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Modern CosmEthics is an association of cosmetology professionals that builds and promotes the culture of natural, ethical and cosmetically active products.


🌿CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Trojruža by Mylo🌿

's Trojruža is shea butter cream with the out-of-this-world fragrance of 🌹 rose, rosewood, and sweet orange 🍊

Shea butter is made by traditional manual pressing and is not refined, which means that it contains an exceptionally high proportion (14–17%) of beneficial bio-active components. Thanks to a high concentration of natural vitamins (A, E, and F) and plant sterols, shea butter has excellent nutritive and hydrating effects on the skin. ✨

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The skin’s microbiome and microbiota are currently two very popular words used on product labels. Do you know the difference between them?👩‍🏫

The microbiome is the complete 🧬genetic content🧬 of all microorganisms living in a particular environment, while microbiota refers to the complete 🦠community of microorganisms🦠 living in an environment, such as the skin on the face, underarms, eyelids and other parts of the body.

There's up to 1 billion microorganisms per 1 cm2, that mantain skin's immunity. Studies have shown that young adults have a more diverse microbiome than the elderly or adolescents. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ The physiological and biochemical differences between males and females also influence the microbiome; the differences in hormone levels, facial and body hair, sebum, skin thickness, skin tone and healing properties. Species identified that prevent pathogenic growth and stabilise the microbiota include: Propionibacteriaceae acnes, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus capitis (S. capitis).

Scientists are intensively researching this area and are consistent in one fact: the pH🧪 of a cosmetic product is extremely important. This is also the reason that we included the pH testing of final products as one of the CosmEthically ACTIVE criteria.

Read more about skin microbiome care at Cosmetics&Toiletries: Microbiome Focus: Challenges, Approaches and Future Directions [link in bio]🔗.


🌟 Establishing a new cosmetic brand can seem almost impossible in this highly competitive and saturated market. 💄💼

Join us in our interviews with CosmEthically ACTIVE certified brands! 💡
You will find enormous inspiration and a lot of valuable tips and tricks for creating a new skincare business or expanding an already existing one. 💡✨

The next interview is coming soon! Make sure to watch out!

🎬 We kindly invite you to watch our previous interviews posted on YouTube on our channel: Modern CosmEthics. 📺


🌿CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: SAFFRON by Pelia Organic 🌿

's Saffron is the ultimate natural mask that has it all: three moisturizers for intensive hydration, three acids for a radiant glow, and saffron extract for an anti-age and plump effect. 💧✨

Dermatologically tested and suitable for sensitive skin. 🌟

This moisturizing glow mask, powered by AHA, BHA, and PHA, moisturizes and brightens the skin with anti-age properties. 🌸

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🌟 Quality Control in Commercial Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Products 🌟

Cosmetic products are rarely tested for their quality, and those tests that exist show terrifying results in terms of active compound content. This is why we are applauding the research by Žane Temova Rakuša and Robert Roškar. 👏

Their study, which tested 73 anti-ageing facial cosmetic products for vitamin A, vitamin E, and coenzyme Q10, revealed alarming inconsistencies in product labelling. 🧴 Specifically, 31 of these products had at least one labelling error, and a staggering 42% showed discrepancies for all three tested compounds.

Most notably, the vitamin A content in some products exceeded the maximum concentration recommended by the Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety (SCCS). 💊

This, along with the significant differences between the actual and labeled amounts of vitamin A, highlights a serious issue within the industry. 💡

The results of this study emphasize the urgent need for more stringent regulation and quality control measures to ensure the safety and accuracy of cosmetic products. 🔍

Source: Temova Rakuša Ž, Roškar R. Quality Control of Vitamins A and E and Coenzyme Q10 in Commercial Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Products. Cosmetics. 2021; 8(3):61.
Read more here: #

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What is our ULTIMATE GOAL?🎯 To start a new era of cosmetics that prioritizes the skin's natural needs. 🌱 We advocate for products made with ecologically friendly ingredients, that are proven to be effective and used in safe amounts. ✅ Our goal is for the CosmEthically Active Certificate to become a symbol of high-quality, natural, and sustainable cosmetics worldwide. We believe this is crucial for the long-term health of both consumers and the planet. 🌍 Join us in supporting this movement towards a healthier and more sustainable world. 🌟 We also encourage a shift towards smarter consumption habits, using less but using wisely. 🤔 Remember, what you put on your skin reflects who you are. 💁‍♀️


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! 🌟

Allow us to introduce Ajda Jevšnikar, the other half of our social media team.

