Modern Men's Barber

Modern Mens barber offers a wide range of services including, hair cutting and styling, shaving and beard trimming, hair colouring, and waxing.

With more that 20 years of experience in the barbering business, Liza Dermody and her team of skilled professionals, have grown Modern Mens Barber to become Invercargill’s premier mens hairdresser. Located on Barclay Lane off Esk Street Mall, Modern Mens barber offers a wide range of services including, hair cutting and styling, shaving and beard trimming, hair colouring, and waxing. There’s free wireless internet, and SkyTV available, so you can catch up on all the latest news, sports results, check you emails, and get a hair cut all at the same time!

[12/24/19]   Merry Christmas to all our awesome clients

His smile at the end was priceless, goes to show how a haircut can boost someone’s self confidence! He walked in with his head down and out with it held high. The best feeling in the world to make someone feel so good 🤩🤩 - Becka

[12/21/19]   Christmas hours
Monday 23rd December 830am to 6pm
Tuesday 24th 830am to 2pm
Christmas Day 25th closed
Boxing Day 26th closed
Friday 27th 9am to 6pm
Saturday 28th 9am to 2pm
Sunday 29th closed
Monday 30th 830am to 6pm
Tuesday 31st 830am to 2pm
Wednesday 1st January closed
Thursday 2nd closed
Friday 3rd 9 to 6pm
Saturday 4th 9 to 2pm
Sunday 5th closed
Monday 6th normal hours resume

Check out our Express shop (in the Kmart building) page for Christmas stat day hours as they are open every day except Christmas Day


Christmas races is on Saturday🐎🎇
Just a reminder to our clients that we also have the MMB express shop in the Kmart mall so if you cant get into us on Spey street please go and see Nik and the team to get your tidy up.
Don't be like this guy and attempt to do it yourself.

"BAM! It's a no hesitation move!" This is the only haircut tutorial you'll ever need... 😂💇‍♂️

Modern Mens Barber School

Modern men’s barber are super excited to be offering courses for those that want to start a career in Barbering. This will be a 16 week course that would give you the foundations needed to start your career.

Also we are offering Professional Development which is for any hairdressers or barbers who would like to upskill on clipper techniques, fades and even cut throat shaving.

If this sounds like you get in touch with us through our website. Click on the link below and fill in a form to enquire. Modern Mens Barber School - Providing full training in mens barbering.

If you need to stock up on your beard products we have these awesome tins available for $83.

Tin contains 1xbeard oil,1xbeard balm, 1xbeard shampoo. #proraso

A fresh fade done by our talented Sonya. Sonya has made the move from hairdressing into barbering just over a year ago and has been working very hard at perfecting her skills. I think its fair to say she has done a very neat job with this fade. #zerofade #freshcut ##shorthair #movember.

Let the madness of #kmartinvervargill begin

Here are our new neighbours in the additional mmbarber express shop opening tomorrow in #kmartinvercargillopeningtomorrow

We are counting down to our opening of the new MMBarber Express tomorrow at 830 in the new Kmart building Come in and see us for haircuts. Or come visit our new shop on Spey St The choice is yours.

We named this bloke THE SITUATION 🤣🤣. The only way to sum up this camp haircut. #rescueharircuts #thesituation

Today was Niks last day at the Spey street shop. She's off to our Kmart shop on Friday the 22nd of November. Pop in to see her for your next haircut or just to say Hi.

At Modern Mens Barber we are all about the beards. Whether your growing or just maintaining a beard we have you covered. The Proraso care tin is all you need to keep your beard in great shape and condition. The beard comb and brush helps to shape beard and evenly distributes your product.

Pop in to talk to one of our beard specialists 😜 to get the beard product best suited to you.

If you ever wonder if we do fades the answers is YES and we are pretty good at it too 😁.
#zerofades #americancrew #shorthairstyles #barbershopconnect

Extreme makeover time. Just look at how sad he is about his untamed afro American Crew.

Today marks 10 years of Modern Mens Barber. The team at MMB want to congratulate Liza on her success and wish her many more years of success. We are celebrating tonight at the shop from 6 pm so if you want to have a beer with liza and the team come on down. We look forward to seeing you all and thank you for the support.

Yay it's the long weekend 🎉.
Our opening hours for Labour weekend is:
Saturday 9am-2pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Reopen Tuesday at 8:30am.

This applies to Invercargill, Mosgiel and Cromwell shops.

Trade team meeting for #kmart MMB Express Nigel Robertson building, Brendon Scott Devery electrical, me, Matthew Dick Jackson Plumbing.

