CosMedic Clinic - Jaime Squires

CosMedic Clinic - Jaime Squires

Cosmetic medicine clinic located in Invercargill offering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers, IPL for hair removal and photo- rejuvenation using our new CBL2 system, chemical peels, micro-needling and a range of cosmeceautical grade skincare.

My name is Jaime Squires. I am a Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Nurse, with over eight years experience in Appearance Medicine, and 18 years general nursing experience, four years of which were spent running Skin Institute Invercargill before opening my own clinic. I obtained my Bachelor of Nursing Degree through Southern Institute of Technology in 2001. I have oversight provided by Dr Henryk Poczw

Operating as usual



Purchase a full size cleanser, serum and moisturiser and receive a COMPLIMENTARY eye cream valued at $145 👏👏👏

Genoapy and After Pay payment plan options available.

(Products can be mixed and matched across skincare ranges. T&C's apply. While stocks last).


Purchase a full size cleanser, serum and moisturiser and receive a COMPLIMENTARY eye cream valued at $145 👏👏👏

Genoapy and After Pay payment plan options available.

(Products can be mixed and matched across skincare ranges. T&C's apply. While stocks last).

Photos from CosMedic Clinic - Jaime Squires's post 23/03/2021

Thank you @merzaesthetics and all the reps, trainers and models involved in the advanced filler training workshop I was fortunate to attend last week.

Such a great day! I learnt some new techniques/skills to incorporate into my practice, met some lovely colleagues/injectors and had a superb trainer @doctor.k._ 👏

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Across all skincare ranges in stock -
Skin Better Science/PCA Skin/Aspect Dr/Cosmedix/Cosmedix Elite/Societe

✨While stocks last


Christmas Duo Gift Sets 💝

Lilash 2ml and Librow 3ml Gift Set $150
(Save $100)
Lilash 4ml and Librow 3ml Gift Set $215
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Price includes $10 donation to Women's Refuge.

Offers valid while stocks last.



🖤 Aspect Dr Essentials Kit.
🖤 $230 (RRP $383). Save $153!! 💸🙌
🖤 Limited packs available.

These won't last. Please comment on this post, PM me or text 0273876393 if you would like to secure one. 🥰👌

And just a reminder if you are due for an appointment leading up to christmas, or are a new patient wanting to make an appointment, please book now to avoid disappointment. Fully booked until mid/late November and appointments are being filled quickly. ⏰


🖤 I am now at full capacity until mid November and bookings are filling up fast in the months leading up to christmas 🎄

🖤 At this stage I am still taking new patients but this may change. If you are an existing or new patient and are wanting a booking this side of Christmas I recommend booking now to avoid disappointment.

🖤 To book an appointment you can do so via the book now button on the FB page, text 0273876393, go to the bookings tab on the website or email [email protected]

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🖤 Free Exfol A (Vitamin A) valued at $140 when you purchase a full size Aspect Dr cleanser, moisturiser and any 30ml serum. These products can be viewed in more detail under the shop tab. 🛍️🛒😍

🖤 Retinol (Vitamin A) increases cellular turnover and stimulates collagen production helping to reduce fine lines and pigmentation, control oil flow, improve acne, and even and brighten skin tone to help achieve that glow factor. It is also high in antioxidants. 🦸‍♀️

🖤 From around mid 20's we lose approximately 1% of collagen per year and around 30% during the first five years of menopause so we need to make as much of this as we possibly can NOW! 😳

🖤 Genoapay pament plans available
Offer available while stocks last. T&C's apply.
PM or text me to secure one of these.
Exfol A not suitable during pregnancy or breast feeding sorry ladies, but there are lots of other skincare options that are. 🤰


✨IPL photo-rejuvenation and hair reduction special✨

💫Special offer valid until end of November 👏

💫Book an IPL photo-rejuvenation treatment to the face/neck and either decolletage or hands for $390, usually $500 or full face for $280, usually $320 😲

💫Hair reduction - Book in for 2 areas and receive 20% off, 3 areas and receive 30% off.
NB: IPL hair removal will only work on dark hair

💫The CBL2 Intense Pulsed Light system has a built in cooling system and Genesis toning pulse when used for photo-rejuvenation to stimulate collagen regrowth 💪

