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Thanks Kylie for my facial last night it was super relaxing and my skin is lovely and soft. πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜
Had the most amazing massage from Kylie on Tuesday. Had massages before but this has to be the best massage ever. Muscles feel heaps better and I don't feel so sore when walking upstairs. My knees are bending way further when doing Yoga. Thanks Kylie.
Need to book for another massage soon
Check out Shayna
With December only one day away. Try not to let the Christmas Rush change who you really are. My Girls get so excited about the build up to Christmas. The decorations the baking the gift buying the Christmas music Decorating the tree. They love the fun and atmosphere. Well yesterday they called me a Grinch because I wasnt keen to browse the shops for Christmas Decorations. I remember how much fun Christmas was and the only bad part was Christmas Eve night when you were so excited you couldn't sleep.
Bit of a reality check.

Much love Kylie # # #
Isn't this so lovely.

I often sit and have lunch in a Cafe or a Coffee by myself and reflect. I use to think Id never do that as it was weird people might think I have no friends.πŸ˜‚ I've moved on from that as you do as you grow as a person. I think this is totally delightful.

Much love Kyliex
Hi Kylie
I love my eye brows and lashes. They make my eyes stand out more πŸ˜€
Thanks sooo much xx
Thanks so much for my prize pack Kylie! I have already been using these products for a month and I love them so I'm stoked to have some more to try! πŸ˜„
My mum celebrated turning 70 today by heading to Zen Room. Kylie just made her day by pampering her this morning. Thanks Kylie!


If its a break from the hustle Pure Delish x


If its a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy life you need.


Hey Guys I have a few appointments come available due to illness.

Tomorrow ...
12pm till 5pm or possibly 7.30pm till 9pm.

6.30pm till 9pm


4pm till 5.30pm

Much love Kylie # # #


Well it's been well and truly a long time since posting.

I have been doing a bit of training in body treatments to add to a massage. It's all very exciting. Can't wait to start.

I have a few appointments available over the next week.

Monday 8.30am - 11am, 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Tuesday 1pm - 3.30pm, 7.30pm - 8.30pm
Thursday 3pm- 5pm 6pm - 8pm
Friday 3pm - 5pm
Book soon to secure your next appointment. 0274718638

Much Love Kylie # # #


What is self-care?

It's something that has had me confused. What is my kind of self-care? But of the last few months I'm getting a better understanding of it.

This is how I see it.

Doing something that is authentically you.

For me as a very small child dancing was something that gave me pure joy. I remember being as little as 2 years old dancing. My Mum would put a record on for me and I danced without a care in the world. I still remember I do I do I do by Abba with the fondest childhood memories.

Dancing at family parties New Years Eve or birthday's as a child I would hound my Aunties and Older cousins to dance with me. I'm also known by my family as someone that loves to dance. I don't care what I look like I just love it.

I have recently taken up dance classes for exercise and I feel it's changed my mental health and wellbeing majorly for the better. I believe this is my kind of self-care.

I gets me out of my head and makes my heart sing.

This is not Self care for everyone as everyone is different. Self care can also be walking in nature, swimming, reading, singing, yoga, time with family and friends, time doing something that gives you pure joy.

The key is finding the thing that brings you pure joy.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Do you have anything sorted for Mother's Day?

Boy do I have the deal for you!

1 hour Facial and a 30 min back neck and shoulder massage. For $155 complementary
Foot soak and foot massage total of 30mins extra.

2 hours of pure Bliss. This can be booked for a certain day or voucher can be issued must be use before the end of June.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys,

I have a few appointments available this week.

Tuesday 3pm till late. Book late night soon as they go quickly.
Wednesday 1.30pm till 3pm
Thursday 11am till 3.30pm

Much Love Kylie # # #


Well that's another week done and dusted.

Why does a Friday feel like a time for celebration and why do I feel so exhausted on a Friday?

Wine or Yoga that is the question ❓

See you all next week have a Super Fabulous weekend.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys,

Appointments available this week !

Tuesday 2nd May 11am till 4pm all evening appointments are gone.

Thursday 4th May 12.15pm till 1.15pm, 2.45pm till 3.45pm all evening appointments are gone.

