Gillible Hair & Beauty Clinic

Gillible Hair & Beauty Clinic

Gillible Hair & Beauty clinic is an ideal place to get your hair fixed, preferably for classic ladies who live in Teshie and its immediate environs.

Your experience starts as soon as you enter, with a warm friendly smile and a warm herbal tea or mineral water. You may be having an eyebrow wax or a full day luxury day spa package, but rest assured your time with us how little that may be, will be a wonderful experience.

Operating as usual

[04/05/20]   You’ve always have interest in learning hairdressing and fixing of nails.Here is an opportunity to learn for at least 3months,and at most 6months FOR A LITTLE FEE!!!
LOCATION :Opposite Christ Disciples Teshie - Tebibiaano
You can chat this number up 0509341174 please no call WhatsApp only

[11/22/19]   Do you want your hair and nails to be fixed at the comforts of your home please do call on Gillible Hair & Beauty Clinic for your services 0509341174/0243167346 with a discount on every services.
Pedicure, Hair Treatment, Nail Polish, weave on, Raster, Cornrows, finger waves, Natural Hair Styles, Facial, Body Massage

[04/12/19]   Call us for your hair and nail's / pedicure 0243167346 -0509341174


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Dear client just call the number for yr sweet braids 0209341174


Call in for your nice hair cut 0509341174


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Join Our Modern Short Term Courses In A Friendly And Relaxed Atmosphere. J.H.S, S.H.S Leaves, Professionals And House Wives Don’t Be Left Out On This Great Opportunity.
We Offer Training And Take Orders For The Following:
Event Management And Rentals, Bridal Décor, Flora Arrangement, Ribbons & Balloon Décor, Decoration For Anniversaries & Functions Etc. Expert In Sugar Craft, Cake Making And Designing, Pastries And Dessert Making, Cookery, Hampers & Gifts Souvenirs, Flower Craft, Event Décor, Bridal Make Up Etc. We Supply Both Hard And Soft, Liquor For Any Occasion Including Supply Of Mghedaa (local corn drink), Soobolo, Fruit Juice All In Sealed Bottles And All Kinds Of Food Orders.
We Are Located At: Tebibiaano Opposite Christ Disciples School.
Mobile: 024-9590931

Join Our Modern Short Term Courses In A Friendly And Relaxed Atmosphere. J.H.S, S.H.S, Professionals And House Wives Don’t Be Left Out On This Great Opportunity. We want to make it possible for those from all walks of life to make their dreams come true and pursue a career in the exciting field.
We Offer a big variety of special courses that will help students to become the best in the field of cosmetology:
Cosmetology, Makeup, Nail Care, Skin Care, Massage Therapy, Manicure/Nail Technology and Spa Therapy Pedicure and the Art of Hairdressing etc.
Interested applicant should contact this line.
Mobile: 024- 3167 346 or 050- 9341174

[11/29/16]   God is constantly providing and working miracles through you and for you by His Spirit (Gal 3:5). Receive His inexhaustible supply today!

[09/08/16]   Elegance, and a smile will never go out of style.

[03/14/16]   He is a wonder

[03/14/16]   Tip 1

After shampoo and conditioning, be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. Left-over product dulls hair.
Tip 2

Distributing conditioner through your hair with a wide-toothed comb will leave your hair shiny and tangle-free.
Tip 3

Apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends. Conditioning your roots will weigh your hair down.
Tip 4

If your hair is really dry, deep-condition at home. Apply conditioner to clean, damp hair; slip on a plastic cap and let your hair absorb for 30 minutes.
Tip 5

Rubbing your hair with a towel when it’s wet can ruffle the cuticle and cause tangles, so gently squeeze out excess water.
Tip 6

Before blow drying, protect your hair with a styling product such as a conditioning milk, cream, or serum.
Tip 7

Move your blow dryer from roots to ends to avoid frizz and shredding your hair cuticles.
Tip 8

For smooth results, brush as you blow dry in the same direction. It will prevent your cuticle from roughing up.
Tip 9

Make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before styling with a flat iron or curling iron to avoid frizz.
Tip 10

For a fuller look, part or style your hair in the opposite direction.

[02/09/16]   Thinking of what to do to get that beautiful brand new look for your used human hairs? Bring them to us for washing and treatment at a very affordable fee.We always make it happen. HAIR TALK, LET YOUR HAIR DO THE TALKING!!!!!!

[02/08/16]   I declare to you that whatever has been marked impossible in your life shall become possible. There is nothing too hard for the Lord to do because with God, all things are possible. Welcome to your week of possibilities!

[01/19/16]   OOh God you are so Good!!