Currently pursuing a degree in cosmetic science, and fueled by her love for natural ingredients, she brings her passion to our team's social media efforts, advocating for eco-friendly beauty and spreading awareness about sustainable practices.

To get to know the team better, they answered a few questions.

🌱What is your favorite plant?
My favorite houseplant is a Monstera, but my favorite flower is a gerbera.

👥 Why did you want to become a part of the CosmEthically ACTIVE team?
To expand my knowledge of the cosmetic industry and be a part of something great. To deepen my newfound passion for natural cosmetics.

💄What is your favorite cosmetic ingredient?
Prickly pear or Opuntia ficus-indica extract.

📺 What is your favorite TV series, and which character do you most identify with?
Ugh, that's a tough one. I've always been a bit of a nerd who enjoyed several series while growing up, but my current favorite is "This Is Us." I most identify with Toby.

📚 What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss.

🪣 📝 What is next on your bucket list?
To start small and formulate something great of my own. And to try pottery.

Do you have another question? Leave a comment below! 💬


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Re.start Cleansing Oil by Matinata🌿

's re.start was created to gently and effectively dissolve and remove make-up, SPF, daily pollution and sweat, while improving the skin barrier. 💧

It is formulated as an oil-to-milk cleansing solution containing a blend of 11 thoughtfully selected organic vegetable oils. 🍉🍇

Each oil is chosen for its phytochemistry and expected skin benefits. Watermelon, passionfruit, and grape seed oil have extremely positive skin benefits due to their balanced fatty acids composition. 🍉🌿

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Did you know? Skin is, as the body’s largest organ, our first line of defense against bacteria, ultraviolet rays, pollution, and other toxins. It is often perceived as a static barrier that protects the body from the outside world. 🛡️

One of the most important properties for the normal functioning of the skin is the optimal water content in the stratum corneum, which is the uppermost layer of the skin. 💧

Dry, cracked, and flaky skin can be improved with skin moisturizing cosmetics, which increase the water content in the skin, mimic the role of skin lipids, and restore the normal lipid barrier function. 🌱

In a strict sense, compounds that bind water are called humectants. They bind water from the air when the humidity is at 80%. If it's lower, they bind water from deeper layers of the epidermis. This can result in skin dryness. To improve this, incorporate occlusives into your formulation.

Need ideas on which moisturisers to use?
A few of the most commonly used humectants are glycerol, hyaluronic acid, and propanediol (bio-based). 💫

Would you like our professional advice? Use moisturisers from different chemical groups as this increases the overall effect. But also remember the rule "less is more" and do not exceed the maximum total moisturiser content of about 10%. 💡

What is your favorite moisturizing ingredient? Drop it below! 💧✨🌞

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What do you know about hydrolats? Check the next slide for some busted myths about them! Do you use hydrolats?🌿🧪🌸


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! 🌟

Allow us to introduce Nadja Štradjot, one half of our social media team.

Currently pursuing a degree in cosmetic science, she seamlessly merges her social media expertise with academic pursuits.

To get to know the team better, they answered a few questions.

🌱What is your favorite plant?
Even though I'm allergic to it, I really like the linden tree (Tilia) because it has heart-shaped leaves. ❤️

👥 Why did you want to become a part of the CosmEthically ACTIVE team?
I wanted to delve deep into the world of natural cosmetics and learn from my experienced coworkers.

💄What is your favorite cosmetic ingredient?
Salicylic acid is my all-time favourite.

📺 What is your favorite TV series, and which character do you most identify with?
Gossip Girl! I’d say Miranda from "S*x and the City" is me in another universe, if I studied law.

📚 What is your favorite book?
I don’t have a favourite one currently, but I check SSKJ (Slovenian dictionary) all the time online.

