Bringing a slice of the world to Invercargill, a unique creative space where hair, make-up, photography and education come together under one roof.

"We aspire to inspire, motivate and share" Introducing two highly accomplished maestro's of Southland hairdressing: Kerry Pen*sula-Spain, an award winning make-up and hair artist who is in high demand. Kerry has rubbed shoulders with celebrities during her T.V and film work over the years, a creative genius with a make-up brush. And Kyla Allan (nee Mclean) who is a N.Z award winning hairstylist. Kyla has worked and travelled the world over her 18 years experience in the hairdressing industry. She has worked as a stylist and trainer. Most recently in Perth at one of Australia's most prestigious salons. Kerry and Kyla are highly skilled stylists who want to give back to the industry they are passionate about. These two heavy weights of their respective industries have come together and combined forces to create HALCYON. "A brilliant collision of influences" Instagram: @halcyon_creative #haveyoubeeninvitedyet? each guest uniquely beautiful, impeccably groomed

As a personal service business we have sourced the best protection for ourselves and you, our wonderful guests. We use these products ourselves in salon and have them available for you to purchase.
New Edition Everything Spray and Hand Sanitizer.
New Edition is made right here in NZ, it is so important right now to be supporting NZ made and keeping it local.
protects surfaces and kills 99% of germs. It forms an antimicrobial coating that binds to surfaces and delivers long lasting protection. You can use everything spray on everything from all surfaces, floors, carseats....everything! Everything spray will continue to kill germs for up to 30 days from one single application to give you peace of mind your family is safe.
*non toxic
*alcohol free
*kills bacteria and mould group to 30 days
*easy 250ml spray bottle .
Kills germs and stays active for up to 24hrs to provide 24hr protection. Apply in the morning as part of your daily routine.
Gentle on hands, alcohol free, and scientifically proved to kill 99%of germs. This protective germ shield won't wash off when you wash your hands meaning you can continue your daily activities with peace of mind. The anti microbial coating physically bonds to the surface of your skin. This means there is no need to reapply
*non toxic
*alcohol free
*provides 24hr protection from one application
*150ml foamer
*water based
*unique antimicrobial molecule derived from sand
Scientifically proven to protect against 100+ known germs including....covid-19, E.coli, salmonella, H1N1(swine flu), norovirus, hospital superbug MRSA and even Ebola.
And all products have been created to be used safely on all ages, babies through to the elderlyπŸ₯°
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Check out Instore, Invercargill's local business directory 😊
We are pretty darn proud to be a part of this local initiative.
Get their app and support your local businesses πŸ₯°

Hey Halcyon thanks hanging out at instore.nz


TIME TO STOCK UP: From Tuesday 28th April we will be available to deliver products to anyone inside the Invercargill city boundary, and courier to our out of town guests. If you know what you require just message Kerry on 0275372217 or through the Halcyon messenger page.
Provide us with your order and delivery address, once your package is put together We will message you with the details for online payment via internet banking...nice and simple.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not be couriering any products under β€˜Dangerous Goods’.
Personal delivery only.

Courier fees apply
#davines #hairproducts #covid19update #keepmyhairbeautiful #onlinestore #watchthisspace

An update for all our wonderful clients
We miss you and can't wait to see you all soon!
We can re-open our salon when NZ reaches alert level 2.
Appointments will be made with safety measures in place, for your wellbeing and ours
Until then, stay safe.
(We will personally be in touch with all clients who have appointments coming up to move accordingly)
#halcyoncreativespace #update
#missyouall #cantwaittoseeyouallsoon #seeyouinalertlevel2 #staysafestaywell #hopewillgetusthrough #allwehaveishope #inspiremotivateandshare

[04/10/20]   How we are all feeling right now ladies....
Am I right? πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚


Over the next 48 hours we will be in contact with each and everyone of our lovely guests who have bookings coming up over the next 4 weeks to reschedule. In the meantime if any home care products are required we are happy to deliver to your mailbox, within the Invercargill city boundary. Just contact us via FB messenger or Kerry on 0275372217.

Stay safe and enjoy the family time! 🌺


Dear Halcyon Guests
It is with great sadness we must close our doors. The government has announced we are at level 3 which means we can no longer trade.
We love you all stay healthy and happy, practice self care - be kind to each other.
We will see you on the other side

Kyla and Kerry and the Halcyon team

πŸ™Œ Davines is amazing

π—šπ—Όπ—Όπ—± 𝗛𝗼𝗽𝗲 is the name we have given to the 100k pieces of hand sanitizing gel we are donating to our community and charities in Italy to support people in need.
β €
A special thanks to the R&D and production teams who made this possible in such a short time and to all the colleagues who are bringing this to life from their homes while keeping us all connected!
β €
#wecare #comfortzoneskincare #davinesofficial

