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Thank you so so much for my prize they smell and look amazing I can't wait to use them so thank you again # #

Majestic hand made soaps with refreshing scents and beautiful colours and designs. DISCLAIMER - We never advertise our soaps claiming any health benefits.

We may say that someone looking for a certain health benefit, could benefit from some of our added ingredients, but never that they will. This being because we are not health professionals, we specialise in soap. The one thing that we will promise, is that our beautiful bars will clean you.


We are here at our favourite location The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner for yet another fabulous craft market. The sun is shining, all of the very talented makers are out in full force, why not pop down and say hello 😍 treat yourself to some beautifully handmade goodies, or even an ice-cream 🍦🌞👑


Good morning all and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

First off we'd like to thank all those who came to the Sutton Bridge event to celebrate our Kings coronation. A fantastic day was had by all (except maybe the lorrys that got stuck in the mud and had to be towed away by tractors 😂) and the Majestic Suds stall was heaving all day *until the heavens opened*. Thank you all for supporting our small business and all of the other local small businesses too.

We do have very few of our coronation bars left and they are now on sale on our page.

*Royal Tweed* - an exquisite artisan soap bar inspired by the royal gown. Beautifully scented in a dupe of the fragrance that the King himself wears -
Layers of fresh, green geranium are pitched against fresh and aromatic lavender, while rich notes of cedarwood, sandalwood, oakmoss and ambergris mingle together to leave a unique, long-lasting arboreal scent - a refreshing twist on a classic gentleman's fragrance, fit for a king (or queen) 👑

All bars are £4 each or 3 for £10, but as I mentioned earlier we do only have a few left so dont miss out on this limited edition product. All other products are currently available also.

We also have a few 100ml bottles of Royal Tweed hand lotion still available at just £2 a bottle 😜

As I mentioned the other day, our little family is in the process of moving house at the moment, but while content will be pretty scarce, please rest assured that Majestic Suds will remain fully operational 😍

We hope to see you all soon ❣️

- Jody & Terry



Good evening all, first off we'd like to apologise for being so quiet on our social media. We've been super super busy with prepping for tomorrow's event aswell as preparing to move house.

As you are all aware, tomorrow the world will celebrate the coronation of our new King Charles III. To celebrate this historic day, our home village is holding a big event in the memorial park in Sutton Bridge. From 12pm-late, there will be table top sales, car boot sales, live entertainment, bouncy castles, food & drink, fireworks at night and much much more! Majestic Suds will of course be there, with lots of new products, and a limited edition range made especially for the occasion! Our limited edition stock will initially only be available tomorrow at the event, and will be released on our page after tomorrow, while stocks last!

So head down and help Sutton Bridge celebrate in style! Fun for all the family, we hope to see you there 😍



This weeks star product iiiisssss.......


Majestic Sud's honey & oats soap bar is one of our many handmade artisan soap bars. This delightful bar is made using only the finest of oils including one of Britains top carrier oils for cosmetic use; Olive Oil.

Olive oil contributes to making a hard, long lasting soap with a gentle cleansing lather. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin, high in Oleic acid, this bar will help to condition and soften your skin.

The added use of honey - a natural humectant meaning that use of this product will help to draw in any moisture from the air and pull it deep into the skins layers to help provide long lasting nourishment.

We've thrown in some oats for good measure because honey and oats go hand in hand beautifully! Not only do the oats provide excellent exfoliation to the skin, they also give a real creamy feel to the bar - a real sudsy treat!

This sumptuous bar is the only bar in our range that is unfragranced as we feel that the soap itself speaks volumes in terms of luxuriousness. This all natural product costs just £2 (sale price) 😍



The star product of this week is...... Majestic Suds Liquid Hand Soap & Hand Lotion 😍(a double whammy because (pardon the pun) these two product go hand in hand)

Our liquid hand soap is carefully formulated using fine and delicate oils to provide a gentle but thorough cleanse. The coconut oil in our recipe produces a rich, foamy lather as a result of its wonderful cleansing properties, as we've mentioned before; the bigger the bubbles, the cleaner the skin!