Friday 5th May 10.45am till 12.45pm

Thanks Hopefully we will get to catch this week πŸ˜€

Much Love Kylie # # #


How much do you understand your worth!
How often do you understand what a difference you have made to someone's life!
We as human beings are somehow programmed to see the greatness in others, without noticing our own greatness.
If only we could see it as visual as this explains. I'm sure we would all be happier and also more willing to see the value is helping someone else.

Much Love Kylie # # #


A few more hours and it's the weekend πŸ’₯

So what's everyone doing???

I'm off to a Restorative Yoga Workshop on Sunday with Tracy at .Im so looking forward to it.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Everyone,

I have one appointment come available Friday 3pm, it was till about 4.30pm. So Could do a Facial and a 30min Massage, an hour massage or facial. Express Facial and an massage. Waxing or Eye Trio. Maybe a body polish and a massage . opportunities is endless.

What a great way to finish the end of the week.

First in first served.

Much Love Kylie # # #


How often do we change as a person to fit in?

I know in my treatment room I'm truly me. I know when I'm with people that love and accept me for who I am I'm truly me.

Get me in a situation where I don't know everyone or in totally out of my comfort zone I can be reserved or a bit loud to hide my nervousness and drown out the fear of what do people thing of me.

Don't get me wrong I can be naturally loud too at times but there is certainly times where it is hiding my fear.

I'm really trying to be authentically me
more often.

Much Love Kylie # # #


The weekend is finally here. I hope a few you remembered that Tuesday is ANZAC and managed to take Monday off for an extra long weekend.

I didn't I forgot So I'm working Monday Wednesday Thursday and Friday next week. I still have a few appointments available. So get in touch soon to secure your spot.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys and Gals

Just an up date on next week's appointment availability 😁!!!!

Monday 24th April 3.30pm till 5.30pm

Wednesday this week only !!! Cause Tuesday is a holiday I have 1 late appointment at 7.30pm

Thursday 27th April 11am till 1.30pm no late appointments available today sorry

Friday 28th April 11am till 1.30pm

Have a totally fabulous weekend Feel free to message over the weekend and maybe see you next week

Much Love Kylie # # #


I don't know who may need to see this. I know I do need to be reminded sometimes. But happiness is an inside job. Take the time to work on yourself. It is time well spent. Be happy on purpose and when those cheeky little demon thoughts try to disrupt your happiness welcome them in. Remind them it's ok to feel sad, scared, ashamed, angry, lonely. But that they don't need to stay for long. It's ok! We are fine and we can be happy. Sometimes it takes time to see what is right in front of you. Breathe take space take time. See that your a good person.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guy and Gals I hope you have had a great start to your week.

Appointments available this week are as follows.

Wednesday: 12.30pm till 3pm
Thursday: 9am till 10am, 3.30pm till 5pm
Friday: 3pm till 5pm

Much Love Kylie # # #


Well we have come to the end of a short week. Enjoy the weekend as next is a long one.


Much Love Kylie # # #

Photos from Zen Room's post 12/04/2023

Shelves are now fully stocked.!!!

Been awhile waiting for the tinted sunscreen but I have loads of it now.

Tell me what is you favourite EmerginC product and why?

I have a few...

Tinted sunscreen 1 because it's protecting my skin all year round and 2 that it's tinted gives a natural tinted cover and it's not sticky like other sunscreens

Hydra repair Capsules are another favourite perfect as a serum or to use at night to give a little more moisture to the skin. I also keep it handy if I get windy burnt or if I've been out in the cold weather which tends to dry my skin out.

Last but not least Vit C serum with I use every day and night no matter the time of the year. Since using it I've noticed my skin texture is smoother and brighter and my pigmentation appears to be lighter.

If you have any questions or want to learn how to love the skin your in. Please contact I love to help.

Much Love Kylie # # #


In life there are times of real pain and you wonder how you will ever come back from it. Also in life there are times of pure joy and happiness and you wonder how your life could be so wonderful or how you managed to get so lucky.

To really feel the the happiness, we also need to feel the real sadness to appreciate when there is it a time to be truly happy and grateful.

It's ok to weep it cleanses the soul. It's ok to laugh out loud this too cleanses the soul.

This is the ebbs and flo of life.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Well how was everyone's Easter break!
Hopefully a time to relax and rejuvenate. Special time with family and friends.

I have a few appointments available this coming week.