[12/16/15]   It's the Christmas season!! GHBC wants to celebrate with you and make this season a remarkable one. Now, here is what you need to do; strike a pose showing off your fab hair-do, take a selfie and post as comment to this post or subsequent posts on our page.

[11/19/15]   Elegance, and a smile will never go out of style.

[11/16/15]   2. Ginseng:
Ginseng is believed to stimulate the blood circulation, thus increasing the blood supply to the hair follicles. If taking ginseng supplements, it would be better to take them along with vitamin B6 and zinc supplements. For topical application, any hair oil infused with the ginseng root can do wonders.

[11/16/15]   Are you worried seeing receding hairlines as well as baldness to appear on your scalp? Do you want to improve the thickness of your hair as well as improve the growth of the hair? If you are one among the many who is looking for the right herbal tips that will help with hair growth the natural way, then you need to try out some of the above mentioned herbal remedies to reduce your baldness and to grow strong hair on your scalp.
Herbal treatment for hair loss:
1. Aloe-Vera:
Aloe Vera does it all, be it conditioning, promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, combats sebum and much more. Extract aloe vera gel from the plant and directly apply on the scalp and leave it for atleast 2 hrs before rinsing. This not only arrests hair loss but also promotes hair growth.

[11/04/15]   May God cause your ways to prosper. May you and yours be Preserved, Provided for and Protected.
May His face shine upon you. You will end this year alive and well. 03/11/2015

What do I Need to Have in a Pedicure Set for Doing Pedicures at Home? – Thoughts of Beauty

So what you need now is a good idea of what you need besides nail polish:

Pedicure supplies example of what you need to put in your pedicure set

If you don’t have the items you need now, you can always get them and do a full treatment at a later date. If you do not have a sugar or salt body scrub you can create your own with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Just get the salt wet enough with the oil to make it a lot like a body scrub would be. About 1/2 cup of sea salt and 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil will to the trick. Simple yes. Works? Yes. :)

Supply list:

Nail polish remover
Cotton balls or cotton pads
Cotton swabs
Nail Clippers
Foot bath or a simple container that you can soak both feet in
Foot file
Cuticle remover: a commercial solution designed to dissolve cuticles
Orangewood stick: small wooden stick meant for nail and cuticle care
Exfoliating salt scrub or other favorite exfoliation product > your sugar scrub you use on your person will do just as good
Base coat: goes underneath the polish to protect the nail
Nail polish
Top coat: protects the color of the polish and some kinds speed up drying.
Moisturizing cream > a good body lotion or even better a luxury body butter will work great too!
Cuticle oil: an oil you can use daily to keep your cuticle moisturized and healthy

- See more at:

[10/22/15]   I give praise and thanks to God for how far He has brought me!!

[10/16/15]   Protein Treatments Help

Protein treatments are a great way to reinforce the hair shaft and harden the cuticle layer, placing a barrier around the follicle, which protects it from further damage. Hydrolyzed proteins used in most protein treatments temporarily mend your hair by filling gaps in the cuticle, allowing your hair to better retain moisture and giving it more sheen and strength. It also revitalizes your curls by restructuring some of the bonds that make your hair curly.

There are several types of protein conditioner treatments; reconstructors, deep penetrating treatments, protein packs and light protein treatments. Reconstructors work wonders on severely damaged hair. Moderately damaged hair benefits from deep penetrating protein treatments, while slightly damaged strands can be enriched with protein packs or light protein treatments. Proceed with caution, however, since utilizing too much protein too often can cause brittleness and breakage.


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[08/27/15]   Have your hair and nails done in the comfort of your home. Call Naa Adei on 050 93 41174/024 31 67 346

[07/31/15]   It's easy to magnify the problem instead of magnifying God. But the bigger you make God, the smaller your problems become, and the more faith will rise in your heart.


Photos from Gillible Hair & Beauty Clinic's post

[07/10/15]   Have a nice weekend cheers!!


 Hair relaxing creams
 Hair creams or pomades
 Hair shampoo and conditioner, neutralizing and Rolex and pins.
 Hair treatments pomades
 Hair ribbings, combs, various types of wigs etc
 Acrylic nails, French nails, French tips, nails glue, acrylic liquid, acrylic powder, nails designs etc. Manicure and Pedicure products. Foot spa and Hand spa.
 Also deals in all types of ladies and men accessories such as Shoes, bags dresses, clothes, slippers, jewelry’s


Box 6170

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 17:00
Thursday 09:00 - 17:00
Friday 09:00 - 17:00
Saturday 09:00 - 17:00
Sunday 09:00 - 17:00
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