OXYjet's treatments are used by skin specialists around the globe. They utilise pure, concentrated O

Gentle, Effective and Safe are the three words which sum up an OXYjet treatment. A powerful and effective needle-free anti-aging concept in facial rejuvenation; and a complete wellbeing experience without any risk or side effects. A refreshing alternative to cosmetic surgery, OXYjet treatments are a natural way to rejuvenate skin.

Photos from Emma Elliott Clinic & Training Academy's post 09/05/2023

Thanks Emma!


Nice to see our good friend Lisa Franklin London using the OXYjet products

Photos from OXYjet UK's post 17/03/2023

Wishing Guendalina The Skin Sculpter the very best with the new OXYJET treatments.
The team had a fun day setting up & training the team.
The new salon is absolutely stunning!!


OXYjet UK completed its first successful show since the pandemic - Professional Beauty Awards 2023, you were amazing!


Merry Christmas from the Oxyjet UK team!

Photos from OXYjet UK's post 07/11/2022

So it’s arrived…. Nora Bode's OXYjet facials are now available in Dubai!!! Exclusive to The Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, ambassadors in aesthetics treatments and now owners of the patented OXYjet Leo deluxe.

Nora Bode’s leading OXYJET oxygen therapy beauty treatment machine is a facial rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation treatment which can treat most cosmetic areas without pain and free of side effects. Depending on the required skin rejuvenation treatment, wrinkles are filled up, pigmentation spots are lightened, or blemishes are gently softened and removed. No other facial rejuvenation treatment comes close to Nora Bode’s OXYJET oxygen therapy beauty treatment in terms of non-invasive procedures.

Our Tara has just returned from training the therapists...I think I might need to help her if she goes again!!

Contact the Biolite clinic to experience this exclusive facial


The OXYclear in action during a recent training session at The Beauty Room at Taverham Dental Health Clinic.

The OXYclear is an oxygen deep cleanse with blue bio light for the antibacterial benefits whilst oxygen calms the skin to avoid irritation allowing the therapist to create a blank canvas before treating the skin to get the very best results for the client 🙌

The OXYclear is part of the OXYjet Leo Deluxe, our full oxygen skin rejuvenation system.

ℹ️ More information on our oxygen skin technology can be found online:
🔗 www.oxyjetuk.co.uk


Great to see this feature from ABT - Associated Beauty Therapists about super facialist, Adeela Crown using OXYjet devices on the cast of Death on the Nile 🎞‍✨

Read it here:

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet GO, as shown in the photo here:

Photos from OXYjet UK's post 24/03/2022

Training with the team at Med Aesthetics in Galway with the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and Bio2Light for the full oxygen skin experience.


Busy few days in Ireland for some of the OXYjet team, starting with training at The Laser Centre with the OXYjet Leo Deluxe, our oxygen skin rejuvenation system ✨️🇮🇪


We love this quote from ELLE, referring to the Oxygen treatment featuring the OXYjet Leo Deluxe at Lisa Franklin London ‍💜

Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and the numerous capabilities of this oxygen skin rejuvenation system which allows skincare professionals to take their facials to the next level!
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3

Photos from OXYjet UK's post 17/03/2022

OXYjet Leo Deluxe training day at Lesley Leale-Green Skin & Laser Clinics covering the numerous capabilities of this oxygen skin rejuvenation system 🎓

To enquire about training sessions with the OXYjet Leo and our oxygen facial treatments which can be tailored to the individual needs of clients' skin, call 01775 722243.

More information on our devices can be found here:
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3


'OXYjet helps film stars' skin glow' 🎞🌟
Following the news that celebrity facialist Adeela Crown used the OXYjet GO on the cast of Death on the Nile where she was the on-set skin specialist, we're delighted to see the story featured in the latest edition of Guild News.

The OXYjet GO uses a pulse pressure injection method to push active ingredients and microencapsulated oxygen deep into the skin without the use of needles 🚫💉🚫

The unique delivery method is painless, but highly effective and ensures the actives and molecular oxygen are pushed into the dermal layer where they treat the skin more effectively than a surface application can ✔️

The technique plumps the skin from the inside out, smoothing lines and allows the vital oxygen to encourage cell regeneration to leave the skin glowing naturally 💫

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet GO here:

Photos from OXYjet UK's post 11/03/2022

Training day photos from Anew Aesthetics with the OXYjet Leo Deluxe including an oxygen inhalation and a demonstration of the oxygen LED light hood, the Bio2Light.