Tuesday 11th April:
4pm - till I'm finished rare appointments available on a Tuesday Evening last minute.

Thursday 13th April :
12pm till 3pm or 5pm till 6pm

Friday 14th April:
12.30pm till 4pm

Enjoy the short week look forward to seeing you all during the week.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Well can you believe we are almost at our Easter break.

Hope you all have a Safe and Happy Break with your Family and Friends.

I'll be back on Tuesday looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys and Gals I have appointments available this week.

Tuesday: 12pm till 2pmall evening appointment are gone.
Thursday: 10am till 12pm and 1pm till 3.30pm all Evening appointments are gone.

I hope you all have amazing week look forward to seeing you soon.

Much Love Kylie # # #

Photos from Zen Room's post 30/03/2023

So it almost 2 weeks since I arrived back from Holiday. Thanks so much for waiting for my return it's been so great catching up with those of you I have managed to see.

Couple of updates:

EmerginC Tinted Sunscreen has arrived! Yay although we are going I to winter it's still very important to continue to protect our skin from our Kiwi sun. Just because its not sunny doesn't mean we are not getting sun damage.

Just last weekend I had another facial peel training. What is a peel? Facial with a solution put on your skin that removes the top layers of your skin, which can help the appearance of lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin and helps with pigmentation, acne, rosacea and some scaring. As we are moving into Winter it is the best time to start peels. If you have never had a peel with me before. We need to prep your skin once a week for 4 weeks involves a cleanse tone peel moisturise sunscreen unless it's evening appointment. Then 3 weekly appointments for an hour. The first 4 are $60 per week then the 3 weekly appointments are $120.00. The first 5 New clients will recieve a Free gift at the end of your 4 weeks worth $100. Current Facial peel clients will recieve 50%off your 4th treatment.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Beautiful People.

I hope your enjoying this beautiful long weekend.

I have appointments available next week. 😁

Tuesday 7th February:
9am till 12pm.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys and Gals,

I've had appointments come available on Tuesday 31st

8.30am till 12pm is available.

I also have spots available Monday random times call or text 0274718638 if you have time.

I am fully booked the next couple weeks. Let's see if we can make it workπŸ˜€

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Beautiful People!!!

I hope your week is going well.

The weeks seem to be flying by it won't be long and all the kids will be back at school and the Holidays will be a distant memory.

You you have time in your calendar to fit in a treatment to suit you.

I have a few appointments available
Tomorrow and Friday😊

Thursday : 10.30am - 12.30pm
Friday : 11.30 - 4pm

Be in quick they won't last long.
Look forward to seeing you soon.

Much love Kylie # # #


Hey Gorgeous Gal and Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, a brilliant New Year and are coming back to work feeling well rested and rejuvenated.

I returned back to work on Monday.

Been a busy few days but today I have a few available appointments.


12.30 pm- 3pm

Whether you need a massage facial waxing or anything in between.

If you heading back to work on Monday what amazing way to start the working year.

Text Me or Call 0274718638

Much Love Kylie # # #


I just want to take this opportunity to thank all my beautiful clients for all your support this year. It been a tough one for everyone in many different ways. I hope 2023 brings you abundance of happiness, love and and pure joy.

As of tomorrow at 12pm I will be finished for Christmas I do have a couple of Appointments on the 30th and the 3rd January 2023. Back on the 9th January 2023

Thanks again see you all on the flip side Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Much Love Kylie # # # ❀️


A mom will text her twenty-year-old child, letting him know it's going to rain and not to forget an umbrella.

She calls to see how the first day of school separation went for her grandkids and if her daughter made it to the car before tears streamed down her face.

She watches her daughter's baby, so she can shower and take care of her postpartum body.

She texts her forty-year-old son, making sure he’s home safe from a wedding because knowing that is still the only way she can sleep well.

She buys her thirty-four-year-old daughter Wetzel’s Pretzels when she goes to the mall because she knows how much her daughter loves them.

And no, she no longer needs to do these things,
but she does them anyway.

Because a mother always wants to make life easier for her kids when she can
even when they’re capable, responsible humans and can do all the things for themselves.

And she always wants to know they’re safe.

Because mothering doesn’t stop when her kids turn eighteen, move far away, or have their own kids.

It just changes.

