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Vabljene ženske na poseben dogodek!
Tudi pri HEART connections smo se odločili, da sodelujemo v projektu z našim darilom.


If you ask a doctor if it's possible to feel our heart muscle directly, he/she will probably reply to you that that's not an available option.

On the other hand, almost all people report such sensations. And the spectrum of different types of heartfelt experiences can vary so much.

We use limited symbolism to express heart matters... but somehow we all know what type of sensations they represent... at least we suppose...

On the other hand, we are so much restricted. We don't have a real heart vocabulary, as nobody really took time to connect verbal representations to different heartfelt sensations...

And so, many problems may arise because of possible misinterpretation of sensations, the inability to experience certain types of heart-based sensations, etc...

If you ask people for their most significant life occurrences, they all talk about experiences with deep heart connected moments. And so, it's obvious that we have to pay more attention to them, to learn more about the way our hearts can be felt, and to develop more accurate heart vocabularies, to consciously live more in touch with our hearts & hearts of the others.


It has always been so...


The Power of the Heart


Heartbeat session with Heartlight & Light mask


Once the heart is felt, the complex mind doesn't need to mind its own business anymore and you become connected. Heartfulness all along with its meaningful felt presence is our choice, every single morning, every single moment. Being conscious of our own heart, before we dress up, before we start our day with awareness in our heart, with heart consciousness.

The heart is simple, you feel it beating or not. If you don't... you really better stop and re-connect yourself, so that your mind would not cover your world with boring copies of lifeless past projections that will make you incapable to feel & see clearly what is going on in the present.

We live in a culture where bad habits are not necessarily recognized as such. Living 'exclusively' out of our heads is making permanently disabled people... and no one really seems to care until is pathologically obvious... And so, we have to change those patterns from the inside out. One by one. Because of us...


Heart connections naprave za povezovanje s srcem so uporabne na zelo različne načine. Posebej so učinkovite kot yoga pripomoček, saj slišen utrip srca meditanta služi tudi kot osebno prilagojena mantra, ki ne le odteguje pozornost iz uma, temveč obenem tudi središči človeka.

Naprave se lahko uporabljajo z utripajočimi maskami, lučmi ali brez, glede na specifične potrebe.


✨Vsak dan zjutraj, preden odpreš oči, položi roko na področje srca. Dihaj in poskušaj zaznati bitje srca. Prvi pozdrav naj bo tvojemu srcu in tebi.
✨Preden zaspiš spet položi roko na področje srca. Dihaj in se poveži z bitjem svojega srca. Naj bo to zadnja misel preden zaspiš.
✨Izrazi HVALEŽNOST, da je bilo tvoje srce še en dan s tabo. In da si lahko bil povezan tudi z drugimi srci.


Utrinki iz Sensa vikenda 'V Srcu' - Eco Hotel Bohinj


What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose , for all that we love deeply becomes a part of us ..

~ Helen Keller ~

Artist Credit : Shawna Erback

Photos from HEART connections's post 31/08/2022

Photos from HEART connections's post

Photos from HEART connections's post 24/08/2022

V Sensi so me povabili, da jim pripravim dva in pol dnevni program za povezovanje s svojim srcem in s srci drugih. Srčno in poučno bo. Pridružite se nam od petka 16.9. popoldan do nedelje 18.9.❤️!

Photos from HEART connections's post 18/07/2022

Our new certified facilitator for Heartbeat sessions in Maribor! ❤️ And a 'Heart connect' point as well.
Congratulations, Vesna🙏


The Power of the Heart

Photos from HEART connections's post 17/07/2022

Certified facilitators in Ribnica

Timeline photos 13/07/2022

Timeline photos



A Heart 2 Heart session is a mutual audio-visual experience between you and another person’s heartbeat. It’s a unique non-verbal experience connecting people with each other at the deepest possible level – literally heart to heart. Sitting face to face and gazing into each other’s eyes while listening to each other’s heartbeat and seeing it flash through the partner’s chest medallion, a Heart 2 Heart session enables the perception of a person beyond expectation.

Check out HEART 2 HEART session benefits: https://heartconnections.eu/?page_id=515


Zakaj je pomembno čutiti svoje srce?

Osnove srčne ozaveščenosti:
Zakaj je pomembno čutiti svoje srce?


Sarah Garfinkel (Professor of Clinical and Affective Neuroscience - Brighton and Sussex Medical School)

There's a new area of scientific study that has uncovered a skill that could be considered our sixth sense. It's called interoception and it's the ability to monitor your own internal organs. For instance, how interoceptive you are can be measured by your ability to accurately count your heart beat, by just tuning into it.

So it's a skill, or talent, that involves being quite in tune with one's body. And this ability is associated with some interesting and useful traits. Those who are highly interoceptive are also highly intuitive and aware of their "gut" feelings. They also apparently have a better memory for emotional information and are more emotional overall. Awareness of one's emotional and physiological state may also reward people with an ability to control it.