To accompany our liquid hand soap, we now produce the most beautiful hand lotion. Our hand lotion is made up with a concoction of delightful oils and butters. Top of the list, mango butter. Much like the fruit itself, mango butter is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C which is known to encourage a healthy appearance, while the high amounts of antioxidants may prevent excessive signs of aging and sun damage. Unlike some of the other butters out there, mango butter is fast absorbing into our skin, penetrating deep into the skins layers as apposed to sitting on the skins surface for a longer period of time causing a greasy film. Next up we have jojoba oil which, in our opinion, is the golden oil. It's moisturizing, it's antibacterial, it's full of antioxidants, it's everything one would want in a lotion! Olive oil, an all round favorite, the soft and silkiness of Stearin and all its glory, what's not to love?
Our hands play a very important role in protecting the rest of our body so lets treat them with the respect and TLC they deserve 👏

Our liquid hand soaps are available in both lemon scent and, a customer favorite, black coconut & lime. Our liquid hand soap now comes in two sizes; 250ml (£4.50) and 500ml (£8.00).

Our hand lotions are available in both lemon scent and black coconut and lime. These now come in three sizes; 100ml (£2) 250ml (£5) and 500ml (£9).

Here at Majestic Suds we pride ourselves in offering top quality products at fair and affordable prices. All of our products are handmade by ourselves using high quality ingredients. Majestic Suds products (excluding our honey & oats bar) and all of our suppliers products are vegan friendly. In addition to this, Majestic Suds and all of our suppliers are 100% against animal cruelty and testing.




Going live at 7:30 to draw Winners Wednesday raffle 🤞👑🤞


5 numbers left 👑



This week we are going to be running a little raffle. We love to tell you how much our whipped sugar scrub and our whipped soap compliment one another. Well this week we are giving one lucky winner the chance to try the magic for themselves for just 50p!!

19 numbers..50p a number.. comment below for your tickets. Winner will be drawn on Facebook live once all payments have been received 💖 Good luck all 😍

1 - Kali Saint-Graham ✅
2 - Clare Roberts ✅
3 - Sarah Graham
4 - Clare ✅
5 - Debs Leighton ✅
6 - Jenny ✅
7 - Steph ✅
8 - Sarah Graham
9 - Steph LoveYue Roberts ✅
10 - Jenny ✅
11 - Clare ✅
12 - Debs ✅
13 - Jenny Walker ✅
14 - Steph ✅
15 - Kali✅
16 - Jenny ✅
17 - Clare ✅
18 - Steph ✅
19 - Debs ✅



Just to let you all know that as a result of our fabulous new luxury bath salts range being a massive hit with our customers, we are now completely sold out! Majestic Suds will be working hard and fast to replenish stock and will let you know once these are available again.

Once again we'd like to thank you all for your custom and supporting our family run small business!

We hope you've all had a fantastic weekend 😍

- Jody


Here's a little video of all of our current stock! See something you like? Send us a message, we'd love to help 😍

Don't forget to take advantage of our current half price sale in which a lot of our bar soaps are featured!




Rules of the game - You comment 'bath' as many times as you like but you can't comment twice in a row. As long as someone comments 'bath' after you, then you can comment again. At any random time I will comment 'SALTS!' and whoever's comment is directly above mine, will win themselves a 130g pot of our luxurious shea butter infused bath salts. Between now and 7pm, there will be 3 rounds of bath..bath..SALTS. The first round will see one lucky winner receive some 'Lemon & Patchouli' salts, the second round will be for some 'Midnight Escape' salts and finally the third round will see one lucky winner receive some 'Kiss Me' salts 😍

Dont forget to comment an emoji after you type 'bath' e.g. 'bath🌹' to avoid being put into Facebook Jail!

That being said, lets begin..ROUND 1!!!

Good luck 😜



Have you tried our new luxury range of shea butter infused bath salts? Would you like the chance to win this fabulous new product in one of three scents? Well check back at 6pm tonight where well be giving away not 1, not 2 but 3 pots FOR FREE!!

