Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual

Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual

Q'ticules (Image & Beauty) - Grooming services for women and men Q'ticules (Image & Beauty) provides lectures, demonstrations, product sampling and makeovers for corporate and financial institutions as well as individuals.

Private grooming and etiquette sessions are available on request.

[06/23/16]   The month of May continues with great appearance, effective personal care habits and appropriate styles for the corporate environment or choice occasion.

First impressions are lasting -
Walking, speaking with an accepted voice tone,manners and comportment speak volumes in character and personality.
In addition, good facial expression, impressive gestures and refined body posture attribute towards the remarkable presence that influence others.

Keep up the confidence level..

[04/29/16]   Month of April gave us lots of sun!
Keep yourself presentable for the sake of clients, customers and all we interact with at work.

Carry extra toiletries to the office for freshen up or use when necessary.

- hand sanitisers/ wipes
- pocket size tissues
- hair combs/ brushes
- shoe cleaner kit
- anti perspiration products
- tooth brush/ tooth paste
- mouth fresheners
- make up purse with a few essential items
- miniature size of soft scents and fragrances
- extra lingerie or underwear

Our personal qualities play an important role to the business.


Grooming with staff of Mma Zara restaurant , Bestwestern premier hotel, Airport res. Area. ACCRA

[03/29/16]   The month of March was celebrated as GHANA month by one of the most discerning radio station in Accra-Joy fm. Highlighting culture, tradition and various exciting sight attractions.

In perspective, our behaviour and Ghana s acclaimed hospitality means a lot to clients, guests, costumers and people we interact with on regular basis.

In certain circles, formal introductions, correct use of names, personal titles and ranks when referring or meeting people for the first time demonstrate levels of respect, acknowledgement , interest and professionalism.
Looking forward to the month of April, stay blessed.

[02/04/16]   Happy month of February ! Remember the game changers -

1. Look smart and dress appropriate for work
2. Speak with confidence
3. Be attentive to job schedules and the customers
4. Listen , process information , then respond efficiently

Proper behaviour in a competitive environment is the "in thing " for a productive and successful 2016!

Expect tips on etiquette in the month of March

[01/09/16]   Happy new year to participants and potential ones. Wish you all a beautiful, productive and interesting year.
With lots of transformation in appearance, attitude and character that extend to various departments in business.
"Look the part," "act the part"....
It's time to impress...!


Wonderful way to end working year. Session with my accounts office staff - Mensah JB and associates


Stanbic selected, for grooming session.


Demonstrations, transformation and sheer joy from participants of Fidelity bank s (C.S.O).
Looking and acting the part is priority in a competitive work environment .


Photos from Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual's post

[11/10/15]   The art of communication in customer related settings are when channels are a two way flow - paying attention, understanding the needs, most importantly listening and responding in preferred language for ease and comfort for the sake of our customers.


Change is effective when certain people are involved and accept the process.
Customer service officers play an important role as well informed personal of the business and also interact extensively with customers.
Appearance, attitude and character contribute profoundly.
Our experience with the C.S.O s of Fidelity bank demonstrated how some participants were transformed with selective dress items , style and "office perfect "make overs to " Look the part" and business ethics and skill to "Act the part" of a professional.

Well done to Diana Darko of Dome branch, Nana Efe of madina market branch, Kingsley Mensah of Kasoa branch, and all who contributed and share informative ideas during the session.


Ready for another great session with a group of selected CSO s of Fidelity bank. It was good to meet Solace, George, Fiifi , Isabella, Afua , Joseph and Belinda.. To mention a few..
"The impact we projects affect others positively".


Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual's cover photo


Another wonderful grooming session with selected CSO s of Fidelity Bank.


Another great session with selected staff of Pwc, Ghana


Photos from Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual's post


Photos from Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual's post


Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual


Mobile Uploads

[06/12/15]   It been great working with staff of EB -Accion Savings and Loans, Ghana. Interacting through informative sessions in grooming personal presentation and business etiquette for the competitive environment. Kudos to all participants of Accra and surrounding branches, also to the lucky ones who received "freebies" during shared learnings and contributions.
We can wait to meet the Kumasi group soon, it sure will be a wonderful experience !
Remember to "look the part" at all times.. 85% is non verbal , the rest is what is said and our actions.


Photos from Q'ticules - Image & Grooming training for corporate and individual's post

[10/30/14]   Is has been a beautiful journey through the months of 2014.. Coaching, guiding and transforming wonderful participants into" perfect looks for various occasions " in the year s personal brand , business etiquette and presentation sessions for Barclays network women s forum, Stanbic bank Ghana, Access bank Ghana, Universal Merchant bank Ghana, Pricewaterhouse coopers Ghana, Eximguranty company and Deliotte Ghana.
Looking forward to 2015 , I say - be inspired, be involved, be passionate , appreciate God s given gifts and talent to you , and most of all love who you are!!

This message also goes to all gracious people I met on similar occasions who believed in themselves and paid attention to personal detail..
Remember first impressions are lasting impressions !Stay blessed


Selected UT bank staff from branches, very smart and professional, total make over and business etiquette session by Kay and her team. Kudos to all.. keep up the appearance in 2014 and beyond.

[01/04/14]   A new year filled with positive expectations in career, profession and other related platforms.
Presentation, communication, proper etiquette should be your personal highlights.
First impression leads to results - and are lasting....
Be ready to project positively, put your" best foot forward"and get recognized.
Enjoy a wonderful 2014!


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[06/07/13]   It s been a wonderful week of coaching, make over demos, and sharing knowledge with interesting selected staff of golden tulip hotel, Accra and U.T bank.
Well done ladies and gentlemen..! Keep it up.. Remember appearance and performance go hand in hand..
Go on" Look the Part" !!!

[04/10/13]   Personal branding is an integral part in our business environment. It is an extension ofour personality, job position and status. Therefore, lets pay attention to detail!!!

[02/08/13]   Spend time to care for your skin, hair and nails..pamper yourself pretty.. pay attention to detail.. Appearance is everything! ..Appearance speak volumes about who you really are!

[12/15/12]   The season is an opportunity to look good, feel good and stay healthy. Come pamper yourselves at Q'ticules! Merry Christmas to all!


Kay Bentsi-Enchill of Q'ticules

Untitled Album 28/10/2012

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[03/02/12]   Come to Q'ticules & Nails for nail care, make-up and beauty therapy. Call 0302 775659 for details of the services we offer


Make-up by Q'ticules. Clothing and fascinators by MAKSI clothing

wedding pics 03/06/2011

wedding pics


Skincare - Facials,skin analysis and deep treatments
Nails - Manicure-pedicures, nail extensions and nail treatments
Grooming - Business etiquette, communication skills and comportment practice
Makeovers - Personal, Corporate and Bridal teams


No. 8 Volta Street, Airport Res.area
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