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One of the fastest, cheapest, easiest ways to get rid of unwanted body hair.👌🏻

Lots of hundreds and thousands woman choose this method for smooth skin.
(And men actually too)😛

Did you know that waxing helps not only with unwanted hair,but also with ingrown hair and even peeling off the old skin.😘

We are protecting your skin but old dry skin gets off anyway.

So this makes your skin soft,smooth,with no ingrown hair, therefore less inflammation in pores, and helps your skin to regenerate because of bit of a peeling. For me,personally, it’s 💯 with it.

And for you? If you’ve tried it, how was your skin afterwards? ❤️


What’s happening if you are not using heat protection?

Like this so we know you are reading this 🧡

Improper hair care - makes them definitely weaker, bringing the death of each individual hair closer.
And when your hair begins to die faster than new ones grow, the hairstyle soon turns into a sad picture.

•Hair color becomes dull
•Hair is breaking
•Split ends of hair appear
•Laying does not look aesthetically pleasing

💔At the same time, what is the most stupid and annoying - we usually attribute the deterioration in the quality of hair to anything:

•on stress,
•on age
•on ecology.

🙏But in most cases, it is the wrong care that is to blame.

☀️Drying hair with a hairdryer. Yes - heating not only helps to dry and style hair, but also harms it.

You should always use heat protection for your hair and your hair will look healthy.

Letting you know that we talking about using hairdryer in our “hairy game” highlights. And we are talking about why it is good to dry hair with hairdryer instead of leaving it to self drying. 😘

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British beauty home care used by her Majesty.

I am leaving this here to keep this in our lives. 💔

And something useful for you 💛

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Do you remember stories about difference between hair coloring techniques? 🧡😏 Here they are :

You can see them in carousel. I left a story there and 3 examples of techniques.

1st technique - picture 4
2nd - picture 5
3rd - picture 6

(All theses are our jobs. We are never showing other people work here just in case)

What do you choose for yourself?
Some people voted in stories and results was 33/33/33% so still not sure what you prefer 😻



An innovative natural henna for eyebrow colouring with a permanent colour effect. A rich colour palette that can be used separately as well as combining with each other. Can be used for all skin and hair types

This is a good choice for people with sparse hair that gives an option of “adding” missing elements


Are you tired of upper lip hair? Does it make you feel unconfident? Or probably uncomfortable in wearing a make up?

Let’s dig into it:

🍍Why your upper lip hair is growing?

⁃ The main and most common reason is the excess of hormones called androgens. All women naturally produce small amount of androgens hence why women don’t produce as much hair as men do.

🍍How to take control of unwanted hair?

⁃ Both sugaring and waxing are suitable for getting rid of unwanted hair. The effect can hold up to 4 weeks and eventually your unwanted hair will become almost invisible
⁃ Avoid shaving. This will only improve hair growth and the effect will only last for one day

Myths 😕

⁃ You will have stubble after waxing.

No,you Won’t.

We promise 🧡



Encanto salon wants to announce 🎁- away to say “HELLO AUTUMN” 🍁🍂🥮

We have 3 different gifts

🍂Hair treatments to choose from

🍂Eyelash & eyebrow lamination

🍂Shampoo & Conditioner gift

All you have to do:

🍁Follow Eyebrows|Eyelashes|Hair treatment|Fillers|Wax]
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🍁Comment «I want gift from Eyebrows|Eyelashes|Hair treatment|Fillers|Wax] and you? 🍁And tag 3 friends.

Maximum of 3 comments and all your tagged friends have to follow YOU.
Your profile has to be PUBLIC so we can check if you followed the rules

🎁-away will be on 2 SEPTEMBER ❤️❤️❤️


3 steps for perfect eyebrows at home

Perfect eyebrows can be easily achieved at home if you follow a few simple steps:

1. Brush your brows every morning and evening. Make sure you brush it in the direction of hair growth (starting from a nose bridge and following all way down to a temple)

2. Apply a gel for brows every morning using the same technique as brushing. The gel will fix your hair in the right direction and protect your hair from impurity

3. Always remove your make up in the evening using a cotton pad and micellar water

If you follow these steps, you will see difference pretty soon 🥰

Try it and let us know how quick you see the difference 😌


Waxing. Why stay fluffy?

Why we need waxing?
To make our life more comfortable and our skin smooth.

🌱Does it hurt?

🌱What determines the level of pain during the procedure?

