LIFE CHANGING RESULTS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 that speak for themselves at Clinic1.aesthetics.

A lot of people struggle with rosacea, and contrary to popular belief, we believe rosacea is mostly caused by digestive issues. Many dermatologists say that rosacea is caused by a mite in the pores, but alternative and holistic medicine research shows a significant relationship between rosacea and digestive conditions. This is why our inside–out approach proves so effective time and time again.

This clients protocol includes heroes Recovery, Skin Perfection Elixir and Rescue Epidermal Repair Serum.

Boutique Cosmetic Clinic.

Operating as usual

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0.5ml of lip filler for natural result by Tessa😻 Very common question, should I get 1ml or just a half?

✨ 0.5ml if:
~ you have very thin lips naturally (we need to build the shape slowly)
~ you are getting lip filler regularly and want just a small top up
~ it’s your first time and you are super nervous and don’t want anyone to notice
~ after dissolving migrated filler better to get small amount

✨1ml if:
~ your lips are naturally medium or quite full size
~ it’s a first time getting filler and you like full lips

Book online with Tessa for 20% off till 5th May. Or send us a message to book with Renjini. Xx

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⚡️Lip rehab! Hard to see on the photo but our client had very bad filler migration especially above her top lip. Migration happens mostly due to a poor technique and unfortunately we see it a lot. 😕

It’s impossible to ‘fix’ migration or lumpy lips by adding more filler! Old filler must be dissolved first. We use special enzymes to dissolve hyaluronic acid that filler is made from and lips going back to natural size and shape. After 2 weeks Renjini created beautiful new shape using her own lip filler technique. The cost of dissolving is $250, it’s quick and easy.

We get it, if you look at yourself in the mirror everyday you just don’t notice that something is wrong with your lips, so if you are not sure if you have filler migration or not just send us a message or come for a consultation. 🤍

P.S. on the second pic just a girl in a cafe, couldn’t help but took a photo 😳😢 this is not how lip filler should look like.



Stubbing faces with needles, all day, every day. What makes you happy? 😄 #Renjini #clinic1nz


Hey lovelies, important update - our Tessa has Covid 🥺 so we are canceling all her bookings for this week. We will extend our 20% off special deal till 5th May ✨ Wishing her to get better soon 🙏

Another news is that I’m overseas till 26th of April (will show you where and what I’m doing later in stories 🤩) so excuse any delay with responding to your messages and booking enquires.

Our queen Renjini, Layla and Sophie are working as usual (thank God😃).

Olga xx


Delicate and natural, lip filler by Tessa 😻 $360 for 0.5ml, $520 for 1ml only till the end of April and only with Tessa. Book online xx



Where Auckland comes for beauty.. Well, not only Auckland but we want to stay modest 🤣



Big congrats to our girl Tessa on her first week at work 😍 Tessa has made 45 clients (!!!) happier with beautiful lips, cheeks and anti-wrinkle injections ✨ We offer %20 off till the end of April, book online, we have just a few spots left.



1ml of lip filler by Tessa 🔥$520 till the end of April (normal price $650). Book online xx



Lip filler by Tessa (0.5ml) 🔥 We have very limited appointments left for 20% off with Tessa in April, jump online 😻



Beauty appointments available this week with Layla and Sophie, book online, treat yourself. Gift vouchers available 🤍


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Sick of your grey brow microblading?😁 We can help you with laser tattoo removal. It is a quick and effective way of removing old unwanted brow tattoo.

Each session takes only few minutes, 6 weeks between sessions. There is no damage to the skin or brow hair whatsoever. Cost $149 per session.

Just send us a message to book xx


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Look what we’ve got - the most beautiful dry flowers arrangement especially made for us by @madam.rat.floral 🤍🥺 Obsessed! Highly recommend Cindy’s shop on Ponsonby Rd, she does amazing things 🤍


Lips by our new talented girl Tessa 🥰 Come in April and get 20% off (we won’t have this offer again). Book online xx



Friends of Clinic 1 @_mandyduncan 😻✨#beauty

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Did you know you can get rid of sweat for 6-9 months in 15 minutes? 🤍

Excessive sweetheart (hyperhydrosis) is very common and uncomfortable problem.

We use tiny Botox injections to temporarily block the nerve signals in sweat glands. It’s quick - 15 minutes treatment time, safe and the result can lash up to a year.

Normal price is $1800, book with Tessa in April and get $300 off.

