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Anti-age treatments, Shellac. Massage. Skincare. Facials. Tan. Nails. Kinesiology. Bach Flowers remedies. Yumi Lash-lift. Organic waxing. Gift vouchers.

Aesthetic clinics. Pedicure. Inchloss Bodywraps. Body treatments. Spa treatments etc CELEBRATING OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY IN AUGUST..It is the longest established beauty salon in Carndonagh! Our menu includes.. All beauty treatments,Sunbed's,Yumi Lashes,Massage etc.. Clinic's=Semi Permanent Make-up/Fat Freezing/Botulinum Toxin/Reflexology/Cryopen/Micro needling.

Operating as usual


Last minute cancellation today, would suit small or larger treatments. 💅💆
What do you feel like having?? 🤔😄

⭕ Today (Saturday ) 12pm til 1.45pm

💆 Suitable for multi-treatment package or 💅 Spa treatments/Facial/Bodywrap/
👣 mani+pedicure etc....

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💩 14 things to consider if you are suffering from ,
and what you can do about it!

🤢 We carry around about/at least 7 pounds of "waste" at all times.
This slows us down and prevents the body from functioning properly.
😶 This needs removed so that we can 🔸Function Better and 🔸Feel Better.

I provide information on diet and nutrition and feel strongly that detoxing is extremely beneficial for a healthy body and mind.

🍃 DETOX!!! Detox!! DETOX!!

💥Call to chat about our organic herbal detox tea.💥

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🔸Looking for immediate, RESULTS DRIVEN facials?? 🤔 Read on 🤓
2 options:
🔹1. YOUTH PEEL (Dramatically reduces signs of ageing)
🔹2: SUN DAMAGE PEEL(reduces signs of pigmentation
🔸On it's own.. €45..or ⬇
🔹Add on a Gold Collagen/Hyaluronic Mask, and neck and shoulder massage for an extra €20 😊


⭕ Today (Saturday ) 12pm til 1.45pm

💆 Suitable for multi-treatment package or 💅 Spa treatments/Facial/Bodywrap/
👣 mani+pedicure etc....

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10am and 12pm Saturday free slots


Please call if youre looking for an appointment..too busy to reply to messages today 😄🤗


Suitable for small waxing or tinting treatments only...

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💓No.3: De-Stress Bundle 💓
€45 for 1hour 💓Or €60 for 75 minutes

♡ Begins with a pressure point Scalp massage to relieve tension.
☆ A purifying facial cleanse.
◇ A Sinus drainage massage relieves nasal congestion and drains puffiness.
♤Neck and shoulder muscles are soothed with a gentle Rose essential oil blend.
♧A natural coloured eyebrow tint to enhance your facial features
Please mention offer when booking.


⚁ Limited availability for Thursday and Saturday for all/any treatments

⚄ Friday: 10am and 12.20pm remaining

⚃ Check out the SPECIAL OFFERS posted this week and last..scroll back.

⚂ Advanced booking is advised as last minute calls are not always answered during relaxation-treatments as phone can be on silent mode.

⚅ Thankyou 😊
Susan x

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Summer holidays booked?? 😎

⚀ All this for only €49 ⚀

💓Pain-free waxing using Arnica wax and Organic wax 💓
Full leg incl toes, extended Bikini line wax, underarm wax, abdomen,lip and eyebrow wax

...please mention offer when booking....


ℹFriday availability ℹ
Edit: Now 10am..11.40am..12.20pm..

3pm (gone)..



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SAVING YOU €€€€ 👏👏😎

⚄ Express mani/pedi + 2 week Gel Polish
⚀ An eyelash tint
⚃ An eyebrow tint
⚁ An eyebrow wax/thread or tweeze
⚂ An organic lip wax
⚅ An organic chin wax

A lovely little mix of all your favourite beauty treatments for only €45
Please mention offer when booking

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Benefits of regular Facials

💢Anti-age benefits..look YOUNGER 😊
💓 give a smooth surface 👌
💢 a dewy glow to dull skin
💓Massage..plumps and feeds skin
💢Nourishes dry, flaky skin
💓Hyaluronic acid to boost moisture level
💢Collagen to plump!
💓Fruit acids to "de-scale" roughness
💢Lactic acid to clean out greasy pores
■ Please mention offer when booking ■

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●This month I'm going to concentrate more on partial and half wraps as they're a quicker option!
▪Who has time for a 2hour wrap tbh?! 😄

👙Our partial/express wraps are for smaller,more focused areas like tummy/waist/hips/upper arms/buttocks/thighs/knees,back fat etc..
💣These miracle mini wraps work the same way but concentrate on targeted areas.
40 mins=€40
Half wrap =€64
📲📱Contact me for information

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💎Optimum Hydration Facial..
replenishes dehydrated, dull skins.

