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Encanto Hair Salon offers a wide range of services, from colour, hair extensions, hair treatments an Thinking of getting hair extensions? Get in touch with us!

We will answer all your questions

Encanto Hair Salon
22 Victoria Street, Spalding, PE11 1EA

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Hello, friends! We have a special offer for you. Allow us to introduce our talented master Inga, who has over nine years of experience in the world of nail art! 💅✨

Inga is skilled at creating stunning French manicures and turning your nails into true works of art. She will start taking appointments from September 25th! 🗓️

Now, here’s the exciting part: to get acquainted with Master Inga, we are giving you a unique opportunity to get a 50% DISCOUNT on her services! 😍

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Don’t miss the chance to transform your nails with Master Inga! 🌈

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Hello, friends! We have a special offer for you. Allow us to introduce our talented master Inga, who has over nine years of experience in the world of nail art! 💅✨

Inga is skilled at creating stunning French manicures and turning your nails into true works of art. She will start taking appointments from September 25th! 🗓️

Now, here’s the exciting part: to get acquainted with Master Inga, we are giving you a unique opportunity to get a 50% DISCOUNT on her services! 😍

To participate in our giveaway, just follow a few simple steps:
1️⃣ Follow our profile
2️⃣ Repost this post on your page.
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The winner will be randomly selected and announced on 23rd September! Good luck to everyone! 🍀

Don’t miss the chance to transform your nails with Master Inga! 🌈


🌟 Job Openings in the Beauty Industry! 🌟

We are expanding our Dream Team and looking for:

- Experienced hairstylists 💇‍♀️
- Eyebrow specialists with the art of shaping and creating expression 👁️‍🗨️
- Talented manicurists and pedicurists 💅
- Waxing experts ready to make skin smooth and flawless 🕊️

If you are a professional in your field, love to delight customers, and want to work in a friendly environment, please send us your portfolio and contact details.

📩 Email us at [[email protected]] with the subject "Vacancy [specialization name]."
Tel. 07502 492712

Join us to bring your art to life in the world of beauty! ✨


Ida is a new member of the Encanto Salon team. She is a talented and ambitious hairstylist.

We are all very excited to welcome Ida and for clients to meet her, therefore… she is giving a 30% discount on her services to clients who book between 7th- 25th of August with her.


🌸 Hello, dear clients! 🌸

We are proud to introduce our wonderful Milk Shake products to you! 🥛💆‍♀️

In our salon, we use shampoos with delightful aromas that turn a regular hair wash into a true relaxation experience. 🌺 And our hair dyes are pure magic! 💫

What’s special about our products? We take pride in the fact that they are free from harmful ingredients such as SLS and SLES, so they gently care for your hair, making it beautiful and healthy. 🌿

We constantly strive to provide you with the highest quality services and products. Your trust and satisfaction are our main goals! 🙌

Thank you for choosing our salon. We value each and every client and are always happy to see you! 😊

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a delightful treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are always ready to assist you!

With love, your Milk Shake salon. 🌸💖🥛

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Introducing our esteemed stylist, Henrieta! With over two years of experience in our salon, she is a true expert in the art of makeup and hairstyling. Her creative approach and ability to accentuate the individuality of each client make her an invaluable part of our team. In this post, we want to share some of her captivating works, so you can enjoy their beauty and find inspiration. If you're looking for a professional who can create the perfect look for you, Henrieta is ready to assist you!


💋 Want fuller, more luscious lips? Look no further! Our salon is here to help you achieve the perfect pout you’ve always desired. Our skilled aesthetician will enhance the natural beauty of your lips, giving them a gorgeous shape that suits your unique features. 💄✨ Say goodbye to thin lips and hello to a more voluminous look! Book an appointment with us today and let us enhance your natural beauty. 💋💯

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"Relax and indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our full pedicure procedure. From expert care to luxurious touches, our salon has everything you need to step up your self-care game. Book your appointment today and discover a new level of indulgence."

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Luxurious sugar-based waxing is a luxurious way to remove unwanted hair and leave skin feeling smooth and pampered.

Encanto Salon in Spalding

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Let us pamper your lovely curls in our salon! Our professional team is here to make sure you walk out looking and feeling fabulous.

Encanto Salon in Spalding

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We are almost ready to open the grand Encanto beauty salon in Spalding! A wonderful place for you to relax and let go.

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Result: Gorgeous styling in our salon.

We'd love for you to come by our salon, and let us give you gorgeous tresses!