Our salon is literally one of the cleanest places you could be right now.
We are fortunate that we have a very large space where we are practicing social distancing with our guests. We have taken away magazines and communal reading material at this stage as a precaution so feel free to bring along your own, that book you never have a moment to read, catch up on Netflix etc. However if you don't feel comfortable we understand completely. However mass daily appointment movement can be crippling to small businesses like ourselves....what you can do to help is if you are moving or cancelling your appointment, you could instead buy a voucher to use at a later date or buy as a gift for mother's day, an easter gift or a gift to someone you know who needs it. For anyone in self isolation we can get any products you may be low on to your door - give us a call on 2172177 we are only too happy to make sure you can maintain an ounce of normality by helping keep your normal hair routine intact.
If you are safe and well we offer a germ free sanctuary away from the chaos of late. Come in, unwind and actually relax, away from all of the doom and gloom.
Self care and mental health is of the utmost importance right now in these uncertain times. Help us to continue to do what we love.... helping you look and feel your very best.
Stay safe and be kind to one another ###x


Dear Guests

In light of recent times

The health and Safety of our team and guests is always a priority, but even more so with the COVID-19 Virus at present.
We can assure you we have put extra health and safety measures in place to continue to provide both our guests and ourselves with the best, safest experience and environment possible.

We therefore ask if you are or:
β–ͺ️ Feeling unwell
β–ͺ️ Have any flu like symptoms
β–ͺ️ Have traveled overseas in the last 14 days
β–ͺ️ May have had contact with someone who has COVID-19
That you please contact us to re-schedule your appointment.
Lets work together as a community to stop the spread of this

It's currently business as usual for us but we'd like to keep the salon a safe space for everyone. Should Government regulations and recommendations change we will be in touch with everyone with appointments
If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 2172177 πŸ“ž

Many thanks for understanding, be kind to one another and be safe.

The Halcyon team

[03/12/20]   This was amazingly satisfying to watch, our view is changing by the minute...
#invercargill #demolishing #halcyonviews #boysdreams #newinvercargill #cityviews #bestseatsintown #onlyathalcyon

Progress of our view across the road....Zoo Keepers is rubble and their mural from out the back is visible... but not for much longer..... crazy to watch happen.
#halcyoncreativespace #invercargillcbddevelopment #demolition #wholecityblock #satisfyingtowatch #crazy #viewchangingonadaily #progress #needstohappen

Our view is changing! Demolition begins!!!

Valentines day is just around the corner.... here is a little valentines poem for you all πŸ₯°
"Love is in the air,
Come let us sort your hair.
Romance blooms just like like flowers,
Worth treating yourself for a couple of hours.
Have a relax and a chat, and a cuppa and take a seat,
Make your mane beautiful before getting swept off your feet"
Give the gift of great hair this valentines day πŸ’žπŸ₯°πŸ’ž
#valentinesready #halcyoncreativespace #comingupfast #valentinesisjustaroundthecorner
#givethegiftofgreathair #treatyoutlovedone #treatyourself #pampered #glammedupforaromanticnight #wehaveyousorted #getgorgeous

Well we are incredibly proud to have been a part of invercargill Musical theater's musical WICKED! our show came away with the biggest award of the night 😁 BEST OVERALL SHOW for 2019 πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š
#invercargillmusicaltheatre #wickedthemusical #theatrework #incredibleteam #veryproud #woohoo

Halcyon at the OSTA'S
#invercargillmusicaltheatre #nominatedforwicked #otagosouthlandtheatreawards #representing #veryproud #socooltobenominated

From vanilla to a strawberry shortcake blonde blend for Diane to give some zing. Dont be afraid of warm tones in blonde as you can see they can be very pretty 😍 and make the eyes pop! .
#halcyoncreativespace #hairbykylaallan #stunning #warmblonde #hairinspo #instahair #blondebob #gotzingnow #sopretty #beautifulhair #stunningblondetones #hothair #strawberryshortcaketones

loved this shoot! If you are heading along to the George Begg Classic we can get you looking the part! step back in time, to the 40's, 50's, 60's or 70's such a cool event and so much fun!

Still looking for dress up ideas for the George Begg Classic Speedfest? Check out some of the team from our photoshoot last year. Which era will you pick? Thanks to the team at Halcyon for the make-up and hair and Repertory Invercargill for the outfits 🎊🏎🎊 thanks IMAGE Photography & Design for the photos πŸ“Έ

Packages are available from;


You can get what you want now and pay off over four interest free
Fortnightly installments πŸ‘Œ
This can be used for services and purchase of products/ appliances .
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[01/20/20]   We have created a little video to give you an overview of us. Halcyons inception from the very begining till now, tour of our space and a taste of exciting things we have done inbetween. As you will see we are not 'just a hair salon' we are a multi faceted space in all aspects of image.

very proud to be nominated for WICKED - best hair and makeup :)

Invercargill Musical Theatre's production of "Wicked" is nominated for the following awards:

-Best Hair & Makeup
-Best Sound
-Best Lighting & Vision
-Best Vocal Work by a Company
-Best Ensemble "One Short Day"
-Best Supporting Female in a Musical - Ilana Edlin
-Best Supporting Male in a Musical - Luke Butson
-Best Supporting Male in a Musical - Craig Waddell
-Best Leading Female in a Musical - Rebekah Head
-Best Choreography - Emma Holloway
-Best Musical Direction - Michael Buick
-Best Overall Production

Sarah looking fabulous rocking out her new colour - lush pomegranate base with soft strawberry glaze. Festive season ready πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ™Œ
#halcyoncreativespace #hairbykylaallan #sopretty #stunning #beautifulhair #hothair #hairinspo #inspiremotivateandshare #hot #summerready

Rare as Hens teeth!!! 3pm cut and colour appt available today due to last minute cancellation call 2172177 to claim!

