Maxim Cosmetics Ghana

Maxim Cosmetics Ghana


What's on your mind?please I need lacura body lotion to buy
PLS THE PRice for the set
I will be very pleased if you could create a styling gel for natural hair too,I know you have styling gel for permed hair but it would be a great help for natural hair lover's to have one too.thank you
Hi please how much is maxim shampoo and conditioner 4.5litters
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We care for your hair. Maxim original.............
We care for your hair. Maxim original.............
Have a Nice Day..........

Bring out the beauty in you with Maxim ...Cos you are the MAX. Always get on this space for news, events, offers, and more!

The company was established and legally registered in United States Of America,Houston to be precise, on a solid foundation of SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH on all Hair and Skin types in 1990. In 1992, this technology was transferred to Ghana and modified to suite our local environs.Maxim products are CLINICALLY PROVEN and dedicated to the beauty of women. They are carefully formulated to meet the challenging needs of the African woman in our sometimes hot,humid and dusty conditions. Maxim Cosmetics has a vision of enhancing the image of women worldwide. The company is dedicated to providing cost effective beauty solutions with only ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY technology. Our products include: Shampoos and Conditioners, Styling Gels,Setting Lotion and Hair Relaxers, Nail Polish Removers and Artificial Nail Dissolvers, Body Lotions, Bath Soaps, Natural Products including Shea Butter Products, Liquid Soaps and Disinfectants.. About our page… We appreciate hearing from you so please attach your comment, start discussions, post photos and share your product reviews. But please, remember that we reserve the right to review and delete any content posted by fans we deem as inappropriate, offensive, in violation of Facebook’s Terms or for any other reason as deemed necessary to encourage a healthy community. Individual attacks, unpleasant remarks, unclean language, spam, and promotional postings will be removed. Anyone repeatedly posting material that violates these terms will be banned from participating on this page. We also encourage you to share your unique beauty with our community. Thank you for respecting all community members and guidelines to make our page a positive beauty destination. House Rules ------------------ Our Policy We are glad you are here. This is your Fan Page and we encourage you to leave comments, photos and videos here. These House Rules are meant to ensure everyone can enjoy our page. The comments and views here are solely those of the visitors to the page and do not necessarily reflect our views or opinions. We are not responsible for content submitted to the page. We do not monitor every post on the page, but we expect visitors to the Page to comply with these House Rules. We may remove inappropriate content without notice. By using or accessing this page, you agree to comply with Facebook’s Terms and Conditions ( Be Kind and Respectful of Others. Do not make offensive or inappropriate comments, including about race, ethnicity, religion, social class, gender, sexual orientation or disability. Avoid profanity, obscene, indecent, pornographic, sexually explicit or otherwise objectionable content or language. Do not defame, ridicule, mock, threaten, harass, abuse, or trick others. Be Open and Honest. Do not impersonate any other person or disguise yourself. Avoid false, misleading, or unsupported statements. Use Caution and Common Sense - Safeguard Your Privacy. Always use caution and common sense on the Internet, especially when providing personal information that could be used to identify, contact or impersonate you or others. Respect Others’ Privacy. Before you upload anything or tag someone, make sure you have the permission of every person included. Do not share sensitive or private information without the person’s permission. Respect Others’ Content. Do not upload material that you do not have permission to upload, or that violates any laws or infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights. Respect Our Content. Materials that we post on this page, such as trademarks, logos, video, text, and photos, are protected under trademark and copyright laws. They are owned by us or our licensors and cannot be copied or used without permission. Do Not Submit Inappropriate / Harmful Links. Do not upload or link to any harmful or illicit materials. Do not post links to executable files. Do Not Encourage Illegal / Inappropriate Activity or Products. Do not encourage, promote, or facilitate illegal behaviour, alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons, unsafe or dangerous activities, or particular political agendas or messages. Avoid Inappropriate Advertising Statements. Do not engage in promotion or advertising of any other business unrelated to the community discussions on the Page. We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers and numerous distributors for their tireless effort and support.

Mission: To enhance the image of women worldwide through our well treated products.

