Linda Howard Presents: Born To Lose

A 12 Week Weight Loss Programme

Born To Lose is a 12 week weight loss programme. Enrollment consists of being photographed, measured and shown how to read the food chart, given along with a book to write each day down. You will weigh in once a week and bring your book with you. Cost - $150 (Non-refundable)

[09/05/19]   Hiya.. my gal thats been with me for 12 weeks to maintain her weight has had her final weighin and is up 1kg from her start weight...shes happy with that and has rejoined for 12 more stay there. Cheers

[03/29/19]   Hello All. Last day to register for your 12 week weightloss sessions...Is this for you? me 0210554658 and will sort you out..Hey if this is something i can can you..have faith. Cheers

[03/21/19]   Yahoo have an enrollment for 12 week weight loss..shes a returnie and just needs to maintain this weight loss..she will weighin every thursday. cheers...are you next?

[02/21/19]   Hello everyone..ok the time has come.. im taking enrollments..12 weeks for a 5 to 10 kg weight ready ...are you? Send me a message.cheers.x😆

[02/08/19]   Yahoo have an enrollment today for 12 weeks..shes going down x2 sizes..very determined..go this your time to lose weight? Get in touch..cheers

[01/18/19]   Alrighty have an enrollment for born to lose.. this gal has come back after xmas with a 1.3kg gain..not too bad.. shes into it. GO YOU.x

[12/11/18]   Hey there, Trainer Judy has posted measurements lost from her 10 week challenge..i lost 21cm and prize money for 2nd and 3rd is $136.50.Thanks Judy from J and T Fitness Studios..I can totally recommend Thomas and Judy Duggen if your looking for a personal trainer...Cheers for Xmas.x

[12/07/18]   Hey have 2 weighins to report a week 6 lost 700grams for a total loss of 4.1 and a week 5 lost 400grams to total 2.1kgs. GO GIRLS.x

[12/05/18]   Yahoo final results with trainer judys 10 week challenge..made my goal and then some ended at 57.4kgs with 21cm off body. YAY

[11/23/18]   Hey there at week 8 with Trainer Judy and results this week have been posted and im now in 4th place from 8th equal last week with 2 weeks to go..had a lot of bluecod last week..that worked. Cheers

[11/20/18]   Trainer Judy has posted results for week 7 and im in 9th equal position..3 more to go..have been on the Bluecod all week..fingers crossed.x

[11/16/18]   Hey had a week 4 weighin and stayed the same, she had a few too many carbs...she looks fantastic. ..and a week 2 gained 200grams, not eating quite enough food..keep going rome wasnt built in a day. Cheers.x

[11/15/18]   At week 6 im weighing 59.7kgs started at 61.4kgs . goal is 58kgs.x

[11/14/18]   Hey, weighed in with trainer Judy with a 400gram gain...NO NO am going back tomorrow, Im on the Bluecod walnuts or feta cheese...Its gonna be a long 4 weeks. Cheers.x

[11/09/18]   Hey there, Trainer Judy has posted the 5 week results..Im in 4th place with centimeters lost and moved down to 8th place out of 18 of those still playing...and on we go. cheers

[11/09/18]   Yahoo had a week 1 weighin with a 700gram loss, and a week 3 weighin with a 700gram gain..a few drinkies going on there, although at week3 she has lost 3.1kgs to date, keep going, cheers

[11/02/18]   Trainer Judys posted results for week 4 and am now in 7th position with 18 still competing,...6 more weeks to go.x

[10/31/18]   Hey there, Have results from Trainer Judy for week sitting at 13th position out of 20...7 weeks to go. This week i lost 900grams to put me at 60kgs on the dot. Goal is 58kgs, and down we go.x

[10/26/18]   Yahoo, had a week 1 weighin with a whooping 1.7kgs off, she got everything right...this girl means bussiness.also a week 9 weighed in and gained 300grams..had a stressful week. Her total loss to date is 6.5kgs... she looks fantastic. Cheers

[10/24/18]   Hey All,Just to catch up on this site, ive entered Trainer Judys 10week group. Started at 61.5kg and now at week 3 am weighing it comes slowly. cheers.x

[10/12/18]   Hello all, had a week 8 weighin with a 900gram loss yahooo shes now at 6.6kg loss. well done. cheers

[10/05/18]   Hey there, had a week 7 weighin with a 300gram gain.. she had an up and down week, not eating consistantly enough...shes on to it now. Her total loss to date is 5.7kgs. GO YOU> Cheers.x

[09/14/18]   Heya , had a week 4 weighin with a 1.3kg loss. her total loss to date is 5.1kgs, she had a blowout at the weekend and then back to eating right and her hour walking each day. She looks fantastic..keep it up.x

