Kulture on windsor

Kulture on windsor


Thank you can’t wait to come and see you all especially Lisa
Years ago I was lucky enough to find these talented stylists. I always love my appointments.........getting great results, whether it be a cut or colour, in a relaxed atmosphere with friendly banter. Thanks Lauren, Michelle & Abbey 😍
Years ago I was lucky enough to find these talented stylists. I always love my appointments..........the friendly banter, great colours & awesome atmosphere at Kulture, nothing is a problem. Thanks Lauren, Michelle & Abbey
https://mailchi.mp/4af9cc5f4823/kulture-on-windsor love to win this, am half way through my pregnancy and would love a treat before baby comes...happy Birthday!

Kulture On Windsor is a hair salon which offers all things hair.. cuts,colours, extensions! A fantastic experience!! � � come in and check us out our dream team can’t wait to meet you !�

Kulture is what defines our salon in turn what makes us individual and successful. We must meet the demands and expectations of our clients by using our skills to give a professional service that exceeds our clients expectations. Kulture works as a team and takes responsibility for all clients. Kulture also describes the atmosphere in which people love and want to be involved in.

Soul Beauty at Kulture

Just a few guidelines on how we need to be operating at Level 2:

😷Clients must wait outside prior to their appointment until they are called in by a team member.

😷Upon entering the salon, clients must sanitise their hands at our sanitising station and complete the contact tracing form.

😷Clients are not required to wear a mask but may do so if they wish.

😷Clients must come alone to their appointments - sorry no children/friends/husbands etc.

😷If you would like a hot drink you must bring your own. Water will be available if needed in a disposable cup.

😷All rebookings will be done electronically at the time of departure.

😷Please notify us of you are sick and stay home do not come to your appointment.

😷And most importantly - enjoy your long overdue pampering time! 😉

Covid19 New Salon Rules 😀😀😀


I nearly forgot to remind you about the full super moon!! ( too excited about level 2🤪😆)

Last night and tonight are the nights to get those crystals out in the moonlight!!

Let’s get supercharged up ready to rock in roll for the rest of the month 😍😍😍

Let’s do this 🌑 🌒

Can’t wait till you can all come back in and see all our crystal bracelets xx

Do you want to be the one who gives the best present of 2020

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If you'd prefer to just pay via online banking then you can use the below account (using her name and yours in the reference) ❤

Kulture on Windsor Ltd
06 0925 0409238 01

Here's the following options 😀

Pay $130 and receive a $150 Voucher
Pay $180 and receive a $200 Voucher
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Or if you prefer comment below👇 and we'd love to help you out 🤴😍

Kulture on windsor


FREE $50 voucher for you to try us!! 😍

WELCOME to all our new page likers!

And welcome of course, to all of our existing clients - it’s always nice to see you!😀😀

If you haven’t been to Kulture On Windsor yet then we’d love to offer you a special gift so that you can experience us for yourself!

We just love meeting new people and would LOVE for you to see why our clients are raving about us.

Just click on the link: https://mailchi.mp/cf2a7a5bcbd0/10-voucher and we will email you your totally free $50 gift voucher to use towards your first full head foils and toner with our superstar team!!

(check your spam/junk folders if the voucher doesn’t arrive!)

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Love: Michelle, Lauren, Abby, Tiffany, Lisa, Chanelle & Tammy

Kulture on windsor's cover photo

Well done Southland out even in pouring rain! So many of our street was out to pay respects to the many Service Men and Women who have served or are serving for our beautiful country 😍😍😍😍 #standatdawn


Mothers Day Virtual Vouchers

Are you sorted for Mothers Day??🤔🙈

You know the one, the lady of your life, the one who will always be there for you!!😍

We want to help you buy her the best present EVER❤

With all this Lock down business you may or may-not have realized through all your zoom or face-time calls, that her regrowth has also been growing quite nicely🙈

Although she hasn't mentioned it to you ( as she doesn't want to bring unwanted attention to the subject - believe me🙈!)