🪣 📝 What is next on your bucket list?
The cool ones: traveling outside of Europe and paragliding.
The not-so-cool ones: renovating and starting adulthood.

Do you have another question? Leave a comment below! 💬


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Floral Toner by Mayarula🌿

's Floral Toner with Aloe Vera refreshes and moisturizes, 🌸💦 and soothes and regenerates the skin. 🌿✨

It is best used when applied after cleansing the skin with Cleansing Milk with Papaya Extract. 🍃🥭


🌿 The global cosmetics market is growing steadily. In terms of both consumers and manufacturers, focus is shifting towards identifying and solving the issues of eco-friendliness and sustainability, without compromising performance.

Natural cosmetics and certification institutions strive to achieve the best possible impacts, with the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate representing a new, science-based, integral approach to the evaluation of natural cosmetics. 💄✨

Read more about challenges in natural cosmetics in the CosmEthically ACTIVE journal.


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! 🌟

Allow us to introduce our support in professional matters and general work activities.

Ana Marolt holds a Bachelor's degree in Cosmetic Science and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Industrial Pharmacy.

To get to know the team better, they answered a few questions.

🌱What is your favorite plant?
Papaver rhoeas, or red poppy.

👥 Why did you want to become a part of the CosmEthically ACTIVE team?
To learn more about natural cosmetics, the development of truly beneficial products, and to help support, promote, and create natural, ethical, and cosmetically active cosmetics.

💄What is your favorite cosmetic ingredient?

📺 What is your favorite TV series, and which character do you most identify with?
My favorite series is Friends, and the character I identify with most is Monica.

📚 What is your favorite book?
The Hobbit.

🪣 📝 What is next on your bucket list?
To travel to South America and Asia.

Do you have any other questions? Leave a comment below! 💬


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Nourishing Face Oil by Avoila🌿

's face oil lends the restorative skincare power of pure Kenyan avocado oil with other skin-nurturing, organic fruit, flower and seed oils. 🌸

It is an easily absorbed, spa-quality face oil that will hydrate, renew and protect your skin, so that you can love your skin and your skincare. 🌊

Photos from CosmEthically Active's post 07/03/2024

Check out this intriguing article entitled "When should sunscreen be applied: The balance between health benefits and adverse consequences for humans and the environment." 🌞🌍

It sheds light on the importance of using sunscreens judiciously to maximize their health benefits while minimizing harm to ourselves and the environment. Lately, we've been advised to use sunscreen daily throughout the year to mitigate the risk of skin cancer and premature aging caused by sun exposure. ☀️💧

While these benefits are undeniable, applying sunscreen during the winter months at latitudes above 45° N, when sunlight is minimal, may not be biologically necessary for maintaining skin health. By refraining from sunscreen use when it's unnecessary, we could reduce annual sunscreen consumption by 25%. However, the widespread use of sunscreens in recreational and daily skin-care products has raised concerns about their impact on aquatic ecosystems. The presence of UV filters in various aquatic environments poses a potential threat to marine organisms. Moreover, excessive use of sunscreen in regions with lower sunlight intensity, especially during winter months at higher latitudes, could contribute to an increase in vitamin D deficiency among the population. 🐠🌊

In essence, the message is clear: use sunscreen, but do so thoughtfully and in moderation. It's crucial to strike a balance between reaping the protective benefits of sunscreen and minimizing its adverse effects on both human health and the environment. 🧴🌿


Although you might find it irresistible, don’t devour the book in one sitting. We want you to dive into the pages and feel the beauty of the depicted plants.

The overwhelming magic of nature may inspire your formulating story. 📚🌿✨

Do you recognise the ingredients on the pages?


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! 🌟

Allow us to introduce the team manager at Modern CosmEthics. In her role, she oversees day-to-day activities and ensures effective work organization within the team.

Meet Katja Schoss, a Ph.D. candidate and teaching assistant with a Master's degree in Industrial Pharmacy and a Bachelor's degree in Cosmetic Science.

To get to know the team better, they answered a few questions.