Just a polite notice for what is the busiest time of the year in our industry. This year has exceeded all expectations and as of now we are solidly booked till the end of December!
We are all working longer hours to accommodate all of our wonderful guests over this time..... We are actually chocka full to the brim and in some cases pushed to the limit to accommodate all of our amazing guests. To change appointments is impossible. We politely ask all of our guests to please double check your christmas appointment date and time, and if for any reason you are unable to make your booked appointment please let us know asap so we can accommodate everybody!
Also please be mindful with time keeping over December, remember town is busier and parking can be a nightmare! give yourself more than enough time to accommodate for this, to limit any unnecessary stress! As you can imagine one late appointment can put every other guest after it out for the rest of the day. We aim to give each and every one of you the amazing, relaxing experience you deserve!
The coveted Davines gift boxes are back as well as all your favourites for the perfect gift of pampering as well as gift vouchers if you want to gift the full halcyon experience πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ We aim to have you all looking and feeling a million bucks for the festive season. Bring it on! .
(We will be in salon leading up to christmas 9am-8pm every day monday to Friday. Our last day in salon will be Saturday 21st closing 5pm If you need any last minute items, gift vouchers, gift packs etc)
#halcyoncreativespace #merrychristmas #decemberisfull #politenotice #sillyseason #christmasgiftideas #itsgoingtobeamerrychristmas #loveyouall #bringiton #christmasmadness #feelingchristmassyalready #thanksinadvance #mindfulness #aimtogiveeveryoneonehundredpercent #chockafull #gonnagofast

Paula - transformed from a should length blonde lob to a
Boysenberry chocolate undercut with a shimmer overlay of creamy vanilla 😍 looking fabulous for the festive season
#halcyoncreativespace #inspiremotivateandshare #hairbykylaallan #shorthair #stunning #transformed #shorthairinspo #hothair #sopretty #undercut #holidayready

We had so much fun today, thanks to the Transport world team for being so amazing and letting us transform them back in time. Can't wait to see the photos..... more to come!

Fun times at work today as the team got in full retro costume πŸ™‚ Why? More to come...keep posted. What do you think of our efforts? Thanks to the team from Halcyon for making us look so cool - we have had a blast!!

We are out on location today for a very exciting project with Transport World. The salon will be closed from 9am-4pm due to us being all hands on deck.
Apologies for any inconvenience but we will be open from 4pm-8pm

Halcyon's cover photo

Bring on summer, book in for your summer highlights and end the year with a bang. Amazing rates this festive season with Sophie Squires, book in today 2172177.
#hairbysophiesquires #summerhighlights #blondebombshell #balayage #ombrehair #fullheadhighlights #halcyoncreativespace

Avoid disappointment! We are all booking up FAST! We only have a few spaces left from now until Christmas. Also if you have made a Christmas appointment well in advance, we recommend checking and reconfirming to avoid clashing with holidays and other events, as we all know this time of year can get crazy 😨
#halcyoncreativespace #bookingupfast #christmas #festiveseason #avoiddisapointment #noonewantstears #sillyseason #checkyourappointment #getorganised

Joanna and Lucie came in for their Spring inspired transformation and what a pleasure it was to have these ladies in the salon! Beautiful inside and out, thank you for letting us loose on your hair 😊
Swipe for before, after and during - stunning - πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
#halcyoncreativespace #winners #hairmakeover #refreshed #makeovertransformation #summerready #springinspiredcolours #hotnewhair #hairinspo #inspiremotivateandshare #sopretty #gorgeous #brightenedup #transformed #thankyou #somuchfun

Our amazing Emily has now flown back home, we knew we only had her for a short while but time really flew by! And we will miss her terribly. Emily we are richer for having had you in our team, thank you πŸ€— Enjoy some much needed time with family. We wish you all the best for the future - p.s you always have a place with us if you ever decide to come back! xoxo Emily Jane Martindale
#halcyoncreativespace #hairbyemilymartindale #missyoualready #thankyou #fittedinlikeaglove #grateful #hometofamily #bonvoyage #allthebestforthefuture #halcyonfamily

Had another customized WINGS hair workshop today, such a great time with these girls teaching them some hairup techniques, absolutely love sharing πŸ₯°
#halcyonwings #customisedworkshop #halcyoneducation #wingshaireducation #educationbykylaallan #lovesharing #inspiremotivateandshare #halcyoncreativespace #icancometoyou #alwayslearning #upskill #keepfresh #getoutofyourcomfortzone

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