This pandemic could have been prevented if the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)did not lie. Yet, ever since it took over China, hundreds of millions of people have been suffering from its endless deceptions and brutality. The demon CCP has plundered the ancient land of China, and now its terror has spread globally, affecting everyone. It is time for us to stand up against its evil deeds and put an end to the Chinese Communist Party.
Join the over 1.9 million people who have signed the petition at
OMG! I bought a conditioner bars months ago and it's still going. I love it and will buy more soon.

Putting skin in the game since 2014

Small batch handmade soaps, lotions, creams, natural fragrance Postage is extra

URGENT: Stop the moving of people in Arohata prison away from their whānau 19/09/2022

URGENT: Stop the moving of people in Arohata prison away from their whānau


URGENT: Stop the moving of people in Arohata prison away from their whānau We are concerned that women at Arohata prison in Wellington will soon be moved 100s of kilometres away to Auckland or Christchurch, moving them far from their whānau, children and loved ones, making visiting incredibly difficult if not impossible. This would be devastating. Please sign the petition...




Wordle 416 4/6



Residents transform their alleyways into stunning urban gardens

This makes me soooo happy. If you give people unkept community spaces they feel uncared for too and their behaviour matches the space. Living close to a less cared-for residential area I see the grafitti and unkept houses as a sign that the people who make these decisions are not putting the effort in. Really. Its as if there is a limit to the effort people want to put into remediating areas customarily associated with poverty.

Photos from Sapo's post 13/07/2022

This is just a couple of soaps I've made in the past week. I'm running out of coconut oil. Co is like the best base oil for Palm free soaps. Its a wonderful cleanser and balances out purely conditioning oils which can be greasy. I'm quite pleased with the graduations on the Ombre pour.
Preparing for Christmas has begun. The best soaps are cured much longer than the usual 6wks.
They all have Lemongrass Essential oil in them so fresh and mind-clearing.
Over the summer I double-infused kawakawa into olive oil and left it to chill for months-its now so richly with unsaponifiables its no longer transarent. Lol.
I've been thinking about how to make something amazing with it so I bought some beautiful mini kete' last week. I plan to box up kawakawa gift packs - soap in the kete', with a tin of Kawakawa skin cream, Kawakawa and Castor oil solid shampoo and kawakawa conditioner bars (yet to make).
These are reduced irritant products so no added colour, but I think a subtle blend of lavender and lemon essential oils might be a nice fit. I'd love to hear what you think.
I've also been reading up on how to make my own herekeke oil. So that will be a new line with a local theme to go with the Shea and H**p products people love so much.
Much love you lot 💝💝💝💝


New Soap. Shea and Kawakawa


This is what almost 7kg (pre-cure weight) of Shea and Kawakawa soap looks like. I'll cut it tomorrow and let it cure six weeks before wrapping and putting in the shop.


Just look at how the colour swirls through the essential oil/superfat mix- in this case, a mix of Lemongrass Essential Oil, melted Shea butter and Kawakawa infused Olive oil.
Because it was added after the main Coconut and Olive oil base had been emulsified by the lye mix, this Shea and Kawakawa mix will be the 5% of oils that is left in the soap after saponification to moisturise and protect your skin. That is why I say that this soap will leave your skin feeling healthy, soft and moisturised.


Someone desperate to spread their poison online has posted offensive content to this page. If it popped up on your thread please accept my appology. I removed it and blocked the person responsible as soon as I saw it.


Wishing everyone an amazing new year!


Yay new(ish) shoes! Don't mind the pudgy feet

Photos from Sapo's post 12/02/2021

Lavender Soap is for those who like a soap that has everything. A pretty purple swirl. Gentle cleansing and luxurious essential oil.

SAPO 12/01/2021


I've been working on a website. Tell me what you think.



All set to go


Bubble bubble... a new Honey and Lavender concoction for your skin. Enriched with H**p and Shea butter. Moisture bars in molds and ready for the fridge, moisture cream in the jars.


Cleanup time now. The smell of Honey and lavender Essential oil is amazing! If I close my eyes I can conjure images of bees happily humming in the lavender bushes.
Back to reality: The small molds contain moisturising bars ready to be put in the fridge yo set up. The jars are joyful skin-loving mousturiser!