Do you know that washing your hair with soap instead of shampoo and conditioner can damage your hair😳?Maxim cosmetics got you covered!we have Cocoshea Shampoo & Cocoshea Conditioner to wash your hair and repair it as well!Ultamax Naturals!!!Naturally beautiful!!

Dont worry anymore.#maxim cosmetics brings you ultamax 9 secret pomade,which repairs damage hair and helps control dandruff.ultamax naturals!!!!! naturally beautiful.

You want something that kills what your rubbing alcohol can't? Get a Maxim Surface Sanitizer😉

[05/24/20]   Maxim cosmetics use this opportunity to wish all Muslims happy Eid Mubarak.

Check out the best hand sanitizer on the market..


[05/10/20]   Maxim cosmetics wishes you a Happy Mother's day

Keeping your home clean and safe, remains our topmost priority.

#StaySafe #SaveLives #MaximCares #Covid_19

Our donation to SOS Herman Gmenier, Tema.

Maxim cares..


[04/03/20]   How to build your immunity and fight against germs

1.Take enough rest

2.Drinking water frequently

3.Eat a lot of vegetables like Red pepper,garlic, sunflower seeds etc

4.Take in a lot of fruits, especially fruits that contains citrus like oranges,Grapes,lemon, lime, tangerines, clementines etc.

5.Take in green tea and yogurt

6.Eat a lot of seeds and nut like bitter cola which is rich in boosting your immune system

7.And also take your regular shower (2 times daily which kills diseases on the skin)

8.And lastly, frequently
wash your hands and wash your foods very well before cooking and always serve hot meals

Thank you

Maxim will always be there for Ghana and the world, when it comes to preserving human life

Disinfectants kill more germs than sanitizers you know 😊.Why don't you get our disinfectant to clean your homes, hospitals, dental surgeries, kitchens, bathrooms and your laundry to kill all germs away from you and your loved ones. It's available in 4.5L and 1L bottles. Remember a clean place is a safe place.

#maximdisinfectants #cleanghana #cleanhomes #madeinghana
#disinfectant #cleaning #janitorial #corona #ebola #bacteria #cleanghana #virus #staysafe
Whatsapp/ Chat us on 054-3917906

From the management and staff of Maxim Cosmetics, we celebrate our cherished women for their strength, prayers , sacrifices and encouragement in all things. This world couldn't have been better without you.

#womensday2020 #happywomensday #obaamo #greatwomen #ourwomenourpride #8march #feminism #empowerment #maximcosmetics #hairlove #cocoshea #hairproducts

Have a great holiday Ghana!! 🇬🇭

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Hello sweeties ....
Did you know some varieties of food aids in
Hair growth 🤔? Well 🤷🏽‍♀, have a look at the diagram below and have a splendid weekend the Maxim way 😊👍🏽!!!!

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#hairlove #weekendvibes #ultamax #cocoshea #maxim #cosmetics #conditioner.

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How to use the all newly improved Maxim Nail Remover.

•Wet cotton pad with Maxim Nail Remover.

•Rub the wet cotton round, back and forth, up and down across the nail.

•Use as many fresh remover-soaked cotton pads as you need.

•Rub a fresh cotton round with nail polish remover over each nail to remove any excess residue or polish that might have been left behind.

•Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and you are just good to go !!!

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It's an inspirational Wednesday. Follow us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh. Let's talk/chat via WhatsApp on 0543-917906 for more vibes.

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What is your dream gift this Month of Love ❤ ? Anyway 🤷🏽‍♀,get this hamper of Maxim CocoShea Pack for yourself or that special someone 😉.

#naturalhairlove #cocosheahairpack #naturalhairgrowth #maximcosmetics #becauseyouarethemax

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Hello dear, no more dandruff, smelly and itchy scalp with flaky hair. Thanks to Maxim Scalp Treatment 👍🏽😉?
Just apply a generous amount to your scalp, massage and enjoy your hair.

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#Getridofdandruff #Maximscalptreatmentoil # #becauseyouaretheMax

Check out this awesome natural hair style made with our all new Ultamax Gel during the NABH New Year School held at Mensah Sabah Legon.

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Let's talk about limescale and how to get rid of it.