◾️Periodicity - sensitivity decreases with each treatment.
◾️Individual sensitivity threshold
◾️Phase of the menstrual cycle
◾️Psychological mood - anxiety and apprehension exacerbate pain level

5 reasons to wax every a month instead of sometimes, such as once a year.

☑️With regular epilation, the hairs become thinner and lighter.
☑️You will always feel confident.
☑️Dresses and skirts will replace trousers
☑️You will forever forget about the razor

What we offer before depilation

🌱Disposable slippers / shoe covers
🌱Disposable panties
🌱Wet wipes

We are making your visit sooo comfy 🥰

🌱What is polymer wax?

◾️These are waxes of the latest generation, thanks to application, solidification and do not require additional wax removers.
◾️This service can be performed with varicose veins. Wax is ideal for sensitive skin.

🌱What is the difference between polymer wax and regular wax?
◾️After application, the wax adheres only to the hairs, but not to the skin, and is easily removed.
◾️Does not heat up above 36 - 38 degrees, when ordinary wax is heated to 50 - 60 degrees.
◾️We work without burns.

🌱What is the difference between sugaring and polymer wax?

◾️Hair removal only.
◾️When shugaring, hair removal in the direction of hair growth, when using polymer wax - against hair growth.
◾️Polymer wax works on an oil basis.

Do you have any more questions girls?🥰


A little TLC goes a long way! Hair care is just as important as nail care and skin care. ❤️

Hair care is a serious business. It’s not just about looking good—it’s about feeling good, too!

Does self care makes you feel better? Stronger? Empowered? Or just relaxed? 🥰

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Little information for those who never had an eyelash extensions

If you wanted but never had it, it’s probably time to try ❤️

To understand what we be applied to your eyelash and to understand what do you want we are giving you a bit of information how it’s done ✅

In next post I want to tell a bit about styles you can do with your beautiful eyes 😻

Yay or nay?

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Your feedback is very important to us ❤️

Sharing some of our latest reviews.

If we had you lately we would be glad to receive some words about your experience 🥰


8 tips how to take care of your hair 🤩

1. Reduce your hair wash routine to 2 times a week as a maximum limit (you can always wash less if you want to)

2. Before any hair styling always use a heat protection to save your hair from a heat damage and make them healthier

3. When washing hair, it is recommended to use the shampoo two times. The first time helps you to wash off dust, pollen, etc. And the second time helps you to get rid of the excess of oil (that is being left on your scalp and hair)

4. When using a hair conditioner, apply on the length of the hair only. Do not apply on the roots

5. Choose the right hair products that suit your hair type. If possible, seek for a professional advice (eg your hairdresser)

6. If you are a fan of a purple shampoo/mask, it is recommended not to use it more than once a week

7. If you wash you hair before bed time, it is highly recommended to dry your hair. Do not go to sleep with wet/damp hair
The best time/way is to wash your hair in the morning

8. When using a hair mask, always follow the instructions written on the bottle. It is not advisable to hold the mask longer than indicated.

Want to know why you shouldn’t put a conditioner on your scalp? 🧐


Our beautiful space

We are Encanto- the place where any lady is able to achieve self confidence and gain great mood for her soul. ❤️

Salon Encanto is offering huge range of services. 🤩

Our professionals will satisfy every request of the most demanding beauties.
Haircut, Professional colouring techniques, manicure, pedicure, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions. All services becomes possible as soon as you come to us.😇

Quality- experienced professionals responsibly approach your style.🔥

Best cosmetic products- Encanto uses quality products for your hair. ✅

Reviews- Our greatest reward is the smiles of our clients and their feedbacks.✅

Here you will find the most Pleasant and Friendly atmosphere. 🥰


Hi everybody ☺️ my name is Natalie and today I want to tell you more about myself

I’ve been a hairdresser for the last 22 years. And this job is the best gift that I’ve been given by my grandmother.

I do take courses every year to improve my skills and learn new techniques, and in all honesty I do love it.
But I didn’t always know what I want to do🤷🏻‍♀️
I started as a baker. Then, as a nail technician. And then, I saw the process of working with hair and what it involves. And, I completely fell in love with it

I talked to my grandmother and straight after I went to study my new passion.

Now I’m a professional hairdresser with 22 years of experience working in my own salon. Every day I’m here to make my clients happy and help them feel more confident and beautiful ❤️

Now tell me what is your passion?

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Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 7pm
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