Linda Howard Presents: Born To Lose

A 10 Week Weight Loss Programme Born To Lose is a 10 week weight loss programme. Enrollment consists of being photographed, measured and shown how to read the food chart, given along with a book to write each day down.

You will weigh in once a week and bring your book with you. Cost - $150 (Non-refundable)

Operating as usual

[07/11/21]   James leads the team this week losing 1.5kgs at week 5 hes lost 4kg..gemma follows losing 800g..I lost 300g..debbie and carol stayed the same and Paula gained 300g..shes at week 8 and has lost mrs lost 800g..and mr gained 2.1kgs..ooops.. come on team keep going.x

[07/04/21]   Leading the team this week is our mr losing 2.2kgs..yay..his mrs gained 500g however in measuring waist there's 4inches off..her shapes changing..shes happy..paula got 800grams off..carol..debbie..gemma and I gained 100g and james is a no weigh this week..come on team.. dig deep..keep going..cheers

[06/27/21]   The leader this week is Paula losing 500g..gemma lost 300g..debbie and carol stayed same..I gained 200g and James gained mr and mrs weighed in..
my mr losing 400g and mrs losing 100g..they're getting into it..keep going team..cheers

[06/20/21]   My married couple weighed in today..the mrs los
ing 1.1kg..shes getting the hang of eating enough..and mr gained 200g..tooo much elbow exercise for him..needs to curb that..keep going cheers

[06/20/21]   King of the castle is our james losing carol and debbie lost 500g..paula lost 300g..gemma and I stayed the same..keep going team..cheers

[06/13/21]   Mr and mrs weighed in today..the mrs gained 200g and mr gained 100g..more food is needed to be eaten.. when you miss meals the body holds onto its fat..not knowing when it's being fed again..keep eating every 3 hours or takes a while to get it right..
on to the next week..cheers

[06/12/21]   James cleaned up this week..the total star losing 2.9kgs..debbie lost 1.3kgs..Paula's next losing 400grams..I lost 300g..carol stayed the same and gemma gained 100g..keep going team..cheers

[06/06/21]   My married couple weighed in today..the wife list a whopping 2.3kgs and hubby lost 1.6kgs..they're competing with each other..go you two.x

[06/04/21]   OMG I'm the star this week losing 400grams..paula gained 200g..however at 4 weeks she has lost 5kgs..she had a blowout..back on track.debbie..gemma and carol stayed the same..james has joined the hard..cheers.x

[05/31/21]   Have 2 more entrants for 10 week challenge..welcome..a married couple wishing to stay anonymous..will keep you posted..sunday is they're weighin day.cheers

[05/29/21]   Paula leads the group with a loss of 1.5kgs..her eating is perfect..carol..gemma..debbie and myself all stayed the same..keep going team..early days yet..cheers

[05/22/21]   Our superstar this week is paula losing lost 1.8kgs..I lost 700grams..debbie gained 200gram..and gemma gained 1kg..oops..exciting stuff..cheers

[05/14/21]   Hey everyone..have a new entrant..paula has joined us..debbie got 500grams off..gemma got 200grams off..I got 100grams off..I started 1 week before the team and got 700grams off that week..carol in wellington stayed the same...keep going team.x

[05/08/21]   Our 10 weeks have started..debbie..carol..gemma and myself are the starters..our Finnishing date is july 17th..I will report results every Saturday.. cheers

[05/01/21]   It's time folks...10 more weeks starting date sat may 8th..finnish sat july 17th...come out of winter a bit smaller than you went in...I've got carol..debbie..gemma and myself on to join us? Call me on 0210554658 for details..cheers

[04/10/21]   I've got the final results from..born to lose..a 10 week weight loss group..topping the scale was carol from wellington losing comes jenny with a loss of 7.8kgs and 6.5inches off body..james is next with a 5.3kg loss and a whopping 9inches off body..then me losing 3.2kgs and 3.5inches..gemma next losing 2.2kgs and debbie lost 900grams and 6.5 inches off body..suzie is a no show.....carol.james and debbie will be returning for 10 more do have to be determined and keep at it..hey if it was easy there would be a lot of beautiful bodies around...signing out for now..cheers

[04/03/21]   Our star this week is jenny with 1.7kgs off...debbie lost 1.1kgs(yay) carol lost 1kg..I lost 500grams..gemma...james and suzie are no weighs..this is week more..carol from wellington is finished.. having surgery and out of commison for 2 weeks..she has purchased her next 10 weeks..her total loss is 8.8kgs..well done..stay tuned for final results from rest of team..cheers

[03/27/21]   Our star this week is james with 900grams off..I got 300grams off..gemma got 200grams off..carol and debbie stayed the same..jenny gained 409grams and suzie is a no weigh this week..with 3 weeks to go..stay focused team.x

[03/19/21]   The star this week is carol from Wellington with 1kg off followed closely by gemma with 900grams off..I gained 100grams..debbie gained 600grams..and james..suzie..and jenny are no weighs this week...with 4 weeks to go..time to rev it up..keep it can achieve your have to want it...cheers

[03/13/21]   Our star this week by a long mile is jenny with 1.1kgs off..james and debbie both lost 100grams..carol gemma and myself stayed the same..and suzie is a no weigh this week..we are 1/2 way through..carol and jenny have both lost over 6kgs..going well .come on team let's keep up the good work. Cheers

[03/05/21]   Our star this week is carol in Wellington with a 2kg loss(in 4 weeks her loss is 6.8kgs)..followed by james with a 1.6kg loss(well done james..hes back)debbie lost 800grams..yay..jenny lost 400grams along with me..yay for us..suzie gained 400grams and gemma gained 600grams..both are back on track...keep going team.