She wants nothing more than her regular trip to the salon!!

So let's give her something to smile about 😀👌

Yes you guessed it a

"Virtual Gift Voucher"👏❤

Something to show her you care!
This will literally feel like a life changing moment for her once she can actually get into the salon!!

We all know our hair is our Crown👼 and at the moment We're sure most of the woman in NZ are not feeling like it's much of a crown at all.

Do you want to be the one who gives the best present of 2020

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If you'd prefer to just pay via online banking then you can use the below account (using her name and yours in the reference) ❤

Kulture on Windsor Ltd
06 0925 0409238 01

Here's the following options 😀

Pay $130 and receive a $150 Voucher
Pay $180 and receive a $200 Voucher
Pay $230 and Receive a$250 Voucher

Or if you prefer comment below👇 and we'd love to help you out 🤴😍


Lockdown take 2 🙈🙈

😂😂 Don’t you love where they put the saved picture 🙈

Anyways I was talking about the Mothers Day Gift Voucher Sale 🎁

Here’s the link below and I’ll add the bank details also if you don’t have PayPal xx

Hope you’re all doing well in your own bubbles and look forward to seeing you all as soon as we can 💋😍


Kulture on Windsor
06 0925 0409238 01

We’re literally can’t wait till this lockdown is OVER so we can get you all back to the top 3 💋

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit right?!

So we’re officially in day 21 of isolation ... what new habits have you created....

Comment below and let us know..🤔🤪👇

Happy Easter everybody 🐣🐣❤️

🐣Happy Easter 🐣

Our bunnies have prepared a wee easter dance prior to lockdown especially for you all 😍😍🤪🤪

“Every 🐰 dance now” 💃

Chanelle Tracey Tammy Edginton Tiffany Black

Happy Hump Day ❤️

🔮🔮🔮🔮Full Moon Tonight🔮🔮🔮🔮

Yess!!!! Here we are again this month already!!😱

What's even more exciting is the fact that this bad boy is also known as a super moon!!

This “Super Pink Moon” will—technically speaking—be the biggest and best this year.👏👀

It’s a good time to set intentions of release now, as the tides of change move into this ‘letting go’ phase, and the moon begins to wane.

Write down everything you're wanting to "let go" of this month and then also write a list of things your are wanting to manifest this month👌👌(23rd April this will be🤓)

Remember to manifest things you DO want with the new moon, taking action in the waxing phase of the lunar cycle.

For NZ our full moon is on April 7 (and 8th at 2.35pm to be exact) but we wont be able to see.

So tonight is the night to get those crystals of yours out and ready to be super charged up!!🙌🙌

Also tonight at 10.30pm our time there is also going to be a global meditation going on😯 to help heal the world so to speak if your keen to have a go and try something new ( lets be honest there's no time like the present to be trying new things right?!)😜

I'm going to pop the link in the comments and otherwise stay safe and be kind and don't be a knob x

❤️ Happy Sunday 😘


Are you ok?
Check on your elders 🙏
Check on your grandparents and make sure they want for nothing ❤️
Give them a call and have a chat 📱
Check on your neighbours give them a smile 😊
#ruok #kindness #areyouokay #unitedasone #bekind #choosekindness

Outside just before and just had to take a pic of this beauty!! 🌜

We all know I’m in LOVE with the moon and all the energy’s it creates!

But honestly check it out the moons beam is even visible! ❤️

🤔Maybe it’s less pollution in the air

🤔Maybe is just a beautiful night

🤔Maybe it’s a sign everything is working out as it should be..