ℹ️ Discover our oxygen treatments, their multiple benefits and the tech behind them, online at:


The OXYjet Leo Deluxe is a unique system which allows the skin professional to achieve exceptional results for their clients. Gentle yet effective, the technology is designed to utilise the power of pure, concentrated oxygen on the skin with the freedom to create a bespoke facial experience that will leave clients' skin plumped from the inside out and glowing naturally ✨

Discover our professional oxygen skin rejuvenation system, the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and it's numerous capabilities here:
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3


O X Y G E N 💎 L I G H T
The gold standard in natural skincare and technology - pure, concentrated oxygen combined with LED light therapy thanks to the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and Bio2Light.

Highly effective oxygen based treatments soothe and calm the skin allowing advanced treatments to achieve exceptional results without irritation.

OXYJET technology renergises the cells deep within using the OXYjet tool to pressure pulse push pure oxygen and active ingredseldcted for the individual client deep into the dermal layer where their benefits can reap the very best rewards.

Adding in the Bio2Light means the addition of LED light and a stream of oxygen over the skin for magnified benefits that cannot be achieved from using LED alone.

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe:

• • • • • • • •

📷 Anew Aesthetics


'The selection of handpieces is impressive – I personally hadn’t seen anything like the OXYclear or OXYtone handles before – and allow practitioners to provide a comprehensive, advanced facial that leaves skin refreshed and looking lifted'.

So excited to see the OXYjet Leo Deluxe featured in this fabulous article in Professional Beauty this month!💫

Read the full article here ⬇️
📖 https://bit.ly/3v4eBR5

Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe for yourself:
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3

Lisa Franklin London


P O L Y R O T A T I O N A L 🔄 M A S S A G E
The popular and unique 'oxygen face lift' and polyrotational massage in an OXYjet Leo treatment comes courtesy of the OXYtone, an oxygen based lifting and toning tool.

This modality uses pure, concentrated oxygen in combination with both Bio Blue and Bio Red light, depending on the skin needs of the client. The process stimulates, lifts and tightens facial muscles and skin tissue for a natural lifted and toned appearance.

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe

Emma Elliott Clinic & Training Academy


Delighted to see this fabulous feature about the Oxygen treatment using the OXYjet Leo Deluxe at Lisa Franklin London in the latest edition of Aesthetic Medicine 🎉💫

Read the full article on page 64 of Aesthetic Medicine ⬇️
📖 https://bit.ly/3v4eBR5

Discover the capabilities of the OXYjet Leo Deluxe:
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3


Supercharge your skin treatments 💥
Pressure pulse active ingredients and molecular oxygen deep into the skin using OXYjet technology ‍⬇️

The hand-held OXYjet GO, as used by Adeela Crown on-set Skin Specialist on Death on the Nile, painlessly delivers the microencapsulted oxygen to the dermal layer where it is able to re-energise the skin cells and encourage the natural cell regeneration process for a fresh and revitalised complexion 💫

In the same way, active ingredients are pulsed into the skin using the patented method from the original OXYjet technology. They are able to treat from within rather than superficially on the surface ensuring each treatment is highly effective and skin is left plumped, smoothed and glowing with every use✨

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet GO here:

📸 Samir Arun Photography

Death on the Nile | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios 15/02/2022

Delighted to share the news that on-set Skin Specialist, Adeela Crown used OXYjet devices to help get skin glowing for the all star cast of new release Death on the Nile! 🎬

The convenient hand-held device, the OXYjet GO encompasses the original German technology used in the larger OXYjet skin rejuvenation systems, and it was this which accompanied the celebrity facialist on-set to oxygenate the star's skin creating a stunning, natural glow 🎞✨

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet GO here:

Death on the Nile | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios Murder was just the beginning. Watch the new trailer for Death on the Nile, in theaters this October 23. Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot’s Egyptian vacation ab...

