. I don’t really have the funds to be buying things I might not need so I’ll hold off to hear what I need to buy to open from the Government in the meantime. If the government tell me to buy a table shield then I’ll buy one.
I have also invested in a paper towel dispenser for the toilet. I used to have lovely wee face cloths to use but I feel the paper towel dispenser will be more hygienic 🥰✨

In the meantime you can support my business by doing the following:

💚I’m doing a bonus ball! £8 to win a year worth of gel polish (1x gel polish per month for 12 month) OR £10 for any nail treatment for a year (1x nail treatment per month for 12 month) message me for available numbers

🧡I am asking for pictures of rainbow hands + furbaby paws to put on my window to wave & lift the spirits of those passing on Prestwick Main Street. Simply paint or draw & post through my door! Can’t wait to see some of your creations!

💜My skincare shop is still active online. Self care is so important at a time like this so why not go on and treat yourself to some gorgeous skincare. Tropic is all pure ingredients so great for sensitive skin. Shop online here: https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre

💛Like & share this page + my skincare page https://www.facebook.com/TropicAmbassadorKristina/ + follow my instagram pages @famous_pout + @tropicwithkristina

💙Leave reviews on my pages for others to see ⭐️

Have a lovely day everyone 🥰🥰🥰🥰


My walk + talk (virtually) with my cousin this morning lead us to this crafty + fun idea!!

To spread cheer & love I’m collecting pictures of rainbow hands to put on my salon window! Simply post your drawing through my door if your passing or post it to us: 31 Main Street, Prestwick, KA91AD

This is a fun activity not just for kids, but adults + our furry babies too to get involved! Lots of waving hands + paws to wave to everyone as they pass on our high street and brighten up someone’s day!!🙋‍♂️🙋‍♀️🐶

I’ll be starting off and doing mine today!! Where there is positively there is happiness!!! 😃😃😃😃 can’t wait to see all your creations! You can paint, draw or even add some sparkle!! It can be your creation to show! As obviously putting paint on our puppers paws could be Ehm... a tad dangerous 😂 You can write a note if you’d like too as well 🥰

Love Kristina ###

[05/01/20]   Good morning my lovely clients. I’m just keeping you all updated. So yesterday I completed an online Suicide Prevention Course + The Barbicide online course ⭐️ I am constantly thinking of ways to try + improve my business during lockdown.

I am part of nail technician groups on social media & have heard updates from beauticians whom have returned to work in other countries and the rules they all have seem to match. They are strict rules but make sense. They must wear a mask & provide a mask to their client, it’s a strictly 1-1 appointment so no kids or friends can come with them, and as you all probably gathered they all need to wait outside till it’s their turn. HOWEVER, Our rules in the UK may be different! This was Denmark + Switzerland but I thought I’d just share!

I’m trying to look at the positive news as I have had a couple of down days! Seeing all the negative news on Facebook and people saying “I think it will be a while yet” really gets me down. I’m an upbeat, positive person as my clients know and I really miss my work, but my clients even more 🥰 I know I’m safe in my home but after doing the suicide prevention course yesterday please always remember one persons problem is never more important than someone else’s. It may not seem as bad but it can bring us all down the same way. I learned in my counselling course it can at times be lots of little things but they build to one big problem. So please if you need someone to chat to I’m here 💓

I’ve ordered a new appointment book + will go over my new booking system when it’s time to open. I just ask you all to be patient and I will accommodate best I can. I’ve also ordered pink latex gloves! 😂💓 because I’m Kristina and it’s Famous Pout so well it needs to be pink doesn’t it 🤷‍♀️😂

I’m away now a virtual walk with my cousin. She phones me for an hour every morning and we walk whilst we talk to try get our steps up. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart as she has been really there for me. I love you Carly 💓

Lastly, I just want to send love to you all, happiness and good health and please know I’m thinking of you all and intend to come back even better + stronger!

Love you all, Kristina ###

I want to make clients aware that I really am taking the health and safety of the salon seriously for reopening (when I get told I can)I will be following all the proper techniques and guidelines to provide the safest and cleanest of environments for you all.

It's so important that we are all following manufacturers instructions correctly and understand how their disinfectant products work.

In the meantime stay safe + I’m sending love 🥰

#besafe #clean #disinfect #properprotocol #safeenvironment #barbacide #takethetest #learnthebestechniques

A subject close to mine and many of our hearts 💚🌈


I’m know we all have some extra time on our hands right now and this takes less than half an hour to complete!

