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Thanks Kylie for my facial last night it was super relaxing and my skin is lovely and soft. 😆🤣😍
Had the most amazing massage from Kylie on Tuesday. Had massages before but this has to be the best massage ever. Muscles feel heaps better and I don't feel so sore when walking upstairs. My knees are bending way further when doing Yoga. Thanks Kylie.
Need to book for another massage soon
Check out Shayna
With December only one day away. Try not to let the Christmas Rush change who you really are. My Girls get so excited about the build up to Christmas. The decorations the baking the gift buying the Christmas music Decorating the tree. They love the fun and atmosphere. Well yesterday they called me a Grinch because I wasnt keen to browse the shops for Christmas Decorations. I remember how much fun Christmas was and the only bad part was Christmas Eve night when you were so excited you couldn't sleep.
Bit of a reality check.

Much love Kylie ###
Isn't this so lovely.

I often sit and have lunch in a Cafe or a Coffee by myself and reflect. I use to think Id never do that as it was weird people might think I have no friends.😂 I've moved on from that as you do as you grow as a person. I think this is totally delightful.

Much love Kyliex
Hi Kylie
I love my eye brows and lashes. They make my eyes stand out more 😀
Thanks sooo much xx
Thanks so much for my prize pack Kylie! I have already been using these products for a month and I love them so I'm stoked to have some more to try! 😄
My mum celebrated turning 70 today by heading to Zen Room. Kylie just made her day by pampering her this morning. Thanks Kylie!


If its a break from the hustle ZEN ROOM - Kylie Bary REVIVE REBALANCE REJUVENATE RELAX... BREATHE

If its a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy life you need.

Pure Delish x

Operating as usual

Photos from Zen Room's post 24/08/2022

I have an appointment available tomorrow at 2.30pm for an hour. Massage or Facial or space for some waxing or an Eye Trio.

Friday I have two appointments available at 1pm or 2.30pm.

All Facial products are EmerginC the best skincare I have ever used.

Massage oil is Waireka Road Lavender Oil or Thieves Oil.

Much love Kylie###


We may stumble we may fall but it is truly the getting up that matters.

Life is tough at times and these last few years have been a challenge but with challenge comes growth.

Sometimes reaching out, sometimes staying silent and sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other is all we need and a times all we can do.

I'm a fixer! Not in the sense if my car is broken I can fix it. But if a situation needs fixing or someone needs helping or encouragement I'm your girl. The Challenge is when it's something I have no control over, I can't fix it I can't make it better. What I am learning is that I can only fix me, I only have control over me. I can be a shoulder or a listening ear. I can offer support or point in the right direction to the right people to support. I'm one to step out of my comfort zone to fix something. It feels awkward and unnatural but sometimes someone has to step up. But what I'm starting to realise is that I'm actually not responsible for everything either. I also need to realise that I need to stay in my own lane and I don't have to fix everything because things that are out of my control can't be fixed by me.
This is a challenge...

Much love Kylie###


How often do we compare ourselves to others?

How often do you hear yourself when someone complements you. Oh but what about this?

No one is perfect, nothing is perfect. So why are we so very hard on ourselves?

Me included.

Trying to lift up to perfect is impossible and causes such huge misery.

Love who you are ❤️

Much love Kylie###

Bob Marley was once asked if there was a perfect woman.

And he replied

Who cares about perfection?

- Even the moon is not perfect, it is full of craters.

What about the sea? very beautiful, but very salty and dark in the depths.

And what about heaven? Always so infinite, that is, the most beautiful things are not perfect, they are special and every woman, every man and every human being chooses who is special in his life.

Stop trying to be "perfect." Better try to be free and live doing what you like, without trying to please others. ♥️


Hey guys, hope everyone is managing this chilly weather we are finally receiving.

I'm just sitting having a Coffee contemplating the weekend.
I can think of anything exciting that's happening other than continual load of Washing.

Hopefully everyone else has something more exciting going on.