3 chances to win. Are you feeling lucky?? See you at 6pm 😜

Photos from Majestic Suds's post 05/03/2023

With the huge success of our Christmas Hampers we have decided to do a small run of hampers for Mother's Day!

These hampers are packed full of beautiful handmade goodies fit for the Queens in your life like they truly deserve. In these hampers you will find:

1x Limited Edition 'Spring Dusk' Soap bar.
This delightful bar is packed full of the beautiful scents one would associate with Spring. With the base fragrance containing a combination of Geranium, Lavender & Ylang Ylang essential oils, this luxurious bar will really set the tone and help to relax, refresh and revitalize skin all while providing excellent cleansing properties.

1x Limited Edition 'Smell the Roses' Hand Lotion. This delectable glycerin based lotion will leave your skin feeling silky, smooth and most importantly moisturized. It is fragranced with perfectly balanced fruity and floral notes and trust us when we say, this is not a limited edition line to miss out on!

1x NEW!! 'Under The Sea' Whipped Soap.
This stunning product will soon be within our permanent range, but until then, we have decided to introduce it into our lovely hampers. Scented with Bubble-gum Fragrance Oil, this whipped soap is an awesome addition to go alongside our current 'Sweet Rainbow' whipped soap!

1x 'Pear & Freesia' Sugar Scrub.
This has been one of our customers all-time favourites since its release last year and we can see why! This is the perfect product to get your skin refreshed, rejuvenised and have you smelling amazing all while providing an excellent level of exfoliation. This item alone would be the perfect gift to treat someone special.

1x Brand new luxurious bath salts with Shea butter. This product is the perfect way to unwind as the epsom salts and pink Himalayan rock salts work beautifully together to help relax your muscles, aches and pains. The added Shea butter will help to leave your skin soft and moisturized - the ultimate treat!

1x Beautifully created Mother's Day Poem.
This has been created by us here at Majestic Suds, printed and laminated for that special lady in your life to keep and remember this delightful gift by.

All of the above comes in a beautiful basket, wrapped in cellophane and tied off with a ribbon ready to present on Mother's Day.

The RRP of the above is £19+ but we here at Majestic Suds believe all amazing mother figures deserve to be treated and pampered so we will be selling these stunning hampers at just £15 each!! As stated before this will be a small run of Hampers so to ensure you don't miss out get your order in A.S.A.P. as we will be selling these at the craft markets we have coming up before Mother's Day!

We have some awesome new products in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on the page! We have been a little quiet on our social media lately, but we are back and looking forward to interacting with you all so keep those eyes peeled for more sudsy awesomeness! 🧐🧐


Good evening all, happy February!

First off, we'd like to apologize for lack of interaction in January, its been a pretty hectic month for the Majestic Suds household, from trying to sell our house, to saying goodbye to our beloved little puggy 🐾. But were back and looking forward to interacting with you all and bringing you luxurious bath & body products at affordable prices!

So lets kick this off with a January style February sale!!!

As some of you may remember, last year we ran a competition to find out which scents people prefer to use on their skin, thus eliminating some of our beautiful handmade artisan soap bars. As promised, we will be selling these bars at a whopping 50% OFF!!!!! while stocks last. Thats right, these are now only £2 per bar (plus postage)!

Although our lemon soap bars did win the competition and will be staying in our artisan soap range, the remaining bars are also included in this fantastic offer - we're taking our lemon bars back to the drawing board so that we can recreate this citrussy skin loving artisan soap and up the luxuriousness!

It is only the soap bars that are included in the sale, but why not treat yourselves or your loved ones to some of our other delectable products? Our newest being our whipped rainbow soap! This product pairs perfectly with our whipped sugar soap scrubs, a real treat for the skin 😜

To place an order, simply send us a Facebook message 😍 We look forward to hearing from you!


Whipped Sugar Scrub..