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If you're looking for a way to update your look, consider getting hair extensions at our salon! We offer individual services tailored to fit your needs.

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Eyelashes Extensions

Our salon provides lush eyelash extensions for beautiful eyes. Come get the look you desire!

More information you can get by phone 07502 492712.

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Transform your look with a professional haircut and treatment that will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Say goodbye to split ends and damaged hair and hello to silky smooth locks that shine like never before. Trust our expert hair stylists to bring out the best in your hair and give you a style that suits your personality and lifestyle. Book your appointment now and get ready to experience the ultimate hair transformation.

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Gifts for you 💕 read below 👇

Free shopping at ENCANTO

Our team always offers you fashion trends. We carry out complex coloring, hair care and hair extensions. We work with luxury products.
In our salon you can relax your soul ( inner self ) and get a beautiful hair.

We have 8 prizes for you 😍 :

• £80 hair dye certificate from
• £40 hair care certificate from
• 5 certificates for 25% discount on any waxing from Encanto

What do you need to do?

🌸Follow Encanto Hair Salon Spalding
🌸Tag 2 friends in the comments ()
🌸Like the last 3 posts

🗓️ The results of the competition will be held on March 30 🤩

We will tag winners and DM them too

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Our waxing reviews 😍

Jobs done by Inga ❤️

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Free waxing promocode below this post 👇

Swipe for results of waxing 🫧

Some CONS for those who is still waiting:

☘️ Smooth skin for 2-3 weeks

☘️ Once you start doing waxing on a regular basis and exclude any shaving, you’ll be amazed with the results

☘️ You’ll see the hair growth difference after the first visit already.

☘️ Every further visit will make your hair even thinner and lighter.

Our experienced waxing therapist Inga will be happy to answer any questions and make you feel comfortable during your appointment.

For those who never had appointment with Inga:
With code : IM NEW

DM us NOW 🤩


Big secret of smooth skin 😛

Shave everyday, or wax once a month.

The skin becomes smooth and even after waxing.
🪷No allergies
🪷 No bruises or cuts
🪷 Slow hair re-grown
🪷 Stubble Free skin
🪷 Results last up to 3 weeks

Waxing lasts longer and feels smoother than shaving since the hair is removed with the roots. Because it’s an exfoliation process, we remove dead skin cells from the treated area, which is crucial for healthy skin. Plus, hair oftentimes grows back slower and finer.

If you are ready for silky skin, get in touch now to book 😍

And we have 10% off for new clients😍

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Month special arrived early this month ❤️

March 🌺

Every Monday we offer a deal for you with very good prices 🤩

Permanent color + hair cut

Short hair - £80
Instead of £110

Hair above the shoulder -£ 92
Instead of £127

Hair Below the shoulder £105
Instead of £140

Extra long hair £115
Instead £160

Book now to ensure your slot 😍

Places are limited, as always ❤️

with love,
Encanto 😋


Razor vs wax part 2

5. When waxing, a gentle peeling of the skin occurs (but only if it is done with the help of a professional).
Shaving, on the contrary, dries out the skin, which makes it rough, flaky and feels tight and uncomfortable even with regular moisturizing with special body balms.

6. Due to the fact that during waxing, the hairs are removed from the root, the work of the hair follicles is disrupted, and over time, with regular waxing, it is possible to ensure that the hairs stop growing altogether Shaving, on the other hand, can cause new hairs to grow even faster.

7. The hairs that grow after waxing are thinner and weaker, therefore, when they grow back, they will not cause itching and discomfort, as after shaving.

8. Contrary to popular belief, waxing is not that painful. In any case, no more painful than shaving off the stubble after 1-2 days after the previous shave, when the skin has not yet fully recovered, but you urgently need to achieve perfect smoothness of the skin, for example, before a date.

9. Thanks to the peeling that occurs during waxing, the skin becomes more tender and soft. Thanks to this, new hairs will easily break through the skin. When shaving, the skin becomes rougher, so new hairs can grow in, causing unpleasant pustules and such a serious disease as folliculitis.

10. When doing epilation in the salon, you do not have to contrive to get to the most inaccessible places, so 100% smoothness is guaranteed to you. Since you may not be comfortable shaving in hard-to-reach places, you can seriously cut yourself. your movements will be unsteady or too abrupt.

Plus, we all love being taken care of. Right?
Can you tell me, which number is making you think more than others? What unpleasant things you get after shaving yourself?


Razor vs wax battle 😅

Are you tired of shaving every day, wasting time shaving, suffering from irritations, ingrown hairs and other troubles caused by shaving? Then you just need to try waxing!