This is one of three of our lovely care packs 🥰 ⁣
I love these!! All profits from our Uplift Pamper Pack will go towards funding sanitisers for the NHS and The Trussell Trust, so it really is a gift that keeps on giving. ⁣

This is the Uplift Pamper Pack £30 ⁣

Introducing a luxurious combination of products to boost your bath, nourish your hands and provide luscious locks - the perfect gift for anyone whose spirits need uplifting. Includes: ⁣
✨Uplift Hand Creambalm, 40ml⁣
✨Mini Luxury Bath Foam, 100ml (a delicious scent will be randomly selected)⁣
✨Mini Hair Smooth, 10ml⁣

What a lovely wee treat to send to a loved one at this time. Shop via my link: https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre ⁣And once on my website click “new” and all 3 pamper packs will pop up 🥰

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Kristina Macintyre-Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Sun Drench 🌞 Overnight tanning mousse £32.00 includes tanning mitt! ⁣

An innovative, overnight, fast-acting tanning mousse with a handy pump to give you an effortlessly sun-kissed glow by morning ⁣

🌞Plant Allo-melanin mimics the colour of your own skin to provide a perfectly tailored tan⁣
🌞Antioxidant-rich kiwi fruit water gives you healthy-looking, hydrated, radiant skin all over ⁣

What I love about this tan... ⁣
I apply at night and simply wash off residue in morning. It doesn’t stain my bed sheets either! I love the fact it doesn’t come off bitty but evenly just fades 🥰 ⁣

⭐️Beauty Bible Awards 2020⭐️⁣

Shop via my link: https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre

Skincare Selection Kit ⁣⁣
This kit is literally amazing!! It is our largest collection we offer at Tropic 💓 ⁣⁣
Every product comes individually wrapped so you can even use it as individual presents at Christmas time giving you 7 gifts OR if you and a friend love Tropic but don’t both need all the products chip in and half it OR just give yourself a well needed pamper and keep it all for yourself like I do 🤣💓 ⁣⁣
So this kit is £100. However if you were to add all the following products up individually you’ll see your saving a massive £60 just buying this kit!! ⁣⁣
You receive:⁣⁣
Smoothing Cleanser £18⁣⁣
Bamboo Cloth £5⁣⁣
Mask of your choice £20⁣⁣
Skin Feast moisturiser £24⁣⁣
Plus either a Skin Dream(£42)+ Serum ⁣⁣
OR 2 Serums:⁣⁣
Blue Lagoon £42⁣⁣
Super Greens £42⁣⁣
Fruit Peel £42⁣⁣
Glow Berry £42⁣⁣
Rainforest Dew £42 ⁣⁣
Sun Drops £22⁣
I put the individual prices beside each product to show how much your saving! Considering 2 serums come to £84! Your literally just paying an extra £16 to make it £100 to get all the rest!! Absolutely incredible 😍⭐️⁣⁣
If you have any queries please give me a little message and I’ll help you! To shop pop onto my website: https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre Link in bio ⁣

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P.S or you can just pay an extra £98 + become an ambassador and get over £500 worth of products 😏 Oh with no targets and gain 25% commission from every sale! Message me for more information 🤩

Kristina Macintyre-Tropic Skincare Ambassador

Being a Tropic Ambassador 🌿✨



Tropic Skincare is a skincare brand made of only the purest, natural, tropical ingredients. Vegan friendly, cruelty free. Pure & honest skincare that actually works so much so we even offer a 30 day return guarantee if the product doesnt work

I have just finished watching Doctor Foster which I recommend you all watch! It was absolutely fantastic and one of the things I thought to myself was how good @suranne_jones looks! Turns out she is a massive Tropic skincare fan!! 🥰 Her favourite product is our nutrient boosting Super Greens serum at £42 and I’m not surprised! It’s one of my top serums too!
Shop here https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre Link in bio
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Famous Pout is unfortunately still closed. However my skincare shop online is still open ✨

Why not treat yourself to some gorgeous products and have a little pamper? Self care is so important at a time like this
Or send a friend in the NHS or perhaps a family member your really missing a little surprise and pick me up? After all, how nice is a surprise in the post! We have some gorgeous gifts!

With every Tropic product your helping to find education for children in the worlds poorest countries + we have 3 new packs out to send to loved ones and with every purchase all profits go to help our NHS! 👏🏻

Tropic has now won over 180 awards, it is pure, honest and effective skincare. Every product is made fresh for you as you buy so you get the most purest and natural ingredients on your skin. It’s completely cruelty free and vegan friendly! They are even offering a 90 day money back guarantee right now if the product wasn’t for you! How fab is that!

Shop using my link https://www.tropicskincare.com/kristinamacintyre
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Famous Pout, 31 Main Street, Prestwick
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Winstons trip to Famous Pout x
Thank you Studio Mmak 😘




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