The basis of our whipped sugar scrub consists of butters, oils and waxes that all work perfectly together to form a delectable lotion that will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and moisturised. We use shea butter in our recipe which is full of antioxidants and is known to boost skin moisture. Not to mention that our scrubs are emulsified, meaning the oils can combine with the bath/shower water without seperation, therefore no slippery surfaces!

Our lotion base is then whipped to create a light and fluffy cream like texture, before introducing sugar into the mix! Sugar provides an excellent exfoliation that helps to remove dead skin from the body which in turn unclogs pores, helps to prevent acne and helps other additives to pe*****te the skin (such as shea butter). All of the ingredients in our recipe really compliment one another and together they make a total powerhouse of a product!!

Our whipped sugar scrubs are scented in pear & freesia, a fresh fruity floral accord with notes of juicy pear, followed by a soft floral heart of freesia and rose supported by patchouli, amber and sheer musk, a real treat for the senses!

This product really is an all round favorite, a great addition to your daily skin care routine, and will surely leave you wanting more 😍 especially when used after use of our whipped soap, a duo of delight 😍

Our sugar scrub, like the majority of our other products, is vegan friendly and, like ALL of our other products, is 100% against animal testing.

These are available to purchase and cost just £4.50 a pot, or 2 for £8.


Finally, we are over the moon to be able to offer you all a brand new product that we've worked tirelessly to formulate and create! So without further ado we are proud to announce Majestic Suds Whipped soap 😍

Our hand crafted whipped soap is made using only the finest oils and ingredients. It's gentle, light and airy texture along with its creamed cleansing abilities is proving to be a huge Majestic Suds favourite with friends and family, especially when paired with our whipped sugar scrub. With its rainbow colours and sweet candy scent, our whipped soap will certainly bring an element of fun to your bath/showers.

Scented in Sweet Rainbow, this fragrance is sure to bring back/create those childhood memories, you'll almost taste the rainbow 🌈

Our whipped soaps will be available to purchase from 20th January (pre orders available from today) for just £5 a tub 😍 or when bought with our whipped sugar scrub (£4.50) we are offering both products for just £8.50!

We hope you've all had a great start to the year! Dont forget to keep your eyes peeled for our BIGGEST SALE EVER in the coming weeks 😜

- Jody


Its 2023 and we're back!

Happy new year to all you Kings & Queens, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

With it being the start of the new year, and new beginnings being on the horizon, we have a brand new product that we've been super excited to share with you all. This fabulous new product is sure to add a splash of colour 🌈 into your shower/bath time routine! Keep an eye out as tomorrow evening 6pm, all will be revealed.

We wish you all the best for 2023, lets make it the best yet 👑♥️👑


As we reflect on the year thats come to an end, Myself & my Husband feel immensely proud of how far Majestic Suds has come in just 6 short months. We still have a long way to go, we have so many new big ideas that we cant wait to share with you all, and we just know that with the support of our lovely followers, the sky is the limit. 2022 was the year Majestic Suds was born, 2023 - watch this space 😜

So as we leave this year in the past and step into a new one, we hope that all your dreams come true, & to the ones who can no longer be with us, we are left with memories to last a lifetime.

So here's to 2023, Happy New Year from our family to yours 😃

May peace fill your world,
May love fill your home,
With contentment and happiness too -
In wonderful ways,
May this year of new days,
Be filled with sweet blessings for you.


Its Christmas time,
And I wish you well.
May the Lord bless you
With the best of health.

I hope the stockings are hung
And you're filled with wonder.
There are so many surprises
For you to ponder.

May your children be merry
When Santa brings toys.
Some for the girls
And some for the boys.

I pray you have food
And plenty to eat:
Turkey and gravy
And lots of sweets.

I hope your family's there,
Friends and neighbors, too.
So merry Christmas
From all of us to all of you.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, from our family to yours 😃🎄


5 more days to go!!

Majestic Suds are now closed for the Christmas period and will be opening up again in early January. Its been a busy year for us, we launched in June this year and Majestic Suds has taken off more than we could have ever hoped for in just 6 short months.
So for this, we want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered our hampers and Christmas gift sets, we are now SOLD OUT!

