Skin & Hair Facts

Skin & Hair Facts
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Know Your Skin Supplements with Skin and Hair Facts India 💖
Don't forget to know about necessary skin supplements before your next Skincare Haul!


SNH Presents to you the Summer Skincare Pyramid 💖
Skincare, at times, can feel overwhelming. With wide-scale awareness regarding various regimes, we often get confused thinking about the kind of Skincare we need to follow on a regular, weekly and monthly basis.
To make things easier for you, as we do 😜😘 - We have sorted out the important skincare tips you need to follow.

For More Insights on Tricks to Keep Your Skin and Hair Healthy, SNH is your one true friend.

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AHA’s and BHA’s share several benefits that help people achieve the skin of their dreams. With several products using AHA and BHA, consumers often go ahead with trendy products without digging deep into what can actually benefit their skin. SNH pledging to make Skin and Hair Care convenient, easy and accessible has differentiated and sorted the benefits drawn from AHA’s and BHA’s.

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With the age-old reputation of being "Therapeutic", baths cure all things dull and tiring.
Well, the good news is, You can now customise your baths and tailor them to absolute PERFECTION!❤️
To read our blog on ✨ 5 Tips to Take Relaxing Baths This Summer ✨
Till then, Soak Your Stress Away❤️💧


Nobody knows your skin more than you do!❤
Knowing your ingredients before applying products for a cause is essential.
Know from the Best! Shop Smart 🥰


Skin and Hair Facts is not just a page, it is your best friend in times of need🫂 Collecting and curating authentic and proven facts in one place, SNH aims to make life easier.

With Small facts that lead to great knowledge, this New Year SNH pledges to give you better and quicker solutions to your Skin and Hair problems 🌈🤍

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SNH presents you the Top 5 Quick Winter Hacks for dry skin- a common problem we all deal with this season.
As winter arrives, it is time we brace ourselves to look flawless in the fall season.
Follow SNH to learn more secrets to achieving the skin of your dreams.


SNH brings to you 5 Easy and Affordable tricks to make Chapped Lips a problem of the past.
When winter knocks on our door, it brings in with it, the troubles of “Chapped Lips”. Follow five easy tricks to prevent excessive moisture loss from your lips and get plump lips in no time.


With the world being preoccupied with choosing the perfect regime, the best regime can only be implemented when one has enough knowledge of their skin.
A healthy Skin Barrier is crucial. Our largest organ is solely responsible for the maximum protection and is composed of lipids that act as a protective barrier, retaining water and excreting harmful substances.
If you have an Oily Skin type, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your skin needs less moisture or hydration.
Even though we are heavily bent towards skin products that smell good, it is advised to opt for skincare products that are fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and alcohol-free.
Lightbulbs can mislead you about identifying the undertones. Choose a sunny spot to identify your undertones correctly. Based on that, choose the correct makeup products.
The ideal skincare routine is maintaining skin hydration by locking the moisture and protecting the skin’s natural barrier.
To know more about such facts that provide us with great knowledge, stay with SNH.


Indulging in proper nail care is essential as it protects our hands and shields us from harmful pollutants. Progressing in our journey of healthy hair and skin, we have noted a few crucial points that should be considered when desiring long and strong nails.


Knowledge is the light that guides us in life. SNH wishes every information enthusiast a very happy Diwali. Best decisions come with extensive knowledge.


A good night's sleep is essential for your skin’s well-being and protection. Stop suffocating your skin, and make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. Even if you're too exhausted to get out of bed, it's crucial to follow your regular nighttime skin care regimen, and you should always have a stash of makeup wipes nearby in case of an emergency.


Are we mindful of the trivial changes in the largest organ of our body?
Our skin is the largest organ of our body and reflects our physical health; hence it is crucial to pay attention to even the most minor changes.


SNH Wishes you and your family a Very Happy Gandhi Jayanti.


Don't lose a layer of protection from your skin. Keep Moisturization in your daily skincare regime.