The following 10 benefits of wax over shaving will reveal to you why so many people these days are ditching their razors and becoming clients of waxing salons. 🍯

1. The effect of waxing lasts up to 10 times longer than shaving. When waxing, the hairs are pulled out by the root, and when shaving, only part of the hair is cut off.

2. No scratches or cuts that can leave scars and through which serious infections can pe*****te into the deeper layers of your skin.

3. Redness caused by shaving can last for several days, while slight redness after waxing disappears after 1-2 hours. And not only redness, but itching is a problem for some people too.

4. After waxing, the hairs grow back weaker, thinner and less noticeable,when shaving leaves a hard, spiky stubble.

Part 2 in next post x

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February special deal 🦫

Every Tuesday and Wednesday you get
25% off price on your


10% off price on your

Treat yourself giiiirl 😍


Nobody’s business, but your own.

Brazilian wax, girl! 🤤

When bikini wax involves removing hair past your bathing suit, BRAZILIAN wax involves all the hair down there.

✅ Full Brazilian wax.

I know, I said Brazilian wax involves allll the hair, but Brazilian just means removing hair on your l***a and buttocks only, when full Brazilian means when you decide to go completely bare. But you can choose to leave some hair, the line or the triangle for example, it all comes down to personal preference.

🧐 Does it hurts?

Well, truth to be said, yes, it does. Even if you go for the first time. Buttocks are not that bad tho 👌🏻

Eventually it gets pretty ok, so you can prepare yourself with some tips, to make this appointment more comfortable.

So make appointment based on your period. It hurts the most just at pre menstruation phase.

So make sure you got the right time.

And when you have booked your appointment, take few ibuprofen or any other preferred pain relief, and get yourself treated ❤️

Good point is to tell that you shouldn’t get your skin numbed by having few shots 🙈

As backward as it sounds, the only real way to make your Brazilians less terrible is to just keep getting them. The longer you’ve been waxing, the less painful they become because the hair follicles become weaker and some even stop growing back altogether.

🔻 And last one, right now, before Valentine’s Day, we have few upcoming offers on waxing. I’ll post them in stories and save them in “specials” highlight ❤️




Waxing and 🩸

Is it possible to do depilation of a deep bikini during menstruation!?

Topical question, isn't it?

We can definitely say YES, IT IS POSSIBLE!

But it is worth mentioning a few points that can become key in the procedure:

The main obstacle may be increased sensitivity to pain or an overly emotional reaction to it, due to changes in hormonal levels.

During such a period, the pain threshold becomes lower in most women, although, of course, there are exceptions.

To determine for yourself the most painless days, you should try to do the procedure on different days of the menstrual cycle.

By itself, bleeding during menstruation is not contraindication for the procedure.

The key is to use a tampon ☺️


9 tips that help prepare the treatment area before and after your sugaring appointment for best results 😘

Use a loofah, bath mit or sugar scrub to exfoliate 2-3 times a week when you bathe. The best time to start is 72-hours after your Sugaring treatment. Thereafter, rinse thoroughly and remove all soap and leave to dry naturally in a well ventilated place.
Moisturize your skin daily before and after your hair removal treatment (not the day of your treatment or during the first 72 hours after your treatment). Moving forward, this will help your skin and the hair grow for better sugaring treatments.
🌱No Sweating
Do not do anything that will cause excessive sweating as the follicles are open and prone to infection. 
🌱Sun Exposure
Resist sun exposure for 48 hrs before and after being sugared.
🌱Excessive Heat
Stay away from saunas, steam rooms, spas, and other heated sources for at least 48 hours.
🌱Hot Water
Both hot baths and hot showers are discouraged directly after your appointment. If you need to bathe, use lukewarm water.
Stay away from swimming in chlorinated pools or the beach for 24 hours after your sugaring treatment.
Hold off from heavy exercise for at least 24 hours after your treatment.
🌱Exfoliating Products
Abstain from the use of exfoliating products for at least 72 hours after Sugaring as they might irritate your skin.


What you didn’t know about sugaring?

Well here some basics of it ❤️

🌱What is sugaring?
Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian technique that uses a water-soluble gel-like sugar paste to remove unwanted hair.

🌱How it’s made?
The paste is made entirely from natural ingredients—just sugar, lemon, and water.

🌱How it’s done?
It is applied to areas with unwanted hair in the opposite direction of hair growth, then removed in a quick motion called “flicking” that’s done in the same direction of hair growth.

