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Full Coverage Foundation Even & Perfect Skin🥰

Do you know the secret of perfect make-up?
The essence of the perfect make-up is flawless complexion. To achieve this effect, use our Even & Perfect Skin Covering Facial Foundation, which perfectly evens out and smoothes out skin tone, masks imperfections and discolourations and covers up signs of tiredness. In a few moments it will bring back a beautiful, natural and fresh look to the skin.

Why will you love it: its long-lasting formula, which stays on your face for hours. Thanks to its light and creamy texture, it spreads very easily and blends perfectly with the skin, creating a velvety, matte finish - without the mask effect.

What will delight you about it: Its extremely delicate formula, which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

What else is worth knowing about it: The foundation was enriched with an active ingredient derived from bamboo, which moisturises and nourishes the skin and soothes irritations.

How to use it: Apply a small amount of foundation on the face and spread evenly. Use your fingertips, a sponge or brush to apply the foundation.

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Illumination & Freshness Light Eye.

What will delight you about it: a rich formula in vitamins A, E, C, PP and D-panthenol, which takes care of the condition of the complexion, moisturizes, strengthens and nourishes the skin.

What will make you not change it for any other: it has a light texture that does not burden the delicate skin around the eyes. It is ideal for high humidity and hot conditions. It provides a long-lasting effect, does not rub and does not run off the skin.

What else we are proud of: 100% of those surveyed confirmed that the concealer perfectly adapts to the skin by evening out its tone, provides a natural lightening effect around the eyes, visually smoothes the skin and reduces wrinkles and eliminates signs of tiredness. Everyone said that it spreads evenly, does not burden the skin and is waterproof - it remains in place even in adverse weather conditions.


Sink & drain unblocker with a practical flip top cap
Typically, it all starts with innocent gurgling. Then, the water starts to drain off slowly or it comes up another drain... If you don’t want to know what happens next, you’d better not ignore the warning signs. This thick gel will help you out even if you’re dealing with a serious clog. It unclogs the drain precisely, acting in standing water. It also removes the unpleasant smell that occurs when pipes get blocked.

Other things we took into account: the gel does not corrode steel pipes and rubber seals.

Where you can use it: kitchen sink, siphon, toilet, shower base, bathtub, bathroom and kitchen drain pipes.

What clogs it removes: clogs made of built up grease, coffee grounds and tea leaves, food rests, hair, paper or cotton wool.

What is essential for ladies: you can forget about the plumber and the plunger. The gel acts on its own and it is very hygienic. You can handle a clogged drain on your own, and you don't need to sweat with the plunger.

Why it is unscented: to dissuade you from smelling it. Don't do it, ever, because it's dangerous.

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Dirt Buster with a handy flip-top

How to prepare for major cleaning?
With our Dirt Buster at hand you’ll put your surroundings in order fast, and cleaning up will become easy.

It will help you take care of not only interiors, but also spaces around the house. You can use it to clean gazebos, balconies, garages, elevations and put workshops in order. You’ll look after surfaces and eliminate all stubborn dirt.

What this lovely scent is: Fresh orange blossom, delicate white flowers, rose, aromatic sandalwood.

What you can clean with it: Practically everything. Clean unprotected and hard surfaces: paving stones, terracotta tiles, lino, tiles. Wash the residue off the roof, balcony, terrace, and metal surfaces. You can also use it to clean dirty clothes and upholstery.

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Cream with a practical flip top cap.💧
Do you know that some items in your house are so fragile that scrubbing can damage their surface? This is why when designing our cream cleaner we drew inspiration from makeup removing lotions. This is why our product not only gently cleans the surface, but also makes it gleam and protects it🔴

✅️What our secret is: the delicate formula which cleans the surface without damaging it.

✅️What you can clean with it: sanitary fixtures (sinks, washbasins, bathtubs), kitchen appliances, nickel plated, ceramic, and enamelled surfaces, plastic garden furniture, wall tiles.

✅️It removes easily: water and soap residue, limescale, rusty stains, burns and greasy residues.

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Grill & Oven gel with a practical flip top cap.

Do you enjoy sitting with your family in front of the fireplace? What about having friends come over for a barbecue? So do we. We also love the pleasant, smoky aroma, delicious food and having a nice time together. And since we created the grill and oven cleaning gel we even enjoy cleaning up after a barbecue and washing the fireplace doors. This high performance gel will easily remove even old burnt patches and smoke stains, dried grease and food rests. You can instantly clean your fireplace door, barbecue, grill and the inside of the oven.

What you’ll love about it: thick gel texture. The thick gel doesn't trickle down the surface – it covers it up, allowing the active ingredients to do their job.

What you can clean with it: barbecue grills, ovens, grates, spits, fireplace glass, the outside of pans and pots.

What you can remove with it: burnt-on grease, burnt stains, smoke

stains, carbon deposits, soot.

Other things we took care of: securely closed cap.

Why it is unscented: to dissuade you from smelling it. Don’t do it, ever, because it’s dangerous.


Matte Stylist Lip Pencil Sensual red.🥰

Casual elegance, while looking fresh and radiant any time of day🤩 It is undeniable that French women know how to perfectly emphasize their beauty with make-up, while maintaining that natural look. One of their secrets is lipstick. They use it regardless of their age and know how to use it to look chic and feminine.

What will delight you about it: the long-lasting lip finish that lasts for many hours, providing an elegant, satin finish.

What will provide you with additional safety: the extremely gentle formula. The lip pencil is suitable for people with sensitive skin.

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