Heart connect točke so vam v Sloveniji trenutno na voljo v Novi Gorici, na Ptuju, v Mariboru in v Ribnici, kjer se lahko s pomočjo srčne tehnologije hitro povežete s svojim srcem.

Prve naprave so odplule tudi že v tujino, na Nizozemsko in v Kanado. Kmalu pa bodo prisotne tudi drugod po svetu.

Sicer pa si lahko več preberete o inovativnem slovenskem načinu povezovanja s srcem v avgustovski Sensi. Septembra bomo gostovali v Zagrebu, v oddaji Na rubu znanosti. Čez nekaj dni pa vam bo na voljo tudi naš nov predstavitveni video o tej novo razvijajoči se tehnologiji, za katero verjamem, da ima zelo svetlo prihodnost v naši bodoči družbi.

Želite pripeljati Heart connect točko tudi v vaš kraj?
Poveži se z nami: [email protected]

Follow the sign ❤️

Photos from HEART connections's post 21/05/2022

Heart connecting technology for wellness centers


"To be a good scientist, you have to use your heart because that's where the information comes from first" Nassim Haramein


In 1991, the pioneering work of J. Andrew Armour, M.D., Ph.D., showed that the heart has a mind of its own. With 40,000 neurons, the heart’s nervous system functions independent of the brain. The technical term for this system is the intrinsic cardiac nervous system, aka the “heart-brain.” This monumental discovery led to a new field of science called neurocardiology. When the heart moves into coherence, it acts as an amplifier, sending coherent information through its afferent nervous pathways to the thalamus, which synchronizes the neocortex & the brain’s survival centers. ⁣

The heart & the brain are connected by efferent (descending) & afferent (ascending) pathways; yet, 90% of the connecting nerve fibers ascend from the heart to the brain. Armour found that these afferent neural pathways continuously send signals that interact with & modify activity in the brain’s higher cognitive & emotional centers. These signals from the heart to the brain connect via the vagus nerve & go to the thalamus (synchronizes cortical activity: thinking, sensing, & knowing language), then to the frontal lobes (motor functions & problem solving), & on to the brain’s survival center, the amygdala (emotional memory) whose core cells synchronize to the heart’s beating. So, if your heart center is open, your brain’s survival centers are in check, making you less likely to react to stressors. The less open your heart center, the more likely you will live in survival mode. ⁣

The discovery of afferent neural pathways from the heart to the brain proves that the heart, without receiving any information from the brain, processes emotions, responds directly to the situation, & regulates its rhythms. That’s because the heart & the ANS always work together. The nerves aiding this connection allow the heart to sense, recall, self-regulate, & decide about cardiac control independent of the nervous system. Simply put, emotions originating in the heart play an important role in the way we think, process information, feel, & relate to the world. Once the ❤️ center is activated, it acts as an amplifier to jump-start the brain, enhance its activity, & create balance & coherence through the body.


LOVE: Vibration

In its essence,
Love is a Frequency, a Vibration,
it has an invisible component of Hertz (or cycles per second)
Even a "Thought" is a vibration,
so too is the palpitation of your Heart when you see someone you Love,
it has a mathematical underpinning
and a rich tapestry of numerical and toroidal symmetries.
Our Field is a Torus which literally means a Ring.
When we hug another, the information in our joined Field is shared, and without words, we communicate between these rings via touch, sound and smell but on a higher level, we are mystically conversing via the amperage and volts of the intuitive Higher Heart.
Jain 108

Image: Kovacevicmiro


"I have estimated the influence of Reason upon Love and found that it is like that of a raindrop upon the ocean, which makes one little mark upon the water's face and disappears." ~Hafiz


Western society is driven by the linear logic of the mind. What are you trusting the most? What is the main trigger for your decisions? Choose the emoticon --->

👍 Linear mind-logic
😲 Parallel mind-logic (synchronicities, deja vu, etc)
😀 Felt vibrations
❤️ Felt connection with your heart
🥲 Else... explain


The Fascinating Relationship Between the Heart and Brain




Who dwell in the heart cave has no limit. Who dwells in the heart cave is beyond time, beyond space.

Each time you experience yourself as something or somebody, just notice that it's another thought or sensation drifting across the walls of the cave, and return to the spacious, formless, timeless essence.

- Ram Dass

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Heartbeat session with Heartlight & Light mask
Utrinki iz Sensa vikenda 'V Srcu' - Eco Hotel Bohinj
Zakaj je pomembno čutiti svoje srce?
Sarah Garfinkel (Professor of Clinical and Affective Neuroscience - Brighton and Sussex Medical School)There's a new are...
HEART 2 HEART is an innovative device for connection with your own heart. A unique tool that helps us feel our beating h...
Expanding our programs & implementing heart-based technology in a variety of fields
To BE, the BEat, the BEing, the golden nectar of our Heart
HEARTheBEAT connecting device
Heart 2 Heart connecting device




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