Modern Mens Barber School

Well it's been 2 weeks of big announcements so to keep to the ball rolling Liza and Joleen are pleased to announce the opening of our very own Barbering school. If barbering is your passion and you want the opportunity to get a good foundation of barbering skills click on the link below for more information and fill in a application form. Modern Mens Barber School - Providing full training in mens barbering.

[10/13/19]   MMBARBER is pleased time announce the opening of an additional shop in invercargill located in the Kmart building.
We are now accepting applications for full time and part time experienced barbers/ hairdressers who are interested in becoming part of our team. (These aren’t apprenticeship positions ) We are accepting applications online but preference will be given to those who come into the Spey st barber shop personally. Starting dates will be mid to late November.

Our first Saturday in the shop and we started with n BANG🎉! If you haven't come to see us yet just pop in to say Good Day and have a Peek or come and get your much needed tidy up. We are very excited to see you all and show off our Shiny new place.

First client at 150 Spey street 😊 Congrats to Corey Murrell for being the first client to claim the first free haircut🎉
We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Modern Mens Barber is officially open on 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ Spey Street from the 3️⃣0️⃣th of September 8️⃣:3️⃣0️⃣am.
We want to thank all our clients for your patience with our relocation👍
To celebrate our opening we are giving the first 3 clients a FREE HAIRCUT!🎉🤯 So get it quick to get the first spots.
We look forward so seeing you all very soon.

Moving day

Last day at Esk st.

Last haircuts yesterday at the Esk st shop.

We are having a clean out to get ready for our move next Saturday. We have ended up with quiet a few jackets and glasses and would like to return these to their owners before next Saturday.

Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Sonyas on fire today. She's always keen on a big makeover so this morning she got to show her level of detail and make the process of going short a really fun experience.

If your in need of a spring clean come and see us. No appointment needed.

[09/01/19]   We are looking for a new barber in our Cromwell MMBarber.
If you have experience in the hairdressing or barbering industry come in and see us or give us a call.

Not sure what to get dad for fathers day?
Weve got you covered! Our fathers day packs include a shampoo, conditioner and styling product for only $52! 😆 Pop into the store to get a personalised pack done up for your Dad.

Team Mmbiatches discovered and solved the mad scientist plans in 47:05. We are awesome!! Great time out doing some team building.

Team Mmbiatches discovered the mad scientist plans and solved the case in an impressive 47:05. Great detective work today team! We look forward to having you again!

Extreme makeover done by Nik aka Red.

Jacob Milner’s extreme makeover

Photos from Modern Men's Barber's post

[05/31/19]   Queens birthday weekend hours!
Saturday 9am-2pm
Closed Monday 3rd of June.
Normal hours from Tuesday the 4th of June.

[05/28/19]   We are looking for a cut throat model for our Mosgiel shop this Friday 31 st at 8 am.
You would need to allow 90mins.
This is a practice for our Barber not to learn how to cut throat shave (as they can already do that) but is to learn our Modern Men’s Barber technique
This is a free shave and a nice way to start a day
Come in store, phone or Facebook message us.

Guesse who's back!! The very talented and coolest biker chick we know has come back to MMB. Kim's working in our Cromwell shop and as always she's of delivering only the best.

Welcome back Kim 👍😎

Mitchel from Hilton signs putting up our new signs.
With the mixing of a little of the old It’s official a new Modern Men’s Barbers in Cromwell

Busy day cutting in Cromwell with Gareth’s handy work

[04/30/19]   As some of you may know I recently opened another MMBarber shop in Cromwell. This one was a little different as instead of starting from scratch, I purchased it off a beautiful lady nicknamed Red.

However instead of celebrating the fact that the new signs went up yesterday and the new renovation I worked on all Easter and all the hard work and support my 11 staff have given me over these last few months I’m forced to address a public post on Facebook made by an unhappy mother.

Not the first complaint Ive ever received for sure but the difference with this one wasn’t that she complained but rather that she decided on a public community page to have her 2 cents worth. Not once ever contacting me either privately or on our actual page.

My first instinct was to ignore her as we were told by several customers what she was instigating but when I arrived at work today and was told that my staff had received phone calls of disbelief that this woman would be soo venomous and that they were gutted it had happened to us. Thats when I decided to front up and explain the incident as it happened in my shop.

So here it is.

Like a lot of places in Cromwell We are short staffed. We do our best to see everyone as quickly and as best as humanly possible.