🌱What is your favorite plant?
Meadowsweet, in the office vanilla.

👥Why did you want to become a part of the CosmEthically ACTIVE team?
To follow cosmetic trends and be part of the most up-to-date advancements in cosmetic science regarding ingredients of natural origin.

💄What is your favorite cosmetic ingredient?

📺What is your favorite TV series, and which character do you most identify with?
My favorite movie is "Mr. Nobody," and I identify most with the character Nemo. My favorite series, hmmm... "Prison Break" or "The Queen's Gambit," probably? My favorite cartoon 😜 is definitely Ratatouille.

📚 What is your favorite book?
Picture of Dorian Gray.

🪣 📝 What is next on your bucket list?
To climb Kilimanjaro.

🦖 What is your favorite dinosaur?

🎵 What is your favorite song?
Never give up on your dreams – Two Steps From Hell.

👸 What is your favorite Disney princess?

🍇 What is your favorite fruit?
Obviously, blueberries!

Do you have another question? Leave a comment below! 💬


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Re.vamp Complete Moisturizer by Matinata 🌿

's Re.vamp moisturizer was created as a weightless emulsion to deliver long-lasting hydration and moisture, with a profoundly nourishing and compensating damage-free radical impact. ✨

Stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen, minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 💆‍♀️

Contains a balanced lipid complex to improve moisture retention, as well as four humectants with different moisture delivery mechanisms. 🌊

A unique aromatherapeutic scent leaves the skin invigorated. 💖✨


🌟 Skintellectuals – Stand up and help us change cosmetics for the better. You understand why individual ingredients are included in a cosmetic formulation. You demand that the claimed cosmetic effects be delivered. You are a powerful influencer who communicates science-based topics to consumers.

How can you become a credible skintellectual?
📚 Study, 🔍 research, and use science-based publications.

🌿 Modern Cosmetics, Ingredients of Natural Origin, A Scientific View, Volume 1. 📖


🌱📘Modern Cosmetics: Ingredients of Natural Origin is a comprehensive resource that delves into the fascinating world of natural cosmetic ingredients.

As formulating with natural ingredients becomes an increasingly popular trend, it’s essential to understand their chemistry thoroughly. Our book provides a scientific view, offering high-quality and reliable information about more than 500 ingredients commonly used in skincare and cosmetics. These ingredients are described in 290 monographs, including details about their natural sources, characteristics, mechanisms of action, and recommended use.

We’re thrilled to witness the surge in scientific research in this area. 🧪🔬 The quest for effective, natural formulations drives us to explore the depths of ingredient chemistry. 🌌 Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast, a DIY formulator, a cosmetic brand owner, or a professional in the field, Modern Cosmetics is your go-to guide. It saves you hours of googling and provides inspiration for creating exceptional products. 💡✨

Plus, it’s the recipient of the prestigious “Prometheus of Science” award in Slovenia for excellence in scientific communication. 🏆🇸🇮


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! 🌟

We present to you the mastermind of Modern CosmEthics activities, and the leader of an expert group for cosmetic product reviews during the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification process.

Meet Nina Kočevar Glavač, a Master of Pharmacy by profession and a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

To get to know the team better, they answered a few questions. ✨

What is your favorite plant?

Rose geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), it is literally a part of me because I apply it to my face every day in the form of a hydrolate. :)

Why did you initiate the CosmEthically ACTIVE activities?

To make cosmetics a better world for young formulators, brands, and consumers. I believe that science can only bring good if we manage to make it more accessible to people. Last but not least, it is what I can contribute to a healthy and sustainable future.

What is your favorite cosmetic ingredient?

Hydrolates and plant oils. That's all I regularly apply to my face. :)

What is your favorite TV series, and which character do you most identify with?

I only have one boring answer: I don't watch TV, except for the Harry Potter marvels that my children are currently obsessed with.

What is your favorite book?

Harari's books "Sapiens" and "Homo Deus" have really made me think a lot about our existence. Recently, I delved into Dr. Dayan's research on the skin microbiome, which was my latest scientific read.

What is next on your bucket list?