Whatever it means it’s pretty magical 🌗🌙💫⭐️

Something to think about... ❤️😍👇

We’re here for a limited time get in and get your products if you need any let us know here for the next hour or so xx 😘

And that’s a wrap for us 😢😢😢 The salon is sterile clean and some products delivered!! We are still working our way through your messages (there’s a few lol) and will get back to you all 😬😬😬 Remember be kind be calm and DONT BE A KNOB 😂😂😂

New update 😘😘😘 The salon closed 😢😢😢 Come join us on Kulture’s vip page where we can talk all things hair or all things going on in your living room 😆😆 anything time keep us all connected till we can meet up again in person 🤞🤞 hopefully soon


😮😮omg 😮 😮

🔐It’s official we are in lock down 🔐

Due to the latest update from the government we are now unable to see all our amazing clients!! 🙈🙈🙈

We will continue to stay connected via FB and messenger so we can change and book Appointments ❤️😊

In the meantime stay safe, look after each other and be kind 😍

Lots of love michelle and lauren & the incredible team @ Kulture x

🙈🙈How are you feeling stage 2?? 🙈🙈

Some of you might be on the supermarket run just getting that last lot of supplies 🛒

Others will be on the most important alcohol run! 🍷 After all wine is very important in time of uncertainty 🙊

Ooh and what about the new gym shoes and active wear run! Yes! because of course you’ve had that thought 💭 “I’ll start a new health kick while in isolation!🚴‍♀️”

Hmmmm... I should probably get some more face cream-cleanser and hair shampoo while I’m at it - I’ll could do those hair treatments the girls keep banging on about too! Yeah I’ll get some of that and the same time .

Yes actually this will be a great time to start that new routine!

Crap what about my regrowth... should I be moving my appointment forward 🤔🙈

AND, while I’m out I might just whip to the nursery too, after all how long will this go for..🤔
“Should I be buying my own vegetable seeds to plant 🌱🤔”

So much uncertainty surrounds us at the moment it’s hard to know what’s the most important place to be

Reality is - it’s whatever is most beneficial to you in that moment in that time!

Thing is, what’s important to you may not be important to me and that’s ok!

I think there is no right or wrong decisions at the moment

As long as it DOESN’T involve panic shopping 🛍 😂🤪

Be kind to strangers 💯
Be kind to your family 💯
Be kind to your colleagues 💯
Most importantly be kind to YOURSELF!!💯😍

Give people a smile 😊

You never know how much a smile can help at times like this 😍

Stay Calm and love and light to all the beautiful people out there

Happy Sunday Everyone 😘❤️

When you have to make a decision -

between being RIGHT or being KIND

Let’s always choose KIND ❤️❤️

What’s your new way of greeting? 👇👇

Lisa Humphrey Hair Make Up and Cosmetic Tattooing

We can’t even deal 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and you thought our live videos were bad 🤪🤪🤪anyone for a treat 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Hairdressing basics in selfless self isolation
Tutorial 2
The fringe
Please try this at home

Our Story

Hey Hey Hey and welcome to Kulture...

Kulture has grown over 13 years to become the leading colour specialist salon in Invercargill. famous for our beautiful blondes, creative colours and perfect styles.

Our salon has been designed to be all about the comfort and relaxation of our clients, delivering not only a great service to each and every individual, but also by providing an exceptional experience from the moment our clients enter the salon, to the moment they walk out the door, looking and feeling ah-mazing!!

Having Amazing hair with Kulture doesn't end when you leave the salon, we love educating you with the products and the know how, of how you can recreate that salon finish at home, in between your appointments with us.

Our team are made up of 7 Amazing Stylists. We are friendly highly trained, experts of our trade, we are always upskilling, learning new techniques, and bringing them back to our clients, so together we can achieve your #hairgoals

In our salon, we don't just offer creative colour, we also offer precision haircuts and exceptional styling, as well as bridal hair and make up @[email protected], foiling, lightening and balayage.

For a free consultation, or any information on anything we do, please call our team on 03 2176225, or PM us here @kultureonwindsor

We cannot wait to meet you!

Love,Lauren, Michelle & the team at Kulture OnWindsor xx

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51 King Street, Windsor

Opening Hours

Tuesday 09:00 - 20:00
Wednesday 09:00 - 20:00
Thursday 09:00 - 20:00
Friday 09:00 - 16:00
Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
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