[09/07/18]   Morning have had 2 weighins a week 3 lost 1.6kgs very motivated and excited about life and a week5 who gained 900grams..minor setback, shes back on track. GO GIRLS..Are you number 6?. Cheers

[09/04/18]   hey there had a week 4 in for weighin with a 800gram loss. shes getting it right, thinking about food more and planning ahead. GO YOU.x

[09/02/18]   Hey there, We have number 5 entrant enrolled for her 12 week challenge, are YOU number 6?.x

[08/31/18]   Gidday had a week 4 weighin with a 1.1kg loss her total loss so far is 4.3kgs. Has had sickness all week but well again now. I did a quick measure of her waist and she has 3inches off that. GO GIRL

[08/31/18]   Hey,yesterday had a week 2 weighin with a loss of 1.6kgs her total loss is 3kgs. GO YOU>

[08/29/18]   Hey there, had a week 3 weighin with a few grams up..did very little exercise this week..makes a huge difference. She is however really getting her food right and is prepared for it to take a while..Shes enthusiastic and feeling great which is what lifes about. Cheers

[08/24/18]   Hey there had a week one weighin with 1.4kg loss,lots of walking and eating everything shes allowed so the bodies satisfied. GO GIRL.

[08/21/18]   Hello All, Had a week 2 weighin with a 300gram loss.... slowly but surely. Im still looking for number 5 to join? is that you?x

[08/17/18]   Morning All, Had a week 2 weighin with a 1.2kg loss, her total loss to date is 3.1kgs and going down. Cheers

[08/14/18]   Hey there, had a week 1 weighin with a gain.. shes had the weekend at celines concert, shes all charged up for next week. GO GIRL>X

Morning all. Well a big yahoo from me today. Weighed in with trainer judy and lost 700 grams to put me at 59.5kgs with one week to go. Trainer judy also suggested i post my food diary for week. One thing to note the fruit at night time.. judy suggested i didnt eat enough chicken soup at tea so was still hungry. Im over the soup now im going to do a combination of everything for my last week. You have to trust the process...its not rocket science. Counting down.x

[07/13/18]   Hey there had a week 8 weigh in with an 800gram gain...time to change the food around and way more walking needed to start shifting the weight again...keep it up your looking terrific

[07/12/18]   Hello there, weighed in with trainer Judy and lost 500grams...yay that puts me at 60.2kgs with 2 weeks to go and my goal is 59kgs...bring on week 11.x

[07/06/18]   Hey there, were at week 9 and am still sitting 7th equal, the group number is now 17 left competing...Roll on week 10.

[07/04/18]   Morning, weighed in with trainer Judy and lost 200grams, were at week 9 with 3 more to go. The goal is 59kgs, Im eating bluecod this week...YUM.x

[06/29/18]   Het nthere, had a week 6 weighin with a 500gram loss, shes full of life and excited about being smaller, her loss to date is 4,5kgs. Cheers

[06/27/18]   Good Morning, Weighed in at Trainer Judys for a loss of 500 grams yay that officially puts me at 60.9ks, the goal is 59kgs, and ive 4 weeks to go, im on the chicken soup for tea now.. That will push me up from 9th position, although that depends on how everyone else is doing. Were on the home run now and gotta pick up the pace...until next week, Cheers

[06/21/18]   Gidday there, well its not offical but i jumped on Trainer Judys scale and it said 61.4kgs from 62.2kg last week...Yahoo that should shift me from 9th position. I did a 3 day cleanse which consisted of spinach/cucumber/basil/pineapple/blueberries/lemon juice/water. Not really yummy, you can drink it for 3 days. On to next week. Cheers

[06/15/18]   Hey there, had a week 4 weighin with a loss of 800grams, her total loss so far is 4.5kgs and shes looking good. Also a week 10 weighed in with a whopping 1.2kgs off, shes off overseas in 3 weeks so is determined, keep up that walking, your looking great. Cheers

[06/15/18]   Hey there, Trainer Judy has posted results for week 6, im now in 9th position out of 21..and on we go. Cheers

[06/14/18]   Gidday, weighed in with trainer Judy and lost 100grams to put me at about inching it off. Measurements were done and lost 5.5inches off body. 3 of them from my waist. My trainning buddy Annie got 8.5inches off to date. Have tyo drop the walnuts out of my day, thats about all i can change. Definately gets harder in your 60's. Onwards and upwards. Cheers

[06/08/18]   Hey nthere, a week 9 gained 300grams, she didnt walk as much this week, that makes a difference with the result, and a week 3 has a migraine so no weighin for her this week.x

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