Lisbon Stretching Meditation

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New location
in the heart of Lisbon ✨

Thursday 27 July at 19.00
Be sure to bring a mat.

Stretching practice for body and soul, forgetting about everything that awaits you outside the mat. 60 minutes for your soul, body and a beautiful relaxed state.
Details in stories✨


MAY and JUNE 2023

First trial outdoor PARQUE DAS NACOES 5 euro
Next subscription 60 euro 5 classes
*! And your own mat for the classes🦭

Next subscription 75 euro 5 classes
You don’t need your own mat.
Mats, water, pillows are waiting for your at studio 😁

Offer is available till the 29d of June 🌟

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New chapter. Ananda stretching

I have been working towards this project and this chapter of my life for a very long time. I went through difficult paths, in search of myself. She lived a lot of beauty and the same amount of pain from mistakes.
Would I like a life without mistakes? No.
Would I wish my signature stretching method had enlightened me 10 years ago? Also no.

I went through a fascinating thorny path to create myself, and for all 30 years I have been collecting experience in order to one day wake up with an insight that I am ready! And exactly in December 2022, I gave birth to my Ananda Stretching project.

This is a kind of unique stretching class that allows you to establish contact with the body, teaches you to release blocks in the body, stretch the body with relaxation, and not with the help of force.
Without competition, at your own pace, with love and acceptance of your dark side and light side. We are all dual. It took me 30 years to understand this. That perfection is not equal to happiness, and certainly not equal to peace.

Now in my classes I share all my experience, wisdom and knowledge not only in the physical part, but also in terms of mental development. From the age of 5 to 18, I was professionally engaged in rhythmic gymnastics. And I know everything about stretching and splits. I am a master of sports.

But from the age of 29, I plunged headlong into a total crisis and depression. And she could not understand how to continue to live, because the pleasure of closing material needs completely lost all meaning. And it was at this moment that I plunged into spirituality. I started doing spiritual stretching. I came to my spirituality through a severe crisis. I began to work through and unearthed in myself the stereotypes imposed by society, according to which I was going to live, the grievances that I have been carrying for decades, and a lot of things that are in each of us.
And I embarked on the path of spirituality. Your spirituality. Imperfect. And the one that responds to me.
And I understand that this path of spirituality is lifelong!


ANANDA STRETCHING class in english
Next Thursday 18 MAY 18:30✨ at

Ananda stretching - is a new way to get your body in shape and work on your anxieties through powerful exercises to warm up and stretch the body.
After this, you'll go into a soft meditation and get ready for a productive day in a relaxed body.

Next Thursday
18 May

Price for first trial class 10 euro
Next subscription 5 classes 75 euro

Can’t wait 😍


How often do you try to impress people around you? And why?


Book slots for your body and mind ❤️‍🔥 to get away from the daily routine.

See you on the mats 🦭


Have you ever wondered why we do something not because of Great DESIRE and LOVE for ourselves, our body, our thoughts, but because we have to do it. We are always ashamed of the extra pounds and go to the gym, sit on a diet to throw off the pounds.
Instead of understanding and accepting your depth and recognizing the reasons. And choose any direction of sports that really charges you!
AND to create the best version of yourself not because you have to do it, but because you really love yourself and YOU accept all the bad in yourself and get on the path of truth 🧜🏽‍♀️


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Grace, flex, strength - all in one class☺️
My one of a kind stretching class was made for your body, soul and mind.
WE charge the body with powerful energy, followed by soft stretching and finish with relaxation meditation.

ONLY 60 MIN A DAY FOR YOUR BODY AND SOUL to get away from the daily hustle of life.

See you soon on the mats 🦭💗

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram 08/01/2023

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon shared a post on Instagram. Follow their account to see 328 posts.

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram: "Work in studio / center Lisbon. To join - write me a message💫" 05/01/2023

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram: "Work in studio / center Lisbon. To join - write me a message💫" Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon shared a post on Instagram: "Work in studio / center Lisbon. To join - write me a message💫". Follow their account to see 324 posts.

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram: "В этом году я разрешаю себе быть не идеальной. Быть текучей, как вода, быть штормом, быть штилем и просто кайфо 04/01/2023

Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon on Instagram: "В этом году я разрешаю себе быть не идеальной. Быть текучей, как вода, быть штормом, быть штилем и просто кайфо Lidiia Stretching Meditation Lisbon shared a post on Instagram: "В этом году я разрешаю себе быть не идеальной. Быть текучей, как вода, быть штормом, быть штилем и просто кайфовать от себя и любог...


Happy New Year everyone!

My name is Lidiia and step by step I will introduce myself and the programme of stretching and meditation launched by me. Let’s keep in touch. Follow my thoughts here on this page💫 and join offline classes in Lisbon.

Всех с Новым годом!

Меня зовут Лидия. Здесь буду рассказывать о себе, делиться своими мыслями о жизни, также расскажу о нескучных занятиях по растяжке и медитации. Будем на связи. Следите за моими мыслями здесь на этой странице💫 и присоединяйтесь к офлайн-занятиям в Лиссабоне.

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