Focus Sports Massage Therapy

Sports massage for active people to enhance sports recovery, performance and overall wellbeing.

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How often should you have a massage? 🙌

This is a frequently-asked question, so we thought it might be useful to have all the answers here!

Feel free to save this post for general reference.

And if you want a personalised plan or opinion, a professional massage therapist should be able to give you a plan for your specific situation as well as for optimum muscle health. 💪


Focus Sports Massage is on the road in November! Teaching, learning, evolving and getting fresh inspiration. Re-opening in Porto on 1st December. Thank you for visiting. :-)


It's been a busy season and I'm so grateful to have this little sanctuary. 🌿

In New Zealand, I used to travel with athletes or set up my equipment at sports events. I mainly served rugby and soccer players, runners, cyclists, triathletes and gym-goers.

Here in Portugal, I'm grateful to have a handful regulars who are runners, cyclists, surfers, yogis and office workers, as well as occasional customers and travellers just passing through.

Massage and mobility work are excellent tools to keep bodies feeling young, healthy, flexible and functional. 🤸‍♀️

The most important thing I can tell you is – don't wait until something goes wrong!

🙌 Massage is for general wellbeing, like sunshine, fresh air and having a good night's sleep.

When we feel good on the inside, we perform better on the outside too – in social interactions, at work and at play! 🌞


Helloooo! 👋

With a huge THANK YOU to everyone who trusted me to soothe their sore, tight muscles, release knots, melt away muscular pain, or improve joint mobility and sports performance last year and the year before...

I'm now back in the studio, refreshed and ready with some brand new techniques to help you feel even more amazing, physically and emotionally. 🧘‍♀️🌴🙌

If you're feeling called to treat yourself to a relaxing hour or to finally release that neck and back pain that has been bothering you for a while, get in touch and I'll send you the booking link. 📧

Wishing you healthy, happy, high-performing muscles! 💪🏋‍♀️🌟

Melissa xx


Excellent feedback from another happy running enthusiast! Gilmar decided to try massage therapy for the first time with Focus. A few days later, he wrote, "I never thought a sports massage could dissipate the effects of a half marathon so quickly. The next day, I was ready for another run! I recommend this without a doubt."

Send us a message to book your session and see for yourself how a sports massage could boost your sports performance and recovery!


A great review from long-distance mountain runner Bruno, who came out of his treatment feeling 10 years younger!

Focus Sports Massage Therapy

Welcome to Focus Sports Massage Therapy! Sports massage sessions designed to help you enhance your sports and fitness performance, accelerate your post-training recovery and improve your movement and mobility.

I’m Melissa, a therapeutic sports massage therapist trained in New Zealand and now based in downtown Porto, Portugal.

Depending on our assessment of what your body needs, therapy sessions may include:

  • Deep tissue massage
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