πŸ“Έ: Joolsannie Art
My Children’s Book π˜π˜΅β€™π˜΄ π˜–π˜¬π˜’π˜Ί 𝘡𝘰 π˜•π˜°π˜΅ 𝘣𝘦 π˜–π˜¬π˜’π˜Ί: 𝘈π˜₯𝘢𝘭𝘡𝘴 𝘎𝘦𝘡 π˜‰π˜ͺ𝘨 𝘍𝘦𝘦𝘭π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨𝘴 π˜›π˜°π˜° is out everywhere: https://amzn.to/317TvVc


This is a very good reminder.
When your stressing about money for Christmas or what to buy someone.

The greatest gift you can give someone is πŸ’• LOVE πŸ’•

Much Love Kylie # # # ❀️


Be in very Quick I have 11am till 3pm tomorrow available!!!

Only 2 ish spots left until 2023!!!


Very Last minute appointments available tomorrow!!!

* 9am - 11am
* 4.30pm

First in first served.

Much Love Kylie # # # ❀️


Well 10 Days to go till the big day.

The Oh Yeah has been a huge success so far still some available for your Christmas Stocking or Secret Santa gifts. Clients can't believe how nourishing it is. The Purple has almost sold out. Most popular by far.

EmerginC has been highly successful this year and I am so grateful that I have taken it on again. All the support from my Educator and the team behind her has been totally amazing. Clients are so pleased with the changes in their skin. I am buying it in several times a month to keep up with the demand.

Still very busy with Massage and Facials. Waxing and Eye maintenance appointments are growing all the time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my clients for your support this year. I look forward to all your appointments as I see you all as new friends rather than clients. I love the fact that it feels like a community
friends building up friends. I think 2022 has been a tough year for everyone in some way or another. Somehow almost tougher than 2020/2021. It's a new way of life we are living I think we are learning to be adaptable, finding new ways to do business, they way we work for and with other people.

Roll on 2023 and look forward to the exciting changes this year brings.

Merry Christmas Beautiful People

Much Love Kylie # # # ❀️


Hey Guys,

I have a few last minute appointments available due to Covid attacking some of my beautiful clients.

Tomorrow Tues 13th I have:
3pm to 4.30pm

Thurs 15th Dec
10am till 1.30pm

First in first served.

Much Love Kylie # # #


I must remember this!

Don't be a Grinch! Don't be a Grinch!
Don't be a Grinch!

Much Love Kylie # # #


Shop now


Hey Guys,

Couple of appointments next week!

Check your Calendar and see if we can make this work πŸ™‚

Monday: 8.30am - 9.30am, 2.30pm to 4pm

Tuesday: 1pm - 3pm

Wednesday - Friday Fully Booked

At this stage the following week I still have a few appointments available.

Monday: 12th Dec 9am till 11am
Tuesday: 13th Dec 2.30pm till 4.30pm
Wednesday: 14th Dec Fully Booked
Thursday: 15th Dec 9am till 2pm 4pm till 5pm

Friday 9am till 11.30am

Last Day will be 22nd December 2022.

Between the break I have the afternoon on the 29th Dec and the afternoon on the 3rd Jan 2022.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Much love Kylie # # #


Oh No!!!

DECEMBER! Already.

I can not believe it.
Few Appointments left. EmerginC Stock arriving next week.

Check out the Oh Yeah Tinted Lip Balm. Summer essential SPF 30.
Perfect Stocking Filler or Secret Santa gift.

Much Love Kylie # # #


Hey Guys I have had a spot come available at 6.30pm tonight.

Much Love Kylie # # #



It's arrived the greatest Lip Balm this Summer!

* SPF 30
* Happiness ComplexπŸ’₯
* Fully Natural Patented Formula
* 12 hour Moisturising Complex
*All Natural Active Ingredients
* Hypoallergenic
* No Animal Ingredients
* Cruelty Free
* Fully Recyclable

5 Different Shades,β™₯️

* Silver which clear
* Melon
* Red
* Pink

Perfect for these very hot days but essential for everyday use.


Come check them out!!!
Excellent stocking filler!!!

They won't last long!

Much love Kylie # # #


Kate Winslet! You Rock!

This Woman has been ridiculed in the magazines over the years about her size and her appearance. She is an inspiration to everyone please watch she is totally authentic!

Much Love Kylie # # #

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