So many wishes... A few of them: to revive my 25-year-old Dr. Martens shoes that have been with me at rock concerts; they will be back in action in June. To end the winter hibernation period and start running again on the forest trails of Ljubljana; coming in April. To recharge the batteries with an immeasurable supply of positive life energy; coming in July with the summer holidays.

Do you have another question? Leave a comment below! 💬


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Mediterranean Cypress Bon Care by Bonistra🌿
borninistria's Mediterranean Cypress harnesses the power of Cupressus Sempervirens Leaf Water. This remarkable ingredient boasts antimicrobial, antioxidant, and skin-soothing properties. 🌿✨

Additionally, it offers a gentle antibacterial effect. 🦠

The result? Improved blood circulation and relief for tired legs and feet! 🚶‍♀️💫

Photos from CosmEthically Active's post 22/02/2024

🍒 Sweet Cherry Extract 🍒

In the dynamic world of cosmetics, there exists an unceasing demand for fresh and innovative ingredients (go cosmetics! 🌟).

Amid this perpetual evolution, both cosmetic companies and discerning customers express keen interest in natural compounds. These bioactive substances, derived from natural sources, offer a multitude of benefits. Currently, the spotlight is on sweet cherry byproducts—a potential treasure trove for anti-aging cosmetics. These byproducts, rich in antioxidants and boasting photoprotective properties, hold promise as valuable extracts.

Cherry stems, often overlooked remnants of sweet cherry fruit processing, emerge as a hidden gem. Through cutting-edge and eco-friendly techniques like pressurized liquid extraction (PLE), subcritical water extraction (SWE), and supercritical fluid extraction (SFE), these stems yield a bounty of bioactive compounds. Notably, this research serves a dual purpose: not only does it seek to obtain active cosmetic ingredients, but it also contributes to the sustainable utilization of food industry waste. By repurposing these extracts, we address environmental concerns while reaping economic benefits. 🌿✨

Source: Agulló-Chazarra L, Borrás-Linares I, Lozano-Sánchez J, Segura-Carretero A, Micol V, Herranz-López M, Barrajón-Catalán E. Sweet Cherry Byproducts Processed by Green Extraction Techniques as a Source of Bioactive Compounds with Antiaging Properties. Antioxidants (Basel). 2020 May 13;9(5):418.


🌟 Introducing the faces behind the magic! ✨ Get ready to meet the incredible individuals that make up our dream team. Over the next few weeks, we'll be shining the spotlight on each member, sharing their unique talents, passions, and stories. Stay tuned!


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: H**p oil by Malinca🌿

Cosmetic h**p oil is a non-comedogenic oil that has been credited with anti-inflammatory properties, and is one of the best oils for acne-prone and eczema-prone skin. 🌿✨

Malinca’s organic h**p oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of organic industrial h**p. The oil is unrefined, which is the best option, as it retains all of its excellent characteristics. 💧🌱

**pOilBenefits **poil

Photos from CosmEthically Active's post 13/02/2024

📄The CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate identifies cosmetic products that are based on the skin’s or hair’s natural functions and needs, and are environmentally friendly, meaning that the individual cosmetic ingredients they contain are highly degradable. 🌱

The certificate allows only physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients, including those found in nature and derived from natural sources, and those that do not occur in nature. When the latter are irreplaceable by cosmetic ingredients of natural origin due to their specific chemical or technological characteristics, it is required that they can be broken down into natural building blocks. 🌿🧱

How important is it to you that your skincare routine not only enhances your natural beauty but also aligns with environmental sustainability?
Share your thoughts! 💚


🌿 CosmEthically ACTIVE certified: Pristine Brightening Essence by Flower and Spice🌿

's Pristine is a powerful blend of 7 bioactive plant extracts harvested at high altitude, working in harmony to calm and refine the look of the skin. 🌿✨

This gentle yet highly active formula reduces the appearance of age spots, discoloration, and uneven skin tone while gently removing impurities, toning the skin, and bringing it back to balance. 💆‍♀️

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Our activities focus on approving cosmetic products that are natural and truly active through the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate and educating users about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin through the Modern Cosmetics book.

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