💫IPL photo-rejuvenation is used to reduce pigmentation, redness, red veins and pore size, minimise fine lines and improve skin tone and texture 😍

💫Treatments are spaced 2-4 weeks apart for photo-rejuvenation. For best results 3 to 6 treatments are recommended although results can be seen after just one treatment. Hair removal treatments are spaced 6 weeks apart and 6 to 8 treatments are recommended for an 80% hair reduction 😁

💫Payment plans available. For more info or to make an appointment please text 0273876393, or book using the book now button on the homepage. You can also book using the book now tab at
T&C's Apply.

Please note results shown in photographs are from an actual CosMedic Clinic patient who has had 3 x IPL treatments for rosacea.


Before and 2 weeks post Botox treatment to the forehead. 💉Both pictures shown at rest. This patient has also had her frown and orbicularis occuli (muscle that surrounds the eye) treated.

The muscle responsible for creating horizontal forehead lines is called frontalis. Frontalis is an elevator muscle so pulls in an upwards direction raising the eyebrows. Botulinum toxins such as Botox and Xeomin inhibit the contraction of the muscle thus weakening it, and helping to minimise horizontal forehead lines giving a smoother more rested appearance. 😌

Caution must be applied when treating this area so as not to drop the brows too much, and ensure you are still able to raise the brows. Not everyone is a candidate for this treatment. Treating the depressor muscles that make up the frown and the orbicularis occuli simultaneously or at a follow up appointment can give a lift to these areas and counteract any potential drop caused in the forehead.

As the frontalis muscle is only partially inhibited expected longevity is 2 to 3 months dependant on dose and patient response to treatment. Remember sometimes less is more 😉

I often get messages asking how much to treat my forehead, frown, crows feet etc. The short answer is book a consult. We are all individuals and our facial lines and wrinkles are strongly influenced by individual differences in our anatomy and muscle activity so it's not a one size fits all scenario and requires careful examination of the face in person.🤷 Every patient requires their own tailored treatment plan. Be wary of package deals and make sure you choose an experienced injector who can follow you up if needed, or you could end up with the dreaded brow droop. 😬

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▪️One week back into it and time for a little overdue update on what to expect at level 2. 🏃‍♀️

▪️All appointments have been spaced longer apart to allow for extra cleaning between patients and limit those in the waiting area. Please do not come early to your appointment or bring anyone with you unless it is a necessity, in which case you will need to discuss with me prior. If you would prefer to wait in your car this can also be arranged. 🚗

▪️A pre Covid-19 checklist will be emailed out before appointments that you will need to respond to. I will also be completing a contract tracing register documenting your name, email, phone number and when you enter and leave the clinic. 📝

▪️Things will look a little different when you come in with no magazines, limited seating and I will be wearing PPE. 😷
There will be a hand sanitizer station set up on entry and hand sanitizer available in all rooms. 🧼

▪️Pay wave is available and I also offer Genoapay payment plans.

▪️If you are feeling unwell or if you have recently been overseas in the past 2 weeks or around a probable or suspected Covid-19 case then please reschedule your appointment 🤧

▪️I have been busy working through seeing all those who had appointments cancelled and had requested to be wait listed. If you were not on my wait list and would like an appointment you can either book online or contact me directly. Please no walk-ins. I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. 🙏



Happy Mother's Day ♥️


Peri-oral Rejuvenation 💉💋

Before and one month post dermal filler injections to the peri-oral area using 1ml of Juvaderm Ultra. 👄

A common concern that I hear a lot in clinic from women as they age is.... what can be done for upper lip lines. 🤔

In some instances neuromodulators can be used in small doses to help relax the muscle tension around the mouth and prevent lines becoming more prominent, but when volume is lost with age and deeper static lines (lines at rest) have developed, as with this patient, then a combination of fillers and anti-wrinkle injections may be recommended.👌

This patient's main concern were the lines around her mouth. She also wanted to look natural. I have treated her lips, lines around the lips, including top vertical lines and the oral commissures (corners of the mouth). Had I only treated the vertical lines above her top lip, then this may have looked out of proportion. I was also mindful not to overfill this area and make it appear bulky. The aim is to soften the lines and replace volume where it is lost whilst maintaining balance to give as natural a result as possible. ⚖️