Photos from Adeela Crown London's post 10/02/2022

Congratulations to Adeela Crown who has been included in the Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2022 with her Lift Off™ treatment featuring the OXYjet Leo Deluxe 👏🌟👏🌟👏🌟👏

10 Next Level Facials That Will Totally Transform Your Face 08/02/2022

Check out the details of the Oxygen treatment with Lisa Franklin London 💜✨🙌


10 Next Level Facials That Will Totally Transform Your Face The treatments more than worth your hard-earned money


O X Y J E T ❄️ C R Y 0 2

This cool oxygen lift comes courtesy of the OXYjet CRY02 - pure oxygen coupled with a concentrated ampoule chosen to meet the needs of each individual client, tightens the skin leaving the complexion refined and facial contours lifted.

As ever, OXYjet technology allows the therapist to elevate their treatments, creating a bespoke experience for each and every client, skin type and needs.

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe

📸 Samir Arun Photography Adeela Crown London Michelle Humphrey

10 Next Level Facials That Will Totally Transform Your Face 04/02/2022

So thrilled to see this superb review from ELLE! 🤩👏🎉
The treatment was at the fabulous Lisa Franklin's Clinic Privé and used the OXYjet Leo Deluxe to achieve stunning results 💫

Nora Bode Kosmetik

10 Next Level Facials That Will Totally Transform Your Face The treatments more than worth your hard-earned money


P E R F E C T 💜 P E E L
This liquid peel stimulates the collagen synthesis within the skin for a plumper and more youthful appearance without the use of needles. The clever combination of acids leave the complexion visibly fresher and more refined thanks to a formula of 7 specially selected acids which work on fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation marks from sun damage and age spots, loss of elasticity in the skin, blemishes and scars 🧪 ⤵️

💫 Glycolic Acid
💫 Citric Acid
💫 Malic Acid
💫 Tartaric Acid
💫 Lactic Acid
💫 Gluconic Acid
💫 Salicylic Acid

ℹ️ Discover the Acid 7 Peel Formula online:

• • • • • • • •

Nora Bode Kosmetik


P E R F E C T 💜 P E E L
We were thrilled to see Nathalie Eleni feature the Acid 7 Peel Formula in her top product picks in Country & Town House Magazine last month.

This results driven skincare is ideal for getting winter skin glowing and uses a carefully selected combination of 7 acids to treat areas of pigmentation, loss of elasticity and blemishes for a clearer and more refined skin. It simultaneously stimulates the synthesis of collagen for a fresher complexion 💫

ℹ️ Discover the Acid 7 Peel Formula online

• • • • • • • •

Nora Bode Kosmetik


O X Y G E N 💡 L I G H T

Blue LED light has a powerful antibacterial action on the skin. Beneficial to all skin types, but particularly those prone to blemishes.

Combined with pure, concentrated oxygen, the two calm and cleanse skin with a gentle and natural method 💫

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and Bio2Light online, link in bio 🔗

• • • • • • • •


Winter glow ✅ Oxygenated skin ✅ Softened lines ✅
These wonderful results were achieved with the use of the OXYjet Leo Deluxe, our full oxygen skin rejuvenation system.

The treatment began with an oxygen deep cleanse to ensure the skin reaps the rewards of the concentrated oxygen right from the outset 🙌

Also included was the use of the Bio2Light, an advanced oxygen LED light hood which utilises both LED light at different wavelengths and oxygen to reduce inflammation, regulate pigmentation, calm the complexion and stimulate the metabolism of the skin ✨💜

ℹ Want to learn more about our professional oxygen systems please call 01775 722243 or go to www.oxyjetuk.co.uk.


Self-love & self-care starts with us.

Do not hesitate with your skincare! shop with us today.


Love to see skin professionals such as those at Beautique 12 - Advanced Skin Care & Aesthetics tackling dull winter skin with the OXYjet Leo Deluxe to get the complexion glowing 🙌

This photo shows them using the wonderful OXYclear for a deep oxygen cleanse with pure, concentrated oxygen to calm the skin and protect it against irritation whilst an antibacterial effect takes place thanks to the bio blue light 💫

Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe:
ℹ️ https://bit.ly/3eMugc3

Start the New Year with a good skin regime 🎇💎

Is your skin feeling it after the Christmas/New Year period? While it’s great to enjoy this time & relax a little with lovely food and the odd tipple 🥂 it can also have a big impact on your skin.