We hope that you all have a very merry Christmas, eat lots, drink lots (sensibly) and cherish the time spent with loved ones.

We will be opening back up in early January, with a HUGE January sale with some fantastic offers!

Merry Christmas you sudsy animals 😉


Happy Friday 😄

The kids break up from school today which means Christmas is just around the corner, just 9 more days!!

From now until Christmas eve, we will be selling our mens grooming hampers for just £10 instead of £15! We have only 4 left, and will be sold on a first come first served basis, so if you are wanting to order, please do so asap to avoid disappointment. Included in these are a jar of our white musk and peppermint bath salts, a pot of our bergamot and sweet orange peel shave soap, a shave brush, a bar of our 'into the woods' soap and lastly a bar of our 'gift of nature' soap. Thats £17 worth of Majestic Suds goodies for only £10, all beautifully gift wrapped!

So many of you wonderful people have bought our beautiful hampers this Christmas and we are truly grateful for all of your continued support.

We will be at The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner for their last Christmas market of the year this Sunday 18th. Its from 3-8pm and there will be so many beautifully hand crafted christmas gifts to choose from all of the stalls, dont miss out!


Only 6 more hours left to take advantage of our 15% off offer! We have just a few hampers left, only two silly snowmen bath bombs sets and only two Christmas cracker bath bombs sets left! We, as a small business, are overwhelmed with the amount of support you have all given us and we want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts!


Come along to the Christmas table top sale today! We're here until 12:30. Lots of fun crafts for the children, PLUS the big man himself is HERE! Long Sutton Market House, pop along for a fun filled morning!

Photos from Majestic Suds's post 10/12/2022

We still have a few hampers left, they make the perfect Christmas gift 😍

Photos from Majestic Suds's post 06/12/2022


Good evening all, we hope you are all well. With christmas fast approaching, we want to get ahead of the Christmas rush. Majestic Suds have lots to offer this December, from luxurious products to treat yourself with, to delightful ready made hampers to spoil your loved ones with.

Our pamper hampers are the perfect gift to treat the Queens in your life. They consist of a gel eye mask, a beautifully scented candle, a facial brush, a Christmas soap bar of your choice, 1 large bathbomb of your choice, a mini whipped sugar scrub and a mini lotion. All the things one would need to have a luxurious pamper session!

Next we have a more masculine grooming hamper. These consist of a bar of our wood grain soap, a gift of nature bar, a jar of our white musk and peppermint bath salts, a pot of our bergamot and sweet orange peel shaving soap (with bentonite clay) and lastly a shaving brush to work up a rich lather.

These hampers are available for just £15 each. We also offer a Christmas box which include 3 bars of our christmas soaps; Peppermint snowflake ❄️, Naughty List, and Festive fireside 🔥 and these are available for just £12 each and they come gift wrapped in a Christmas box.

We are running a special offer from now until Sunday 11th December 11:59PM, all orders £10 and over will receive a whopping 15% off! Dont miss out on this fantastic offer, get your orders in now!

All of our soap bars are £4 each or 3 for £10, our spectacular whipped sugar scrubs are £4.50 each or 2 for £8, plus many more fantastic products are all available at any time, why not treat yourself!

We cant wait to hear from you all, and we hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week 😍


Majestic Suds will be here on Sunday! Not to be missed, get your Christmas shop on!! Beautiful hand crafted gifts and lots more!



The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner
Hunts Hill Farm
Aveley Road
RM14 2TG

This is the last Double Whammy so come take a look round and grab some bargains for christmas.:)

Coffee shop is open from 9 till.4

Come and support all us small businesses and help us get through to 2023 :)


🎄🎅🎄Christmas hampers - only £15 each!! Please watch for contents 🎄🎅🎄


'Winter Wonderland'

This snow kissed bar has been carefully designed to depict a winter wonderland scene. With a thick layer of glistening snow on the ground, a frosty breeze in the bitterly cold air, and the glare of enchanted Christmas lights in the distance, these bars really set the scene.