[02/26/21]   Our star this week is carol in wellington with 500grams off..followed closely by suzie and gemma with 400grams off..both debbie and I gained 200gram and James and jenny not weighing this week..ok so it's getting harder now..keep up the eating and the walking will happen.
A wise trainer brian once said to me.."if it was easy there would be a lot of beautiful bodies around"..cheers

[02/19/21]   Our star this week is jenny with a 1.3kg loss..go girl..suzie losing 600gram..shes rocking..carol in wellington lost 500gram..james lost 300gram..I lost 100gram..gemma up 100gram and debbie stayed the same(measured her waist..has 2.5 inches off)..mostly what I've noticed is more food needs to be order to lose you must eat x5 a day..keep going team..cheers

[02/12/21]   The star this week is our carol from wellington with a loss of 3kgs..close behind her is suzie with 2.6kg loss..well done girls great effort..gemma lost 200gram..james lost 100gram..I stayed the same..debbie gained 400gram and jenny not weighing in this week.. jo is out with health issues...keep going team..cheers

[02/05/21]   A happy group this week..our star is jenny with 1.6kg loss at week 4..shes got it happening now..gemma lost 1kg..james lost 900gram..I lost 800grams..debbie lost 100grams..jodidn't weigh this week..and carol in wellington stayed the same...we have suzie back for another 10 weeks..yay..bring it on..cheers

[01/30/21]   Ok just heard from carol..shes down 1.8kgs week 1..doi g heaps of walking..go girl.x

[01/30/21]   Hiya..the star at week 1 is debbie with a loss of 800grams..gemma lost 100g and I lost 200g..jenny at week 3 stayed the same..shes needing to eat more protein..however in measuring her hips..she had 2inches off..her Jean's are fitting and james are a no weigh this week..I'll be hearing on mon what carol in wellingtons results are..anyone else want to drop a size or two..let me know..cheers

[01/22/21]   Hiya all..debbie joined this did gemma and myself..carol also joined..she lives in Wellington.. so this ones long distance..shes very keen..go carol..jenny weighed in at week 2 and stayed the same..she had a big loss last were all good..anyone else out there ready to lose..let me know..cheers

[01/22/21]   Hey joined today..very determined with 2 weddings comming up..james joined us also and rearing to go..this one is 10 weeks for weight loss..more joining tomorrow..cheers

[01/14/21]   Hiya..there's no starting pick your own 10 weeks for the weight loss challenge..I'm ready when you are..cost $ revolution hair..2174077 or cell 0210554658..let's go..cheers

[12/04/20]   The results are in for the 8 week challenge..our super star helen nailed it losing 11.7kgs &15.5inches if body..suzie comes in with 7.
9kgs off..8.5 inches off body..james got 3kgs off..gemma got 2.6kgs off and 7.5inches off body...I got 2 kgs off..4inches off waist..carolyn lost 2kgs..debbie lost got 1.3kgs off..and 7 inches off body..well done team..the top two consistently worked hard..the rest of us got to see how much harder we have to work for ain't for the faint hearted. There are 3 folks comming back.will do a 10 week challenge early Feb.. let me know if your in...merry christmas everyone..cheers.x

[11/29/20]   For week 7..I'm the star with 1.1kgs off..debbie got 800grams off..james is up 600grams and gemma is up suzie..helen..and caroline are not weighing in this week...tough times here..1 week to go..come on team,let's finnish strong..cheers.x

[11/21/20]   Our star this week is helen with 1.2kgs off..she is now at week 6 sitting with 10.9kgs off.."a star is born"..gemma lost big this week with 1.1kgs off..shes happy and looking great..suzie got 1kg off..looking great also..debbie lost and I lost 100grams..and james and carolyn are not weighing this week..very proud to see what the team's accomplishing in their looks and they're life..roll on week 7..cheers

[11/13/20]   James is the star this week..losing 1.8kgs..hes going strong..helen next with a loss of 1.5kgs..caroline lost 1.1kgs..debbie lost 500grams..gemma and myself stayed the same..suzie gained 100gram and jo gained 900grams..3 more weeks to go..keep it up team..cheers

[11/06/20]   We've got two stars this week helen lost 1.1kgs with 4 inches off waist..her total loss is 8.2kgs..and suzie lost 1.1kgs..get waist stayed same..her total loss is 6.6kgs..james got 600grams off with 1/2 inch off waist.. I got 200grams off with 4 inches off waist.. gemma gained 500grams with 2 inches off waist..debbie gained 200grams with 1 inch off and carolyn not weighing this week... 4 weeks to go..dig in and go for it folks.x



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