SNH wishes you a wonderful and blessed Onam. May your home be filled with joy, peace and happiness.


Dermatologists are well trained and certified to identify and treat certain skin problems. They may prescribe medication or conduct clinical procedures for any skin issues, like severe acne.
Dermatologists are able to:
Conduct diagnostic and preventative procedures.
Give advice and education regarding skin issues, as well as treatment.
So, let the right person treat your acne instead of so-called skin care specialists or quack doctors.

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This Janmashtami, embrace the proper steps to achieve your radiant skin goal. Beauty-conscious people call this the CTSMS routine.
Cleansing to remove dirt
Toning to restore the skin's pH balance.
Serum to improve skin elasticity.
Moisturizing for skin hydration.
Sunscreen to block UV rays.


Insecurities and flaws can affect your perception of beauty. Accepting your imperfections and flaunting your flawsome skin helps you see yourself with a non-biased free mindset. Happy Independence Day


This Rakshabandhan, swear to protect your skin naturally. You can’t ignore the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and your skin. Nature may nurture our skin. In search of the best products available on the market, we actually forgot to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga, a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, managing stress, taking gentle skin care, and getting enough sleep can all help to improve skin health naturally and protect it from the inside out.

Click to know more 👉


Congratulations Team India!! The pure manifestation of commitment, passion, and the spirit of being Indian on the international arena fuels us with more power.


Bonding of these 5 is known as the CTSMS ritual in the beauty-conscious world. This simple yet effective routine begins with
Cleansing the skin with a cleanser.
Toning to restore the skin's normal pH levels.
Serum to improve skin's texture and elasticity.
Moisturizing to keep the skin hydrated.
Sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UV rays.



Oily skin clogs pores, causing pimples or breakouts. The goal is to balance oil production and skin hydration. Dermatologists suggest gently washing your face twice daily, in the morning and the evening, and after sweating hard. Avoid scrubbing your skin, especially to remove makeup. It can irritate and worsen the skin condition.

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Men can have acne throughout their 20s and 30s. Excess testosterone promotes overproduction of oil (sebum), resulting in clogged skin pores and irritation due to bacteria. To control excessive oil, men must look for the label “non-comedogenic” while buying skin care products.


Dirty makeup brushes are harmful to your skin. Additionally, they are a source of bacteria as they gather product residue, dirt, and oil. According to the experts, this could lead to acne breakouts and rashes on your skin and cause other health issues.



Despite being the largest organ in your body, many individuals overlook taking care of their skin. Aside from playing a significant role in making you look your best, having healthy skin also makes you appear and feel younger. The skin is constantly exposed to the sun and outside toxins. It might be challenging to repair the damage that has already been done. A number of healthy behaviors are therefore necessary. It is best to establish good habits when you are younger, but it is never too late.


The skin renewal process replaces dead skin cells with new ones. Generally, we can’t see with our naked eyes, but daily activities like putting on and taking off clothes shed dead skin. Exfoliation can remove dead skin faster from the top layer of skin, but we must be careful as some exfoliants can harm or irritate the skin.

Reference: #:~:text=The%20skin%20naturally%20renews%20itself,pulling%20clothes%20on%20and%20off.


All of us occasionally fall asleep wearing makeup, but it's not necessarily a good habit to get into. Prepare yourself for what can happen when you sleep with makeup on if you frequently hit the bed with a ton of items on. Aging more quickly than usual is a long-term effect of going to bed. 🛌


Lips are exposed to the environment 24/7, regardless of gender. They can become extremely dry and even bleed if not kept hydrated. Take appropriate care of your attractive and plumpy lips.

Reference: #:~:text=Avoid%20Chapped%2C%20Cracked%20Lips&text=They%20don't%20get%20a,applying%20any%20hydration%20to%20them.

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Nobody knows your skin more than you do!❤ Knowing your ingredients before applying products for a cause is essential.Kno...
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With the world being preoccupied with choosing the perfect regime, the best regime can only be implemented when one has ...
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