Further treatment is recommended at approximately 9 months to maintain results 😁

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So how do I prevent and treat wrinkles?
Although it’s inevitable they will show up eventually, taking good care of your skin can go a long way in keeping it wrinkle-free for as long as possible. And if you already have fine lines or wrinkles there are still options to soften and prevent further creasing. So if you want to keep it in check read on. ⬇️

First of all focus on the quality of the skin by using SPF every day (even overcast days and broad spectrum with at least SPF 30 ☁️). Prevention is key so avoid environmental damage where possible. Make sure you have a good home skincare regime including cleanser, retinoid (vitamin A derivative), gentle exfoliation like an AHA such as lactic acid, and antioxidant protection like vitamin C or B.

There are plenty of in clinic skin rejuvenation treatments that can help to stimulate collagen production and target fine lines too, like chemical peels, photo-rejuvenation using intense pulsed light (IPL) or laser, and micro-needling.

If constant frowning and muscle contraction has resulted in unwanted creasing , then anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox or Xeomin may be the best option in reducing these lines and preventing them from getting deeper. Micro injections (small doses) could be a consideration, and if done properly and early enough, could save you needing as much in the future. If someone has very deep folds, this probably isn't going to cut it though. Dosage needs to be tailored to each individual patient.

Dermal fillers can also be used to smooth out skin by filling wrinkles. The use of dermal fillers is no longer about simply chasing lines however and it is imperative that a holistic approach be considered when looking at rejuvenation with the use of fillers in order to achieve the most natural results.

There's a fine line between a subtle softening and too much too soon, so make sure you choose your provider carefully and be wary of the frozen look. The best treatment options will depend on the individual and a number of factors including age, skin condition, your anatomy and desired results which should be discussed in further detail at consultation.

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🎁 Pictures displayed in order as listed below

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(Exfol A not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding 🤰).

🖤 Buy a Skin better Science smoothing experience kit valued at $138 and receive an Aspect Dr 15gm Resveratrol moisturiser valued at $40 FREE.
Kit includes a 5ml Interfuse treatment cream LINES, 5ml Interfuse treatment cream EYES and 15ml Interfuse treatment cream FACE.
A trio of time-defying peptide rich products that targets lines, wrinkles and collagen.
(Prescription skincare. Must order over phone. Contact for further details).

🖤 Purchase a full size cleanser, moisturiser and serum across any skincare brand and receive our best selling PCA sheer tint SPF 45 broad spectrum sunscreen valued at $90 FREE!
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Skincare brands available include Aspect Dr, PCA Skin, Cosmedix, Cosmedix Elite, and Skin Better Science (prescription skincare).

Payment via bank deposit or can be spread out over 10 interest free weekly payments using Genoapy payment options.
(Additional free product specials not available with Genoapay).

Contactless free drop off delivery within Invercargill city and Riverton boundaries. All areas outside of these boundaries can be shipped via tracking through NZ post at buyers expense 📫

Strict hygiene measures are adhered to during the packing and delivery process 🧤

To place an order or for further info please contact Jaime on 0273876393, PM CosMedic Clinic, or email [email protected] further info. 🙏



Before and immediately after under eye filler for this gorgeous patient. Her under eye area now appears more youthful and rested with less shadowing evident.

A prominent tear trough deformity is characterised by a sunken appearance of the eye that results in the casting of a dark shadow under the lower eyelid. Patients often complain that they look fatigued or tired. Under eye hollowing is usually associated with the aging process but can also be genetic.

The use of dermal fillers to this area can be challenging due to the anatomy of the area. Not everyone is a suitable candidate, so careful consideration needs to be taken with patient selection, as well as the type of dermal filler used and the placement of the product.

It is important to assess the whole face. Hollowing under the eyes can sometimes result from volume deficiency in the upper cheeks, and I find that in correcting the midface first it will often indirectly improve this area.