Photos from Sapo's post 01/01/2021

Whipping up a wonderful brew for the new year!
Lavender and Honey moisturizing cream enriched with Shea butter, H**p oil and sweet Almond oil. 31/12/2020


Happy New Year everyone! Welcome 2021! Love you already!


Essential Lavender

Beautiful lavender essential oil... and some angel dust. This is such a lovely soap!



Kia Ora lovely people. Wow! We are almost there... bring it on 2021!
As you know, it takes 4-6 weeks to prep soap for sale. So, with the George Street Markets starting again, followed by Martinborough on February 6th and perhaps Newtown, Wellington in March, I have spent the entire week making as much soap as ingredients and curing space allow. I dont have photos of them all yet but here are a couple I cut today. In addition to the Fragrant Rose and Essential Lavender, I have an Essential Lemongrass sandsoap, plus Essential Lemongrass, low irritant Carrot, Essential Dragonsblood & Lemon.
Next will be Essential Rose Geranium and low irritant H**p & Shea. Guys tell me what your favourites are if I have the ingredients to make it I'll give you one for free.
Cheers. The Kwerky Kiwi

Sapo Send a message to learn more.


This is what happens when the heat of saponification causes a mold to distort. That sucker ame out with a little bit of encouragement from a salad server!

Well that's another Christmas done! Just new year to go before we are launched into a new beginning!
I've been busy making soap in preparation for the Summer Night Markets on George Street and my first Martinborough Fair in February.

A few days ago I made one very prettily scented with Essential oils of dragonsblood and lemon tree's. I also made Carrot soap without irritants like colour and scent, both are now cut and in the curing racks.
Today I released 2 batches from the molds scented with (mmmm my house smells awesome) refreshing Lemongrass essential oil. One of them is a moisturising sandsoap for gardeners or mechanics, the other just lovely moisturising hand soap.
Tomorrow I will cut them and put them in the curing racks. I have ingredients prepped for a lovely pink and white Rose (fragrance oil) swirl and another that elegant smell of divine Lavender essential oil.
This is a video of me unfolding one if the Lemongrass out of its mold.


Happy happy holidays to you all.


Christmas cheer at the market

Daniella had such a sparkling stall at the Summer Night Market in the Library last night.

Photos from Sapo's post 10/12/2020

Wow guys we are Soo full up with Shoppers! Come down and see us in the back of the City Library NOW!


Sapo will be at the George Street Summer Night Market tomorrow night - bring it on weather!
Look for us in the back of the Palmerston North City Library.

Photos from Sapo's post 05/12/2020

Wow the weather turned out! It is the perfect day for the Red Cross Christmas Fair and the Christmas parade will start later. You'll find us in the square.


My soap pot bubble-ith over! I ran two soap making workshops this week.


Kwerky as always.


Kia Ora all. Its been a 'bumpy ' year and when I look back, I'm just so darned proud of how Kiwi have behaved in the face of it all by comparison with other countries.
Its great to come from our amazing country right now, and as we turn toward Christmas and 2021, I hope you get a chance to reflect and feel pride that our small country has led the world - that because of you, Aotearoa is an amazing example of how to look big issues in the eye and keep moving forward.
I just love making delicious handmade soaps and 'lux' personal care items that help people to unwind from stressful events and reflect on their lives in a positive way. As we turn toward Christmas keep in mind that we all need to be a little more vigilant about self-care and watching our loved-ones.
Contact me if you see something I've made that may help you or a loved-one relax and enjoy life and PLEASE, let's share the good news by using Facebook to share positive messages to our family and whanau.
Kia Kaha New Zealand!


Send a message to learn more.


Sapo solid shampoo and conditioner is Palm Free. Just remember that if a seller doesn't brag about being palm free they probably aren't.

Photos from Sapo's post 13/11/2020

Photos from Sapo's post


Christmas is coming

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Just look at how the colour swirls through the essential oil/superfat mix- in this case, a mix of Lemongrass Essential O...
Essential Lavender
This is what happens when the heat of saponification causes a mold to distort. That sucker ame out with a little bit of ...
Christmas cheer at the market
Christmas is coming
A busy Downtown evening
Finally my own multi wire soap cutter built out of repurposed timber! Thanks to my mate @Paul Andersen




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