That’s why it’s important to start 2022 off right.. with a bit of self care! 🤍 and what’s better than healthy skin. 💎
Start your skin journey with us and book in for a skin consultation or even that facial you’ve been thinking about 🤍

Call us on 07801909919 or pop us a message and we will be happy to help 😊


O X Y G E N 💡 L I G H T

The powerful combination of oxygen and light in a single, bespoke treatment with OXYjet technology bringing together two gentle, yet highly effective ways to treat multiple skin concerns and leave skin glowing💫

ℹ️ Discover the OXYjet Leo Deluxe and Bio2Light here:


No matter what time it is you can read, learn and buy our products on our website,

Head to our website to see the best way to feel fresh, rejuvenated and young.


OXYjet devices are guaranteed to have you feeling fresh and leave you with a natural glow,

So why not start the year of glowing and purchase our device.

Visit our website today!


Age is just a number!

The OXYjet GO is the device that can help you fight wrinkles and keep your complexion clear.

Ceromone - OXYJET UK 07/01/2022

The Ceromone age control cream is a rich regeneration cream and one of the best ways to prevent premature ageing of your skin.

This is a great purchase for anyone who wants to stay looking and feeling young.

Ceromone - OXYJET UK Discover the wonders of the Ceromone cosmetics line, containing phyto estrogens & isoflavones to create beautiful results for the skin. Discover moretoday...


Our OXYjet devices will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, our cosmetics and technology have left numerous happy customers, so come and see what the fuss is about.



Treat a loved one this Christmas, by purchasing the OXYjet GO!

You are giving someone the best state of the art device to smooth out lines and give their skin a fresh and radiant look.😄🎄



Training day at Taverham Dental Health Clinic with the OXYjet Leo and Bio2Light - the perfect combination of light and oxygen to get their client's complexions glowing 🌟🙌

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The OXYjet Story...

The evolution of man is the success story of Oxygen - for more than years!

Our story begins in the picturesque village of Hohenstein in Hessen, Germany. The naturopath clinician Lothar Bode was looking for a method to get medicines painlessly and safely into his patients’ sensitive skin. Now the President, Lothar Bode came up with the idea of using pure oxygen pressure to place the drugs deep into the skin. A first prototype was successfully produced in 1994 using pulsed oxygen to inject special formations deep into the skin. The impressive results in this medical field encouraged Lothar’s pharmacist wife Jutta Bode to concentrate on the development of natural cosmetic products with the OXYJET and they formed the company Nora Bode.

In 1997 after over 500 successful treatments Lothar was awarded a patent for the pressure injection treatment and also in the same year the world renowned Fraunhofer Institute conducted trials at the Biomedical Engineering in St Ingbert proving the system. In 1998 the first OXYJET was launched on the German market. Since then rising export figures and over 40 international partners have confirmed the company’s position as the leading oxygen treatment manufacturer in the world.

In the years 2000-2006 the OXY-Mega Station, OXYJET BASIC and the OXYcrystal were successful worldwide. In 2007 these models were followed by the OXYJET STAR and finally in 2012 the current very successful LEO models were introduced.

Videos (show all)

The Ceromone range contains an active complex of Phyto Estrogens and high tech ingredients proven to slow the natural lo...
Get your OXYjet glow with the OXYjet Go! Based on the technology used in our professional oxygen skin rejuvenation syste...
B L A C K 🖤 F R I D A YDiscover your OXYjet glow with Acid 7 Peel FormulaA liquid peel comprising of 7 acids, each speci...
B L A C K 🖤 F R I D A YSave 20% on all products in our online store using code ⚡️BF20 ⚡️ before midnight on Monday 29.11...
B L A C K 🖤 F R I D A YDiscover your OXYjet glow ✨Begins midnight at www.oxyjetuk.co.uk#oxyjet #skintech #oxyjetglow
The OXYjet GO, the perfect skin gadget for winter skin!Get your complexion glowing with OXYjet technology which pressure...
▪️ OXYJET ▪️ The OXYjet, part of the OXYjet Leo Deluxe skin rejuvenation system, gently pulses active ingredients and co...
OXYjet technology to treat skin at home or on the go! 💫ℹ Discover the GO ⬇️https://bit.ly/3asEoqt#oxyjet #skintech
P U R I F Y I N G 💆‍♀️ C O N T R O LA professional oxygen treatment created for those prone to oily skin and the blemish...
S E N S I T I V E 💆‍♀️ B A L A N C EA professional oxygen treatment created for more sensitive and reactive skin types, ...
OXYjet Energy Reload Oxygen Facial Treatment



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