Let me live through you. What are you guys upto
Much love Kylie###


Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's today.
Today is truly a special day a day to celebrate how special Mum's are.
Because I know there is not a thing I wouldn't do to help, protect or makes things better for my children and I know for a fact my Mum is the same. Love you loads Mum ❤️

Much love Kylie###

Photos from Zen Room's post 05/05/2022

Believe it or not we are heading into Winter, although it really doesn't feel like it yet.

That's why I have a bit of a promotion going. I have been having great success with peels and what a perfect time to have a few sessions before winter really kicks in.

A Chemical peel is an enzymatic exfoliation. So instead of the product having gritty ingredients in it to remove dead skin cells it has enzymes that eat away at the dead skins cells leaving you skin feeling smooth and soft. Resurfacing your skin. This process can help with fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, uneven skin tone and mask wearers acne/ blemishes.

So these facial peels are $120 we book 4, 3 weeks apart and on you fourth treatment you get a $20 voucher to use towards EmerginC products.

Book today and learn to love the skin your in.

Much love Kylie###


Well I hope everyone is having a fabulous break and managing to have some well deserved down time.

Much love Kylie###


So I have this new heart on my little wall of love. It was beautifully painted by a family friend in Scotland of our precious Shelby that passed 3 years ago in September. I so love it.

Which also brings me to another thing I have been trying to do for myself.

Self-care !
It's not a luxury it is a total must!

What I am realising is that I spend a lot of time taking care of others which I totally love and it makes me feel good.

Especially when I found myself in Isolation for the 3rd time without having Covid myself (Thank god). Isolation leaves me without purpose. Sure there is a lot I could do in isolation, it all seems to be stuff I need help with to complete or I actually need someone to do it for me.(Husband) But when running 2 businesses and enduring Covid Isolations sometimes we don't have the energy to keep going. There is only so much washing and cleaning you can endure.

For me a facial or a massage sounds pure bliss the ultimate form of self-care. It puts me in touch with myself and brings total relaxation. Almost like a form of meditation or a yoga session. Which I also see as self-care for me.

Self-care is something that brings you pure joy and relaxation. For my husband it's fishing! I totally don't relate to his form of relaxation. But it is what we as individuals see as relaxing. My husband is seen as so laid back, so laid back he almost falls over backwards. I can't help but wonder if it's because he allows himself to take breaks doing what he loves.

I know this is not perfect but I took the time today to put on my massage playlist music and did a facial on myself. For 20 minutes while my masks was on I just let go and relaxed eyes closed on my treatment table electric blanket on blankets pulled up heat pump on.

I am still feeling that calm inner peace. Which has caused me to achieve some choirs around the house without them feeling so overwhelming. I need to stop putting obstacles in my way and start booking appointments of self-care for myself.

Life is to short to just continue on the mouse wheel. I need this and I'm pretty sure that there is a lot of other people feeling the same especially at the moment.

Much Love Kylie ###


Sorry Guys our household is in Isolation. Till the 17th March. My daughter has tested positive this morning.

I have rescheduled most appts. Just waiting to hear back from a few people.
If you want to reschedule or I haven't contacted you and your within that time frame please feel free to contact me.

Thanks so much for understanding. 🤞 I'll be able to come back on the 17th as long as no one else in our home gets it.

Much love Kylie###

Photos from Zen Room's post 08/03/2022

It's International Womans Day!

No matter whether your young or more mature. Friends are a huge part of anyone's life.

In these stressful times I think it has truly bought out how important friends can be. I truly have felt supported by clients,friends and family. I feel like I have supported these people also.

I feel truly blessed to have all these people in my life and I so love being apart of theirs.

I try to remember to be kind because you never know what other people are going through. We don't know everyone's story.

So if we can just make one person's day at least, maybe in these uncertain times it helps others move through their stressful situations.

I know I truly wouldn't be without my friends.

Much love Kylie###


Couldn't say it better myself.