🌱How it’s working?
The paste seeps into the hair follicle and wraps around each hair shaft, allowing the flicking motion to extract the hair right from the root (that’s the little bulb at the end of the hair that looks like a seed).

🌱Why sugaring?
Unlike waxing, the sugaring paste doesn’t stick to the top layer of skin, so this method won’t tug on live skin cells in the process of extracting the hair. Plus, since it removes hair from the root, it is especially good for thick, curly, or ingrown hair.

And if you have more interesting questions about it ask please! We are looking forward to give answers to you ❤️


May 2023 bring all the happiness, good things, and well wishes in your life. 😍

Let’s welcome 2023 with happiness, gratefulness, and enthusiasm. May new year be full of adventures and good things.💫

May everyone get what they wish for in 2023 and let’s close the curtains on another year full of lessons and memories.🤩

On Happy New Year 2023, let’s raise the glasses to a beautiful present, a hopeful future, and a memorable past!☺️

Let’s wrap up the year 2022 and get ready for 2023! May this be the best year ahead.🥳



Did you know that we are consulting girls for their home hair care?

Not only we can check and complex treat your hair for individual goals, but also we are consulting you for your home care including right for your hair shampoo and conditioner, as well as colored hair care.

And even more, you can also buy individually chosen for your hair products straight from our salon or shop .shop

Never treat your hair with “this looks ok” type of product ❤️ do your best for you x


Smells like Hair is in the air 🥰

Merry Christmas to every and one of you 😘

Wishing you a very merry Christmas 🎁🎄

How did you spend your Christmas evening? 😍

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Important information about eyebrow waxing. ❤️

Many of the girls go for eyebrow waxing and do peelings, apply a cream with vitamin C and oils.

And we want to say that you should not do that 🙈

So here are some recommendation for you:
🌱Do not use face cream, face masks, face oils for 24 hours.
🌱After eyebrow correction, do not touch your face with your hands, as well as change the pillowcase.
🌱On the first day after waxing, use acid-free micellar water.
🌱During the day, do not go to the gym, sun beds and swimming pool.

Did you do anything from the list before or after waxing? 🤫

Photos from Encanto Hair Salon Spalding's post 20/12/2022

We want to leave this here 💫

This is a day of our training. You can’t know everything and gotta learn to do new things all the time right?

Amazing Day, amazing woman company, amazing models and amazing results ❤️
co.uk thank you for making this happen 😘

You are beautiful and always welcome at our place 🤗


Hair coloring health and safety.

Lets have a check list of things you should not be doing after hair coloring.
To keep your color safe and hair healthy as possible. ❤️

1. Do not use anti-dandruff shampoo.
Has a cleansing function

2. Do not wash your hair for 24 hours after dyeing.

3. Do not use styling.

4. Comb carefully

5. We do not visit the sauna,steam room and the pool.

6.Re-coloring within 24 hours
Will damage you hair badly

Save this and stay safe love ❤️


Sugaring 🍯

I suppose you all know what that is, so I wanted to make a check list of recommendations related to sugaring.

Save it, use it and keep your skin safe and healthy 🫶🏼

After sugaring, for next 24 hours exclude

1. Deodorant usage

2. Tight , wool , synthetic clothes 👗

3. Scrub usage

4. Peeling usage

5. Hot and cold body masks 🧴

6. Hot tub 🛁

7. Sun beds ☀️

8. Beach 🏖️

Sugaring or waxing day:

❗️cotton clothing, wide fit

And you will be safe and happy ❤️

Did you save it? ☺️


December special 🍊

As we said, we decided to do MONTH SPECIAL deal every month. So this month it is:


💎 What is it:

•Care, nutrition, moisturizing, softening, shine, elasticity.
•Saturation of hair with oils, vitamins, proteins and amino acids.

So beautiful and healthy ✨

(Recommended for dry and damaged hair)

💎 Hot scissors hair cut :

•When cutting with hot scissors, your hair ends are sealed and remain closed.
•All vitamins remain in your hair.
•At the same time, the hair does not break and does not shackle.
•And your hair dont brake, the length increases.
•Hot scissors speed up hair growth.

Sound great right?

So, prices 😍

Regular price :
•Spa treatment from £45 to £65 depend from length.
•Hot scissors hair cut from £50 to £60


What do you say love? Comment below 💔

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November offer! 🤩We will be offering blow&dry on 10th and 11th November for £25 only! 🥰To book for the appointment, plea...



Unit 8, 14-16 Winsover Road

Opening Hours

Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 4:30pm

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