This frangrace oil, sweet fig, has been specially formulated to release a strong smell associated with the fruit of the ficus tree, part of the mulberry family. Figs have this unique, sweet taste, soft and chewy textures and this fragrance provides a strong and prominent smell associated with white grape and sweet black fig and bergamot. It is then enhanced by light undertones of clove bud, blackberry and white flower. Incorporated into the formulation for this distinctive fragrance is a wonderful trace aftertaste of vetiver, cinnamon, vanilla, absinthe and cedar.

The fragrance and the design are truly a match made in Christmas heaven!


'Festive Fireside'

This intricate soap is inspired by cozy winter nights sat around the fireplace, feet up with a pair of fluffy socks on our feet and a hot chocolate in our hands. The design of the bar is set to represent this image and is partially coloured using activated charcoal.

This woody fragrance oil blend is all about taking a moment to savour the scent of inky nights. It opens with notes of bergamot, gently drifting to a heart of iris, helitrope and violet, resting on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, vetiver, leather and tonka, and finally topped with the aroma of burning coal with nostalgic smokey tones, a real masculine blend.


We are spinning the Winners Wheel to see who the 4 YES 4!! Lucky winners will be from our X-Foliating Factor Compeition


'Peppermint Snowflake'

This bar for us, is the epitome of christmas. Imagine strolling through the North Pole, passing huge icicles and swirling snowy winds, the fresh menthol scent of candycanes in the air. We have combined these festive feelings and created our peppermint snowflake soap. It features red and green swirls that run through each and every bar, along with red and green ice cubes and delicately topped with a single snowflake and a perfectly placed candy cane.
The scent of these bars are enhanced by light undertones of amber veil and white chocolate shavings, with mid notes of vanilla bean, osmanthus and white musk, topped with fresh notes of peppermint, a real treat for the senses!


Over the next few days, we will be posting quite a lot to introduce our Christmas range, AND our new products. So the first of our Christmas soaps is....

'Naughty List'

This delightful bar is made using activated charcoal (to represent a lump of coal - a gift for one on santas naughty list). Activated charcoal is becoming more and more popular in skin care routines, and for good reason too. It is known for drawing out dirt and toxins from the skin and removing impurities. Our skin naturally produces oil to prevent it from becoming dry or damaged. Activated charcoal helps to control how much oil our skin produces, helping combat against acne breakouts, making it a great facial bar!

The fragrance of the bar is a match made in fragrance heaven! With a fruity and floral aroma, it offers notes of fresh pear, freesia, rose, patchouli, amber and white musk. The bars are then topped with crimson epsom salts to finish off that 'naughty' look. Simplicity at its finest, put me on santas naughty list any day 😍

Photos from Majestic Suds's post 19/11/2022

Now that we have finished our first Christmas market of the year, we thought we'd take the opportunity to show off some of our new Christmas range!

Bathbombs.. New and improved formula 😍

We are doing christmas cracker bath bombs. This is a set of 3 handmade and hand painted bathbombs. The first in the set features green and white with hand painted holly and berries and is scented in v***r rub, perfect for this time of year to help clear your sinuses. Next up we have a white bathbomb that has hand painted stripes and spots in red, gold and green, scented in an all time favorite, peppermint. Last in the set is a red bathbomb with a santas belt to represent the big man himself, scented in electrify.

We also hand make and hand paint our 'Silly Snowmen'. These have a large bathbomb on the bottom with hand painted buttons, and on top is a medium bathbomb, each with a hand painted silly face. These are scented in angels.

Each set costs just £4.50 and make the perfect Christmas gift/stocking filler. Message us directly to place an order 😍

We are at The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner again tomorrow and look forward to seeing some of you there! Thanks everyone who has placed orders with us, and those who purchased from our stall today, lots of happy customers is what we aim for!

Keep an eye out on the page for the reveal of our 4 Christmas soaps, each one is very unique, they all smell AMAZING, we just know you'll love them!