Much love Kylie###


This is so true. Sometimes this comes with living our best life. I believe in the tough times we learn and grow. As hard as these times are, no matter how bad the tough times are they aren't forever. It may seem like it, while your going through it,but there is always an ending. I also believe that your not given stuff you can't handle. We are given this awful stuff to build character, strength and resilience. Life is not always fun. Think about a tough time you've had remember how free, light and happy when you realise the gift of working you way through it.

We all go through crappy times and none of us will escape without enduring some kind of pain, knock down or hardship.

Some people who have had the worst of what life can thrown at them, have come out stronger and more resilient than even they can believe.

Like that saying goes When life gives you lemons make lemonade.

Remember sometimes the best gifts are wrapped in sandpaper. Look for the silver lining.

Something to think about.

Much love Kylie###


Some people seem to look like they have it all together. I really don't like that saying. The truth is no body does.
We are all learning, we are all in different stages in our lives and we all want something different. Sometimes it looks like people have their lives sorted because they do things we can't do, or seem to be able to do anything they set their mind too. They may make it look easy but this is because they have had their learning phase and and worked through and achieved the end goal. If their is something you inspire to be. Remember nothing comes easy to anyone. If it's something you want Believe you can do it and work through the learning stage and it will happen for you too.

Much love Kylie###


This is truly a very hard post to post. Like all of you I feel well and truly over the last few years. Covid has been a kick in the guts for everyone. It breaks my heart the division that has come between so many people for and against the Vaccine. It is so controversial and I struggle having conversations about it. With other vaccines it's either get it or don't your choice life goes on. This is entirely different. Due to the nature of my business, our family business and that I based from home I have made the decision to go with the mandate Traffic Light System. Please understand that I would rather things go back to how they they were pre Covid because even getting myself sorted to go this way is a pain. But that's just not going to happen.

So as of Thursday 3rd December 2021 Zenroom will be moving to the Mandate Traffic Light System. I personally have no judgement on whether your choosing vaccination or not. It is entirely a business decision.

Much love Kylie###

Photos from Zen Room's post 25/11/2021

8 Long months since I stepped into a hairdressers. I forgot how intolerant I am at just sitting. I will love the finished product but I so am an active relaxer. What are you active relaxer or lying on the beach with a book?

Much love Kylie###


Completely sold out of my tinted sunscreen yesterday. 😃 Thanks so much for your support. I have 3 untinted sunscreen available and I will be reordering the first week of December. If there is anything else you may need before Christmas let me know before then.

Much love Kylie###


Don't spend your Summer in the Shade like Esmae.

EmerginC SPF 30 in tinted or non tinted. I use it everyday. I love the consistency. It's definitely not heavy.

The tinted I use as my foundation. It's light coverage and light feeling on my skin.

I have only a few left until I order again next week hoping that supplier has it in stock. It is one of my best sellers.


Much love Kylie###


At this time of year especially. Remember to take care of you. Just because there is a lot to do and we put so much pressure on ourselves to complete everything before the big day. The perfect presents, the tidiest home the perfect tree. End of school functions, end of work functions.

We can't do everything. Give ourselves a break the world is not going to if everything is not complete.

Much love Kylie###

Photos from Zen Room's post 18/11/2021

Just arrived in stock from Eye of Horus.
It is being shipped direct from Australia now.

I have 5 gift packs available photos to come. Bio lash lift Mascara and Goddesses Eyeliner and a Lippy valued at $120 Xmas Pack price $100. While stocks last.

Much love Kylie###


They say a tidy space can really can your mindset. I truly believe this.

A friend has been dealing with the weeds in my gardens. She just comes when she is able. She always does more than I thinks needs doing and does an amazing job. She give me advice on what I could do to make my garden thrive. Mainly a bit of water would help.
Just seeing the tidy space makes me feel happy.

Thanks Joyce you really are a Superstar.

Much love Kylie###


Check out this little Beauty.

It was near death. My gorgeous client saved it from the brink.
I had strict instructions on watering and so far I have managed to keep it alive.
I told her about another sorry case that is living in my house. She would.like to rescue that too.
Deb your amazing thank you. I so stocked how good she looks.

Much love Kylie###

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