This patient did not require any midface volume replacement and a total of 0.7mls was used to achieve these results, with follow up recommended at 2 –4 weeks. She may also benefit from further treatment at this time. I prefer to slightly under treat the tear trough and do a further treatment if required once the filler has settled as it is an area that can easily be overfilled. To maintain results a further treatment would be recommended at 6 - 9 months.

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@ Invercargill, New Zealand


Thank you Becky at Your Studio Yoga & Massage for your support and this lovely feature 🙏♥️
If you don't follow Your Studio already please click on the link post and like her page - Her online wellness hub is amazing, so much variety and great value. 🥰

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If you already know Jaime Squires you won’t be surprised to know that Warrior postures 💪are her favourite yoga positions. Our warrior postures are known for strength and determination, and knowing very well the path Jaime took to open CosMedic Clinic Jaime Squires Appearance Medicine Nurse these are personality traits she undoubtedly has.

Jaime is a qualified nurse 👩‍⚕️ who has worked in a large array of areas within private and public hospitals. As a single Mum with two small beautiful children, she made an incredibly brave decision to move away from her support network, to pursue a passion in Cosmetic Medicine. After years of working within the industry, constant study and gaining recognition in the industry by some of the best in the business, she opened the doors of her business CosMedic Clinic in Invercargill 3 years ago.

Jaime is currently able to sell a wide range of skincare products as well as Gift Vouchers. She has something for everyone, from aging skin to your most sensitive skin types with skincare that has paired nature with science to deliver higher-level concentrations of active ingredients packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins and peptides, of course none of which are tested on animals, and all are free from nasty chemicals, parabens and animal derived ingredients.

She is also offering her professional advice through virtual cosmetic consults and skin consults to access your unique needs in order to recommend the best options to start you on your journey to addressing your concerns and promoting a healthier more radiant looking skin.

When she is able to open her doors again, she also offers anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) for skin rejuvenation and collagen induction, pigmentation, red veins, rosacea and hair removal (I highly recommend this!), Chemical Peels and Micro-needling.

Find out what Jaime offers, and her unique and natural approach to skincare and anti-aging procedures

✨ To order skincare or buy a gift voucher:
Message Jaime on my 0273876393, email [email protected] or via message on my FB page

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Our Story

My name is Jaime Squires. I am a Registered Nurse and Appearance Medicine Nurse, with over seven years experience in Appearance Medicine, and fifteen years nursing experience, five of which were spent running Skin Institute Invercargill before opening my own clinic. I obtained my Bachelor of Nursing Degree through Southern Institute of Technology in 2001. I have oversight provided by Dr Henryk Poczwa, owner of Vein and Skin Clinic, and member of The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine.

CosMedic Clinic offers both Appearance Medicine and Skin Care treatments. Injectable treatments include muscle relaxant procedures using Botox and dermal fillers and lip fillers using Juvaderm. Skin treatments include medi-facials including peels, masks, skin care products - Aspect Dr, Skin Medica, PCA, Cosmedix and Colour science make-up, and Dermagraq, a micro needling system with infusion of serums to boost collagen, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and enlarged pores, create a more even skin tone, and improve skin texture and hydration. I offer a cosmetic consultation prior to procedures, whereby a full medical history is obtained and facial assessment taken with treatment recommendations and options. I will soon be introducing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) to treat pigmentation, red facial veins, hair removal and skin rejuvenation. More about this coming soon!

I regularly attend the annual New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine conference, and have attended numerous other training sessions throughout my career in appearance medicine, with majority of my training being through Allergan. I have continued to attend training conferences and seminars, in house one on one training sessions and online training since opening my own clinic, as feel it is imperative in this industry to keep updated in the latest treatment guidelines for both best results, and safety of my clients. I completed my Appearance Medicine Certificate through Skin Institute with Excellence, and hold a level 5 Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate.

I am passionate about appearance medicine with particular emphasis on achieving a natural fresh look for my clients by enhancing what they already have. Clients can sometimes have misconceptions in relation to procedures in appearance medicine and this can easily be overcome by consultation and education. I believe that individual facial assessment and listening to my client’s needs is a crucial part to achieving the best possible results, and am a strong believer in maintenance through good skin care and follow up.

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Monday 09:15 - 15:00
Tuesday 09:15 - 15:00
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