Photos from Majestic Suds's post 19/11/2022

Majestic Suds are at the Christmas market today and tomorrow here at The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner. Some fantastic stalls here today including baby boutique, Scentsy, Local honey, handmade candles and many more! An excellent opportunity to start your Christmas shopping. We hope to see some of you this weekend 😍


3 more sleeps till our 1st ever Christmas Market
The Garden Coffee Shop & Diner

Plenty of stalls to browse around and grab some bargain bits for Christmas :)
We have
Local Honey
Silver Jewellery
Jams and chutneys
Choc bouquets
Sister witches
Kids Boutique
Christmas Pj's
Wooden Boards
Wooden toys
Hand made soaps
Cookies cakes
Dog treats
Personalised gifts by jodie
Lots more so if your passing pop in grab a Full English and have a good ole shop and help all these small traders out xx


Good morning all, Happy Friday 😍

Apologies for being quiet on the page lately, as christmas approaches, and Christmas markets begin, we thought we'd go the extra mile and bring you all some brand spanking new products 😃

Majestic Suds are proud to introduce our new products, which have been carefully formulated using the best of the best oils and butters to ensure that your skin is kept tip top!

First up, we have a liquid, yes you read it right, a liquid hand soap! We understand and appreciate that not everybody prefers bar soap, and whilst our passion for skincare started out with a passion for cold process bar soap, we like to cater to a wider audience. Our liquid hand soap is made up of delicate oils, to ensure our hands stay nice and soft, whilst the coconut oil in our recipe produces a rich lather as a result of its wonderful cleansing properties. Remember, the bigger the bubbles, the cleaner the skin.

To accompany our liquid hand soap, we now produce the most beautiful hand lotion. Our hand lotion is made up with a concuction of delightful oils and butters. Top of the list, mango butter. Much like the fruit itself, mango butter is rich in vitamin E and vitamin C which is known to encourage a healthy appearance, while the high amounts of antioxidants may prevent excessive signs of aging and sun damage. Unlike some of the other butters out there, mango butter is fast absorbing into our skin, penetrating deep into the skins layers as apposed to sitting on the skins surface for a longer period of time causing a greasy film. Next up we have jojoba oil which, in our opinion, is basically the golden oil. Its moisturizing, its antibacterial, its full of antioxidants, its everything you would want in a lotion! Olive oil, an all round favourite, the soft and silkyness of stearic acid and all its glory, whats not to love?

Our hands play a very important role in protecting the rest of our body so lets treat them with the respect and TLC they deserve 👏

Our liquid hand soaps and hand lotions are available in both lemon scent and, our personal favourite, black coconut & lime. These are available as of today for £4 per hand soap and £5 per hand lotion, or one of each (set) for £8.50. If you would like to order or you want to know more, pop us a message, we'd love to help 😍

PS. big apologies for not drawing the x-foliating factor this week, we've been super busy. As a good will gesture we will be adding 1 more winner to the draw which will take place next week.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and remember if your local to Upminster, pop along to their first ever Christmas market, we'd love to see you there 😃

- Jody

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AquaSource насърчава запазването на здравето чрез природни и естествени продукти.

Wachlarz  Szaf Wachlarz Szaf
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Serdecznie zapraszam na wyprzedaże ubrań damskich, męskich i dziecięcych, bardzo niskie ceny, z

Becky's Beauty Boutique Becky's Beauty Boutique
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Jacq Alexander Salon Jacq Alexander Salon
9 Francis Street
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Hair salon • Schwarzkopf • Kevin Murphy • Fabriq • Authentic Beauty Concept • Innoluxe

Pamper time with Louise Neal Avon Pamper time with Louise Neal Avon

Avon representative

Big Bear Bennys Beard Balm Big Bear Bennys Beard Balm
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Kelly Roake Temple Spa Kelly Roake Temple Spa
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Hi im Kelly i am a Temple Spa Skin Consultant based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire.

Faboulous calming melts Faboulous calming melts
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the purpous of my page is to sell amazing wax melts and hoping to be adding more products soon to my