Botox®, Prescription Medicine. For the treatment of frown lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. Botox® has risks and benefits. Ask your doctor if Botox is right for you. Botulinum toxin type A 50, 100, 200 Units. For product information check with your doctor or Consumer Medicine Information on

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Hi guys, Choco’s here, I just tested positive for being the cutest dog in Auckland🐶 How is your Sunday going? #woofwoof


We are open Saturdays and Sundays, the best way to spend the weekend is with Layla and Sophie and all your favourite treatments - Ultraformer, Hydrafacial, Osmosis Facials, Microneedling and Laser Hair Removal.
Book online and see you soon xx



Friday mood 🍸 #clinic1inspo


Nice and subtle 💋 #lipfiller#lipsbyrenjini


😂 #nevergetsold

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Guys, best news ever - please welcome Tessa, our new cosmetic injector! 🥰 Tessa is amazing, with 4 years of experience as a cosmetic nurse she is a perfect fit for our clinic. She is kind, gentle and have natural approach to injectables.

⭐️Aaannnd - we’ve never done it before - we offer 20% off all injectables with Tessa till the end of April. ⭐️

You can book online for:
• Anti wrinkle
• Lip Filler
• Cheek filler
• Prophilo
(more treatments coming soon)

This is a massive saving that will apply to all bookings (online and through Instagram) from 28 March till 30 April. 🤍

We are so excited to work and grow together with Tessa xx #clinic1#number1


#beauty #clinic1inspo


Lip rescue story 🙀 Before - overfilled lips with migrated filler, next photos is 2 weeks after the dissolving treatment, after - Renjini created new beautiful lips using her own signature technique ✨

Our lovely client been to few injectors in the past and they all were just adding more and more filler. 🙄 Thankfully she came to Renjini with clear understanding that this can’t be “fixed” by adding more filler and we must dissolve it and start fresh.

Lip filler made of hyaluronic acid and to dissolve it we inject special enzymes that breaks down the filler. We use strong numbing cream and it’s very quick. Cost form $150.

2 weeks later we can do filler again. Please note, it’s not easy to create perfect shape after filler migration and dissolving. It might take 2-3 sittings, but it’s so worth it. 🤍

If you have any questions or you are not happy with your lips, send us a photo, we will try our best to help. #lipsbyrenjini


If we close the clinic we’ll open a modeling agency 😄 Just look at our gorgeous therapists Sophie and Layla 🤍 They will make you look and feel good. Book online for all your beauty needs.



Mood… Lady D, 1997. #weekend#summer

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Results that you can see 😉 Lip filler 1ml before and straight after. #lipsbyrenjini

Photos from Clinic1.aesthetics's post 09/03/2022

Make yourself a priority. Book for one of our facials - you will look and feel amazing 🤍 Layla opened Sunday for online bookings, don’t miss out. 🤍

Photos from Clinic1.aesthetics's post 08/03/2022

Our hair removal laser is amazing and our Layla and Sophie are extremely experienced. We provide tailored treatments for clients who wants only the best. 🤍

Book online and see your soon xx



Happy International Women’s Day from us and Choco the dog 😁🤍 Women are incredible, we celebrate them today and every day! And we can’t wait to introduce to you all our new team member, stay tuned 🤍 #clinic1#number1


Chin filler 🤍 can dramatically change the appearance. It’s all about proportions. 20 minutes procedure, $750 for 1ml, last a year.


Photos from Clinic1.aesthetics's post 02/03/2022

Why we love skin needling? ✨Shortly- for its ability to transform the skin! Microneedling restores skin’s and elasticity, which improves firmness to smooth out those fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. Result - health and glowing skin.

45 minutes procedure, when we use tiny sterile needles and special pen to create millions micro punctures in the skin. Relatively painless but skin will be red for few hours. ⚡️

Course of 3-5 sessions every 4 weeks is recommended. $199 💫

Book online with Sophie or Layla, we have time next week. Or come for a free consultation to see what other treatments can be good for you. ⭐️


Lip filler straight after the treatment 🤍 If you need an appointment in March you need to book NOW ⭐️ #lipsbyrenjini

Photos from Clinic1.aesthetics's post 26/02/2022

If not, we can help 🤍 Botox is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world. Fast and efficient way to get rid of wrinkles on forehead, frown and crows feet.

Send us a message to book, we have just few appointments left in March xx


Friends of Clinic 1🤍 Incredible @sera.lynne at our sanctuary.

Book online all your beauty treatments. ⭐️

Photos from Clinic1.aesthetics's post 19/02/2022

Working Sunday🤍 omg, swipe to see our reception before and after 😭🥰 #clinic1#number1

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