I have made some changes and as such have done my best to address these as openly as is possible. One of these changes is the price increase. The previous owner charged $28 for a haircut. I put it up a whole dollar to $29. I also increased children’s prices from (previous) $12 to $20 to the same as adults $29

I’ve done this because children’s hair is usually harder to cut as they rarely sit still taking a lot more time, they have, usually, the same amount of hair as adults and, often will ask for a small design which isn’t any extra.

I recognise that some parents won’t want to pay this so it is our policy, to tell all parents we’ve never met, the price, BEFORE we cut their kids hair.

Because this was a rebranding of an existing shop I also posted a notice outlining these changes, amongst others, on the front entrance. It’s been there for 2 months.

This woman who posted about us entered the shop with 2 sons and a younger daughter There were several people already waiting in line. (As an aside neither myself nor my staff took even a 5 min break that day) She then left her sons there, effectively leaving us to babysit (which we are fine with) while she carried out some other messages with her daughter. She was in and out of the shop several times so we were unable to tell her of the changes in prices ( which is our practice)

When she was called to the barbers chair she was told of the price increase BEFORE we cut her sons hair. She told my staff that that was expensive but she would get the hair done today as she had waited soo long but probably wouldn’t be back. Which if course is fine. A few people tell us that same thing and it’s their money their choice. I respect their candor.

However that wasn’t the end of it. She then proceeded to stand over my stylist and criticise and complain. It went on and on and on. Then she decided to get her kids in on it telling the second son he now couldn’t have his hair cut because it was too expensive. Then she complained some more about how she should’ve been told. I watched my stylist be bullied and belittled and That’s when I decided to let her know that in fact we had a notice on the door telling her all of those things hoping that would be the end of it.
But she stated she couldn’t possibly be expected to see that as she was a frequent customer and would never notice that. I’ve been there almost 3 months and never seen her before.

After complaining some more she decided she wasn’t done and posted a comment on a community public page. Just to make sure she said her piece.

From here the complaints turned to me. Apparently, when one woman upon entering the shop was told I’m sorry but the salon has changed hands and is now specialising in men’s cuts and we were thus unable to cut her daughters hair I was being extremely rude.

I know I can be rude for sure but wouldn’t have thought that sentence qualified.

It wasn’t a complete public slag fest and to all you people who told her to settle the issue privately and that a public page wasn’t a place for such open slather let me tell you I thank you. The world needs more of you.

I do ask this though. What outcome were they hoping to achieve? Did they want me to close down the shop? Turn it into a Taco Bell?
Leave town? Make my staff redundant? Default on mortgage payments because the bad press hurt me financially? Change a store policy I’d had in place for nearly ten years?
I’d really love to know. What on earth makes these people tick?

I understand everyone has a right to an opinion. I understand it doesn’t have to be the same as mine. But what I don’t understand is the lack of respect myself and senior barber were given. I expect myself and my staff to be treated fairly and respectfully in our place of work. Because frankly I wonder where the line in the sand is drawn. When Someone feels soo entitled as to publicly try to shame and bully another person they don’t agree with we end up with mass shootings of people who’s religious beliefs we disagree with. Do we find someone shouting at the checkout person in the supermarket for 20 mins because the price of butter is too high. It’s a slippery slope and a lesson I’d thought recently us kiwis might’ve learnt.

This is the longest post Ive ever made and probably ever will.
I don’t post this because I want to tell those people off but rather I hope this is shared enough that they get to read it and maybe (hopefully) get the message. Nurture Respect, kindness, tolerance and differences in others. It’s what we should all aspire to. Myself included I’m not perfect either.

To 99.9 percent of all the Cromwell people I’ve encountered so far. I’ve found you an incredibly welcoming and inclusive bunch of down to earth people. And I feel very blessed to be part of this beautiful town I now call home.

Yours sincerely
Liza Dermody
Proud Owner Modern Men’s Barber.

To all our awesome clients have a very hoppy Easter 🐣 We are closed for Easter weekend and will reopen on Tuesday 23rd 8:30-6pm and Wednesday 24th 8:30-7pm.

Just a reminder that next weekend is Easter.
We will be closed from Friday 19th-Monday 22nd.
We have extended our hours indefinitely so you won’t miss out!
Days and hours for next week:
Monday and Tuesday 8:30-18:00
Wednesday and Thursday 8:30-19:00
We look forward to seeing you!

#hopandvine 2019 is on and we are here ready to do what we do best! If you missed out on getting your hair done this week come on down and see us. We are located next to The Rock.

Big makeover for this young guy today Created by the talented Nik aka Red.

Just come on in for your next haircut, no appointment needed.
You can call us on 032140417 for any enquires.

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