Limescale is a hard chalky deposit, consisting mainly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), that often builds up inside kettles, hot water boilers, and pipework, especially that for hot water. It is also often found as a similar deposit on the inner surfaces of old pipes and other surfaces where "hard water" has evaporated.

The colour varies from off-white through a range of greys and pink or reddish browns, depending on the other minerals present. Iron compounds give the reddish-browns.


Follow us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh. Let's get talking more via WhatsApp on 0543-917906.


Follow us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh. Let's talk/chat via WhatsApp on 0543-917906 for more vibes.


Hello sweet sister,

Enjoy your well relaxed hair with our all new improved Maxim Hair Relaxer which comes in two different types. Maxim Regular Relaxer for normal hair and Maxim Super Relaxer for tough hair.There is an Olive Hair Moisturizer attached to help moisturize, nourish and get your hair well relaxed as you desire.

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Let's clean this weekend !!!! Grab our bleaches for that specific purpose. Laundry Bleach for your white clothes, Cleaning Bleach for general cleaning, Stain Remover for cleaning though stains from surfaces and our Zone 1 Thick Bleach for general cleaning and washing white clothes. #let's clean the Maxim style#

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It's another holiday !!!!

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#b'cus you're the Max#

Pretty simple measures to prevent hair breakage this harmattan.

*** Drink more water to prevent dehydration.

***Do more of hair moisturizing.Use Ultamax Olive Moisturizer, CocoShea Moisturizer (for naturals) or Ultamax 9 Secrets Hair Moisturizer to avoid brittle hair.

*** Go extra on deep conditioners.

*** Do simple protective hair styles like box braids, bantu knots, twists and faux locks.

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#b'cus you are the Max #

Keep smiling dearest ....

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#b'cus you are the Max#

Happy new year from the Maxim family. Keep following us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh. Let's talk and chat more on 0543-917906. #b'cus you're the Max#

[12/25/19]   The holidays are here once again.

We wish you all the best and we pray that you enjoy every bit of blessings it comes with.

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#b'cus you're the Max#

[12/21/19]   A letter to you our cherished customer.

Thank you for being our brand ambassador. May this festive season bring you exceeding joy, peace and harmony.

Afehyia Pa ooooo.

From Management and Staff of Maxim Cosmetics.

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#B'cus you're the Max#

[12/21/19]   A letter to you our cherished customer.

Thank you for being our brand ambassador. May this festive season bring you exceeding joy, peace and harmony.

Afehyia Pa ooooo.

From Management and Staff of Maxim Cosmetics.

Keep on following us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh .
You can Call/ WhatsApp us on 054-3917906.

#B'cus you're the Max#

[12/20/19]   A letter to you our cherished customer.

Thank you for being our brand ambassador. May this festive season bring you exceeding joy, peace and harmony.

Afehyia Pa ooooo.

From Management and Staff of Maxim Cosmetics.

Keep following us on Instagram @maximcosmeticsgh .
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#B'cus you're the Max#

Did you know that the Maxim Olive Moisturizer moisturizes your hair, reduces scalp irritation which further reduces dandruff to promote hair growth? Well, that's few of the magic our Olive Moisturizer does. Just apply a generous amount to your scalp, massage and you are good to go.....

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#love your hair the Max way#

Thank God it's Friday !!!!!

The Maxim Family celebrates our gallant farmers for their support in building Mother Ghana. We say a resounding AYEKOO.

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Have a great Holiday and weekend 😊.

Still battling with dandruff, itchy scalp and smelly scalp ?
Get the all New Maxim Mint Oil Scalp treatment and bid farewell to it's embarassment.

Follow us on instragram @ maximcosmeticsgh. Let us get talking via WhatsApp on 0543-917906. Thank God it's Friday !!!!!!!

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Ultamax Shea Butter Hair Pomade



No. 16 Dadeban Loop, North Industrial Area.

Opening Hours

Monday 08:00 - 17:00
Tuesday 08:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 08:00 - 17:00
Thursday 08:00 - 17:00
Friday 08:00 - 17:00
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wat we know is making u look good,and u wil pay less and take smile home

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