💓Ideal before weddings etc as it gives the skin a wonderful Glow for makeup 👌

💎FREE Brow and lash tint
*** OR***
💓FREE Scalp and neck/Shoulder massage

💎Price €50
💓FREE treatments are worth €17
Please mention offer when booking


❎ Wednesday's availability


Tuesday 24th availability.

Please call early to secure your booking as last minute requests aren't always possible 😊

Tel 074 93 73000
Or 0871257443

ℹ Text/DM's are answered between appointments

📱📲 ***My phone can be on silent mode during treatments... so early appointment requests are advised ***


💖 20% off 💖

Who wants a Facial this evening?

Can't think of a better way to end a Saturday...
and slip into the weekend all chilled and pretty as!!! 😄😉

5.30pm is the only time available today

so I'm offering 20% off Mini Facials at that time.
Appointment available for one client only.
🔊 Call now 🔊




(worth €16......)❎

⚠If you book a YUMI LASHLIFT today for 10.40am,12pm or 1.30pm (taken)
💎💎 OR 💎💎
💣Get a discounted for only €39.99
instead of the usual price of €50



❎ with YUMI LASHLIFT today at 2.30pm

⚠1st person to call secures the appointment.
✔✔Value €16✔✔


🚫 Availability 🛇


🛇 Availability 🛇


🔖To-do list✅✔


🛇Limited appointments...

🔊 Wednesday and Saturday have limited appointments.
📆 Thursday and Friday has flexibility so far.

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KINDLY SHARE ..If you could take a second 😇


Free from 2pm to 3pm today.

Call 07493 73000
or 0871157443..

Fully booked for the rest of the day


💟 Sinus feedback 💟

Well it's been a crazy week!

Thankyou everyone, especially B 😇, for all the wonderful referrals and recommendations
I've never met so many people suffering with Sinus..i hope you all get some relief and I will see you all next week 😊

12pm and 2pm are my only times remaining today then my little hands are resting for the weekend 😄 as I go on a genealogy hunt to research the Corr family 🌲 🤓

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Do you need a treatment??⬇

🤧Have a little read of the following pages/slides to see if this explanation of Sinus infection/Sinusitis accurately describes your symptoms.
🤧There's lots can be done naturally and holistically if you have already approached sinus from other angles and are still suffering from it.
😊 a never give up trying, and always be "open" to new therapies!

See you soon..

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🏵 This Saturday 🏵
💫💫 Self-care is not selfish 💫💫
🔸Tension headaches
🔹Mood swings...etc..
all take a toll on us mentally, emotionally and physically.
🔶We owe ourselves a time-out every so often to re-charge and replenish


Rainy weekend forecast???? ☔🌫💧🤔
You may have a lovely treatment done 😉💆👇

🌸Cosy surroundings on a cold, miserable rainy day
🏵Treatment by Candle-light to lull you to sleep
🌸Heated blanket underneath you, warming your achy bones
🏵Spa music to soothe your busy mind, and slow your breath
🌸Aromatic products to awaken your senses
🏵 and SILENCE.....For an hour 🤗💜

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SINUS RELIEF €45 🌿🏵 New treatment alert
🤗 Please share for sinus sufferers 🤗

🛇 Due to the unusually high number of clients presenting with horrendous SINUS issues since January...

* I have developed a more in-depth 1 hour therapy session comprising different decongesting and drainage techniques to relieve the pain and stiffness of sinusitis.
* Harnessing the power of massage and powerful aromatherapy essential oils..

💫Highly effective treatment combination that has helped clients this week, resulting in immediate headache relief and the release of congestion and phlegm (🤢 sorry 😆 )

🌺 15 minute session = €20 ..
🏵 30 minutes = €28 also available
💚 AVAILABILITY this weekend : 💚
Friday 10am,4.15pm,5.15pm.
Saturday 11.15am, 3.30/4pm


💫💫Massage is one of the oldest known therapies in the world 💫💫

💙 And it's more popular, and needed, now more than ever before.
💚 Sinus massage, and neck + shoulder massage are the 2 I'm seeing most at the moment
💜 When was your last massage?




⁉🤔Are you suffering from nasal congestion, sore head, pressure around the eyes/forehead/nose/cheeks or teeth?

⁉🤔Unbearable pain, lack of sleep and a general feeling of misery surrounding this?

Answer: 👇👇

🍋 I've treated Sinus congestion and pain for over 25 years now with success.
💆 Using a combination of self-blended decongestant essential oils, lymphatic drainage massage and other techniques, 🍃 I'm able to clear pockets of congestion and help it to drain away correctly.

🌸 Don't suffer in silence any longer.
15 and 30 minute appointmentsare available to treat this horrendous condition.
Dietary advice also provided.

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Hope everyone's keeping safe and sound today,it's blowing a gale!🌀☔🤗It's absolutely the best day for a massage..💆‍♀️tuck...
❤ Skincare order arrived today ❤Anti-age Eye creams..🎈 oil control moisturisers for combination/greasy skin..🎈Hydrating....





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